Eton Montem, salt at the 299
Etruria, vase from 76
Etymologies, ancient 414
Ewelme Church and Hospital, visit to 186
Exeter, Bp. of, tomb of, at Florence 60
Exeter Castle, history of 186
Eahibition, Great, of 1851, 194; build-
ing for 83
Earhibition of Ancient and Mediaeval Art
proposed 630
- Dioramic Pictures on Sa-
cred History 631
Earning, antiquities found at 307
Factories Bill 30, 192, 193
Fane, John, esq. memoir of 662
Faustus, Dr., and the players at Exeter
Fawkes, Guy, early history of 179
Felixstow, Roman sepulchre at 307
Fermor, Thomas, esq. extracts from ac-
counts of 187
Ferrara, literary annals of 266
Fibulae, Gold 56; Anglo-Saxon 77
Fielden, Sir JPilliam, memoir of 92
Finsbury, proposed new park for 82
Flanders, jugs richly ornamented 167
Fletcher and Shakspere, comparison
between 119, 382
Flint Knife, found in the tomb of Gwain
Florence, tomb of a Bishop of Exeter 60
Flower, Sir James, memoir of 92
Fonthill Abbey 621
Foreign Policy of the Government 193
Foubert's Academy, situation of 352
Foundling Hospital in Paris, establish-
ment of 14
Fowey, naval importance of 613, 616
For, Bp. salt-cellars, &c. of 170; crozier
172; opening of his tomb 185
--- George Croker, esq. memoir of 662
France, antiquities from 77; Words-
worth's residence in 465; rejoicings on
the birth of the son of James II. 470
news from 81,419, 643
Franchise equalization, motion respecting
Francis I. banquet at the funeral of 9;
death of 126
Francis, Sir Philip, his claim to the au-
thorship of Junius 492
François Pase, memoir on 76
Frederick the Great, books and pictures
of 270

Gainsborough, the painter, birth-place
of 533
Gale, Mr. memoir of 668
Galway, Lord, and the battle of Almanza
Garrick, Voltaire's wish to see 572
Gay, and the Duchess of Queensberry 596
Gay-Lussac, M. memoir of 95
Genealogical Oak Press 43 -
General Record Qjice, money voted for
Geographical Society, anniversary 73
Geology, Museum of Economic 304
George I, letter to, from the Emperor
Charles VI. 348
George II. and the Duchess of Queens-
berry 596
German Clock, globular 76
Jug, enamelled 167
Zeitungs, list of 372
Germany, news from 644
Ghent Cathedral, candelabra at 78
Glasgow, Dr. Chalmers at 388
Glass Painting, ancient art of 186
Glass Vases, at St. Médard-des-Prés 29
Glastonbury Abbey, sale of 630
Glover, John, painter, memoir of 96
Mrs. actress, memoir of 445
Godfrey, Sir E. B. tankard of 533
Goodrich Castle, antiquities of 74
Gospel Oak, at Kentish Town 2
Gothic Architecture of the Continent 190
Gothic Windows, principles of 493
Gowhill Church, cross-legged effigy at 641
Grace, Sheffield, esq. memoir of 328
Granada, early printing at 458
Graves of the Menof Ardudwy, visit to 531
Gravesend, destructive fire at 315, 346
Gray and Young, favourites on the Con-
tinent 266
Great Worthern Railway, opened 314
Greece, language and literature of 19,579;
ministers and the affairs of 192
Greek Triptich, with paintings 640
Greeks, self-sufficiency of 574
Grenville, Col. R. letter from Duke of
York to 254
Griffin, Lord, marriage of first 368
Grimston Estate, sale of 316
Gunpowder Plot, conspirators of 120
Gwain son of Llywarch Hen, tomb of 531
Gwern-y-Capel, visit to ruins of 531
Gwynedd (or North Wales), vestiges of
the Gael in 530
Hadstock, excavations at 418
Hague, sale of King of Holland's pic-
tures 410
Halifaw, Charles Earl of, baptism 367
Halifar, Marquess of, marriage of 367
Hamilton, Sir George B. memoir of 658
William Richard, portrait of 58
Hampden, Edmund, wife of 2
Hampton Court, Toy at, token of 53
Hankford, Sir W. monumental effigy of


