thence, authorizing his installation, prescribed, as part of and if false, there are no words for him. I repeat to you the pageant,' a coach and four horses.' To show how very that the original was burnt before you on your assurance, German to the matter this was, you have only to suppose and there never was a copy, nor even a verbal repetition, our parliament cominanding the Archbishop of Canterbury very much to the discomfort of some zealous Whigs, who to proceed from Hyde Park Corner to St. Paul's Cathe- bored me for them (having heard it bruited by Mr. Davies dral in the Lord Mayor's barge, or the Margate hoy. that there were such matters) to no purpose; for, having There is but St. Mark's Place in all Venice broad enough written them solely with the notion that Mr. Croker was for a carriage to move, and it is paved with large smooth the aggressor, and for my own and not party reprisals, I flag stones, so that the chariot and horses of Elijah himself would not lend me to the zeal of any sect when I was made would be puzzled to manœuvre upon it. Those of Pharaoh aware that he was not the writer of the offensive passages. might do better; for the canals-and particularly the You know, if there was such a thing, I would not deny it. Grand Canal, are sufficiently capacious and extensive for I mentioned it openly at the time to you, and you will his whole host. Of course, no coach could be attempted; remember why and where I destroyed it; and no power but the Venetians who are very naive as well as arch, were nor wheedling on earth should have made, or could make much amused with the ordinance.

me, (if 1 recollected them,) give a copy after that, unless I “The Armenian Grammar is published ; but my Arme- was well assured that Mr. Croker was really the author of man studies are suspended for the present till my head that which you assured me he was not. aches a little less. I sent you the other day, in two covers, "I intend for England this spring, where I have some the First Act of " Manfred, a drama as mad as Nat. Lee's affairs to adjust; but the post hurries me. For this month Bedlam tragedy, which was in 25 acts and some odd past I have been unwell, but am getting better, and thinking scenes :-mine is but in Three Acts.

of moving homewards towards May, without going to "I find I have begun this letter at the wrong end: never Rome, as the unhealthy season comes on soon, and I can mind; I must end it, then, at the right.

return when I have settled the business I go upon, which *Yours ever very truly need not be long. **** I should have thought the Assy"and obligedly, &c." rian tales very succeedable.

"I saw, in Mr. W. W.'s poetry, that he had written my

epitaph; I would rather have written his. LETTER CCCXXII.

“ The thing I have sent you, you will see at a glimpse, could never be attempted or thought of for the stage; I

much doubt it for publication even. It is too much in my “Venice, March 9, 1817. old style; but I composed it actually with a horror of the * In remiting the Third Act* of the sort of dramatic stage, and with a view to render the thought of it impracDavem of which you will by this time have received the first ticable, knowing the zeal of my friends that I should try two (at least I hope so,) which were sent within the last that for which I have an invinciblo repugnance, viz. a res three weeks, I have little to observe, except that you must presentation. not publish it (if it ever is published) without giving me pre- "I certainly am a devil of a mannerist, and must leave vious nouce. I have really and truly no notion whether it off; but what could I do? Without exertion of some kind, is good or bad; and as this was not the case with the prin- I should have sunk under my imagination and reality. My cipal of my former publications, I am, therefore, inclined to best respects to Mr. Gifford, to Walter Scott, and to all rank it very humbly. You will submit it to Mr. Gitford, friends.

* Yours ever" and to whosoever you please besides. With regard to t'se question of copyright, (if it ever comes to publication) I do not know whether you would think three hundred

LETTER CCCXXIII. kumeas an over-estimate; if you do, you may diminish it: I do not think it worth more; so you may see I make some difference between it and the others. "I have received your two Reviews, (but not the 'Tales

« Venice, March 10, 1817. of My Landlord;') the Quarterly I acknowledged particu

"I wrote again to you lately, but I hope you won't he larly to you, on its arrival

