Bulletin, 第 89 号

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Education, 1921

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110 ページ - ... recognised by the Board of Education as expenditure in aid of which Parliamentary grants should be made to the authority...
101 ページ - ... purpose of singing, playing, or performing, or being exhibited for profit, or offering anything for sale, between 9 pm and 6 am,
50 ページ - Act adequate provision shall be made in order to secure that children and young persons shall not be debarred from receiving the benefits of any form of education by which they are capable of profiting through inability to pay fees.
98 ページ - ... this Act, relating to school attendance, be deemed to have attained that year of age until the end of the term. (a) The local education authority for the purposes of Part III. of the Education Act, 1902...
90 ページ - In cooperation with other local education authorities, to establish and maintain, or secure the establishment and maintenance under their control and direction, of a sufficient supply of continuation schools in which suitable courses of study, instruction, and physical training are provided without payment of fees...
110 ページ - ... the official trustee of charity lands and the official trustees of charitable funds, and...
129 ページ - Any young person — (i) who is above the age of fourteen years on the appointed day ; or (ii) who has satisfactorily completed a course of training for, and is engaged in, the sea service, in accordance with the provisions of any national scheme which may hereafter be established, by Order in Council or otherwise, with the object of maintaining an adequate supply of well-trained British seamen, or, pending the establishment of such scheme, in accordance with the provisions of any interim scheme...
2 ページ - COMMISSIONERS. Henry Barnard, LL. D., March 14, 1867, to March 15, 1870. John Eaton, Ph. D., LL. D., March 16, 1870, to- August 5, 1886. Nathaniel HR Dawson, LHD, August 6, 1886, to September 3, 1889. William T. Harris, Ph. D., LL. D., September 12, 1889, to June SO, 1906.
125 ページ - And whereas it has been the custom in the public schools of Scotland to give instruction in religion to children whose parents did not object to the instruction so given, but with liberty to parents, without forfeiting any of the other advantages of the schools, to elect that their children should not receive such instruction, and it is expedient that the managers of public schools shall be at liberty to continue the said custom...
78 ページ - ... that the boundaries of citizenship are not determined by wealth, and that the same logic which leads us to desire an extension of the franchise points also to an extension of education.