Hanmer, Sir Thomas, reading of 503
Hanover, Duke of Cambridge at 163;
news from 644
Hanwell Lunatic Asylum 294
Harborough Church, chancel window
restored 642
Hardwell Camp, visit to 189
Harman, Mr. Charles, memoir of 666
Harpole,Roman pavements discovered.642
Hart, Sir W. M. letter from Suworow
to 366
Hartley, Henry Robinson, memoir of 331
Hartlip Pase 31
Harwich Charter 349
Hatfield, gold ring found at 74
Hathersage Church, brasses at 641
Haverstock-hill new church 646
Hawkins, Adm. Sir John, portrait of 640
Heathcote, Richard E. memoir of 551
Heavenly Host, representation of 487
Henry VIII. Who wrote Shakspere's 2
115, 381
Henry PIII. and Chapuys, interview
between 274
Herstmonceur Castle, ancient MS. re-
lating to 307; early wills of inhabit-
ants ib.
Hesse-Cassel, news from 419, 534
Higham Ferrers Church, brasses re-
stored 642
Hills, Capt. George, memoir of 326
Hind, Mr. Henry, memoir of 444
Hodgson, Thomas, esq. memoir of 663
Holland, sale of pictures of late king 410
Holmesdale, Lord, sale of his coins 308
Home-made Spirits in Bond Bill 81, 194,
Homer, personality of 2
Hornby Castle, antiquities at 414
Horticultural Society, anniversary 74
Hospitals, conversion of into colleges 188
Hough, Bp. of Worcester, jeux d'esprit
of 269
Houghton Pit, explosion at 647
Howard, Cardinal, tomb of 63
Miss, charitable bequest for wi-
dows 647
Hon. Edward, baptism of 369;
letter to, 1668, 597
Hull, Victoria Dock, opening of 198
Huntington, William, the preacher 620
Huskisson, Mr. statue of 82
Huyssing, the painter 503
India, news from 196
Ingram, Rev. Dr. James, memoir of 553
Iolo MSS, notices from 530
Ipswich, restoration of Mr. Sparrowe's
house 421 ; new Corn Exchange ib.
Ireland, Lord Lieutenant Abolition Bill
81, 193; Poor Law in 80; Landlord
and Tenant Bill 310, 312; Parlia-
mentary Voters Bill 192, 312; educa-
tion in 193; Crime and Outrage Bill
312; Encumbered Estates Bill ib.;
Ecclesiastical Residences Bill 297, 312;

Clergy Bill ib., Churches and Chapels
Bill ib. -
Iron instruments richly chased 76
sepulchral slab 307
Isle of Man, sculptured crosses in the 187
Isle of Wight, Flemish coins found 77
Italy, news from 314, 535
Ivory Triptich, of the 14th century 641
Jacobean Gothic Architecture, prevalent
at Oxford 190
Jacobus Kannetje, stone vessel called 167
James II, kindness for Penn 4; rejoic-
ings on birth of his son 468,611
Jane, Queen, history of 158
Jardine, John, esq. memoir of 662
Jeffrey's speech on the trial of Mr. Stuart

“Jerusalem, my Happy Home" 585
Jet Bulla, carved 77
Johnson, Dr. anecdotes of 268, 269
Jonah, alabaster tablet of the story of 307
Judges of Assize Bill 80
Junius, authorship of 382, 403,492
Katharine(Parr), Queen, autograph 185
Kay, Sir William, memoir of 92
Kentish Town, Gospel oak at 2
Kent's Hole, remains found at 189
Kew, Observatory at, maintenance of 303
King, Lt.-Col. J. W. memoir of 661
Kingsdown new Church, consecrated 198
King's Norton Church, struck by light-
ning 84
Kingston upon Thames, coronation stone
at 380; kings crowned at 458
Kirby, Rev. William, memoir of 218
Kirkburn. Norman Church at 643
Kirwan, Richard, the celebrated mine-
ralogist 51
Knatchbull, Sir Eduard, and his sister 351
Koh-i-moor diamond 176
Kosciusko, funeral of 247
Lancashire Witches 412
Landlord and Tenant Bill 194
Land's End and Penzance, antiquities
between 415
Larceny Summary Jurisdiction Bill 194
Laroche, Capt. Christ. memoir of 326
Lascaris, o: of 267
Lavoisier, death of 51
Law, Hon. Charles Ewan, memoir of 433
Lawless, Mr. family of 50
Leicester, Saxon fibulae found near 77;
Roman wall at 415
Cemetery, consecrated 538
Leigh, Chandos Lord, memoir of 656
Le Vesconte, Comm. Henry, memoir 438
Lewes Castle, lease of 307
Ley, John Henry, esq. memoir of 441
de Ligne, Prince, and the Congress of
Vienna 247
Lincoln Cathedral window 515
Lincoln's Inn Chapel, architecture of
300; painted glass in 385
Library 300
Literary Piracy in the Prayer Book of
the Ecclesiastical History Society 140,

