early part of the Century.--Thackeray's Difficulty.-Caricatures on the “Dandies"
of 1818.-Robert and his Fellow-Caricaturists ridicule the sham “Corinthians "
and “Corinthian Kates” of their day.-Hollow Pretensions of the “Dandies."
“The Dandy Dressing at Home” and “The Dandy Dressed.”_"A Dandyess.”
-Robert's Satires on the “Dandies" of 1819.-" The Mysterious Fair One, or
the Royal Introduction to the Circassian Beauty.”_Other Caricatures of his
of 1819.-His Satires on the Trial of Queen Caroline.-His Caricatures of 1821.
-Duel between the Dukes of Bedford and Buckingham.-Other Satires by him
in 1822.-Interference of Louis XVIII. in Spanish Affairs.-- Robert's Satires
on Louis and his Son.-" The Golden Ball.”_Other Caricatures by Robert in
1823. — The Tenth Hussars.—Maria Foote and “ Pea-green Hayne.”-Other
satires by Robert in 1824.-Colonel Fitz-Bastard and Mr. Judge.-Cox v. Kean.
--Sir Walter Scott.—"The Living Skeleton.”—Popple and Stockdale.--Other
Subjects of 1825. -" Cruikshankiana.” . . . . . PP. 89-108.

Book Illustrations of Isaac Robert Cruikshank.— The “Life in London.”_
Injustice done to Robert with reference to this Book. — The “ Lise" Dramatized.
-Excitement it Occasioned.-The Portly Stranger in the Duke's Box.-Queer
Visitors at Rehearsal.--Horror of the Serious People.The Mistake which they
made.-" The Finish." - Pierce Egan's Position with reference to the “Life.”_
Origin of “Bell's Life in London."-Charles Molloy Westmacott.-" The Eng.
lish Spy."-_“The Oppidans' Museum.”—The “King at Home."-Rowlandson's
contribution to “The English Spy."-Westmacott and the Literature of Foote and
Hayne.-Robert's Carelessness. -"Points of Misery.”—“Doings in London."
“Cruikshank's Comic Album."--"Monsieur Nong-tong-paw.”—Three Books
Illustrated by Robert.--Death. . . . . . . . Pf. 109-124.

Caricatures of George Cruikshank.--"No Plan, no Ambition.”The Asser.
tion Disproved.-Why George's Caricatures possess so remarkable an Interest.
_"The Scourge."-Lord Sidmouth's Bill to amend the Toleration Act.-Oppo.
sition to the Measure by the Nonconformists.-George's Satire upon them.--
Satire upon the Medical Profession.--" The Satirist, or Monthly Meteor.”-
“Fashion."-" The Loyalists' Magazine."-An Early Satire.—“Meditations
amongst the Tombs."--Other Satires of 1813.-“ Little Boney gone to Pot.”
--Alexander of Russia and the Duchess of Oldenburg.--The Princess Caroline. -
Joanna Southcott.—The Obnoxious Corn Laws of 1815.-Satires thereon.-
Escape of Napoleon.-Outlawed by the Powers.-Excitement caused by this
Event.-George's Satires thereon.— Napoleon endeavours to Establish Friendly
Relations.-Silent Hostility of Europe. - He Sets out for the Army.-George's
Satire thereon.-Surrender of Bonaparte - The Bellerophon off the English
Coast. --Other Satires of 1815. - The Regent's Repugnance to Retrenchment and
Relorm.--Marriage of the Princess Charlotte. -Satire on the Purchase of the
"Elgin Marbles."-Other Satires of 1816.-John Bull's Bankruptcy Proceedings.
-Remanded for Extravagance.- His “Schedule."-Seditious Troubles of 1817.
--A Satire on the Princess Caroline.-Death of the Princess Charlotte.-Other
Satires of 1817--of 1818.—The “ Bank Restriction Note."-Satires of 1819. —
Queen Caroline and other Caricatures of 1820 and 1821.- Death and Funeral of
the Queen.---The Populace force the Procession to go through the City.—The
Military fire on the People.--Alderman Sir William Curtis in Highland Costume.
-Indignation of the King.–Satires on both.—Statue of Achilles.-Other Cari-

catures of 1822.-Satires of 1823 and 1824.-Joint Stock Company Mania of

1825.--Undated Satires--Amuzing value of George Cruikshank's Caricatures.

PP. 125-165.


George Cruikshank as a Book Illustrator. -Defects and Excellencies.- Women,

Horses, Trees. — “Greenwich Hospital.” – Sikes and the Dog. -- Jonathan

Wild.-Simon Renard and Winwike.-"Born a Genius and Born a Dwarf.”-

Its History.-Randulph and Hilda at Ranelagh. - Sale of the Shadow. - Sailors

Carousing.- Paying off a Jew.-Simpkin Dancing.-The Last Cab Driver.-

Dominie Sampson.—Dumbiedikes.– Fall of the Leaf.- Taurus.-Libra. – Revo-

ution at Madame Tussaud's.-Theatrical Fun Dinner.-"Gone !”-Duke of

Marlborough's Boot. — The Two Elves. — Witches' Frolic.-Ghosts.- Jack o'

Lantern.-Devils.- The Gin Shop. – Redgauntlet.-Fagin in the Condemned

Cell. - Murder of Sir Rowland Trenchard. --Xit Wedded to the Scavenger's

Daughter. -Mauger Sharpening his Axe. --Massacre at Tullabogue, etc. - His

Genius. . . . . . . . . . . . PP. 167-188.


