and our

ren.” The Lord hears his prayer ; the good pleasure of his God is upon him; God prepares his hands for the war, and his fingers for the fight; and when his enemies encompass him like bees, they are quenched like a fire of thorns. Then, forgetting the Rock of his salvation, and the right hand of the Lord, which doeth valiantly, his treacherous heart rises, and he grows proud in remembering the mouth and the wisdom, which his adversaries were not able to gainsay or resist, and in consequence of the praises which that wisdom has brought upon him. O how painful and discouraging is the remembrance of such unfaithfulness, when we find ourselves engaged in fresh combats, and when we feel that there is wrath

upon us people! You will avoid these sufferings, dear brethren ; you will not be left to yourselves, to show you, that the strength of which you have boasted is nothing but weakness; provided you honour the Holy Spirit, by giving him the glory of all the good desires, of all the wise counsels, and of all the prudent and faithful works with which he inspires you, as well as of the success with which he sometimes crowns them. May this always be the case, dear brethren! May you, beloved, “ building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto eternal life!” May you turn many to righteousness, and shine as stars in the kingdom of your Father, for ever and ever! I “commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them who are sanctified." Fight the good fight, finish your course, keep the faith, till the Redeemer shall

say higher; enter into the joy of your Lord.” May this grace finally be the portion of us all! Amen.

6 Come up to you,

THE WORD OF GOD SUPREME. God the Father, crying from heaven, saith, “ This is my beloved Son.” He saith not, “ Hear your fathers, your grandfathers, or your great-grandfathers;" but he saith, “ Hear him, even him." Our heavenly Father would have his Son and his word to be taught, and to be beat into men's heads in all places. And it cannot be doubted, but that that which the most excellent, wise, and loving Father hath given us for our cause, is most excellent, wise, and profitable. This is the river of water flowing unto life everlasting. This is that flesh and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ,* that most wholesome food of our souls. With this sword the devil is overcome, and the hardness of our hearts softened. Were it not for this, neither could religion flourish, nor faith be confirmed, nor the church kept within the limits of her duty.--Bishop Jewell.

• That is, the Scriptures set Christ before us as the object of appropriating, saving faith.





(Concluded from page 292.) (To the Editor of the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine.) "Nor thy cattle." - Previously to moral propriety, as the beasts they the introduction of steam convey drive; and, consequently, hare no

into this country, horses desire to mingle in our worshipping were made extensively subservient assemblies : while many strengthen to Sabbath-desecration ; pleasure. themselves in wickedness, by arguexcursions and business-journeys ments drawn from the inconsistenhaving been effected chiefly by cies of those who, while they profess their means. The injunction under to reverence the Sabbath, and to consideration extends to all beasts delight in the worship of God, pay of burden whatsoever ; and it was them for breaking the former, and added, not only in mercy to them, for slighting the latter. The Rev. but as an additional check on the R. Treffry, in his valuable Treatise Sabbath-breaking propensities of on the Sabbath, tells us of a lady in their proprietors. So far as ill London, who, one Sabbath morning, health, distance, or the inclemency as she was stepping out of a backof the weather may render their ser ney-coach, at the door of her place vices necessary, to carry us to the of worship, asked the coachman if house of God, or to the beds of the he ever went to church. “No, dying, on this day, we may inno. Ma'am,” said he: “I am so very cently use them ; but no farther. busy in taking others there, that I To hire them, or to let them out cannot possibly go myself." Anofor hire, for the purposes of trade, ther, in Manchester, replied to a for the gratifying of pride, or the similar interrogation, though not securing of pleasure, are clearly vio. proposed on the Sabbath, "I have lations of the law of God.

not been in a place of worship for It is a melancholy consideration, seven years ; nor do I see how I can that, in this Christian country, go for seven more, unless ladies and abounding with the means of grace, gentlemen make up their minds to thousands of coachmen, omnibus walk to church and chapel.”. This and cab drivers, are as effectually man not only confessed his sin, but debarred from the house of God, as he pointed out the remedy: yes ! though there was no Sabbath kept, the simple remedy by which thou. no Gospel preached, and no worship sands of our fellow-immortals may performed in the land. We loudly be emancipated from Sabbath sla. complain of the impositions and ge- very, is, for “ladies and gentlemen.” neral wickedness of these men, with to use their feet, and improve their out considering that we are accessa health, by walking to the house of ries to their evil deeds, as far as we God, With what consistency can contribute to shut them out from we profess to love God or our neighthe means of salvation, by employ- bour, if we refuse to make this easy ing them on the Sabbath. Some of effort ? How can we stand clear of them are alive to their danger, and the blood of these men's souls, unlament the necessity they are under less we determine, that, as far as we of ruining their souls, or of leaving are concerned, their Sunday-driving their families to starve.

