June 24. The church of St. Stephen the Martyr in Westminster, which has been built and endowed at the sole cost of Miss Burdett Coutts, was consecrated by the Bishop of London. It is well-known that thismunificenllady,beingdesirousof raising a memorial to her father, the late Sir Francis Burdett, conceived the idea that no more appropriate mode of carrying her wishes into effect could be adopted than that of building and endowing a church in the heart of that city with which her revered parent's name had for so many years been intimately associated. The idea once conceived, Miss Coutts lost no time in carrying her intentions into effect; and the Bishop of London having been consulted on the subject, an ecclesiastical district was formed in the centre of the united parishes of St. Margaret and St. John's, an Incumbent appointed (the Rev. W. Tennant), and a site for the new church liberally granted by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Miss Coutts's plan includes not only the erection of a church and incumbent's residence, but also of a school-house, or rather two schoolhouses, capable together of accommodating upwards of 500 children, with apartments for the masters, &c. The. first stone of the church was laid on the 20th July, 1847 (as noticed in our vol. XXVIII. p. 306) the architect is Mr. Ferrey. The edifice consists of a nave 79 feet long by 21 feet wide; north and south aisles of the same length, and 12 feet wide ; and a chancel, 43 feet in depth by 21 feet wide. The height from the floor of the nave to the ridge of the roof is 54 feet, that of the chancel 40 feet, and that of the side walls of the aisles 20 feet. The tower, at the north-east angle of the nave, opens into the chancel by a moulded archway, within which stands the organ, the front presenting a screen of diapered pipes. The chancel has a polygonal ceiling, divided into panels; the ribs are enriched by carved bosses, and the panels are coloured blue, and powdered with stars in gold. The walls are decorated with texts, and the reredos is composed of the Canterbury diaper, picked out in gold and colour. There are three sedilia. The chancel is paved with Minton's encaustic tiles, and fitted up with oak stalls on each side; the westernmost stall on the south side being advanced a little more towards the centre as a reading desk. The lessons are read from a lectern. Over the chancel arch in the nave, the words " Glory to God in the

highest, and on earth peace, good-will towards men," are curiously written so as to diaper the whole of the wall. The nave roof is of oak, and is divided by arched trusses and inter-ties, the arch principals resting upon stone capitals and triple shafts. The arcade is deeply moulded, and each capital of the clustered shafts has different foliage. The aisle roofs are similarly divided by ornamental trusses, and form arches in their design, the spandrils being filled with geometrical tracery. The pulpit is of Caen stone: the base is plain, supporting an enriched corbelled front, and the sides finish in spandrils, filled in by tracery-work. The font, at the west end of the church, is ornamented by panels containing Scriptural subjects. Many of the windows are filled with stained glass by Mr. Wailes, and the remainder very effectively with Messrs. Powell's stamped quarries. The carving, of which there is a great deal, has been ably executed by Mr. White. The church affords seats for 850 persons.

June 27. As her Majesty was leaving Cambridge House, (where she bad called on her uncle, the late Duke of Cambridge,) in an open barouche, a man standing at the gates struck at her with a small cane, so as to cut through her bonnet and wound her forehead. He was immediately arrested, and proved to be Robert Pate, formerly an officer in the 10th Hussars, which regiment he joined in 1841, and left in 1845. He was brought to trial on the 1 lth July, and sentenced to be transported for seven years.


June 19. The new dock at Sunderland was opened. The length of the portion just opened is 2,000 feet, average breadth 440; occupying in all 18£ acres. A spacious tidal harbour has been formed. The dock entrance is GO feet wide; depth of water at quays, 20 feet j in middle 24 feet. Length of quays in dock, 5,248 feet; in half-tide basin, 1,026 feet. The dock will contain 260 vessels ; half-tide basin, 38. The cost of works yet to complete, viz., sea outlet, piers, and tidal b:isin, is stated at 60,000/.; the whole to be finished in about two years.


