hath be given up, and the working 4. It was designed, in connexion man's right to it is irretrievably with bodily rest, to secure to every sacrificed. It is then left to his man time for the public and private employer's caprice, to decide whe exercises of religion. ther he shall rest, or redouble his Where there is no Sabbath kept, toil ; and the essential selfishness of there is no true religion enjoyed, human nature justifies us in affirm- neither any standard lifted up against ing, that the decision will be against abounding iniquity. There Satan rest, as often as avarice concludes reigns; and man, who was made in that labour will be most profitable. the image of God, either renounces Let the divine authority of the Sab his rationality, and worships idols, bath be given up, and then all days or, in the spirit of atheism, he frames are alike. The merciful arrange

to himself a system of philosophy ments of the humane will be neu which transmutes the soul into mattralized by the exorbitant exactions ter, turns Providence into chance, of the cruel; the will of the righte- and blots God out of the universe ous (if righteousness could exist he has made, and on each particle without a Sabbath) will be resisted of which he has stamped indelible by the wicked; the weak will be traces of his wisdom, power, and coerced by the strong; in a word, goodness. the Sabbath will be lost, the land. In proportion as the Sabbath is marks of morality will be swamped, desecrated, in countries where its and a flood of worldliness and op divine authority is formally acknowpression will sweep over the whole ledged, the sanctuary of God is for. earth. Thus, while the appointment saken, the fervour of piety is of the Sabbath proves the prescience quenched, the ordinances of religion of God, in his perfect acquaintance

are neglected, the poor are oppresswith the constitution, and the future ed, the righteous are persecuted, circumstances, of our fallen race, it God is forgotten, and profligacy also illustrates his tender solicitude corrupts all classes. The history of for the happiness of his creatur every Popish country in Europe generally, and of man in particular.

establishes the truth of these allega

tions; and, but for the partial pre« With dove-like wings, Peace o'er yon village

servation of the spirit and principles broods :

of the Reformation in this land, The dizzying mill-wheel rests; the anvil's din

truth would, long ago, have been Hath ceased; all, all around is quietness. treated as a fiction, immortality Less fearful on this day, the limping hare Stops, and looks back, and stops, and looks on

would have been regarded as a

dream, and the Sabbath would have Her deadliest foe. The toil-worn horse, set been turned into a day of pastime, free,

-on which, field-sports, theatrical Unheedful of the pasture, roams at large ;

amusements, card-playing, buying, And as his stiff, unwieldy bulk he rolls, His iron-arm'd hoofs gleam in the morning selling, and promenading would ray.

have been practised by Priests and But chiefly man the day of rest enjoys. people, high and low, young and Hail, Sabbath! thee I hail, the poor man's old. day.

The connexion which subsists On other days, the man of toil is doom'd To eat his joyless bread, lonely, the ground

between the observance of the SabBoth seat and board, screen'd from the win bath, and the maintenance of true ter's cold

religion, by nations, families, and And summer's heat by neighbouring hedge or individuals, is not accidental, but But on this day, embosom'd in his home,

natural; not partial, but universal ; He shares the frugal meal with those he

not occasional, but constant. It is

a connexion founded in the nature With those he loves he shares his heart-felt of things, which harmonizes with

joy of giving thanks to God,—not thanks of form,

the physical and spiritual constituA word and a grimace, but rev'rently,

tion of man; and which is confirmWith cover'd face and upward earnest eye."

ed by the appointment, and sancti. fied by the blessing, of God. Though






the Sabbath was designed, in the same blessings, and joining in the first instance, to heighten the joys same ascriptions of praise to Him of innocence; it was also adapted, who is above all, and through all, and prospectively intended, to re and in them all. strain vice, preserve truth, and bring God and eternity to our

" Solemn the knell, from yonder ancient pile, brance. The most hardened Sab. Fills all the air, inspiring joyful awe : bath-breaker can witness, how diffi.