, ten days ago. What you tell sorry to have another epistle. I have been unwell this las: me of Perry petrifics me; it is a rank imposition. In or

month, with a kind of slow and low fever, which fixes upon about February or March 1816, I was given to understand me at night, and goes off in the morning ; but, however, i that Mr. Croker was not only a coadjutor in the attacks am now better. In spring it is probable we may meet; ue of the Ccurier in 1814, but the author of some lines tole

least I intend for England, where I have business and rably ferocious, then recently published in a morning paper, laurels.

hope to meet you in your restored health and additional Upon this I wrote a reprisal. The whole of the lines I have forgotten, and even the purport of them I scarcely when I tell you that Walter Scott is the author of the

“Murray has sent me the Quarterly and the Edinburgh. remember; for on your assuring me that he was not, &c. &c. I put them inio the fire before your face, and there article is still more honourable to him than to myse!f. I

article in the former, you will agree with me that such an never was but that one rough copy. Mr. Davies, the only person who ever heard them read, wanted a copy, which I

am perfectly pleased with Jeffrey's also, which I wish you

to tell him, with my remembrances—not that I suppose it refused. If, however, by some impossibility, which I cannot divine, the ghost of these rhymes should walk into the

is of any consequence to him, or ever could have been, world, I never will deny what I have really written, but whether I am pleased or not,—but simply in my privato hold royself personally responsible for satisfaction, though i relation to him, as his well-wisher

, and it may be one day reserve to myself the right of disavowing all or any fabri

as his acquaintance. I wish you would also add, what catims. To the previous facts you are a witness, and best you know,--that I was not, and, indeed, am not even now, know how far my recapitulation is correct; and I request but a facetious companion, well to do with those with

the misanthropical and gloomy gentleman he takes me for, that you

will inform Mr. Perry from me, that I wonder he should permit such an abuse of my name in his paper; 1

whom I am intimate, and as loquacious and laughing as if

I were a much cleverer fellow, say an abruse, becaus) my absence, at least, demands some respect, and my presence and posture sanction could alone

“I suppose now I shall never be able to shake off my justify him in such a proceeding, even were the lines mine : sables in public inagination, more particularly since my

moral * * clove down my fame. However, nor that, nor

more than thai, has yei extinguished my spirit, lucha • Swe Poems, p. 470.

I always rises with the rebound.


and pass. In


" At Venice we are in Lent, and I have not lately moved "dens of thieves;' and here they but pause put of doors,-my feverishness requiring quiet, -and-by Switzerland it was really noxious. L ickily, I was eariv way of being more quiet-here is the Signora Marianna and had got the prettiest place on all the Lake before thev iust come in and seated at iny elbow.

were quickened into motion with the rest of reptiles. Bur • Flave you seen

***'s book of poesy? and, if you have thev crossed me every where. I met a family of children seen it, are you not delighted with it? And have you-1'and old women half way up the Wengen Alp (by ine really cannot go on. There is a pair of great black eyeg Jungfrau) upon mules, some of them too old and others ton looking over my shoulder, like the angel leaning over St. young to be the least aware of what they saw. Matthew's, in the old frontispieces to the Evangelists,--s0" "By-the-way, I think the Jungfrau, and all that regia chat I must turn and answer them instead of you. of Alps, which I traversed in Sepleniber-going to thu

"Ever, &c." very top of the Wengen, which is not the highest, (the

Jungfrau itself is inaccessible,) but the best point of view

much finer than Mont Blanc and Chamoini, or the Sim-

plon. I kept a journal of the whole for my sister Augustika
part of which she copied and let Murray see.