A painted window to the memory of the late Mrs. Gamier, wife of the present Dean of Winchester, has been placed in Cardinal Langton's Chapel, on the south side of the eastern or Virgin Mary's Chapel of Winchester Cathedral. The window embraces six subjects, illustrative of the benevolent and christian virtues of the lady to whose memory it is dedicated, placed under enriched canopies of elegant and appropriate design. The subjects are —first, the healing at the Beautiful Gate —second, little children brought to our Saviour—third, the Good Samaritan— fourth, the story of Ruth — fifth, the raising of Jairus's daughter—sixth, the angel and women at the Sepulchre. Through the middle of the window runs the following inscription:—" Maria? Garnier, foeminse optima;, uxori carissimae, matri pietissimte, hanc fenestram ornandam curavit Thomas Gamier, LL.D. Decatius A. D. xiii: Kal: Ivnii: A. 8. Mdcccxlix." In the upper portion of the window appear the descending dove, and four of the cardinal virtues—Sincerity, Fortitude, Charity, and Prudence. The arrangement and superintendence of the window were confided to Mr. Owen Carter, architect, of Winchester, who was assisted in the work by Charles Winston, Esq. of the Temple, whose experience and knowledge of painted glass are well known. The window was executed by Messrs. Nixon and Ward, of London; and it is understood that a similar window is in preparation by the same artists, as a memorial to the late highly-respected brother of the Dean—the Rev. W. Gamier, for years Chancellor of the diocese, which is destined to occupy a similar situation in the chapel on the north side of the Presbytery.

The new church at Newlovm, in the parish of Soberton, was consecrated on the 27th June by the Bishop of Winchester. It is built from the design of Mr. Colson, is in style early-English, and is constructed of flint, with Caen stone dressings. It consists of a nave 60 feet in length, and 25 feet in breadth; a short chancel 18 feet long by 11 feet 9 inches broad; a porch on the south side, a small vestry, and a bell turret, containing one bell, on the west gable. There are three lancet windows at the west end, with an early quatrefoil over the centre one, and a triple lancet window at the east in the chancel. The roof of the church is open, of high pitch, and composed of trussed rafters, boarded on the back, and stained oak colour; the height to the ridge is 43 feet, and to the wall plate 18 feet 6 inches. The seats are all without doors, low, and all free, and stained to resemble oak. The passages are paved with blue and red paving-tiles. The cost of this church is about 1250/. It will seat 258 persons.

The church at Widley has been rebuilt by the same architect, and was consecrated on the 28ta June by the Bishop of Win

chester. It is designed in the Norman style of architecture, and very plain: it is constructed of rubble, with Bath stone dressings, and consists of a nave 51 feet in length, and 17 feet 6 inches in breadth, a north aisle 8 feet 10 inches broad, a semicircular apse, a vestry and south porch ; there is a bell-turret on the westgable and nave, containing an old bell from the old church. The nave and north aisle are separated by stone columns and arches. The roof is open, and constructed of trussed rafters, stained oak colour; the height to the ridge is 32 feet in the nave. The seats are all low, and stained oak colour. The pulpit, of stone, is circular, and surrounded by an arcade of intersecting arches. The church cost only about 625/. raised by private subscriptions, exclusive of the old materials. It will seat 214 persons.


June 14. The consecration took place of the new church of St. John, Kingedown, near Dover. The cost of erection and endowment, about 7000/. has been defrayed by Mr. William Curling. The seats are open benches, free, for 400 persons.


June 13. The church of St. Michael and All Angels, Shelf, was consecrated by the Bishop of Ripon. It has been erected and endowed mainly by the family of Mr. Hardy, late M.P. for Bradford. The design was by Messrs. Mallinson and Healey, of Bradford and Halifax, architects, and is in the early geometric Decorated style.

July 3. The formal opening of the new Victoria Dock at Hull took place. The area of the dock and its half-tide basin is about 15 acres. The length of quay round both is 15-16ths of a mile, the quantity of quay-room nearly 20 acres, of which 13} are round the dock, and OJ round the basin. The sill of the 60-feet entrance to the dock is laid two feet lower than that of the Humber dock. The east end of the dock, which is 468 feet wide, is sloped with an inclination of 4 to 1, and laid with granite paving stones. The breadth of slope or quay above high water of spring tides is 200 feet. The north quay is also sloped. The entrance is half a mile eastward of that of the harbour. The form of this dock is irregular, to suit that of the citadel, to which it forms a second moat. The plans for the last link of the present series of docks at Hull, namely, the Drypool Basin, and entrance to Victoria Dock, await the sanction of the Admiralty, which is expected forthwith. Nearly 20 acre* of dock will thus have been added of late years to the Hull snipping accommodation, Gazette Promotions.