Others are

shall terminate ? and that we, at as ignorant, and as insensible to least, will no more rob them of op.

portunity of doing their duty to poor, advocates of national educaGod, their own souls, and their tion, and communicants at the families?

Lord's table. O “tell it not in Formerly horses were abused, and Gath; publish it not in the streets the Sabbath was desecrated to an of Askelon !” Christ is betrayed awful extent by the running of stage- in the house of his friends! His coaches. But that practice is now law is made void by those who pronearly superseded by the introduc- fess faith in his divinity, and who tion of steam-packets and railway glory in the grace of his Gospel. carriages. As far as this change in. Members, yea, officers, in his church, dicates the progress of science and who in words admit the perpetual mechanical skill, and diminishes the and universal obligation of the demaod for animal and physical moral law, are trampling one of the labour, it is cause of joy. But it plainest precepts of that law under sorely grieves us, that the inventions foot; and, either through the fear of genius, in connexion with the of man, or ignorance of their duty, giant agency of steam, should be so or the love of filthy lucre, they generally prostituted to Sabbath- stand connected with one of the profanation. We grieve, because most daring systems of Sabbaththe evil has been increased in the profanation that was ever set up in same proportion as the new agency any Protestant country. surpasses the old in splendour and It will not avail these gentlemen in power; because its continuance, for many of whom we have a high in this aggravated form, must bring personal esteem-to say, the evil down the curse of God with accu complained of is the work of a Com. mulated weight on our beloved pany. What is the Company, but country; because it has yoked a a number of individuals voluntanew class of men to the car of mam. rily associated for the accomplish. mon, and made those the patrons of ment of gainful ends, by the adopSabbath-desecration who, if the thing tion of common and approved means? had been foretold a few years ago, The individuals furnish the capital, would have indignantly said, “Is reap the protits, share the responsia thy servant a dog, that he should do bilities, and appoint the executive. this great thing?” But, alas ! the They, in fact, constitute the Comabhorred event is accomplished. pany, which is nothing more nor The sin of pandering to the Sabbath- less than an extensive partnership, breaking propensities of the worldly into which they freely entered, and and the gay, is no longer left to from which, by selling out, they men who make no profession of may retire when they please. Nor piety, and who live beyond the pale will it avail the shareholders, who of the Christian church. The me are the true proprietors, to throw lancholy fact cannot be denied, that the blame on the Directors, and the infidels, Socialists, drunkards, and servants they employ. We ask, all who are " lovers of pleasure Who appoints the Directors ? In more than lovers of God,” now whose name do they act ? With leave our large towns, by thousands, whose property do they trade? every Lord's-day morning, for dis- Who are answerable for the liatant tea-gardens, public-houses, and bilities into which they enter? Do gaming-tables, in elegant carriages, those shareholders who wish to be fitted up and propelled at the ex- regarded as sleeping partners, sleep pense of men whom fame describes when the profits are

divided ? as scientific, patriotic, friends of the Would they sleep, were the Direct

ors to misappropriate the funds ? * We are happy to place it on record, that the or to divide the proceeds among present Lord Francis Egerton, with his Lady and their own purses ? The guilt of the Laznily, presents an example to the nobility and Directors, and the agents they emgentry in the land; for, except when the weather in unusually stormy, they, with their servants, ploy, is great; but the shareholders invariably walk from their mansion to the parish

are far from being innocent. The ebursh.

