The Angel in the House

Macmillan, 1866 - 313 ページ

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39 ページ - Ah, wasteful woman! — she who may On her sweet self set her own price, Knowing he cannot choose but pay — How has she cheapen'd Paradise ! How given for nought her priceless gift, How spoiled the bread and spill'd the wine, Which, spent with due respective thrift, Had made brutes men, and men divine I * * Coventry Patmore.
25 ページ - neath the sky's proud dome But serves for her familiar wear ; The far-fetch'd diamond finds its home Flashing and smouldering in her hair ; For her the seas their pearls reveal ; Art and strange lands her pomp supply With purple, chrome, and cochineal, Ochre, and lapis lazuli ; The worm its golden woof presents ; Whatever runs, flies, dives, or delves, All doff for her their ornaments, Which suit her better than themselves...
12 ページ - For something that abode endued With temple-like repose, an air Of life's kind purposes pursued With order'd freedom sweet and fair. A tent pitch'd in a world not right It seem'd, whose inmates, every one, On tranquil faces bore the light Of duties beautifully done, And humbly, though they had few peers, Kept their own laws, which seem'd to be The fair sum of six thousand years
43 ページ - EPOCHS NOT in the crises of events, Of compass'd hopes, or fears fulfill'd, Or acts of gravest consequence, Are life's delight and depth reveal'd. The day of days was not the day; That went before, or was postponed; The night Death took our lamp away Was not the night on which we groan'd. I drew my bride, beneath the moon, Across my threshold ; happy hour ! But, ah, the walk that afternoon We saw the water-flags in flower...
134 ページ - I, while the shop-girl fitted on The sand-shoes, look'd where, down the bay, The sea glow'd with a shrouded sun. ' I'm ready, Felix ; will you pay ?' That was my first expense for this Sweet Stranger, now my three days
90 ページ - The Rainbow. A STATELY rainbow came and stood, When I was young, in High-Hurst Park ; Its bright feet lit the hill and wood Beyond, and cloud and sward were dark ; And I, who thought the splendour ours Because the place was, t'wards it flew, And there, amidst the glittering showers, Gazed vainly for the glorious view. With whatsoever's lovely, know It is not ours ; stand off to see ; Or beauty's apparition so Puts on invisibility.
113 ページ - I saw you take his kiss!' "Tis true.' 'O, modesty!' "Twas strictly kept: He thought me asleep; at least, I knew He thought I thought he thought I slept.
18 ページ - His merits in her presence grow, To match the promise in her eyes, And round her happy footsteps blow The authentic airs of Paradise. For joy of her he cannot sleep ; Her beauty haunts him all the night ; It melts his heart, it makes him weep For wonder, worship, and delight.
103 ページ - plaining seems to cure his plight: He makes his sorrow, when there's none; His fancy blows both cold and hot; Next to the wish that she'll be won, His first hope is that she may not; He sues, yet deprecates consent; Would she be captured she must fly; She looks too happy and content, For whose least pleasure he would die; Oh, cruelty, she cannot care For one to whom she's always kind!