June 26. Royal Artillery, brevet Major C. Goatling to be Lieut.-Col.

June 28. Scots Fusilier Guards, Major and Col. W. T. Knollys to be Lieut-Col.; brevet Col. H. Lord Rokeby to be Major; Lieut, and Capt. F. Seymour to be Capt. and Lieut-Col. —32d Foot, Major-Gen. Sir R. Armstrong, C.B., from 95tli Foot, to be Colonel.—93th Foot, Maj .Gen. J. Bell, C.B. to be Colonel Brevet, Capt. M. C. Halcott, ofl5th Foot, to be Major in the Army.

July 3. Knighted, Colonel the Hon. Sir Henry Dundas, C.B. 60th Royal Rifles; John Watson Gordon, esq. Limner to Her Majesty for Scotland, and President of the Royal Scottish Academy; Edwin Landseer,esq. painter; Charles Hastings, esq. M.D.; and Robert Carswell, esq. HLD. Physician to his Majesty the King of the Belgians.

July 9. 29th Foot, brevet Major A. St.G. H. Stepney to be Major.

July 12. 66th Foot, Lieut.-Col. J. H. Grubbe, from '76th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col.

July 13. The Right Hon. Henry Tufnell, sworn of the Privy Council.

July 15. The Right Hon. Sir Thomas Wilde, Knt. sworn Lord Chancellor of Great Britain and Ireland; and created Baron Truro, of Bowes, co. Middlesex.

July 19. 72d Foot, Capt. J. W. Gaisford to be Major.—3d West India Regt. brevet Lieut.Col. C. M. Maclean, from 72d Foot, to be Lieut.Col.—Hospital Staff, Dep. Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals Charles St. John, M.D. to be Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals. — Brevet, to be Majors in the Army: Capt. N. T. Christie, 38th Foot; Capt.C. E. Macdonnell, 29th Foot. —To be Majors in the Army in the East Indies: Capt. H. B. Edwardes, 1st Bengal European Regt.; Capt. H- J. Stannus, 5th Bengal Cavalry.—Nathaniel Hart, esq. to be Her Majesty's Treasurer, and Robert Shany Harper, esq. to be Provost-Marshal, for the Island of St. Christopher—Johannes Cornelius Scliade, esq. to be Financial Accountant for the colony of British Guiana.

Sir John Jervis to be Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

Sir John Romillv to be Attorney-General.

Alexander J. E. Cockbnrn, esq. to be Solicitor-General.

Naval Preferments.

July 1. Captain Sir H. M. Blackwood to Vengeance; Comm. R. D. White to Cygnet.

July 5. Comm. W. R. Mends to Vengeance.

July 17. Captain J. R. Lambert to Fox; Commander Pecke H. Dyke to the Inflexible; J. S. Ellman to the Salamander.

Members returned to serve in Parliament.
Chetter.—Haa. W. O. Stanley.
Devonport.—Sir John Romilly, re-elected.
Southampton.—A. J. E. Cockburn, esq. re-el.

Ecclesiastical Preferments And Appointments.

Kev. F. Fnlfbrd, D.D. Bishopric of Montreal. Right Rev. G. J. Mountain, D.D. Bishopric of Quebec.

Rev. T. Jackson, D.D. Bishopric of Lyttelton,

Canterbury Settlement, New Zealand. Very Rev. G. Elliot (Dean of Bristol), Olveston

V. Gloucestershire. Hon. and Rev. L. Noel, (V.of Exton, Rutland,)

Hon. Canonry, Peterborough Cathedral. Hon. and Rev. W. H. Spencer, Stoke-Clims

land R. Cornwall. Rev. W. F. Addison, Dorchester P.C. Oxfordsh. Rev. E. Alderson, Aslackby V. Lincolnshire. Rev. J. Barker, King's Sombourn V. w. Little

