“ A: B.,” by the Rev. John Beecham ;--and of £20 from “ A Friend,” by Dr. Bunting ;-all stated to have been given in consequence of reading our January Number, and with a special view to an immediate reinforcement of the Jamaica Mission.


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Contributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the

General Treasurers, since our last announcement, up to the 13th
of February, 1842.
Moneys received at the Mission-House.

s. d.
In memory of the wife of a late Missionary in Jamaica ; by
the Rev. J. P. Haswell

100 0 0 Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Bart, for the Jamaica Mission

50 0 0 Edward N. Buxton, Esq., Ditto

25 0 0 Miss Buxton, Ditto

1 1 0 Mr. T. Fowell Buxton, jun., Ditto....

1 0 0 Mr. Charles Buxton, Ditto

1 0 0

78 1 0
A. B., for the Jamaica Mission, by the Rev. John Beecham 50
Legacy of Mrs. E. D. Chambers ; by the Rev. W. Chambers,

50 0 0
C. M. Broad, Esq., for a Native Teacher in the South Sea
Mission (for three years)

30 Thomas Collins, Esq., Tipton, near Dudley

25 0 A Friend to the Missions ; by Mr. Isaac Marsden, Doncaster 200 A Friend ; by Dr. Bunting, “as a Free-Will Offering to Almighty God for past mercies

20 0 0 Thomas Marriott, Esq., City-road (Annual)

10 10 0 A Portion of the Profits of a young Tradesman, during his

first Year in Business; by the Rev. John Burton, Sheffield 10 0 0 A Friend, Devizes

8 10 0 A. M'Kenzie, Esq., London (Annual)

5 5 0 A Lady ; by the Rev. Dr. Hannah, Islington...

5 0 0 Mrs. Smith, Twickenham ; by the Rev. William Arthur 5 0 0 James Lowrey, Esq., London

5 0 0 A Contribution, for 1841, from T'adcaster, Yorkshire ; by the Rev. Dr. Bunting

5 0 0 Messrs. C. J. and M. Simpson, Homerton (Annual)

3 3 0 J. M. Camplin, Esq., Finsbury-square (Annual)

3 3 0 Messrs. Allan, Old Jewry (Annual)

3 3 0 Rev. Dr. Alder, Mrs., and Miss Alder (Annual)

3 0 Profits of a printed Account of the late Mr. Bumby's death ; by Mr. F. Heeley, Birmingham

2 12 6 An American Eagle ; by the Rev. John Connon, Ayr

2 2 4 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chubb, London ......

2 2 0 Thomas Dornford, Esq. ; by Thomas Marriott, Esq.......... 2 2 0 Thomas Llewellyn, Esq., Dalston (Annual)

2 0 A Friend, Newbury; by the Rev. N. Sibly

0 Sums below £2



Towards the Extinction of the Debt.

d. Benjamin Beverley, Esq., Roundhay, near Leeds

100 0 0
Thomas Crowther, Esq., Churwell; by the Rev. R. Radcliffe 100 0
Thank-Offering of a Friend ; by the Rev. John Bowers, Leeds 2000
Misses Chubb, Islington....

15 15 0
Jacob Harrison, Esq., St. Alban's ; in grateful remembrance
of the late Mr. William Dawson, of Leeds

10 0 0


£. .

Thomas Chubb, Esq., London
Mr. Ralph Walton, Sunderland
Thomas Brown, Esq., Ditto
Mr. Robert Willerton, Ditto
Mr. Henry Cater, Southwark.
A Friend, Ditto
Mr. John Shepherd, Derby ;-self-denial for one year
E. B. W., South Devon....
A Debtor to Grace, Launceston ; by the Rev. H. Groves..
Alexander Mackintosh, Esq., Dundee
Messrs. David, John, and Robert Hornby, Driffield
A female Friend in the Liskeard Circuit ; by the Rev. William

Worth ....
A Friend in Ditto ; by Ditto....
Mr. North, London..
Captain Wauchope, R. N., Dacre...
Mrs. and Miss Sample, Hexham
Thomas Phillips, Esq., Ilaverfordwest
A Friend, Wellingborough..
A Friend, North Walsham ; by the Rev. H. Owen
Mrs. Skinner, Camden New-Town, London

d. 5 5 0

0 0 5 0 0 1 0 0 5 0 0 1 0 0 5 0

0 5 0 0 3 3 0 3 0 0

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Special Contributions for the Mission to Ashantee, and the Extension of the Gold-Coast Mission, including Badagry.