"I wrote a sort of mad Drama, for the sake of intro

ducing the Alpine scenery in description; and this I sent “Venico, March 25, 1817. lately to Murray. Almost all the dram. pos. are spirits, "I have at last learned, in default of your own writing, ghosts, or magicians, and the scene is in the Alps and the jor not writing-which should it be ? 'for I am not very other world; so you may suppose what a bedlam tragedy clear as to the application of the word default,) from Mur- it must be: make him show it you. I sent him all throe ray, two particulars of (are belonging to) you ; one, that acts piecemeal, by the post, and suppose they have arrived. you are removing to Hornsey, which is, I presume, to be "I have now written to you at least six letters, or letternearer London; and the other, that your Poem is an as, and all I have received in return is a note about the nounced by the name of Lalla Rookh. I am glad of it, - | length you used to write from Bury-street to St. James's. first, that we are to have it at last, and nexi, I like a tvugh street, when we used to dine with Rogers, and talk laxly title myself-witness the Giaour and Childe Harold, which and go to parties, and hear poor Sheridan now and then. choked half the Blues at starting. Besides, it is the tail of Do you remember one night he was so tipsy that I was Alcibiades's dog,- not that I suppose you wan: either dog forced to put his cocked hat on for him,—for he could nol or tail. Talking of tail, I wish you had not called it a -and I let him down at Brookes's, much as he must since Persian Tale.' Say a 'Poem' or 'Romance,' but not have been let down into his grave. Heigh ho! I wish I “Tale. I am very sorry that I called some of my own was drunk—but I have nothing but this d-dlarley water things Tales, because I think that they are something before me. hetter. Besides, we have had Arabian, and Hindoo, and "I am still in love,-which is a dreadful drawback in Turkish, and Assyrian Tales. But after all, this is quitting a place, and I can't stay at Venice much longer. frivolous in me; you won't, however, mind my nonsense. What I shall do on this point I don't know. The giri

“Really and truly, I want you to make a great liit, is means to go with me, but I do not like this for her own only out of self-love, because we happen to be old cronies; sake. have had so many conflicts in my own inind on and I have no doubt you will-I am sure you can But this subject, that I am not at all sure they did not help nie you are, I'll be sworn, in a devil of a pucker; and I am not to the fever I mentioned above. I am certainly very much at your elbow, and Rogers is. I envy him ; which is not attached to her, and I have cause to be so, if you knew all. fair, because he does not envy any body. Mind you send But she has a child; and though, like all the children of to me that is, make Murray send the moment you are the sun,' she consults nothing but passion, it is necessary 1 forth.

should think for both; and it is only the virtuous, like I have been very ill with a slow fever, which at last ****, who can afford to give up husband and child, and look to flying, and became as quick as need be. But, at

| live happy ever after. length, atter a week of half-delirium, burning skin, thirst,

“ The Italian ethics are the most singular ever met with. hot headach, horrible puisation, and no sleep, by the blessing The perversion, not only of action, but of reasoning, is sinof barley water, and recusing to see any physician, I roco- gular in the women. It is not that they do not consider vered. It is an epidensic of the place, which is annual

, and the thing itself as wrong, and very wrong, but love (the visits strangers. Here follow some versicles, which I made sentiment of love) is not merely an excuse for it, but makes me sleepless night.

it an actual virtue, provided it is disinterested, and not a "I read the Christabel;'

caprice, and is confined to one object. They have awful Very well :

notions of constancy; for I have seen some ancient figures I read the Missionary ;'

of eighty pointed out as amorosi of forty, fifty, and sixy I tried at Ilderim;'

years' standing. I can't say I have ever seen a husband
and wife so coupled.

“Ever, &c. I read a sheet of Marg'ret of Anfou;'

"P, S. Marianna, to whom I have just translated what

I have written on our subject to you, says,' If you loved I turn'd a page of" • "a Waterloo ;'

me thoroughly, you would not make so many fino reflections I looked at Wordsworth's milk white Rylstone Doe;'

which are only good forbirsi i scarpi-that is, 'to clean

shoes withal, -a Venetian proverb of appreciation, which
is applicable to reasoning of all kinds."


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Can you?

Pooh! Pooh!