Slowly the throng moves o'er the tomb-paved

ground; cult he found it, at the commence

The aged man, the bowed down, the blind, ment of his career, to be wicked Led by the thoughtless boy; and he who whilst others were worshipping; and breathes to forget God, whilst the stillness of With pain, and eyes the new-made grave, wellthe country, the pealing of the

pleased :

These, mingled with the young, the gay, church-going bells, the open doors

approach of the sanctuary, and the streaming The house of God: these, spite of all their ills, multitude, who went up to the house A glow of gladness feel. With silent praise of the Lord, -all seemed to say,

They enter in ; a placid stillness reigns,

Until the man of God-worthy the name "O come, let us worship and how

Opens the book, and reverently down; let us kneel before the Lord

The stated portion reads." our Maker. For he is our God,

GRAHAME. and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand.”

5. To commemorate the redempAs there is a time for everything tion of the world by our Lord Jesus under the sun, was necessary Christ, and prefigure the rest which there should be a stated day for the remaineth for the people of God. worship of God, that the universal That the Sabbath was not designity of the custom might shame par ed to be exclusively commemorative tial dissent, and check individual of the creation, is certain ; for, in indifference; that one man's busi. Deut. v. 15, the deliverance from ness might not interfere with ano. Egyptian bondage is assigned as an ther man's devotion ; and that the additional reason why the Jews regular return of the day might cor should rest themselves, and allow rect the treachery of the memory, their servants to rest also. That the worldliness of the affections, and deliverance was a type of the rethe alienation of the mind. In the demption effected by the death of Sabbatic institution, God contem the Lord Jesus ; and if it was the plated our happiness no less than will of God, that the shadow should his own glory. He made the day be commemorated, how much more his, by a solemn appropriation, that that the work itself should be held he might convey it back to us, under in everlasting remembrance ! Ву the guarantee of a divine charter, the incarnation, death, and resurrecthat none might deprive us of its tion of our Lord, a new dispensarest, without incurring the guilt of tion was introduced, new manifestarobbing Him of his right. To his tions of love were vouchsafed, and command he added his example, matter for new and unending songs that the proud might be shamed of praise was furnished: God then into imitation, or, at least, be deter bestowed his richest gift, and comred from disobedience, under the pleted his greatest work,-a work in dread of a double curse ; that the which the glory of his perfections lowly might be encouraged to obey, shone so illustriously, that all former under the hope of a great reward, displays were cast into the shade. and by the influence of a heavenly There was, therefore, a necessity pattern; and that rich and poor, why his people, in their Sabbathbond and free, learned and illiterate, worship, should distinctly adore his might have the same mighty mo love, and utter bis praise, for having tives to meet together,-at the same fulfilled his promises, and accomtime, in the same place, on the same plished his predictions, in raising level,-uttering the same peniten up “an horn of salvation for them tial confessions, supplicating the in the house of David his servant." Vol. XXI. Third Series. JANUARY, 1842.


The Jewish Sabbath intimated that tles praise thee. The goodly fellow-
God was their Maker, and that it ship of the Prophets praise thee.
was he who had brought them out The holy church throughout all the
of the house of bondage ; but ours world doth acknowledge thee, the
proclaims the redemption of our Father of an infinite majesty ; thine
whole race; and by keeping it we honourable, true, and only Son ;
avow our belief in the love of the also the Holy Ghost the Comforter.
Father, in the Deity of the Son, in Thou art the everlasting Son of the
the vicarious character of his death, Father. When thou tookest upon
the triumphs of his resurrection, thee to deliver man, thou didst not
and in the eternal “ rest which re abhor the virgin's womb. When
maineth for the people of God.” thou hadst overcome the sharpness
Without forgetting or undervaluing of death, thou didst open the king-
the stupendous work of creation, or dom of heaven to all believers."
the emancipation of Israel, the bur Reserving other branches of this
den of our Sabbath songs should be, great subject for future discussion,
“ Blessed be the God and Father of

