The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, 第 3 巻



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182 ページ - An Act for granting certain duties in the British colonies and plantations in America; for allowing a drawback of the duties of customs upon the exportation from this kingdom of coffee and...
182 ページ - An act for the impartial administration of justice in the cases of persons questioned for any acts done by them in the execution of the law, or for the suppression of riots and tumults, in the province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England.
160 ページ - House; that the committee had considered the'same accordingly, and had come to several resolutions, which they had directed him to report to the House; and he read the report in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the table, where, the same was read ; ' and the resolutions of the committee are as followeth; viz.
111 ページ - That after the said limitation shall take effect as aforesaid, no person born out of the kingdoms of England, Scotland or Ireland or the dominions thereunto belonging (although he be naturalized or made a denizen, except such as are born of English parents) shall be capable to be of the privy council, or a member of either house of parliament, or to enjoy any office or place of trust, either civil or military...
204 ページ - He then moved, that an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, that he will be gracioufly pleafed to give directions that there be laid before this Houfe an account of the amount of his Majefty's quit- rents in the feveral provinces of NorthAmerica.
204 ページ - That an humble addrefs be prefented to His Majefty, " that he will be gracioufly pleafed to give directions that " there be laid before this Houfe, copies of information re«.
198 ページ - Rather let prudence and temper come first from this side. I will undertake for America that she will follow the example.
431 ページ - When the bill is brought in, and sent to a committee, it will be the proper time to examine all the minutiae of this great plan, and to determine on the propriety of what ought now to be done, as well as of what formerly was actually accomplished.
265 ページ - Attached to your majesty's person, family, and government with all the devotion that principle and affection can inspire, connected with Great Britain by the strongest ties that can unite societies, and deploring every event that tends in any degree to weaken them...
256 ページ - Country and these colonies, and the energy of mild and just government, produced benefits so remarkably important and afforded such an assurance of their permanency and increase, that the wonder and envy of other nations were excited, while they beheld Great Britain rising to a power the most extraordinary the world had ever known.