£. s. d. A Widow....

20 0 Rev. Henry Creswell, Canterbury.

5 0 0 Collected by Master s. Albinson, Proprietary School, Sheffield 2 4 6 Friends, Brackley

1 17 0 A Friend, Longton

1 10 Mr. Thomas Eagin, Burnley.

1 0 0 N.B. The Amount and Details of recent Remittances from District

Auxiliary Societies will be found on the Cover of the Missionary

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MISSIONARY SOCIETIES. Aberdeen, Mr. John Smith; Bath, John Michael Shum, Esq. ; Bedford and Northampton, Mr. William Biggs and Mr. John Bliss ; Birmingham and Shrews. bury, Mr. Francis Heeley ; Bristol, James Wood, Esq. ; Carlisle, Mr. William Wilson and Mr. E. James ; Cornwall, Joseph Carne, Esq. ; Devonport, Thomas Gardner, Esq., and Mr. William Vosper ; Edinburgh, Mr. John Thompson ; Exeter, Mr. J. C. Sercombe; Guernsey, James Mac Culloch and John Rougier, Esqrs. ; Halifax and Bradford, Thomas Swale and Watson Cryer, Esqrs. ; Hull, James Henwood, Esq. ; Isle of Man, Mr. John Wilson ; Kent, W. Crockford, Esq. ; Leeds, John Burton, Esq. ; Lincoln, Thomas Bainbridge and Henry Holland, Esqrs. ; Liverpool, Thomas Sands, Esq.; London, John Josiah Buttress, Esq. ; Macclesfield, Joshua Thorley, Esq.; Manchester and Bolton, James Heald and Peter Rothwell, Esqrs. ; Norwich and Lynn, Mr. Thomas Broadbent and Mr. Jeremiah Cozens; Nottingham and Derby, Mr. John Shelton and Mr. William Turner; Newcastle-upon Tyne, Christopher Wawn, Esq. ; Orford, Thomas Bush, Esq., Lambourne; Portsmouth, Mr. John Cowdrey and Mr. Joseph Keet; Shef. field, Thomas B. Holy, Esq. ; Shetland, Rev. William Wears; First South Wales, George Bagnall, Esq. ; North Wales, R. M. Preece, Esq. ; Whitby and Darlington, Thomas Walker, Esq. ; York, Joseph Agar, Esq.


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FOR APRIL, 1842.





MR. BUCKLEY was born, December 20th, 1770, at a place called Cowlitish-lane, in the parish of Crampton, near Oldham, Lancashire. His parents were in good circumstances, moral in their conduct, and endea voured so carefully to train up their children, that they might be both respectable and useful. They were strict in their attendance on the services of the established Church ; but, being ignorant of God's righteousness, they sought to establish their own. Mrs. Buckley, sen., in particular, was ansious, to the best of her knowledge, to teach her children “ the fear of the Lord;” and her well-meant endeavours were by no means in vain. James testified, in after-life, that her instructions were often accompanied with spiritual power, and made impressions which he never entirely forgot. When only three years of age, he was led to think much on the divine Being; and, when in the fields, wished to know how he made the grass to grow, and the flowers to possess so many, and such beautiful, colours.

His parents, seeing the quickness of his opening mind, were desirous that particular attention should be paid to his education ; but his volatile temper interfered much with their wishes. When about ten or

of age, he was placed under the care of the Rev. Thomas Fawcet, Curate of the parish, and Master of the Grammar-school, under whom he made some proficiency in learning. To his tutor he was affectionately attached, and thankfully remembered the pains which he took, not only to improve his mind, but to establish his religious and moral principles.

During these years he frequently had very powerful feelings on the subject of religion. Sin appeared to be “exceeding sinful;" and the secret inquiry of his heart was, “ What must I do to be saved ?" But he saw not the way of salvation; and as religious books appeared to increase his distress, he began to dislike them, and to seek for an easy mind in irreligious companionship. What the consequence of this dangerous position might have been, no one now can say ; but it pleased God, about this time, to lead him among the Methodists. Vol. XXI. Third Series. APRIL, 1842.


eleven years

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