Oil Profits and Their Effect on Small Business and Capital Investment Needs of the Energy Industries: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Government Regulation of the Select Committee on Small Business, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session ... August 7, 13, and 20, 1974


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69 ページ - The 20 companies listed above own and control terminals capable of receiving ocean-going tankers. None is affiliated with a major integrated oil company. Members of the Association are independent marketers of No. 2 fuel oil. No. 6 fuel oil, gasoline and other petroleum products. They distribute 40% of the No.
276 ページ - December 31. 1384. and the related statements ol operations and operating lund reserve and changes in financial position lor the year then ended. Our examination was made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and, accordingly, included such tests ol the accounting records and such other auditing procedures as we considered necessary in the circumstances.
276 ページ - June 30. 1973 and 1972 and the results of operations and changes in financial position for the years then ended, in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis during the period.
63 ページ - Federal agencies that develop regulations for toxic substances include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
198 ページ - Skelly Oil Company Standard Oil Company of California Standard Oil Company (Indiana) The Standard Oil Company (Ohio) Sun Oil Company The Superior Oil Company Texaco Inc. Union Oil Company of California...
198 ページ - Amerada Hess Corporation Apco Oil Corporation Ashland Oil, Inc. Atlantic Richfield Company The British Petroleum Company Limited Champlin Petroleum Company Cities Service Company Clark Oil & Refining Corporation Compagnie Francaise des Petroles Continental Oil Company Exxon Corporation Getty Oil Company Gulf Oil...
206 ページ - Refining Corporation Compagnie Francaise des Petroles Continental Oil Company Exxon Corporation Getty Oil Company Gulf Oil Corporation The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company Marathon Oil Company Mobil Oil Corporation Murphy Oil Corporation The Oil Shale Corporation Petrofina Societe Anonyme Phillips...
1 ページ - I would like to submit for the record an article which appeared in the Washington Post, March 27, 1972. entitled : "City College Writes A Success Story.
71 ページ - We have some gas plants in small places. We have installed only a part of the process in the smallest places, the stripping results there to be combined with those from other plants not yet installed but now under consideration. Mr. BORLAND. What...
75 ページ - The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission or of my fellow Commissioners.