Somuourn C. Hants. Rev. T. Bennett, Lectureship of St. Michael,

Cornhill, London. Rev. J. Casson, Ironville PC. Derbyshire. Rev. C. Chambers, Newtown P.C. Soberton,

Hants. Rev. W. Chawner, Quarnford P.C. Staffordsh. Rev. A. L. Courtenay, St. James's Chapel,

Pentonville, Middlesex. Rev. T. C. Cowan, St. Andrew P.C. Liverpool. Rev. R. W. Cracroft, Harrington R. and Brinkhill R. Lincolnshire. Rev. H. de Sausmarez, St. Peter R. Northampton w. Upton C. Rev. R. C. Didham, Swadlincote P.C. Derbysh. Rev. H. Edwards, Jun. Wambrook R. Dorset. Rev. G. C. Fenwicke, Blaston St. Giles D. and

C. Leicestershire. Rev. V. W. Freeman, Little Finborongh P.C.

Norfolk. Rev. W. Gover.Evening Preachership, Soniera

town Chapel, London. Rev. H. J. Hatch, Chorlton P.C. Staffordshire. Rev. E. Hawkins, Curzon Chapel, Mayfair. Rev. A. B. Hemsworth, Rockland St. Andrew

R. w. All Saints' R. Norfolk. Rev. J. Hodges, Blackmore P.C. Essex. Rev. E. Howells, Holmer V. w. Huntingdon

C. Herefordshire. Rev. Judah Jones, St. Martin P.C. Caerphilly,

Glamorganshire. Rev. T. W. Leventhorpe, Yelling R. Hunts. Rev. G. Lewis, St. Dunstan V. Canterbury. Rev. H. R. Lloyd, Owersby V. w. Kirkby.

Osgodby V. Lincolnshire. Rev. T. Lowe, Willingdon V. Sussex. Rev. S. M. D. Mackay, Skillington V. Line. Rev. H. Malpas, Corse V. Gloucestershire. Rev. W. S. Maturin, Emmanuel P.C. Cam

berwellRev. S. W. Morton, Ramsgill P.C. Yorkshire. Rev. T. Nunn, West Pennard P.C. Somerset. Rev. J. F. Ogle, Flamborough P.C. Yorkshire. Rev. W. J. Partridge, Caston R. Norfolk. Rev. E. R. Pemberton, D.D. St. Mary-Steps

R. Exeter. Rev. D. S. Perkins, Clifton-Campville R. w.

Chilcote C. Staffordshire. Rev. E. M. Pickford, Tilston R.Cheshire. Rev. G. H. Scott, Rhoscrowther R. Pemb. Rev. F. H. Sewell, Cockerham V. Lancashire. Rev. T. Sewell, Swindale P.C. Westmoreland. Rev. F. J. Shea, Henbury P.C. Cheshire. Rev. R. S. John Shirreff, Thorlcy V. Isle of

Wight. Rev. G. Stable, Weston-under-Weatherley V.

Warwickshire. Rev. W. Stubbs, Haverstock V. Essex. Rev. S. F. Surtees, Banham R. Norfolk. Rev. W. S. Thorpe, Breckles V. Norfolk. Rev. F. E. Thurland, Minor Canonry and Pre

centorship, Chester Cathedral. Rev. C. Turner, Holt P.C. Bradford, Wilts. Rev. J. Walker, Linton R. (2nd mediety) Line, Rev. J. Waters, Pensley [?] P.C. Durham. Rev. T. W. Were, Longthorpe P.C. N'p'n. Rev. W. Williams, Llanynis R. Brecknocksb.


Rev. H. D. L. Willis, St. John's P.C. Manchester Road, Bradford, Yorkshire.

Rev. C. N. Wodehouse (Canon of Norwich), North Lynn R. w. St. Margaret w. St. Nicholas PC. Lynn Regis, Norfolk.

Rev. W. Woodward, St. George P.C. Truro.

To Chaplaincies.

Rev. E. B. Allen, Hospital for Consumption,

Brompton. Rev. G. B. de Renzy, Leeds Borough Gaol. Rev. J. Dolphin, (V. of Antingham, Norfolk,)

Sheriff of Essex. Rev. R. Hawkins, (V. of Lamberhursf, Kent,)

Marquess Camden. Rev. B. Hemming, Pershore Union. Rev. W. N. Jepson. City Gaol, Lincoln. Rev. H. Pruen, General Hospital, Cheltenham.