we trust the preceding remarks are
our Lord Jesus Christ, who, accord- sufficient to convince our readers,
ing to his abundant mercy, hath that the design of the Sabbath was
begotten us again to a lively hope, holy and benignant; that the insti-
by the resurrection of Jesus Christ tution itself stands essentially con.
from the dead.” Or, in the lan- nected with the rights of God, and
guage of our Liturgy, which beauti- the dearest interests of man; that it
fully combines the adoration due to is, at once, a guard to truth, and a
creating might, and redeeming love, witness against error ; that its sanc-
“We praise thee, O God; we ac tification is equally necessary to the
knowledge thee to be the Lord. refreshment of our bodies, and the
All the earth doth worship thee; salvation of our souls; and that we
the Father everlasting. To thee all cannot devote it to pastime, or to
angels cry aloud : the heavens and labour, without robbing God, with-
all the powers therein. To thee out infringing on the rights of others,
cherubim and seraphim continually and without wronging our
do cry, Holy, holy, holy; Lord God souls by forfeiting the blessings of
of Sabaoth. Heaven and earth are grace here, and the rest of glory
full of the majesty of thy glory. hereafter.
The glorious company of the Apos-

Peter M'Owan.

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(For the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine.) Tue" signs of the times,” to use tions, with their multiplied sorrows, the common phrase, may well call derived from hastening after for the deep and fixed attention of strange God, and unassailed by a the true Christian. The increase of slumbering or half-wakeful Chrisintelligence (if there be an increase) tianity, are heathen still. It is not does not heal the distractions of quite half a century since the great society. The political speculator, evangelical communities of this the secular educationalist, the philo- country began to diffuse the Gospel sophical civilizer, all construct their of Christ to regions beyond us, by theories of happiness, and see them means of Missionary labour ; and fail; while every disappointment has yet, even now, there have been prono other effect, than to drive them duced changes, and an excitement to the hopeless task of theorizing such as the world never knew since

This is the state of the the times of the Apostles. civilized world; while heathen na sooner have men given evidence to



the idfallible truth, that the Gospel We have possession of Sierrametts all the wants of human na Leone, and the other stations of ture, and have acted upon their West Africa. Our soldiers have belief, than they have had their faith not with more intrepidity stepped confirmed by the success of their into the breaches made in their labour. The slaves of the West ranks by the fire of the enemies of Indies, formerly the most wretched our country, than our blessed Mis. of all human beings, and the most sionaries have pressed into the awful distant from hope,-who had not and frequent chasms made by the the excitement of Hindooism, or death of their predecessors in that way mythological system, to relieve deadly atmosphere; and while, amid their despairing fatuity, and whose all this, a spiritual society lives and human character was actually denied, grows, (as is the case now,) they will -have been raised, through that press on still. They feel that they blessed Gospel, to a state of moral are advancing against the enemy's dignity, purity, and peace, which centre. If any one ask, in this their former oppressors could nei mortality of Missionaries, “Where ther appreciate nor understand; and is the Lord God of Elijah ?” let shieb, by its commanding evidence, him find his answer in the mantle i rapidly turning those oppressors which falls upon every successor, into friends. Slavery itself has pass and in the holy eagerness with which ed away from the British islands; the intervening waters are divided. but our Christianity, which was the We read not in these deaths a sign presiding spirit of the movement, is of God's anger, but rather, that as guiltless of the horrors of St. Do. Africa has long bled through Eumingo. The sun of this revolution

ropean cupidity, we, meanwhile, did not set in blood; nor has it standing by, and being verily guilty gained yet its meridian height: and concerning our brother,-her childwhen it does, it will be sevenfold, ren,-He, in his righteous provi. 2 the blended light of seven days; dence, chooses to repay her with the Fea, of any seven that preceded it; precious deaths of his own saints, and “at evening time," also, “it and the flower of our home churches. sball be light." The aboriginal If common lives could avenge the tribes of North America, who were wrongs of that oppressed race, Engretiring and melting away before the land and Europe must die all over ; progress of civilized, though wicked, but the sacrifice which is wanting in men, are beginning to establish numbers, is compensated in value. their villages, and turn to settled It is a living sacrifice. porsuits; and numbers of them, The deep and steady fortitude of elerated and sanctified by the reli- Missionary zeal has survived the gion of Christ, are forming the outbursts of cannibal ferocity in mucleus of another order of aborigi- New Zealand; and as England's Dal society. The nations inbabiting Gospel has tamed these warlike, the territory of South Africa have suspicious, and degraded people, received such light, in reference to and restored hundreds of them to the value of the Gospel, its truth their long-lost image of God, and and power, and the native Chiefs thereby made residence among them are, in consequence, so earnest for possible, her needy sons are throngits introduction, that the Mission- ing to thrive on the soil, in most aries on the spot implore us, either cases, alas ! “reaping where they to satisfy the demand we have awa- have not sown, and gathering where kened, or else allow them to retire they have not strawed ; ” speculatinto a narrow circle, where they may ing upon civilization, as the infidel no more be afflicted by the view of speculates upon morals ; standing pagan ignorance and misery, which upon vantage ground, and forgetting they have not numbers enough to who gave possession. Our Austraretrove, and where, at least, they lian colonists are provided for by may rear the infant churches which our Society. A community, which they have formed.

