The life and works of Robert Burns, ed. by R. Chambers. Libr. ed, 第 1 巻


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Visit to Professor Stewart at Catrine
Letter to Mrs Dunlop e
Feelings of the Mossgiel Family on the Poets Success
Additional Stanzas of The Vision 21
Dr BlacklockLetter to Rev G Lawrie Feb 5 e 21
Letter to Dr Moore Feb 15Anxious Forebodings e 33
Verses intended to be Written below a noble EarVs Picture n
Letter to Mr James Candlish March 21Disclaims Scepticism h 40
Letter to Mr Burnes Montrose Feb 17 1784 i 81
Letter to Mr Gavin Hamilton Dec 1767Ironical Advices j 169
Burns Lamed bt a Bruise in the Knee 175
Letter to Miss Chalmers Dec 19has crossed the Room on Crutches
Second Interview with Clarinda 188
Letter to ClarindashE cannot offend him o 194
Mr Alexander Wood Surgeon 204
Clarinda announces having Consulted her Clergyman 210
Musing on the Roaring Ocean d 216
Letter to ClarindaDenounces a Bigots Interferencehe Loves
Letter to Mr Richard Brown Feb 15Promises a Meetino 227
Letter to Clarinda March 2Vows warm Attachment 23 1
Letter to Mr Richard Brown March 7a FarmJean 240
Four Letters to ClarindaPromises of lasting Attachment n 24
SongWill ye go to the Indies my Mary f c 2 57
Letter to Miss Chalmers April 7Sacrifices h 254
Letter to Mrs Dunlop April 28his Views in the Excise t 258
SongOh were I on Parnassus Sill d 271
Letter to Mr G Lochhart July 18the Misses Baillib h 277
Letter to Mr Seugo Engraver Sept 9Extols Marriage h 233
Letter to Mrs Dunlop Sept 27her Criticisms h 292

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165 ページ - Then kneeling down, to Heaven's Eternal King, The saint, the father, and the husband prays: Hope "springs exulting on triumphant wing," That thus they all shall meet in future days: There, ever bask in uncreated rays, No more to sigh, or shed the bitter tear, Together hymning their Creator's praise, In such society, yet still more dear; While circling time moves round in an eternal sphere...
230 ページ - Tho' they may gang a kennin wrang, To step aside is human : One point must still be greatly dark, The moving Why they do it ; And just as lamely can ye mark, How far perhaps they rue it. Who made the heart, 'tis He alone Decidedly can try us, He knows each chord its various tone, Each spring its various bias : Then at the balance let's be mute, We never can adjust it ; What's done we partly may compute, But know not what's resisted.
163 ページ - What makes the youth sae bashfu' an' sae grave ; Weel pleas'd to think her bairn's respected like the lave. O happy love ! where love like this is found ! O heart-felt raptures ! bliss beyond compare ! I've paced much this weary, mortal round, And sage experience bids me this declare: — "If Heaven a draught of heavenly pleasure spare, One cordial in this melancholy vale, 'Tis when a youthful, loving, modest pair, In other's arms breathe out the tender tale, Beneath the milk-white thorn that scents...
270 ページ - Of a' the airts the wind can blaw I dearly like the West, For there the bonnie lassie lives, The lassie I lo'e best : There wild woods grow, and rivers row, And mony a hill between ; But day and night my fancy's flight Is ever wi' my Jean. I see her in the dewy flowers, I see her sweet and fair : I hear her in the tunefu...
164 ページ - The sire turns o'er with patriarchal grace The big ha' -bible, ance his father's pride ; His bonnet rev'rently is laid aside, His lyart haffets wearing thin and bare ; Those strains that once did sweet in Zion glide, He wales a portion with judicious care ; And " Let us worship GOD !
77 ページ - But thou, that didst appear so fair To fond imagination, Dost rival in the light of day Her delicate creation : Meek loveliness is round thee spread, A softness still and holy ; The grace of forest charms decayed, And pastoral melancholy.
165 ページ - Compared with this, how poor religion's pride, In all the pomp of method, and of art, When men display to congregations wide, Devotion's...
114 ページ - Her pure and eloquent blood Spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought, That one might almost say her body thought.
68 ページ - The dance gaed thro' the lighted ha', To thee my fancy took its wing, I sat, but neither heard nor saw: Tho' this was fair, and that was braw, And yon the toast of a' the town, I sigh'd and said amang them a'; — "Ye are na Mary Morison!
72 ページ - Long may thy hardy sons of rustic toil Be blest with health, and peace, and sweet content ! And O may Heaven their simple lives prevent From Luxury's contagion, weak and vile ; Then, howe'er crowns and coronets be rent, A virtuous Populace may rise the while, And stand a wall of fire around their much-loved ISLE. O THOU ! who pour'd the patriotic tide That stream'd thro...