Hillo !
I read 'Glenarvon' too, by

God d-al"

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"I have not the least idea where I am going, nor what I

LETTER CCCXXV. am to do. I wished to have gone to Rome; but at present it is pestilent with English,--a parcel of staring boobies, who go about gaping and wishing to be at once cheap and

“ Venice, March 25, 1817. inagnificent. A man is a fool who travels now in France "Your letter and enclosure are safe; but 'English gen o Italy, till this tribe of wretches is swept home again. tlemen' are very rare -at least in Venice. I doubt whether In two or three years the first rush will be over, and the there are at present any save the consul and vice-consula Continent will be roomy and agreeable.

with neither of whom I have the slightest acquaintance "I stayed at Venice chiefly brcause it is not one of their | The moment I can pounce upon a witness, I will send the

teed properly signed: but must he necessarily be genteel? formal circle, in short, a worst sort of rout, I did not go again Penice is not a piace where the English are gregarious; I went to Academie and to Madame Albrizzi's, where I their pigeon-houses are Florence, Naples, Rome, &c.; saw pretty much the same thing, with the addition of sunie aud to tell you the truth, this was one reason why I stayed literati

, who are the same blue, * by all the world over. here till the season of the purgation of Rome from these I fell in love the first week with Madame **, and I have people, which is infected with them at this time, should ar-continued so ever since, because she is very pretty and rive. Besides, I abhor the nation and the nation me; it is pleasing, and talks Venetian, which ainuses me, and is impossible for me to describe my own sensation on that naive. I have seen all their spectacles and sigt.is; but I point, but it may suffice to say, that, if I met with any of do not know any thing very worthy of observation, except the race in the beautiful parts of Switzerland, the most that the women kiss better than those of any other nation distant glimpse or aspect of them poisoned the whole which is notorious, and attributed to the worship of images scene, and I do not choose to have the Pantheon, and St. and the early habit of osculation induced thereby. Peter's, and the Capitol, spoiled for me too. This feelirg

“Very truly, &c. may be probably owing to recent events; but it does not *P.S. Pray send the red tooth-powder by a safe hanu esist the less, and while it exists, I shall conceal it as little and speedily. as any other. “I have been seriously ill with a fever, but it is gone. I

• To hook the reader, you, John Murray, bilieve or suppose it was the indigenous fever of the place,

Have published Anjou's Margaret,' which comes every year at this time, and of which the Which won't be sold off in a hurry, physicians change the name annually, to despatch the peo

(At least, it has not been as yet :) ple sooner. It is a kind of typhus, and kills occasionally. It

And then, still farther to bewilder 'em,

Without remorse you set up. Ilderim;' was pretty smart, but nothing particular, and has left me

So mind you don't get into debt, sosne debility and a great apperite. There are a good Because as how, if you should fail, many ill at present, I suppose of the same.

These books would be but baddish bail. -I feel sorry for Homer, if there was any thing in the " And mind you do not let escape *orld to make him like it. and still more sorry for his

These raymes to Morning Post or Perry,

Which would be very treacherous-very, friends, as there was much to make them regret him. I

And get me into such a scrape! had not heard of his death till by your letter.

For, firstly, I should have to sally, Some weeks ago I wrote to you my acknowledgments

All in my little boat, against a Galley; I

And, should I chance to stay the Assyrian wight, of Walter Scott's article. Now I know it to be his, it can

Have next to combat with the female knight, not add to my good opinion of him, but it adds to that of

And, prick’d to death, expire upon her needle myself. He, and Gitford, and Moore are the only regulars A sort of end which I should take ideed ill! I ever knew who had nothing of the garrison about their

* You may show these matters to Moore and the select manner: no nonsense, nor affectations, look you! As for the rest whom I have known, there was always more or

but not to the profane; and tell Moore, that I wonder he

do n't write to one now and then." ess of the author about them--the pen peeping from bebine the ear, and the thumbs a little inky or so.

