The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, 第 1 巻

H.G. Bohn, 1849
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85 ページ - I will give thanks unto the Lord, according to his righteousness ; and I will praise the name of the Lord most high. Psalm viii. Domine, Dominus noster. OLord, our Governor, how excellent is thy name in all the world; thou that hast set thy glory...
589 ページ - ... victories ; by the which means she did turn the hearts of many men and women from the truth and verity, and converted them to lies and errors. Besides this, she usurped a coat of arms, and displayed a standard ; which things be appertaining only to knights and squires. And, of a great outrage and more pride and presumption, she demanded to bear the noble and excellent arms of France, which she in part obtained ; the which she bare in many skirmishes and assaults, and her brethren also, (as men...
416 ページ - Fair cousin, we wish you to know that we will have the daughter of your king, or we will drive him and you out of his kingdom.
341 ページ - Their archers, amounting to at least thirteen thousand, let off a shower of arrows with all their might, and as high as possible, so as not to lose their effect : they were, for the most part, without any armour, and in jackets, with their hose loose, and hatchets or swords hanging to their girdles ; some indeed were bare-footed and without hats.
240 ページ - The king gave a deep sigh, and said, " My fair son, what right have you to it ? for you well know I had none." " My lord,1' replied the prince, " as you have held it by right of your sword, it is my intent to hold and defend it the same during my life.
78 ページ - ... having seized them, he also vanished. The monk, shortly after, came to where the devils had been, and found the sword and dagger lying flat on the ground, the sword having the point broken, — but he saw the point among some powder, where the devil had laid it. Having waited...
547 ページ - Thomas, however, acquired very great renown in the towns wherein ho preached, from all ranks of people, for the boldness and justness of his remonstrances, more especially for those addressed to the clergy. He was received wherever he went with as much respect and reverence by the nobles, clergy, and common people, as if he had been an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, sent from heaven to earth. He was followed by multitudes of people, and his mule was led by knights, or those of high rank, on foot...
78 ページ - ... by dint of money, bribed four persons, an apostate monk, a knight, an esquire, and a varlet, to whom he gave his own sword, his dagger, and a ring, for them to consecrate to, or more properly speaking, to make use of, in the name of the devil,
410 ページ - January, in the year 1419; and on the following Thursday, the 19th of the same month, the king of England made his public entry into the town of Rouen with great pomp, attended by the princes of his blood and numbers of his nobles. He was followed by a page mounted on a beautiful horse, bearing a lance, at the end of which, near the point, was fastened a fox's brush, by way of streamer, which afforded great matter of remark among the wise-heads.
53 ページ - She had lain in there of a child, which had died shortly after its birth, and had not then accomplished the days of her purification. " Seas, on his seeing the duke, said, by way of deceiving him, ' My lord, the king sends for you, and you must instantly hasten to him ; for he has business of great importance to you and him, which he must communicate to you.