Collegiate and Scholastic Appointments.

J. Anster, LL.D. Professorship of Civil Law

and Gen. Jurisprudence, Trinity coll. Dublin.

E. N. Bloomfield, B.A. Exeter Fellowship, Clare Hall, Cambridge.

C. W. Boase, Fellowship, Exeter college, Oxf.

F. N. Budd, B.A. Fraukland Fellowship, Gon. ville and Caius college, Cambridge.

R. J. Burton, B.A. Finch and Haines' Fellowship, Christ's college, Cambridge.

S. Cheetham, B.A. Finch and Haines' Fellowship, Christ's college, Cambridge.

Rev. J. R. Crawford, Mastership of Royal Grammar School, Great Bcrkhampstead.

W. A. Gully, Fellowship, King's coll. Camb.

Rev. W. Hichens, B.A. Fell. Exeter coll. Oxf.

G. Howson, B.A. Foundation Fellowship, Christ's college, Cambridge.

Rev. T. F. Lee, Head Mastership of Lancaster

Grammar School. C. W. Lipscomb, Fellowship, New college, Oxf. Rev. W. S. Newman, Mastership of Tavistock

Grammar School, Devon. F. M. Nichols, B.A. Fellowship, Wadham, Oxf. W. A. Porter, B.A. Fellowship, St. Peter's

college, Cambridge. Rev. J. Power, M.A. Senior Fellowship, Clare

Hall, Cambridge. J. H. Reid, Fellowship, St. John's college, Oxf. R. C. W. Ryder, Fellowship, Wadham,Oxford. Rev. T. C. Southey, Fellowship, Queen's, Oxf. Rev. W. Temple, Mastership of Eastbridge

Hospital, Canterbury. H. F. Tozer, Fellowship, Exeter college, Oxf. T. W. Wiglesworth, B.A. Wortley Fellowship,

Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge.


May 1. At the Residency house, Lahore, the wife of Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence,

K.C.B. a dau. 23. At Rugby, the wife of

the Rev. Charles T. Arnold, a dau.

> June 3. At Barford house, near Bridgwater,

the Countess of Cavan, a dau. At Henbury

house, Dorset, the wife of Chas. Joseph Parke,

esq. a son. 8. The wife of Dr. Knox, Lord

Bishop of Down and Connor, a dau. 14.

At St. Leonard's dale, near Windsor, the Hon.

Mrs. Tottenham, a dau. In Lowndes st.

Viscountess Chelsea, a son. In Chester sq.

the Hon. Mrs. Abercromby, of Birkenbog, a

son and heir. 17. At Haighlands llaigh,

the Right Hon. Lady Frances Lindsay, a dau.

18. In Piccadilly, Lady Moreton, a dau.

21. At Wolseley hall, Staffordshire, Lady

Wolseley, a son. 22. In New street, Spring

gardens, the wife of J. Bonham Carter, esq.

M.P. a dau. At Bryanstone sq. the wife of

BulkeleyJ. M. Praed, esq. a dau. At the

Elms, Chudleigh, the wife of Lieut.-Col. Lethbridge, H.E.I C.S. a dau. 25. At Windmill hill, Sussex, the wife of Herbert Mascall

Curteis, esq. M.P. a dau. 26. At Oxford.

the Hon. Sirs. Bradshaw, a son. 28. At

Redenhall rectory, the wife of Archd. Ormcrod,

a dau. At Drumhoe, l.ady Hayes, a son.

29. At Holbrook grange, the wife of Charles M.

Caldecott, esq. a dau. The wife of Alexander

Pitts Elliott Powell, esq. of Ilurdcott house, Wilts, a son.

Lately. At Nantyglo house, Monmouthshire, the wife of Henry Bailey, esq. a son and

heir. At Flaxley abbey, Gloucestershire,

the wife of Sir M. H. Crawley Boevey, Bart, a dau.

July 3. At Cottles, the wife of Major Hale,

3d (King's Own) Light Dragoons, a dau. At

Hadbury lodge, Hants, the wife of James Richard Lysaght, esq. a dau. 4. At Charlton Barrow, near Blandford, Dorset, the wife

of Lieut.-Col. J. Dillon Browne, a son. 5.

