The Tây Son Uprising: Society and Rebellion in Eighteenth-century Vietnam

University of Hawaii Press, 2006 - 293 ページ

George Dutton has written the first detailed Western-language study of the Tay So n movement, which permanently altered Vietnam s political trajectory. But in so doing, he also provides a sensitive social and cultural analysis of the pre-1800 Vietnamese-speaking world as a whole, and indeed one of the most detailed descriptions of any late 18th-century society in Southeast Asia. Victor Lieberman, University of Michigan

It is difficult to overstate the significance of George Dutton s terrific new book. The Tay So n Uprising represents the first serious western-language account of the intricate sequence of political developments that define the Tay So n era and that arguably mark the onset of modernity in Vietnam. In addition to providing a vividly evocative narrative of the complex political history of the period, Dutton offers lucid and judicious interpretations of the origins, evolution and downfall of the uprising and of its consequences for a wide range of social groups, political forces and ethnic communities. The level of research and historical craftsmanship is superb, and Dutton s frequent reflections on relevant theoretical and historiographical issues make for fascinating reading. In short, this is a stunning accomplishment and a major contribution to the study of Vietnamese history and historiography. Peter Zinoman, University of California, Berkeley

The Tay So n uprising (1771 1802) was a cataclysmic event that profoundly altered the eighteenth-century Vietnamese political and social landscape. This groundbreaking book offers a new look at an important and controversial era. George Dutton follows three brothers from the hamlet of Tay So n as they led a heterogeneous military force that ousted ruling families in both halves of the divided Vietnamese territories and eventually toppled the 350-year-old Le dynasty. Supplementing Vietnamese primary sources with extensive use of archival European missionary accounts, he explores the dynamics of an event that affected every region of the country and every level of society. Tracing the manner in which the Tay So n leaders transformed an inchoate uprising into a new political regime, Dutton challenges common depictions of the Tay So n brothers as visionaries or revolutionaries. Instead, he reveals them as political opportunists whose worldview remained constrained by their provincial origins and the exigencies of ongoing warfare and political struggles.


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The Tay Son Era and the Long Eighteenth Century in Dai Viet
The Leaders Laying Claim to Power
The Peasants Life under Tay Son Authority
The Social Margins Christians Pirates and Others
Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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George Dutton is assistant professor in the UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and chair of the UCLA Interdepartmental Program in Southeast Asian Studies.