"Lalia Rookh'--you must recollect that in the way of title, the 'Giamur' has never been pronounced to this day;

LETTER CCCXXVI. and both it and Childe Harold sounded very facetious to the blue-bottles of wit and humour about town, till they were taught and startled into a proper deportment; and

" Venice, March 31, 1817. therefore Lalla Rookh, which is very orthodox and oriental, "You will begin to think my epistolary offerings (to s as good a utle as need be, if not better. I could wish whatever altar you please to devote them) rather prodigal. rather that he had no: called it 'a Persian Tale;' firstly, But until you answer I shall not abate, because you deserve because we have had Turkish Tales, and Hindoo Tales, no better. I know you are well, because I hear of your and Assyrian Tales alrcady; and tale is a word of which voyaging to London and the environs, which I rejoice to it repents me to have nicknamed poesy. 'Fable’ would learn, because your note alarmed me by the purgation and be better ; ani, secondly, 'Persian Tale' reminds one of phlebotomy therein prognosticated. I also hear of your the iines of Pope (a Ambrose Phillips; though no one can being in the press; all which, methinks, might have furnished say, to be sure that this tale has been turned for half-a- you with subject matter for a middle-sized letter, considercrown;' still it is as well to avoid such clashingrs. Persian ing that I am in foreign parts, and that the last month's Slory'—why not?-ur Romance? I feel as anxious for advertisements and obituary would be absolute news to me More as I could do for myself, for the soul of me, and I from your Tramontane country. usuld not have him succeed otherwise than splendidly,. *I told you in my last, I have had a smart fever. There sich I trust he will do.

is an epidemic in the place; but I suspect, from the symp * With reyard to the 'Witch Drama,' I sent all the three toms, that mine was a fever of my own, and had nothing arts by prosi, week after week, within this last month. I in cominon with the low, vulgar typhus, which is at this nopeat that I have not an idea if it is gooi or bad. If bad, moment decimating Venice, and which has half-unpeopled

inust, on no account, be risked in publication; if good, it ilan, if the accounts be true. This malady has sorely is at your service. I value it at three hurudred guineas, or discomfited my serving men, who want sadly to be gone less, if you like it. Perhaps, if published, the bes: way will away, and yet me to remove. Bui, besides iny nanıral bus to add it to your winter volume, and not publish sepa- perversity, was seasoned in Turkey, by the conuma' rately. The price will show you I don't sque myself upon whispers of the plague', a_ainst apprehensions of coniacion #; só speak out. You may put it in the fire, if you like, and Besues which, apprehension would not prevent it: and Gifford don't like.

then I am still m love, and 'Curry thusand' levers shculd • The Arinenian Grammar is published--that is, one; not make me sur lefiore my minute, while under the lir t.e other is still in MS. My illness has prevented me fluence of that paramount delirium. Seriously speaking f. um moving this month past, and I have done nothing more with the Armenian.

Whenever a word or passage nccurs, (as in this instance, which l.cre • Of Italian or rather Lombard manners I could tell you Byron would have pronounced emphatically in speaking, it muro, ir

with little or nothing: I went two or three times to the governor's Moore. conversazione, (and if you go once, you are free to go bateatre de verre en given in one of his letters to my well. - sioune

follow the same " 2.) always) al rhich, as I only saw very plain women, a : Mr. Galey K.light, the author of Idrin.."


事 *

本 *

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there is a malady wife in the city—a dangerous one, they he was first crowned Dove, and subsequently decapitated." say. llowever, mine did not appear so, though it was not This was the thing that most struck my imagination 11 pleasant.

Venice--more than the Rialto, which I visited for the saka * This is passion-week-and twilight--and all the world of Slylock; and more, too, than Schiller's 'Armenian' a are at vespers. They have an eternal churching, as in all novel which took a great hold of me when a boy. It is Catholic countries, but are not so bigoted as they seemed also called the 'Ghost Seer,' and I never walked down St. to be in Spain.

