RETURN OF MISSIONARIES. Our readers are generally aware, that the Rev. George Scott, of Stockholm, has safely returned from his visit to the United States of America. During his short stay in that country, he experienced much attention and kindness from the Christian churches and individuals of various denominations, to whom he was introduced, mainly, by the friendship of the Rev. Mr. Baird, of Paris. M Scott has recommenced his ministry among the Swedes at Stockholm ; and, though there are many adversaries, there are also many encouraging indications of success.

INDIA.—On Sunday, December 26th, the Rev. John Jenkins and family arrived from Madras. His health has somewhat improved during the voyage ; but there appears to be no hope that either he or Mr. Arthur can, for a long time to come, return to their work in the East. By the same opportunity, Mrs. Crowther and her family also arrived from Madras.

JAMAICA.—The Rev. Lewis Lewis has arrived from Jamaica. His departure, on account of the failure of his health, bas further reduced the number of Missionaries on the island, which was already much too limited.

Contributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the

General Treasurers, since our last announcement, up to the 13th of January, 1842.




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Moneys received at the Mission-House.

3. d.
A Lady, Donation on Annuity

100 0 0
John Wright, Esq., Birmingham, for Schools in Ireland 50 0 0
Lieutenant-Colonel Montague Johnstone, 27th Regiment, for
Graham's-Town Mission (Rev. W. Shaw) ....

20 0 0
Legacy of the late James Sword, Esq., Glasgow (in part)...... 20
Legacy of the late Mr. Samuel Smith, of Lamberhurst ; by
the Rev. Thomas Robinson

19 19
J. Nash, Esq., Lambeth...
Thomas Lloyd, Esq., and Mrs. Lloyd, Builth

Thomas Allan, Esq., Frederick-place, Old-Jewry
A Friend, in the Hammersmith Circuit ; for the support of

Missionary Students at the Theological Institution........ 5 0 0
A Friend at Headingly, near Leeds ; by the Rev. Joseph

0 0 A Friend to Missions ; by the Rev. John Beecham

5 Rev. P. C. Turner, Theological Institution

4 Students at the Theological Institution, Hoxton

3 P. W. P., a Friend to Missions ; by Mr. John Wesley

3 6 Rev. Dr. Bunting and Mrs. Bunting

3 0 Mr. Thomas; for Bibles and Missions...

3 0 0 A Friend, for the late Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke's Six Irish Schools ; by the Rev. J. Rosser

2 10 0 Rev. John and Mrs. Beecham

2 2 0 Rev. W. L. Thornton, Theclogical Institution

2 2 Mr. James Carver, London

2 2 0 Sums below £2




0 0





Towards the Extinction of the Debt.

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A Lady ; by the Rev. Dr. Bunting
A Friend, unknown; by A. M.
Thomas Lloyd, Esq., Builth.
Lady Ellis ; by the Rev. W. Naylor
An Old Methodist, at the Griffydam Missionary Meeting,

Thomas Townend, Esq., Peckham
Mr. Pike, Ditto
T. Frid, Esq., Ditto
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffreys, Ditto
Mr. Hollier, Ditto
Mr. Camp, Ditto
Rev. W. P. Burgess and Mrs. Burgess, Spitalfields
Friends at Glasgow
Mr. Harrison, Hackney
A. B. ; by Mr. John Chubb, Islington
Miss Chubb, Ditto
Miss L. Chubb, Ditto
Rev. J. G. Wilson, Falmouth
Mr. B. Quick, Portreath, Redruth
A Friend in the Stamford Circuit; by the Rev. B. Gartside...
A Friend, Gwennap; by the Rev. s. Timms...
Mr. Cheverton, Camden-Town
A Friend, Frome
Mr. Paragreen
Mr. Bowen, Peter-street Branch
A stray Sovereign, found by the Rev. Thomas Waugh
Mr. A. Rose, Woolwich...
Friends at Manchester (Welsh)
Mr. W. Parker, Stamford; by the Rev. B. Gartside.
Mr. J. Almond and Family, Wigan Circuit
Mr. Altham, &c., Ditto
Mr. Bevan, &c., Ditto
J. Lord, Esq., Mayor, Ditto
Mr. Yeomans, &c., Ditto
A Friend, Lamberhead-Green ; by the Rev. T. Payne.......

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0 0 7 0 0 6 0

5 0 5 5 0 5 5 5 5 0 5 0 0 3 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 10 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 5 6 1 0 6 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 40 1 1 0 0 1 0 0

Special Contributions for the Mission to Ashantee, and the Exten

sion of the Gold-Coast Mission, including Badagry.

£. s. d.

The Right Hon. Stephen Lushington, M. P. ; by the Rev.

Dr. Bunting, for Badagry
Mr. Norwood, Newton, Lincolnshire
A Wesleyan and Friend to Missions, Shotley-Bridge.

5 5 0 2 0 0 1 0

ERRATUM.-In the Notices for January, page 87, under the head of Upper Canada, instead of, among the Chippewa and other Indians, &c., read, “ among the British Settlers, the Chippewa and other Indians,” &c.

N.B. The Amount and Details of recent Remittances from District

Auxiliary Societies will be found on the cover of the Missionary


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FOR MARCH, 1842.


Of Cheetham-Hill, near Manchester :


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My late husband was born in High-Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. During his last illness, when he seemed to apprehend he should be convulsed, he said, "I remember seeing my father in convulsions just before his death ; and, though only eight years old, I was so affected, that I retired into secret, fell upon my knees, and earnestly prayed for. him." His mother had the fear of God; and, according to her light, endeavoured to implant right principles in the minds of her children: she regularly attended a Dissenting place of worship.

Whatever degree of divine influence he experienced at the time referred to, it is to be regretted that it was not cherished; for, as he grew in

years, the enmity of his heart was soon manifested in acts of transgression. At the age of fifteen he attended the Methodist chapel, with his companions, for the purpose of disturbing the congregation. He was present one evening when the officiating Minister announced, that on such a night Mr. Jonathan Coussins might be expected to preach there. · As soon as he heard the name, he has since said, “ I was powerfully tempted to curse him.” He did not forget the time, but went with his usual purpose: Mr. Coussins's text was, “ What is the Almighty, that we should serve him ?: and what profit shall we have, if we pray unto him?" (Job xxi. 15.) The text arrested his attention, and soon the Holy Spirit of God applied the word with power to his heart; and he literally trembled at the awful discovery which he had of his state and danger. He returned home, resolved to forsake his sins and sinful companions, and turn to God with all his heart. He groaned under a sense of the wrath of God abiding upon him; and while in this state he heard a sermon from “ the rich man and Lazarus," which increased his fearful apprehensions, and led him to greater earnestness in seeking the mercy he needed. As a penitent sinner, he was soon noticed by those whom he had despised and persecuted, invited to a class-meeting, and encouraged to seek, with all his heart, the forgiveness of his sins. He was often tempted to conclude, that he should never enjoy the happiness of which he heard others

Vol. XXI. Third Series MARCH, 1842.

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