Granta 127: Japan

Granta, 2014/04/24
Everyone knows this country and no one knows it. This issue presents twenty new Japans by its writers and artists, and by residents and visitors and neighbours. A special edition of Granta published simultaneously in Japanese and English.

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47. Granta 127: Japan (spring 2014, 280 pages, Read July 23 - August 16) I was a bit intimidated by the Japanese theme, afraid it would contain a collection of odd stories that would be difficult for ... レビュー全文を読む



A Clean Marriage
Toshiki Okada
Variations on a Theme by Mister Donut
Things Remembered and Things Forgotten
Primal Mountain
The Japanese Firefly Squid
Out of
The Beauty of the Package


著者について (2014)

Yuka Igarashi is Managing Editor of Granta and lead editor of this issue.