Liverpool Church for the Blind, removal

of 647
Livy, MS. of, burnt at Constantinople

Llanaher Church, visit to 531
Llandwywe Church, visit to 531
Lloyd's statue of Mr. Huskisson 83
Lloyd, Edward J. esq. memoir of 325
Locomotive Engine, earliest 519
Lodge, Tlios. and Michael Drayton 132 list of his works d'05

iLoiserolles, heroism of 511
London, Roman, antiquities found in a
gravel pit 637

Corporation of, pre sent to 645

The Tower of, improvements in

. Londonderry, Marquess of, monumental

statue of 536
Long, Rear-Aim. Sir It. death of 234
Lord Mayor's Show, change in G30
Louis XIII. and Vincent de Paul 15
Louis XVI. at Kambouillel 131

Chenier's appeal for 509

i Louis-Philippe, memoir of 429

Lymne, Roman cast rum at 76, 361, 362,

Lynn, meeting of Norfolk Archaeol. So-
ciety at 532; architecture of churches

533; monumental brasses at 532;

Chapel of the Mount j'6.
Macaulay, Mr. and William Penn 3
Mac Flecknoe 597
Mac Namara, Mr. and the Prince of

Wales 49
Madan,Dr. Samuel, hisThemistoeles 503
Madrid, treaty of 274
Maids of Taunton 3
Maitland, Rev. S. R. letter from 282;

pi*n for a Church Histury Society 518
Majolica Pottery, ornamented by Raf-

faelle 165
Malta, stone celt from 78
ManchestcrCat/tedral, architecture of 411
Mantua, derivation of the word 266
Marble Arch, Pimlico, removal of 79
Marburg Hall, Cheshire, fragment of the

Parthenon discovered at 458
Margate Sea-Bathing Infirmary 632
Maria-Louisa, Empress, anecdote of 131
Mark Lane, destructive Are in 536
Marlborough, burial of the father of the

great Duke of 369
. House settled on Prince of

Wales 311
Marriages Bill 195, 311
Martin, Benjamin, publications of 620
Mary, Queen, proclamation of 158;

marriage of 162; autograph of 185
Maynooth College, repairs of "9
Melandra Castle 415
Mere, Manor-house at 185
Meredyth, Sir Joshua C. memoir of 436

Merovingian Cemetery, discovery of 419
Mersey, Romans on the banks of 415
Mclastasio, character and death of 270
Metropolitan Interments Bill 80
Michael Angelo's portrait of V. Colonna

Milan, L. da Vinci famous folio at 268

Library at, MS. at 269

Milbanke, Sir John P. memoir of 321
Milliner, derivation*)! the word 267
Milton, co. Camb. chancel repaired 315
Min an lot, model of 76
■it/iMsrre/jBeattie's.critical opinions on259
Mithras, inscription to 416
Mocenigo, Michael, silver coin of 74
Monastic Orders, Legends of the 599
Monmouth's reception by the Maids of

Taunton 5
Mons Badonicus, treaty of 184
Mons Henri, Roman amphitheatre 531
Montacute, Lady, monument at Oxford

Montagu, Lady M. Wortley, birth of 366
Moore, Dr. and Horace IValpole 350
Moulton, opening a tumulus at 306
Mulgrave, Lord, friendship for Mr. P.

Ward 153
Murdoch, Mr. locomotive engine 1784,

Museum of Economic Geology 304
Naples, Rome, and Florence, contrast

between 269
Navaiiero, llemardo, relation of 277
Neander, Dr., memoir of 665
Negus, Col., anecdotes of 501
Nelson, Robert, and Ragged Schools 630
Nepaul, Ambassador from 82
Neros, Cycle of 346
Neville, Mr. Richard N. visit to Vol-

(aire 571
Newark, Lord Viscount, memoir of 432
Newfoundland Cathedral, visitation of

the Bishop 536
Newmarket, St. Mary's Church, carved

inscription 15tb century 307
Newspaper, morals of a 354
Newspapers, Question of the origin of

Newtown, Hampshire, church conse-
crated 198
New Zealand, extinct birds of 304

Ovava Tree 234

NicholasLane,rXom.\\\ slab discovered 114
Nicolas, Sir N. Harris, his Chronology

of History 141, 284
Nimbus, use of 114
Nineveh, remains from 175, 458
Noibury Booth, terra eotta found 75
Norfolk, antiquities from 78