At Chester pi. Regent's park, the wife of C. E. Rashleigh, esq. a dau. 6. At Carlton gardens, the wife of the Right Hon. Sidney Herbert, M.P. a son and heir.


Dec. 4. At Hobart Town, Robert Charles Chester Eardley Wilmot, esq. seventh son of the late Sir John Eardley-Eardley Wilmot, Bart, to Jeanie-Louisa-Stewart, second dau. of John Dunn, esq. Heathheld.

March 16. At Umballa, George Bertram Collier, esq. late of H.M. 3rd Light Dragoons, second son of Dr. Collier, of Spring gardens, to Rebecca, eldest dau. of Thomas Garret, esq. P.M. H.E.I.C.S.

21. At Allahabad, Lieut. A. L. Xicholson, 44th B.N.I, to Jane, dau. of the late John M'Intosh, esq. of Upper Berkeley street.

April 3. At Lahore, William Delafield Arnold, of the 58th Bengal Native Inf. to Frances-Anne, dau. of the late Major-Gen. J. A. Hodgson, of the Bengal Army.

12. At Calcutta, the Rev. James Coley. A.M. Junior Chaplain of the Old Church, to Charlotte-Mary, eldest dau. of John Dougal, esq. of Glenferness, co. of Nairn.

15. At Calcutta, Elphinstone Jackson, esq. Bengal Civil Service, eldest son of Welby Jackson, esq. to Charlotte, third dau. of the late Major Ralph Henry Sneyd.

16. At Trinidad, his Excellency the Right Hon. George Francis Lord Harris, Gov. and Comm.-in-Chief of that colony, to Sarah, second and youngest dau. of the Ven. George Cummins, A.M. Archd. of Trinidad.

27. At St. Pancras, Grant Daliymple, esq. C.E. only son of Kirkby Dalrymple, esq. of Nunraw, to Mary-Elizabeth,only child ot Wm. Burchett, esq. of Pavaensey hall,Carinarth.

MayT. At Florence,GuiUoMarcheseMannelli Biccardi, to Christine, third dau. of the late William Reader, esq of Banghurst house, Hants. At Wiesbaden, Frederick-WilliamLouis-Ernest, son of Lieut.-Gen. Baron De Malachotcski, deceased, Aide-de-Camp to his late Majesty the King of Prussia, to EmmaMaria-Juliana, eldest dau. of Col. Dickson.

9. At Wargrave, Berks. Edward James Mortimer Collins, esq. of Lancaster, to Susan, widow of the Rev. H. J. Crump, formerly Chaplain of the Mill hill Grammar-School.

11. At Southwark, Henry-John, eldest son of Lieut. H. J. Hall, R.N. of Charlton, Kent, to Rosa, third dau. of John Ledger, esq. of St.

John's, Southwark. At Brussels, William

Thornhill Writer, esq. Hon.E.I.C. Bengal Civil Service, to Miua-Douglas, dau. of the late Joseph Andrew de Lautour, esq. of llexton,

Herts. At Hamburgh, Michael Henry

Scholefield, esq. second son of the late Rev. J. Scholefield, B.D. Rector of Uarton-on-theHeath, Warw. to Emma-Dorothea, eldest dau. of Ludovig Franz Volckers, esq. of Hamburgh.

14. At Cottesbrooke, Northamptonsli. John Cotton Powell, esq. of Clapton, Middlesex, to Frances-Ann, eldest dau. of the Hon. and Rev.

P. A. Irby, RectorofCottesbrooke. At Wal

tbamstow, the Rev. Joseph Oldham, to Emma, eldest dau. of the late William Morris, esq. of

Woodford hall, Essex. At Highbury, James

Muzio, esq. of Grove villas, Highbury, to

Susan, widow of Vincent Rice, esq. At

Hampstead, the Rev. George Henry Ainger, Fellow of St. John's college, Cambridge, and Tutor of St. Bees' coll. Cumberland, to ElizaJanet, youngest dau. of John Hodgson, esq. the Elms, Hampstead heath. At Basingstoke, the Rev. Francis Ellis Jervoise, Rector of Lasham, Hants, and Vicar of Long Compton, Warw. to Sophia, only dau. of the late

Rev. James Roe, Rector of Newbury. At

the Chanel of the Royal Hospital of Bridewell, James Thompson, esq. of Halifax, N.S. to Mar

Stret-Maria, dau. of the late George Thomas axter, esq. and step-dau. of James Anderton, esq. of New Bridge St. Blackfriars, and Dulwich common.

