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Replying to your inquiry of recent date, we report that

we shall not print an index for The Literary World of 1904.

We have word from L. C. Page & Company, the publishers of that

magazine for last year, that they also have decided not to

print an index.

We regret for the sake of any subscribers

who wish to bind

the 1904 volune that they will be unable to

secure an ind ex, but as we purchased The Literary world and consolidated it with THE CRITIC at the beginning of 1905, we

do not feel that we should be called upon to make any outlay

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Literary World

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Mr. Stephens was a dramatist before he reached his present high rank as a novelist. His own dramatization of his first great novel, An Enemy to the King,” had a very successful run of two seasons with Mr. E. H. Sothern. Under the title of “ Miss Elizabeth's Prisoner,” the dramatization of “ The Continental Dragoon” is now being played with William Faversham as the hero.

The publishers take pleasure in announcing for publication this spring, a new novel by Mr. Stephens. It will be called “The Bright Face of Danger," and will be a sequel to "An Enemy to the King."



ll'hen furiting to advertisers please mention THE LITERARY WORLD

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Edited and Introduced by
Illustrated with nearly one hundred original Etchings and Photogravures from

The popularity of the writings of Lord Byron is unquestioned. Since his death, seventy-five years since, edition after edition has appeared;

but with this edition, which presents his entire work, notes, letters, poems, and journals, and his life by Thomas Moore, is inaugurated a new era of enthusiasm and admiration. The eminent authority, the late Richard Henry Stoddard, had just completed the labors of editing this exhaustive edition only a short time previous to his death. He brought into the labor thereof the culmination of years of study and analysis of Byron's writings.

Text. - Set in old pica faced type. Illustrations. - In photogravure and etching. Paper.
Soft antique, specially manufactured for this edition. Format. — 12mo, cloth decorative, gilt
top, uncut edges. Price. — In complete sets only. Sixteen volumes.

$24.00 Half morocco or half call :



SAPPHO: One Hundred Lyrics

With an Introduction by CHARLES G. D. ROBERTS

(Just published)
A contribution to poetic literature of unusual interest, and perhaps
the most perilous and the most alluring venture in the whole field of
recent poetry, is that which Mr. Carman has undertaken in giving
us, in English verse, those lost poems of Sappho of which fragments
have survived. A task of imaginative and, at the same time, inter-
pretative construction.

The volume is produced in sumptuous form, designed and printed by the De Vinne Press, from special type which is afterward distributed.

No pains have been spared to make this one of the most beautiful books of the year, and the editions are strictly limited as follows:

LIMITED EDITION 500 Numbered Copies on Cheltenham D. E. Paper, at

$ 6.00 net
200 Numbered Copies on English Hand-Made Paper, at

50 Signed and Numbered Copies on Imperial Japanese Vellum, at

15.00 net Postage, all editions, extra

10.00 net

Sold in complete sets only



When writing to advertisers please mention THE LITERARY WORLD

The Literary World L 'TILE Pilgrimages. Among the Men

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John Fox, Jr.

Little Pilgrimages Among the Men and Women Who

Have Written Famous Books.

As a general rule," said one of Shelley's friends,

No. 7. John Fox, Jr.

E. F. Harkins 3 “it is wise to avoid writers whose works amuse or

The Poet's Power..

J. Oliver Smith


.A. T. Schumann

16 delight you, for should you see them they will delight

The Book and the Year.

Bliss Carman 16 you no more."

The Editor's Club....

17 There is enough truth in the observation to make

Soine Recent Books of Verse. Herbert Copeland 7 it a general rule, but an exception to the rule is John

Books of Religious Interest.


Fox, Jr.


The fact is, Mr. Fox has all the traits of a born

actor. We do not mean the public pose, the salient

Hazlitt's Works....

... Frank B. Tracy 5

mannerisms, the eccentric dress often noticed in actors,

The Recovery and Restatement of the Gospel

Edward Abbott but a natural aptitude for mimicry and an ease and

Ireland Under English Rule...

grace of manner suitable to the impersonation of any

The Home...

dramatic character.