Churches, peculiarities in 643 and Norwich Archaeological

Society, meeting of 532

Estuary, new works at the C47

North Berwick and the Bass Rock, visit

to 304


North, Sir Dudley, burial of 369
Northampton Architectural Society, pro-
ceedings 641
St. Peter's Church, in-
teresting discoveries in 296; restora-
tion of 642
Northamptonshire, Roman discoveries in
415, 640
Oakes, Sir Henry T. memoir of 658
O'Connor, Arthur, oratory of 50
Offa's Dyke 184
Ogden Family, history and seat of 2
oldenburg, Duchess of, and the Prince of
Wurtemberg 249
Oliver, Adm. Rob. D. memoir of 547
O'Loghlen, Sir Michael, statue of 316
Onslow, Speaker, marriage of 368
Orde, Gen. James, memoir of 93
d’Ossoli, Eliz. Marchioness of memoir
of 446
Ostend East India Company 348
visit of her Majesty to 420
Ostorius and Caractacus, battle between
Ovava Tree, gigantic 234
Ovid, poems of 574
Owen Glyndwr, historic notes on his-
tory of 530
Oxford, Charles I.'s escape from 189
——- college plate at 169
—— meeting of the Archaeological
Institute 182; temporary museum 186
— memoir on St. Mary's church 183
— lecture on the castle 183
parliaments and councils at 188
—— Jacobean Gothic architecture at
—— painted glass of the Van Lings
at 383
new window at St. Thomas's
Church 421
cup-shaped fibulae found near 640
—— Balliol College, seals 186
Earldom of, descent of 186
Corporation,charters, autographs,
and seals of 190
Cathedral Church, history of 187;
monuments in 259
Robert Harley, Earl of, baptism

Earl of, and Lord Bolingbroke

Wadham College, building of 190
Oxford University, new examination
statute 70; prizes 72; paintings
given to 639
Padua-soy, derivation of 266
Painter, Roman female, tomb opened at
St. Médard-des-Prés, Vendée 29
Palissy, Bernard, memoir of 165
Palissy-ware, peculiarities of 166
Pall Mall, clubhouses in 537
Palmella, Duke of, memoir of 653
Pamphlets, list of ancient 31
Papal Bull, the recent 622

Paris, statue of, in oolite stone 77
—-, Foundling Hospital establish-
ment of 14
Parliament, New Houses of, grant for 80
—-— proceedings in 79, 192, 310
—-— session of 1729, 353, 363
Parliamentary Oaths Bill 311
Parthenon, fragment of frieze 458
Pate, Robert, assault on the Queen 197
Pau, Roman villa discovered 641
Pavia, victory of 273
Par-board,in copper, of 16th century307
Peel, Sir Robert, character of 150
- memoir of 207
Pembroke, Lord, intaglios and medals of
501 -
Penn, Mr. letter from Lord Sunderland
to 7
Penthievre, Duc de, character of 130
Pepys, Samuel, marriage of 367
Perceval, Sir John, family of 347
Perceval and the Regency restrictions 155
Peruvian Vase, drawing of 640
Petre, William Lord, memoir of 322, 346
Philips, Francis, esq. memoir of 217
Phillips, Mr.on the trial osCourvoisier 523
Philology as a science 574
Pickering, antiquities from tumuli near

Pictures of King of Holland sold 410
Pierrepont Family, descent of 2
Pilkington, Sir JP'illiam, memoir of 546
Pimlico, St. Barnabas Church, conse-
crated 83
Pinner, Miss Howard's charities at 647
Piozziana 265
Piracy in Prayer Book of Eccles. Hist.
Society 140,284, 354, 395
Pitt, William, Mr. Plumer Ward's inter-
course with 152, 154
Plant, technical meaning of 266
Plas Heaton, tumulus at 641
Plato, dialogue of 573
Plum, meaning as relates to money 114
Pole, Sir Peter, memoir of 547
Poor Relief (Cities and Towns) Bill 31 1
Pope, Alexander, Voltaire's opinion of 57
Population of Great Britain 80
-—- (Census) Bill 195
Populous Parishes, subdivision of 83
Porter, Miss Jane, memoir of 220; let-
ter to Sir Egerton Brydges 364
Sir Robert Ker, marriage of 364
Portus Lemanis at Lymne 361
Post Office, Sunday labour in 79, 195
Potters' marks, fac-similes of 169
Pottery, History of, from 15th to the
18th centuries 164
comparison between ancient
and modern 357
Prague, taking of 375
Prayer Book of Eccles. Hist. Society,
great literary piracy in 140,284,395
Prescott, Sir George W. memoir of 91
Presepio, peculiar to Naples 268

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