The New World Order: Part of Adventism?

TEACH Services, Inc., 2004 - 69 ページ
The New World Order--one of the climactic events in the Earth's end times. Correct? Not So!
The New World Order--Part of Adventism? is where author Allen Roesch seeks to prove the invalidity of the New World Order doctrine.
Divided into two parts, the author shows both sides of the New World Order issue. Part one shows how certain authors like Malachi Martin, Gary Kah, Don McAlvany, and Gary North live lives and hold beliefs contrary to those of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Part two studies the pages of the Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible to prove that the doctrine of the New World Order is not even mentioned in either one. If this doctrine is such a cornerstone of future history, wouldn't it be found in the inspired writings depicting the last days?
God speaks through His church, and believing a doctrine that is not in harmony with the church or its writings is not safe.
If God has any new light to communicate, he will let his chosen and beloved understand it without their going to have their minds enlightened by hearing those who are in darkness and error.--Early Writings 124.
Part three--We as adventists should not be so caught up with the terminology The New World Order. Our Pioneers never even referred to it, so why should we?

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