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Newson & Company, 1906 - 151 ページ


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29 ページ - What does little birdie say In her nest at peep of day ? Let me fly, says little birdie, Mother, let me fly away. Birdie, rest a little longer, Till the little wings are stronger. So she rests a little longer, Then she flies away. What does little baby say, In her bed at peep of day ? Baby says, like little birdie, • Let me rise and fly away.
19 ページ - Rockabye Baby, on the tree top, When the wind blows the cradle will rock, When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, Down will come baby, cradle and all.
17 ページ - WHICHEVER way the wind doth blow, Some heart is glad to have it so; Then blow it east or blow it west, The wind that blows, that wind is best.
113 ページ - In the heart of a seed Buried deep, so deep, A dear little plant Lay fast asleep. " Wake ! " said the sunshine,
130 ページ - And what do you do when your hair is white, And the children come to play?
113 ページ - In the heart of a seed, Buried deep, so deep! A dear little plant Lay fast asleep! "Wake!" said the sunshine, "And creep to the light!
114 ページ - IS it raining, little flower ? Be glad of rain. Too much sun would wither thee ; 'Twill shine again. The sky is very black, 'tis true, But just behind it shines the blue.
20 ページ - Come, little leaves," said the wind one day, "Come over the meadows with me, and play; Put on your dresses of red and gold; Summer is gone, and the days grow cold.
77 ページ - The Maple," by Lowell. "The Haunted Tree," by Wordsworth. THE BIRDS Now the days are full of music, All the birds are back again; In the tree tops, in the meadows, In the woodlands, on the plain. See them darting through the sunshine, Hear them singing loud and clear; How they love the busy springtime, Sweetest time of all the year!
57 ページ - Good night, Sleep tight, Wake up bright In the morning light, To do what's right, With all your might.