Life and Teachings of Abbas Effendi.

To a friend of his who knew him intimately at Har-

Theodore Leschetizky..

vard we are indebted for the following information:


" While at Harvard, Mr. Fox displayed histrionic

The South American Republics...

talent of a high order, having been 'leading lady' of

The Compromises of Life..

the dramatic society of his class. There has been made

A History of the Mississippi Valley.

ollege sketch of Mr. Fox, showing him in a quaint,

Life of Leo XIII..

old-fashioned woman's garb, with odd little ringlets

Conquering Success.

The Mound Builders.

hanging down all over his head, and a most absurd

The Theory of Advertising.

bonnet perched upon its top. It is the portrayal of the

The Life Radiant....

character of Madame Perrichon in that familiar com-

William II. and His Consort.

edy, 'Papa Perrichon.' T. Russell Sullivan translated

Austro-Hungarian Life in Town and Country.


the work for the Boston Museum, and it was his ver-

Pioneer Spaniards in North America..


Parliamentary England...

sion that the famous Harvard society to which he


America in Literature.

13 belonged used on its travels, for Fox and the other

The Spinner Family.

14 boys made a trip 'down East' to Exeter, Portland,

The History of Johnny Quae Genus.

Bangor, and Augusta, having a great amount of fun,

The Musical Guide. .....

.Henry C. Lahee 14

a vast deal of experience, and a rather unpleasant


financial loss in the mock theatrical excursion. А

sturdy, square-shouldered young fellow would seeni

The Reign of Queen Isyl, The Awakening of the Duchess,
The Story of the Foss River Ranch, Place and Power,

to be an odd figure in petticoats, but every one who
The Holladay Case, Sally, Mrs. Tubbs, The Little People, has seen the Harvard theatricals knows how cleverly
The Sword of Garibaldi, An Ocean Mystery, A Touch athletes are often turned into buxom young maidens."
of Sun, A Sequence in Hearts, The Red Poocher, The

Mr. Fox's success on the college stage has been
Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton, The Memoirs of
a Child, The Masterfolk, Uther and Igraine, The Mis-

repeated on the wider American platform. Not since
Rule of Three, Christian Thal, Katherine Frensham,

Mr. Cable's ablest days has the American platform
Dr. Xavier, The Pine Grove House...

held so delightful a reader of his own writings as

Mr. Fox.


As for his ability as a twofold interpreter of

London Letter...

Kentucky mountain life, the foremost Kentucky

New York Letter

writer, James Lane Allen, has said: “Not only is

Boston Letter..

Philadelphia Letter.

he a very beautiful reader, but he is the first public

News and Notes..

reader of the dialect of the Tennessee and Kentucky

Books of the Month

mountaineers that has yet appeared. Now, in no spe-

cies of American short story has there been greater


need of an interpreter of the dialect than in that of

E. Adams & Company.


the Cumberland Mountains; and this interpretation

H. H. Ballard..

Mr. Fox is admirably prepared to give. For he has

August Becker Engraving Company.


Walter R. Benjamin...

lived several years among the native folk, has talked


The Booklovers' Library.

with them, has studied them, and become himself their


John Dickinson & Company.

30 literary interpreter through his splendid work in the

Fischer's Foreign Letters, Inc..



E. Fleming & Company.


Mr. Fox is a native of Stony Point, Bourbon County,

Goodspeed's Book-shop.

William R. Jenkins..

28 Kentucky, and in that healthy Blue-grass world he

The Literary World.

31 was reared.

He was graduated from Harvard in

McClure, Phillips & Company.

27 1883, and after a short term in the Columbia Law

McDonald & Sons...


L. C. Page & Company.

School took a hand in the intense struggle of New

George C. Scott & Sons..


York newspaper life. Early in the nineties there was

C. H. Simonds & Company.

30 a great boom in the region of the Cumberland Moun-

United Fruit Company.


H. Wolf.....


* Copyright, 1903, by L. C. Page and Company, (Inc.)


15, 20


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