Fragments in Prose and Verse: With Some Account of Her Life and Character, 第 2 巻


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94 ページ - But this was a horrible idea for me, and thank Heaven that I have prevailed by prayers ! At this time, knowing* Klopstock, she loves him as her lifely son, and thanks God that she has not persisted. We married, and I am the happiest wife in the world. In some few months it will be four years that I am so happy, and still I dote upon Klopstock as if he was my bri'degroom.
93 ページ - At the last Klopstock said plainly that he loved ; and I startled as for a wrong thing. I answered that it was no love but friendship, as it was, what I felt for him ; we had not seen one another enough to love (as if love must have more time than friendship) ! This was sincerely my meaning, and I had this meaning till Klopstock came again to Hamburg. This he did a year after we had seen one another the first time. We saw we were friends ; we loved, and we believed that we loved ; and a short time...
90 ページ - I should have it no more to-day, as this is only my first English letter — but I have it ! It may be because I am now Klopstock's wife (I believe you know my husband by Mr. Hohorst), and then I was only the single young girl. You have since written the manly Clarissa, without my prayer. Oh, you have done it, to the great joy and thanks of all your happy readers ! Now you can write no more, you must write the history of an angel.
93 ページ - I raillied them again, and said that they must have a very friendshipless heart, if they had no idea of friendship to a man as well as to a woman. Thus it continued eight months, in which time my friends found as much love in Klopstock's letters as in me.
142 ページ - ... love learning for itself, not for lucre, or any other end but the service of God and of truth, and perhaps that lasting fame and perpetuity of praise which God and good men have consented shall be the reward of those whose published labors advance the good of mankind...
97 ページ - ... face, which is so venerable at that time! with tears of devotion and all the sublimity of the subject. My husband reading me his young verses and suffering my criticisms. Ten books are published, which I think probably the middle of the whole. I will, as soon as I can, translate you the arguments of these ten books, and what besides I think of them. The verses of the poem are without rhymes, and are hexameters, which sort of verses my husband has been the first to introduce in our language; we...
99 ページ - ... all the foldings of his heart. I know him; and sometimes I think if we knew others in the same manner, the better we should find them. For it may be that an action displeases us which would please us, if we knew its true aim and whole extent. No one of my friends is so happy as I am; but no one has had courage to marry as I did. They have married, - as people marry; and they are happy, - as people are happy.
xi ページ - Creator, or of the state of those who are released from the corruptible body, and from all the sorrows of life; but do we therefore doubt their existence? and is it criminal to indulge the thoughts which are so natural to the heir of immortality, and to conjecture what certainly we cannot prove? We know from the highest authority, that there are ministering spirits, sent to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation...
96 ページ - ... by fragments here and there, of a subject of which his soul is just then filled. He has many great fragments of the whole work ready. You may think that persons who love as we do have no need of two apartments ; we are always in the same.
95 ページ - I can say with all wifely modesty; but I dare not to speak of my husband; I am all raptures when I do it. And as happy as I am in love, so happy am I in friendship in my mother, two elder sisters, and five other women. How rich I am! Sir, you have willed that I should speak of myself, but I fear that I have done it too much. Yet you see how it interests me.