promises to be one day an empire,

is drawing in Christianity with its dole of religious instruction, expose infant breath. A city is being their own societies to danger, in placed upon a hill, which cannot be that critical time of temptation and hid, and which must draw the lost transition, and thereby give proand almost spectral sons of the slavery men occasion to publish forest into its sacred retreat. Idol emancipation to be a failure, instead atry is overthrown in Tonga, Vavou, of exhibiting to the world, as, and Haabai. Lakemba, in the thank God, has been done!) that Feejee group, which it was almost vital Christianity and well-regulated madness once to touch at, is now freedom are twin-sisters ? peacefully harbouring Ministers of When William Shaw, and others, Christ, and receiving the Gospel had been scattering a few rays of from their lips. The stupendous the glorious light of the Gospel in system of Hindoo idolatry is under South Africa, were these poor dwellmined; the Scriptures are trans ers in the wilds to be tantalized by lated into the languages of the Hin- its brightness, and then left in everdostan continent; and the absence lasting night? Were those beams of literature in the vernacular dia. intended first to excite, and then to lects, is giving the Missionaries betray? or to be precursive of a power, as far as books and tracts steady illumination ? are concerned, of moulding the lan When Rome sent its emissaries to guage as they will, and of express New Zealand and the South Seas, ing those deep and saving truths for the obvious and avowed purwhich, in the present vocal tongues pose of destroying our Missions of idolatrous nations, can never find there, could our managing Commitits proper types. Prayer has been tee have been justified in resigning answered on every side, and innu- and abandoning the blooming work merable doors have been opened which had been begun, to the deathly wide, which both tacitly and vocally grasp of Popery? and that, too, call upon us to enter into them. when the Missionaries, after years

The evangelical Societies of the of prayer, persecution, and weeping, present day—the Methodist, the had begun to see the grace of God Church of England, the London, the and be glad ? Baptist, the American Missionaries Here, again, as in all modes of -have not been, collectively, the aggression upon misery and wrong, mere type of Christ's Gospel cha- there has been no medium between riot; they have been that chariot advance and ruin. itself, going forth from conquering Clearly, then, without naming unto conquer ; yet are now impeded other instances, it is the answer to by the drag-chain of debt, and prayer, and the providence of God, kept halting through want of funds. which have placed the Methodist This is the sorrowful truth which Missionary Society in its present has to be told. This is, in fact, the position. And are we to assume, individual position of our own Soci- that Providence, on the one hand, ety. It is true, the excess of ten or calls for exertions which the same twelve thousand pounds' expenditure Providence, on the other hand, above the income, has arisen from denies the means of putting forth? reinforcing the Missionaries with Has not God blessed the home Conadditional fellow-labourers ; but nexion with means in as gradually there was

no alternative between enlarging a proportion, as he has reinforcing and retreating. When blessed the foreign stations with slavery, that great barrier to the Gos- prosperity? If so, then it is certain pel, fell, were the Methodists, the that the Methodist people can shake friends of the Negro race, to contra off the present incubus of debt, and dict the spirit of all their former furnish, in addition, the deficient professions, by refusing to occupy twelve or twenty thousand pounds the position they had so long and per annum. Who can survey the 80 ardently desired to gain ? and, by great work that the Society is affording only a miserable and scanty doing in the earth, retaining his

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