Chronicles of the Picts, Chronicles of the Scots: And Other Early Memorials of Scottish History

William Forbes Skene
H. M. General register house, 1867 - 499 ページ


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110 ページ - Egredere de terra tua, et de cognatione tua, et de domo patris tui, et veni in terram quam monstrabo tibi.
57 ページ - Albanus possessed it ; numerous his hosts. He was the illustrious son of Isacon. He and Briutus were brothers without deceit. From him Alban of ships has its name. Briutus banished his active brother Across the stormy sea of Icht.
402 ページ - Cotmiig was a young man, he came to plunder Alban with three large battalions. What the men of Alban, both laity and clergy, did, was to remain until morning fasting and praying to God and to Columcille, and they cried aloud to the Lord, and gave many alms of food and clothes to the churches and to the poor, and to take the body of the Lord from the hands of...
82 ページ - Woe to the Cruithnigh to whom he will go eastward, He knew the thing that is, Nor was it happy with him that an Erinach Should be king in the east under the Cruithnigh.
lix ページ - England, commanding them to search their chronicles and archives for all matters relating to Scotland, and to transmit the same to the king under their common seals. The returns made to these writs, which are still extant, contain numerous extracts and fragments of chronicles, which are printed by Sir Francis Palgrave in his
59 ページ - ... Sea and the Isles of the Gael'.4 His death occurred about 500 and he is stated to have reigned three years. The same tradition identified Conaire as Conaire mac Moga Lama, one of the Ernean rulers of Munster. A rather older source, the Duan Albanach, gives a variant version : The three sons of Erc, son of Eochaidh, the valiant, Three who obtained the blessing of Patrick, took Alban, exalted their courage, Loarn, Feargus and Angus. 1 DGNHAS, Trans., III, vii, 97-1 1 7.
cii ページ - M'Lennan, in his very original work on primitive marriage, to whom these facts were communicated by the Editor, states that they raise a strong presumption " that all the fathers " were men of other tribes. At any rate, there re...
103 ページ - He was a king of kings fortunate, He was the vigilant crusher of enemies. No woman bore or will bring forth in the East A king whose rule will be greater over Alban, And there shall not be born for ever, One who had more fortune and greatness.
12 ページ - Mailcunus magnus rex apud Brittones regnabat, id est, in regione Guenedotae, quia atavus illius, id est, Cunedag, cum filiis suis, quorum numerus octo erat, venerat prius de parte sinistrali, id est, de regione quae vocatur Manan Guotodin, centum quadraginta sex annis antequam Mailcun regnaret, et Scottos cum ingentissima clade expulerunt ab istis regionibus, et nusquam reversi sunt iterum ad habitandum.
156 ページ - Peohtes were shamed, and went ' forth* their way home to their kin, and told ' to them' their errand. They took their messengers, and sent to Ireland, to VAe king of the land [the sovereign], named Gille Caor, and bade him send them women of his land : and the king 'granted them [heard] all that they desired. Through the same women, who there long dwelt, the folk gan to 'speak [use] Irelande speech : and ever since the usages dwell [they do] in the land ; ' so they shall be there, now and evermore.