Mark's by moonlight without thinking of it, and 'at nine “I don'i know wnether to be glad or sorry that you are o'clock he died!—But I hate things all fiction ; end there. leaving Mayfield. Had I over been at Newstead during fore the Merchant and Othello have no great associations your stay there, (except during the winter of 1813-14, when to me: but Pierre has. There should always be some the roads were impracticable,) we should have been within foundation of fact for the most airy kubric, and pure

inven hail

, and I should like to have made a giro of the Peak with lion is but the talent of a liar. you. I know that country well, having been all over it *Maturin's tragedy.--By your account of him last year when a boy. Was you ever is Dovedale? I can assure to ine, he seemed a bit of a coxcomb, personally. Pour you there are things in Derbyshire as noble as Greece or fellow! to be sure, he had had a long seasoning of adversity Switzerland. But you had always a lingering after Lon- which is not so hard to bear as t'other thing. I hope thal don, and I don't wonder at it. I liked it as well as any this won't throw him back into the 'slough of Despond.' body myself now and then.

"You talk of 'marriage;'-ever since my own funeral, • Will you remember me to Rogers? whom I presume the word makes me giddy, and throws me into a cold sweat. to be tlounshing, and whom I regard as our poetical papa. Pray, do n't repeat it. You are his lawful son, and I the illegitimate. Has he “You should close with Madame de Staël. This will begun yet upon Sheridan? If you see our republican be her best work, and permanently historical; it is on her friend, Leigh Hunt, pray present my remembrances. I father, the Revolution, and Buonaparte, &c. Bonstetten saw about nine months ago that he was in a row (like iny told ine in Switzerland it was very great. I have not seen friend Hobhouse,) with the Quarterly Reviewers. For my it myself, but the author often. She was very kind to me part I never could understand these quarrels of authors with at Copet. critics and with one another. 'For God's sake, gentlemen, There have been two articles in the Venice papers what do they mean?

one a Review of Glenarvon ****, and the other a Re“What think you of your countryman, Maturin? I take view of Childe Harold, in which it proclaims me the most some credit to myself for having done my best to bring out rebellious and contumacious admirer of Buonaparte now Bertram; but I must say my colleagues were quite as ! surviving in Europe. Both these articles are translations ready and willing. Walter Scott

, however, was the first from the Literary Gazette of German Jena. who mentioned him, which he did to me, with great commendation, in 1815; and it is to this casualty, and two or “Tell me that Walter Scott is better. I would not havo three other accidents, that this very clever fellow owed his him ill for the world. I suppose it was by sympathy that first and well-merited public success. What a chance is I had my sever at the same time. fame!

"I joy in the success of your Quarterly, but I must stil "Did I tell you that I have translated iwo Epistles?–a suick by the Edinburgh; Jeffrey has done so by me, I must correspondence between St. Paul and the Corinthians, not say, through every thing, and this is more than I deserved to be found in our version, but the Armenian—but which from him.--I have more than once acknowledged to you seems to me very orthodox, and I have done it into scrip-by letter the 'Article' (and articles ;) say that you have tural prose English.*

"Ever, &c." received the said letters, as I do not otherwise know what

letters arrive.-Both Reviews came, but nothing more

M.'s play and the extract not yet come.

*Write to say whether my Magician has arrived, with all his scenes, spells, &c.

“Yours ever, &c. " It is useless to send to the Foreign-office: nothing “ Venice, April 2, 1817. "I sent you the whole of the Drama at three several times, clerk thinks it a tory duty to prevent it."

arrives to me by that conveyance. I suppose some zealous act by act, in separate covers. I hope that you have, or will receive, some or the whole of it.