The Sleep of Thirty Years.-Causes of George Cruikshank's Decadence In-

sufficiently Understood. - Professor Bates' Theory.- Charles Dickens's Nervous.

ness (?). - Why Cruikshank was Unfitted to Illustrate his Novels.-The Rejected

Illustration to Oliver Twist.—Quarrel with Bentley.-Guy Fawkes Illustra-

tions." Ainsworth's Magazine.”—Progress of the Cruikshank versus Bentley

Campaign.-Cruikshank's Declaration of War.-His Tactics.—“Our Library

Table.” – Quarrel with Harrison Ainsworth. — Cruikshank's Claim to be

Originator of Two of his Stories Considered.-A word for Harrison Ainsworth.

- Popularity and Success of his Novels.-Charles Lever's “ Arthur O'Leary. —

Cruikshank's final Leap in the Dark. — Its Fatal Consequences. — Crusade

against Drink. — “Worship of Bacchus." -- His Work Falls away. - Thirty

Years of Artistic Sterility.–Fairy Stories turned into Temperance Tracts. —

Forgotten ! . . . . . . . . . . PP. 189–207.


Birth of Robert Seymour. - Starts as a Painter in Oils.- Death of George IV.
-His Contemptible Character -Sale of his Wardrobe. — Order for General
Mourning.--"The Adelaide Mill."-Revolution of 1830,- Dismissal of the


Political Sketches of H3. (continued). — Lord John Russell." Jonah."-
Reduction of the Stamp on Newspapers.-How it was evaded.- Arguments of
the Opponents of the Measure. -Hard and Soft Soap versus Newspapers. —
Strange Arguments of the Newspaper Proprietors of the Day.-" The Rival
Newsmongers.” – Brougham Watches for the Door of Preferment being
Opened.-" The Gheber Worshipping the Rising Sun.”—Made Lord Chan.
cellor. -"A Select Specimen of the Black Style."-A Scene in the House of
Lords.—“The Duel that Did Not Take Place."- Dissolution of Parliament in
1834. - Broigham's Royal “Progress" through Scotland. - Annoyance of
William IV., who Determines to Get Rid of Him." The Fall of Icarus."
“ The Vaux and the Grapes.”—The Irish Coercion Bill of 1833. --Irish Dis.
affection which led Up to It.-List of Irish Crimes for One Year.--Scenes
between English and Irish Members. -" Prisoners of War.”_Good Effects of
the Coercion Bill.-- Irish Agitators of 1833 and 1883 Compared.-0 Connell and

the Irish Peasant.—Unscrupulous Political Conduct of O'Connell.-—“The Comet

of 1835.” – “Doctor Syntax [i.e. Peel] on his Faithful Steed in Search of the

Picturesque.”—Amazing Number of HB's Political Sketches. His failings.-

His Imitators and their Fate. . . . . . . . pp. 254-276.


V John Leech.—Birth.—At Charterhouse. — The “Coach Tree.”—Early Efforts

in Drawing brought to the notice of Flaxman.-Apprenticed to Whittle, an

Eccentric Medical Man.-Transfer of Leech's Indentures. -Early Work.-Applies

to Illustrate “Pickwick.”—Style not Matured till 1840.-An Attack on Dickens.

-Attack on “Phiz."-Attack on D'Israeli.-“Bentley's Miscellany."-Joins

Punch.-Marriage.-The “Right-hand Man in Punch's Cabinet."-"Illuminated

Magazine.”- Portraits of Leech in Punch.-Douglas Jerrold and Albert Smith. -

Douglas Jerrold and À Beckett.-Leech at a Fancy Ball. --- Albert Smith and the

Wide-awake Innkeepers at Chamounix.-George Cruikshank Borrowing from

Leech.-Influence of Cruikshank on Leech.—The Two Compared.--Abhorrence

of Frenchmen. --Mistake in “ The Battle of Life." . . . pp. 277-293.


John Leech's Punch Cartoons.—The “Albert " Hat.-O'Connell.—Sir James

Graham.— “Peel's Dirty Little Boy.”—“How do you Like the New Whig?”-

“The Premier's Fix."_“The Railway Juggernaut."-Between Free Trade and

Protection Sir Robert Peel falls through. “Dombey and Son.”—Lord Brougham

“in order.”_Smithfield.-Louis Philippe.-The Year of Unrest, 1848.- French

Expedition to Rome.-"A Bright Idea." -General Haynau and Barclay &

Perkins' Draymen.—"Joe" Hume. The “Papal Aggression" Cartoons.--''The

Boy who Chalked up ‘No Popery' and then Ran Away.”—Great Exhibition of

1851 -The Coup d'état.-—The Peace Society.—“The Old 'Un and the Young

'Un."—War with Russia. -Evils of the Purchase System.-Generals Janvier and

Fevrier.-" The Return from Vienna.”—Incapacity of English Generals.-

“ Urgent Private Affairs.”—“Staying Proceedings.”—The Royal Levées.— The

French Colonels. —" Religion d la mode.— Fête at Cremorne.- Plots against the

French Emperor, and their Consequences.--" Invasion of French Light Wines.”_

pp. 294-314.


Exhibition of Leech's “Sketches in Oil” at the Egyptian Hall in 1862.-What
Thackeray said of them.-Gradual Decrease in the Numbers of his Cartoons for
Punch.-Overwork.-Goes to the Continent with Mark Lemon in 1862.-“A
day at Biarritz.” — Returns with no Benefit.-Leech and Thackeray at Evans's in
December, 1863.-Thackeray and Leech at Charterhouse on “ Founder's Day."
- Thackeray at the Wednesday Punch Dinner, 15th of December, 1863.- Death
of Thackeray. - Death of Mr. R. W. Surtees.—The Punch Council Dinners.-
John Leech a faithful Attendant.--"Moses Starting for the Fair.”—John Leech's
IiIness described.—No Falling off in the Quality of his Designs.—“St. Genulphus.”

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