Picturesque Views, with an Historical Account of the Inns of Court, in London and Westminster

R. Faulder ... and J. Egerton, 1800 - 254 ページ
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45 ページ - Full oft within the spacious walls, When he had fifty winters o'er him, My grave lord-keeper led the brawls ; The seal and maces danced before him.
68 ページ - ... &c. ; then he descendeth, and goeth to dance, &c., and after he calleth his court, every one by name, one by one in this manner. " Sir Francis Flatterer, of Fowleshurst, in the county of Buckingham, — Sir Randle Rackabite, of Rascall Hall, in the county of Rakehell.
170 ページ - Then riseing from dinnar, he was agayne attended to the new Councell Chamber, where he conferred the honour of Knighthood on Mr Nicholas Pedley and Mr Richard Stote, two of the Benchers, who had in their turns...
238 ページ - ... wisely chosen and faithfully observed, by colonies united and protected, by decisive victories by sea and land, by conquests made by arms and generosity in every part of the globe, and by commerce, for the first time united with and made to flourish by war...
169 ページ - ... violins, playing all the tyme of dinnar in the gallery, att the lower end of the hall. Towards the end of dinnar, his...
48 ページ - privileged by the most excellent Princess the High Governor of the whole Island, wherein are store of Gentlemen of the whole Realm, that repair thither to learn to rule and obey by Law, to yield their fleece to their Prince and Commonweal ; as also to use all other exercises of body and mind whereunto nature most aptly serveth to adorn, by speaking, countenance, gesture, and use of apparel, the person of a Gentleman ; whereby amity is obtained, and continued, that Gentlemen of all countries, in...
164 ページ - ... should have their lawful and honest commandments by delivery of the officers of Christmas, and that the said King of Cockneys, ne none of his officers medyl neither in the buttery, nor in the Stuard of Christmass his office, upon pain of 40s. for every such medling : and lastly, that Jack Straw, and all his adherents, should be thenceforth utterly banisht and no more to be used in this house...
238 ページ - The Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, mindful of the benefits which the City of London received in her ample share in the general prosperity, have erected to the memory of this eminent Statesman and powerful Orator, this Monument in her Guildhall ; that her Citizens may never meet for the...
64 ページ - This ceremony also performed, a Huntsman cometh into the Hall, with a fox and a purse-net ; with a cat, both bound at the end of a staff ; and with them nine or ten couple of hounds, with the blowing of hunting homes. And the fox and cat are by the hounds set upon, and killed beneath the fire.
175 ページ - Chriftian in particular, from the completion of the prophecies in the Old and New Teftament, which relate to the Chriftian Church, efpecially to the apoftacy of Papal Rome.