P. Vergili Maronis Aeneidos Liber I. Ed. with Engl. Notes by A. Sidgwick

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1882 edition. Excerpt: ...'herself, because it was Iuppiter who properly handled the bolts, and she was usurping. 44--5. Notice the force: 'Gasping out fire from his pierced breast, she caught up in the whirlwind and impaled on a point of rock'. 46. incedo, 'who step forth queen of gods', describing the majestic gait of the goddess: a peculiarly Latin and dignified word. So 405, vera incessu patuit dea: and 497. 49. praeterea, 'anymore' soEurydice, Georg. iv. 500, neque ilium praeterea vidit. imponet, the fut., is rather odd after the pres.: but it is the best-supported reading. honorem, 'homage', i.e. 'sacrifice', honos is a favourite word of Vergil, and is used for a great variety of things: hymn, funeral, reward, beauty, leaves, sacrifice, &c.' 50--75. She goes to Aeolus the Wind-god who keeps the winds prisoned in their cavern, and asks his aid, promising the nymph Deiopeia as his reward. 52. Aeolia is Lipari, volcanic island to the N. of Sicily. 'The mighty rumbling of the mountain' (55) common in a volcanic country, might naturally give rise to such myths. 53. 'struggling winds and roaring hurricanes'. Observe the finesounding lines 53, 55, 56. 58--9. 'Else surely would they whirl off sea and land in their wild course'. In prose we should have here nifaceret...ferrent, because it is a present condition where the supposition is excluded by the facts he does it: if he did not do it, they would bear. The pres. subj. faciat treats the question as still open, and in poetry is found for the other. 61. molem et montes, 'the mass of mighty rocks', the two qualities given in two substantives instead of one, what is called hendiadvs (lv Sib Svoiv, 'one by means of two'. 62. foedere certo, 'by sure charter', yaj-, Vergilianfor 'law', 'condition'. 63. premere, ...

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