"So Love has a conscience. By Diana! I shall make him take back the box, though it were Pandora's. The

LETTER CCCXXVIII. discovery of its intrinsic silver occurred on sending it to have the lid adapted to admit Marianna's portrait. Of course I had the box remitted in stedu quo, and had the

«Venice, April 4, 1817. picture set in another, which suits it (the picture) very " It is a considerable time since I wrote to you last, and well. The defaulting box is not touched, hardly, and was I hardly know why I should trouble you now, except that I not in the man's hands above an hour.

think you will not be sorry to hear from me now and then "I am aware of what you say of Otway; and arn a very You and I were never correspondents, but always some great admirer of his,—all except of that maudlin b—h of thing better, which is, very good friends. chaste lewdness and blubbering curiosity, Belvidera, whom “I saw your friend Sharp in Switzerland, or rather in I utterly despise, abhor, and detest. But the story of the German territory, (which is and is not Switzerland,) Marino Faliero is different, and, I think, so much finer, that and he gave Hobhouse and me a very good route for the I wish Otway had taken it instead: the head conspiring Bernese Alps; however, we took another from a German against the body for refusal of redress for a real injury, and went by Clarens, the Dent de Jaman to Monibovon jealousy,—treason,—with the more fixed and inveterate and through Simmenthal to Thoun, and so on to Lanterpassions (mixed with policy) of an old or elderly man-brounn; except that from thence to the Grindelwal! the Devil himself could not have a finer subject, and he is instead of round about, we went right over the Wengen your only tragic drainatist.

Alps’ very sumınit

, and being close under the Jungfrau * There is sull

, in the Doge's palace, the black veil saw it, its glaciers, and heard the avalanches in al their painted over Faliero's picture, and the staircase whereon glory, having famous weather therefor. We of course wong





• See p 299.

See Letter 316, to Mr. Murray.

• See Childe Harold, Caalo 4, Sapu 18.

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fron t'ie Grindelwald over the Sneidech to Brientz and its have shot myself last year, had I not luckily recollected lake; past the Reichenballı and all that mountain road, that Mrs. Charlmont, and Lady Noel, and all the oid włuch reminded me of Albania, and Ætolia, and Greece, women in England would have been delighted :--besider except that the people here were more civilized and ras- the agreeable 'Lunacy' of the 'Crowner's Quest,' and the cally. I did not think so very much of Chamouni (except regrets of two or three or half a dozen? * Die source of the Arveron, to which we went up to the teeth Be assured that I wonuld live for two reasons, or more ; of the ice, so as to look into and touch the cavity, against there are one or two people whom I have to pun out of the the warning of the guides, only one of whom would go with worid, and as many into it, before I can'depart in peace;' us so close,) as of the Jungfrau, and the Pissevache, and if I do so before, I have not fulfilled my mnie..on. Besides Simplon, which are quite out of all mortal competition. when I turn thirty, I will turn devout; I feel a great voca

"I was at Milan about a moon, and saw Monti and tion that way in Catholic churches, and when I hear tho some other living curiosities, and thence on to Verona, organ. where I did not forget your story of the assassination during "So * * is writing again! Is there no bedlam in Scotpour sojourn there, and brought away with me some frag- land ? nor thumb-screw? nor gag? nor handcuff? I went ments of Juliet's tomb, and a lively recollection of the am- upon my knees to him almost some years ago, to prevent platheatre. The Countess Goetz (the governor's wife him from publishing a political pamphlet, which would have here.) told me that there is still a ruined castle of the given him a livelier idea of 'Habeas Corpus' than the world Montecchi between Verona and Vicenza. I have been will derive from his present production upon that suspended at Venice since November, but shall proceed to Rome subject, which will doubtless be followed by the suspension shortly. For my deeds here, are they not written in my of other of his majesty's subjects. letters to the unreplying Thomas Moore? to him I refer “I condole with Drury-lane and rejoice with **,-that you: he has received them all, and not answered one. is, in a modest way, on the tragical end of the new

* Will you remember me to Lord and Lady Holland ? tragedy. I have to thank the former for a book which I have not yet * You and Leigh Hunt have quarrelled then, it seems! received, but expect to reperuse with great pleasure on my

