Dialogues of Lucian: from the Greek, 第 5 巻

Printed for W. Flexney, 1798

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409 ページ - ... to the architect. But to dig the quarry or to fearch the field, requires not much of any quality beyond ftubborn perfeverance ; and though genius muft often...
409 ページ - Lotos, the name; divine nectareous juice! (Thence call'd Lotophagi) which whoso tastes, Insatiate riots in the sweet repasts, Nor other home nor other care intends, But quits his house, his country, and his friends: The three we sent, from off th...
726 ページ - It was but a small hole in the earth when 1 saw it; but how much larger it might have been formerly, when it held so much, I cannot take upon me to say. However, as a proof of what they advance, water is brought twice in the year, from the sea to the temple, not only by the priests, but from the whole country far and near, by Syrians, Arabians, and great multitudes beyond the Euphrates. It is emptied in the temple, and runs into the opening below, which, small as it is, takes in such a quantity as...
409 ページ - We climb the be ach, and fprings of water found, Then fpread our hafty. banquet on the ground. Three men were fent deputed from the crew, (An herald one) the dubious coaft to view, And learn what habitants pallets the place.
766 ページ - God: the Son of the Father ; the Spirit proceeding from the Father : one from three; and three from one...
463 ページ - Softrata within.'] Nay prithee, good wife, ceafe to ftun the Gods With thanking them that you have found your daughter ; Unlefs you fancy they are like yourfelf, And think, they cannot underftand a thing Unlefs faid o'er and o'er a hundred times.
563 ページ - Drcus' helmet. ,] As every thing that goes into the dark empire of Pluto, or Orcus, difappears and is feen no more : the Greeks from thence borrowed this figurative expreffion, to put on Pluto's helmet, that is to fay, to bccome itrvifibh.
362 ページ - From morn to tve, impaflivc and ferene, The man entranc'd would view the deathful fcene. Thefe drugs, fo friendly to the joys of life, 315 Bright Helen learn'd from Thone's imperial wife; Who fway'd thefceptre, where prolific Nile With various fimples clothes the fatten'd foil.
741 ページ - Bacchus; becaufe every Phallus erected has a wooden man placed upon it. Indeed, I do not know why, but I believe it is in imitation of this, that the living man mounts...
366 ページ - Tho' in my hand ftruck hollow as it lay, But quickly wither'd, like your love, away. An old witch brought fad tidings to my ears, She who tells fortunes with the fieve and...