15. At Bideford, Stephen C. Willcoclit, esq. son of the late Major Willcncks, to Jane-Amelia,

dau. of the late Capt. Forbes, R.N. At St.

James's Piccadilly, the Rev. Francis Hopkinson, LL.B. of Magdalene college, Cambridge, to Ellen, eldest dau. of Samuel Baker, esq. of Arawell Grove, Herts. At Hastings, Nicholas Henry Rotcsell, esq. of Kennington, Surrey, and of Verulam buildings, solicitor, to MaryAnne, youngest dau. ot John Bishop, esq. of

the Croft, Hastings. At St. Columb Major,

Cornwall, John Luke Peter, esq. of Redruth, to Mary-Selina, third dau. of Thurston Collins,

esq. of St. Colu mb. At South Warnborough,

Hants, the Rev. W. Lemprierc, esq. second son of Philip Raoul Lempnere, of Rozel Manor, Jersey, to Julia-Anne, youngest dan. of Thos. Moore Wayne, esq. of the Manor house, South

Warnborough. At Cilcain, Flintshire, H.

Roini/hi, esq. of Liverpool, fourth son of the late Sir Samuel Romilly, to Rosa-Gardiner, eldest dau. of the late J. P. Morris, esq. of

Bolton, Pennsylvania. At St. George's

Hanover sq. Charles L. F. Daniell, esq. of Helston, Cornwall, to Emily-Jane, relict of

John Dent, esq. Madras Civil Service. At

York, Jedediah Strutt, esq. of Belper, Derbyshire, to Jane-Roberts, youngest dau. of the late Myles Sandys, esq. of Graythwaite hall, Lancashire, and niece of Gen. the Earl of

Stair. At St. John's, Calcutta, T. P. Larkint,

esq. of the Hon. E.l.Co's. Civil Service, to Eliza-Anne, dau. of J. B. Plumb, esq. of the Bank of Bengal.

16. At Barrow, Cheshire, William Charles Yates, late Capt. Royal Dragoons, only son of the Rev. W. Yates, Rector of Eccleston, Lane, to Cbarlotte-Moyson, only dau. of the Rev.

John Clark, M.A. Rector of Barrow. At

St. George's Catholic Cathedral, Southwark, and at St. James's, Sussex gardens, Hyde pk. Frederick Randall, esq.of Highbury, to Dame Sarah Blennerhassett, relict of Sir Arthur Blennerhassett, Bart, of Churchtown, co. of

Kerrv. At St. George's Hanover sq. Thos.

Tod,"esq. attached to Her Majesty's Embassy at Vienna, to Amelia-Frances-Caroline, fourth dan. of General Sir Henry J. Cuinming, Col.

12th Royal Lancers. Robert Partridge, of

Great Braxted hall, near Witham, Essex, youngest son of William Partridge, esq. of Breewood hall, to Jane, eldest dau. of William Parsons, esq. of Weldon lodge, Northamptonshire. At Farchain, William Bridger Gater,

esq. of the Glen, near Bursledon, to EmmaLouisa, second dau. of James Fitchet Burrell, eaq. of Belvoir house, Fareham. At Sydenham, Capt. R. Price, 67th N.l. second son of R. Price, esq. of Sydenham, Kent, to Harriet,

Gent. Mag. Vol. XXXIV.

second dau. of the late Sir C. Price, Bart, of

Spring grove, Richmond, Surrey. At Ring

mer, Henry P. Crofts, esq. second son of the Rev. P. G. Crofts, of Mailing house, near Lewes, to Ellen-Merriall, dau. of the late Geo. Dodson, esq. of Lichfield, and niece of the Rev. John Constable, Vicar of Ringmer, Sussex. At St. Michael's Pimlico, Charles Jas.