I introduce him and his poem to you, in the return, viz. the 2nd edition of Lope de Vega. I have hope that (malgré politics) the union would be beneficiai beard of Moore's forthcoming poem: he cannot wish him to both, and the end is eternal enmity; and yet I did this self more success than I wish and augur for him. I have with the best intentions: I introduce ***, and * * * runs also beard great things of Tales of my Landlord, but I away with your money: my friend Hobhouse quarrels, tog, have not yet received them; by all accounts they beat even with the Quarterly: and (except the last,) I am the inno Waverley, &c. and are by the same author. Maturin's cent Istmhus (damn the word! I can't spell it, though I second tragedy has, it seems, failed, for which I should have crossed that of Corinth a dozen times) of these tunk any body would be sorry. My health was very enmities. victorious till within the last month, when I had a fever. "I will tell you something about Chillon.-A Mr. De There is a typhus in these parts, but I do n't think it was Luc, ninety years old, a Swiss, had it read to him, and is that. However, I got well without a physician or drugs. pleased with it,—so my sister writes. He said that he was

• I forgot to tell you that, last autumn, I furnished Lewis with Rousseau at Chillon, and that the description is perwith 'bread and salt for soine days at Diodati, in reward for fectly correct. But this is not all: I recollected something which (besides his conversation,) he translated 'Goethe's of the name and find the following passage in "The ConFaust' to me by word of mouth, and I set him by the cars fessions,' vol. 3, page 247, liv. 8. with Madame de Staël about the slave trade.

* De tous ces amusemens celui qui me plât davantage andebted for many and kind courtesies to our Lady of fut une promenade autour du Lac, que je fis en bateau Copet, and I now love her as much as I always did her avec De Luc pere, sa bru, ses deux fils

, et ma Therése. works, of which I was and am a great admirer. When Nous mimes sept jours a cette tournée par le plus beau are you to begin with Sheridan? what are you doing, and temps du monde. J'en gardai le vif souvenir des sites qui bow do you do?

"Ever very truly, &c." m'avoient frappé a l'autre extremité du Lac, et dont je fis

la description, quelques années après, dans la Nouvelle


“ This nonagenarian, De Luc, must be one of the 'deui fils.' He is in England-infirm, but still in faculty. Its

odd that he should have lived so long, and not wanting in “Venice, April 9, 1817.

oddness, that he should have made this voyage with Jean *Your letters of the 18th and 20th are arrived. In my Jacques, and afterward, at such an interval, read a poem own I have given you the rise, progress, decline, and fall by an Englishman (who had made precisely the game of my recent malady. It is gone to the devil: I won't pay circumnavigation,) upon the same scenery. him so bad a compliment as to say it came from him :-he

" As for ‘Manfred,' it is of no use sending proofs; Dothing is too much of a gentleman. It was nothing but a slow of that kind comes. I sent the whole at different times. lever, which quickened its pace towards the end of its The two first Acts are the best; the third so so; but I was joumey. I had been bored with it some weeks—with blown with the first and second heats. You must call it a nocturnal burnings and morning perspirations; but I am Poem,' for it is no Drama, and I do not choose to have it quite well again, which I attribute to having had neither called by so * * a name-a 'Poem in Dialogue,' or Pan medicine nor doctor therefor.

tomime, if you will; any thing but a green-room synonymo, "In a few days I set off for Rome: such is my purpose. and this is your mottoI shall change it very often before Monday next, but do

• There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, you continue to direct and address to Venice, as heretofore.

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' If I go, letters will be forwarded: I say 'Is; because I never know what I shall do till it is done; and as I mean

“Yours ever, & con most firmly to set out for Rome, it is not unlikely I may find

“My love and thanks to Mr. Gifford.” myself at St. Petersburg. "You tell me to take care of myself;—faith, and I will.

LETTER CCCXXX. I won't be posthumous yet, if I can help it. Notwithranding, only think what a ‘Lifo and Adventures,' while I am in full scandal, would be worth, together with the

"Venice, April 11, 1817. rmembra' of my writing-desk, the sixteen beginnings of "I shall continue to write to you while the fit is on me, porms never to be finished! Do you think I would not by way of penance upon you for vour former complaindo

I am



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