The Life of Joseph Addison, 第 2 巻

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1843

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78 ページ - I believe you have heard that after all the applauses of the opposite faction, my Lord Bolingbroke sent for Booth, who played Cato, into the box between one of the acts, and presented him with fifty guineas in acknowledgment (as he expressed it) for defending the cause of liberty so well against a perpetual dictator.
106 ページ - Button's coffee-house, where I used to see him almost every day — On his meeting me there one day in particular, he took me aside, and said he should be glad to dine with me, at such a tavern, if I staid till those people were gone (Budgell and Philips).
111 ページ - The next day, while I was heated with what I had heard, I wrote a letter to Mr. Addison, to let him know that I was not unacquainted with this behaviour of his; that if I was to speak severely of him in return for it, it should not be in such a dirty way; that I should rather tell him himself fairly of his faults, and allow his good qualities; and that it should be something in the following manner.
37 ページ - Mr. Addison and I are different as black and white, and I believe our friendship will go off, by this damned business of party: he cannot bear seeing me fall in so with this ministry ; but I love him still as well as ever, though we seldom meet.
229 ページ - For, after a long and manly, but vain, struggle with his distemper, he dismissed his physicians, and with them all hopes of life. But with his hopes of life he dismissed not his concern for the living, but sent for a youth nearly related and finely accomplished, yet not above being the better for good impressions from a dying friend.
67 ページ - ignorance of the moderns, the scribblers of the age, the decay of poetry/ are the topics of detraction with which he makes his entrance into the world : but how much more noble is the fame that is built on candour and ingenuity, according to those beautiful lines of Sir John Denham, in his poem on Fletcher's works...
107 ページ - Iliad, because he had looked over Mr. Tickell's, but could wish to have the benefit of his observations on my second, which I had then finished, and which Mr. Tickell had not touched upon.
196 ページ - Our great men are of opinion, that upon your being possessed (which they look upon as sure and sudden), it would be agreeable to your inclinations, as well as for the King's service, which you are so able to promote in parliament, rather to return to your own country than to live at Constantinople. For this reason they have thoughts of relieving you by Mr. Stanyan, who is now at the Imperial court, and of joining Sir Robert Sutton with him in the mediation of a peace between the Emperor and the Turks....
67 ページ - I am sorry to find that an author, who is very justly esteemed among the best judges, has admitted some strokes of this nature into a very fine poem ; I mean, The Art of Criticism h , which was published some months since, and is a master-piece in its kind.
36 ページ - Dudley, and in the evening went to sit with Mr Addison, and offer the matter at distance to him, as the discreeter person ; but found party had so possessed him, that he talked as if he suspected me, and would not fall in with any thing I said.