Welsh, esq. of Pines hill, Essex, to Henrietta, widow of Captain Carmac, of Her Majesty's 3d Foot (or Buffs), and dau. of the late Major Irwin Maling, of the Hon. E.l.Co's. Seruce,

Bengal. At Blakeney, Norfolk, the Rev.

Alexander Napier, Vicar of Holkham, to Robina, fourth dau. of the Rev. Joseph Cotterill, Rector of Blakeney, and Honorary Canon of

Norwich Cathedral. At St. Pancras, William

Morgan, esq. surgeon, Kentish town, third son of the late Rev. J. E. Morgan, St. Bride's Major, Glam. to Catherine, dau. of Charles

Robinson, esq. Demerara, West Indies

At Old Windsor Church, Capt. Charles Balfour, R.N. son of Gen. Balfour, of Balbirnie house, Fifeshire, N.B. to Miss Fanny Erskine Wemyss, only dau. of Col. Wemyss, of Wemyss

castle, Tonie, and Lynde. At St. Maryle

bone, Thomas Francis de Fonblanqtte, esq. to Charlotte, younger dau. of C. P. Allen, esq. of Hamilton terrace, St. John's wood.

18. At West Ham, William Kemble Wackerbarth, esq. of Upton, Essex, to Emily, eldest dau. of the late John Batger, esq. of Stratford.

21. At St. George's Hanover sq. Clinton George Dawkins, esq. Her Majesty's ConsulGen, at Venice, to Marianne, youngest dau. of

the late James T. Roberts, esq. At Don

nington, Salop, John, son of Samuel Brooks, esq. Whalley house, near Manchester, to Anne, eldest dau. of John Jones, esq. of Kilsall hall, Albrighton, and granddau. of George Jones,

esq. Shackerley house, Salop. At Kempsey,

Capt. Tennant, R.N. of the Ham Court, near Upton, to Sophia, eldest dau. of It. Temple, esq. At Wyke Regis, near Weymouth, Dorset, the Rev. John Sibley Woodman, son of James Woodman, esq. M.D. of Chichester, to Emma Bridge, second dau. of Edward Palmer,

esq. At St. Pancras, Henry Philip Roche,

esq. of Lincoln's inn. barrister-at law, eldest son of the late Eugenius Roche, esq. to Elizabeth, sixth dau. of T. L. Holt, esq. of Guilford

street and Edmondston, co. of Louth. At

South Shields, Durham, J. Swan, esq. of Constantinople, to Jane-Rippon, eldest dau. of T. Waller, esq. of Brinkburn house, near Westoe.

At Frodesley, Salop, Samuel Day, esq. of

St. Neot's, Hunts, to Henrietta-Eleanor, eldest dau. of Thomas Jennings, esq. of the Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury.

22. At Burneston, Yorkshire, Edw. Hardy, esq. of Bella Vista, Chili, to Caroline-Maria, only dau. of Edward John Carter, esq. of

Theakston hall. At Esher, Chas. Frederick

Stovin, esq. of the Middle Temple, to Caroline,

dau. of Offley Shore, esq. R. J. Morrison,

esq. Lieut. R.N. to Mary, dau. of the Rev. G.

Stokes, of Hereford lodge, Brompton. At

Islington, Charles, only son of Capt. Letch, R.N. of Knaresborough, to Maria, eldest dau. of J. Walton, esq. of Barnsbury sq. Islington.

23. At Plymouth, Capt. J. P. Hall. 14th Regt. to Caroline, eldest dau. of Jonathan Lux

moore, esq. of Plymouth. At Clifton, Joseph

Roberts, esq. of Truro, to Mary-Aune-Peppin, only dau. of the late Henry Luxmoore, M.D. and widow of William Paul, esq. of Southleigb,

Truro. At Baldeiton, Thomas Need, esq. of

Woodhouse, Notts, to Elizabeth-Anne, only surviving dau. of Thomas Sprageing Godfrey,

esq. At Brighton, Edward Collier Scott

Blake, esq. of Newington, Surrey, son of the Rev. H. J. C. Blake, M.A. of Birdham near Chichester, to Harriet, second dau. of Haffez


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