A Research Annual

Jeff E. Biddle, Ross B. Emmett, Warren J. Samuels
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2005 - 272 ページ
List of contributors. Editorial board. Acknowledgments. The invisible hand of god in Adam Smith (A. Denis). Some principles of Adam Smith's Newtonian methods in the wealth of nations (E. Schliesser). Inequality of what among whom? Rival conceptions of distribution in the 20th century (R.S. Goldfarb, T.C. Leonard). Introductory notes to the study of the history of economic thought (II) (W.J. Samuels). Review essays. Hodgson's The evolution of institutional economics (B. Bateman, D.W. Bromley, W. Waller). Hunt's history of economic thought (J.E. King). Hoover's causality in economics (J. Reiss). Maes's economic thought and the making of European monetary union (R. W. Diman). Sakamoto and Tanaka's The rise of political economy in the Scottish enlightenment (W. Henderson). Wood's Economic justice and theological values (W. Hendeson). McCann's The Elgar dictionary of economic quotations (W.J. Samuels). Busch's The eclipse of morality (G.L. Johnson). Wood's The correspondence of Thomas Reid (M. Johnson). Featherman and Vinovski's Social science and policy making (W.J. Barber). Breit and Hirsch's Lives of the Laureates (W.J. Samuels).

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