man who hires another to do an act

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which he knows will issue in mur. nies prove, that the mail-question der, is himself a murderer, as truly involves no insuperable obstacles to as he who administers the poison, the entire extinction of the evil. or who uses the poniard. And so Our governors have no personal those who carry on trade on the interest in the transmission of the Lord's day by deputy are, in His mail on Sunday; it can afford them sight, Sabbath-breakers, to all in no personal pleasure to know that it tents and purposes. Confederation is done ; and it our deep convicdoes not annihilate individual iden tion, that were the Christian congretity, nor cancel individual obliga gations in the land, with their Mi. tion. The accessary is, in law, re nisters,—and the different Railway sponsible for the deeds of the prin Companies, with their respective cipal. To consent when sinners Boards of Directors,--to petition entice,-to cast in our lot, and to Parliament on the subject, the inihave one purse with them, in bring quity would at once be put down. ing evil devices to pass,—are acts The much-lauded expedient of expressly forbidden in the Scripture. keeping Sunday profits separate Instead of constituting their excuse, from the proceeds of the week-day it is mentioned as an aggravation of traffic, that they may be refused, or guilt, that “ the Kings of the earth appropriated to benevolent or relia set themselves, and the Rulers take

gious purposes, implies something counsel together, against Jehovah, worse than triling with great and and against his Anointed, saying, sacred principles. We regard it as Let us break their bands asunder, a direct compromise with mammou, and cast away their cords from a subterfuge for unquiet consciences,

a snare to catch unwary souls, a But it is said, “ The Government new attempt to wash the Ethiop of the country not only sanctions white.” Anciently the torn, and Sunday travelling, but enforces it the lame, and the sick were debarby Act of Parliament.” This is red from the altar of God by a true, as far as the transmission of curse ; and, to the present, no offer. the mail is concerned. But, admit. ing can find acceptance in his sight, ting, for a moment, that it is wise which is not clean and unblemished. and proper in the Government to The popularity and commonness of do this, why should their injunction this species of Sabbath-desecration be made a pretext for running trains afford no justification to its patrons. at those hours when there is no It is just as sinful to convey passenmail to be transmitted ? or for pro- gers on business-journeys and pleaviding accommodation for multi- sure-jaunts, as it would be to carry tudes, not one in a hundred of cattle to Smithfield market ; and it whom can plead either necessity or would not be a whit more criminal mercy in justification of his journey- in the farmer, to drive manure to ing? But we hold, that governors his fields on Sunday, in a common are as much bound to obey God, as cart, than it is for Railway Directors the meanest who are under their to transmit bales of silk and chests authority; and that the best inter- of bullion in their waggons.

“Sin ests of nations are as intimately is the transgression of the law;" bound up with the conscientious and if the multitude do evil, we are observance of his laws, as are those commanded not to follow them. of individuals. The almost light. The sins of others are beacons for ning speed with which letters, pas our warning, not patterns for our sengers, and goods can now be con imitation. Our obligations to obey veyed from one end of the kingdom are based on the indissoluble and to the other, completely obviates personal relations we sustain to the plea of necessity which was for- God; and the misdeeds of millions merly urged in defence of Sunday will not excuse us, if, in a single travelling; and the arrangements instance, we belie these obligations, into which the Government entered and resist his claims. His law:with some of the Scottish Compa- not the worldly expedients and way.

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ward conduct of our fellow-men their ways. Whenever it could be is our rule of duty; and as there is done, without incurring great loss, life in his favour, it is our highest we stopped our trains during church interest to yield obedience, at all hours; and had our servants been possible risks.*

religiously disposed, they might, in If the practice we condemn were most instances, have heard one right, it would stand the scrutiny of sermon at least. As for the workthat day. But what shareholder is men who wrought on Sunday at our prepared to stake his eternal des- tunnels, and such parts of the line tiny on the success of the following as required dispatch, we encouraged plea, which contains nearly every good men to preach to them, and to point of defence which can be urged distribute religious tracts among by its most ingenious advocates ? them, after they had finished their

Lord, it is true, our Company toil. Besides attending thy house traded on thy Sabbath ; but we did ourselves, some of us frequented thy it on a magnificent scale, in a scien- table; and deep were our searchings tific manner, and in an age of extra of heart while we prayed, Lord, ordinary commercial enterprise. We have mercy upon us, and write all did it to reduce the expense of tra these laws on our hearts, we beseech velling, to put down the cruelties of thee.' Indeed, the Sabbath-breaking horse-carriage conveyance, to pro part of the concern never had the vide a profitable investment for our consent of our conscience; and, but surplus capital, and to keep the for the immense sacrifice of property trade and commerce of our country which the step would have involved, in advance of those of other nations. and a hope that the Company would Had the concern been under our some time or other abandon the personal management, some of us Sunday traffic, we should have sold would have suffered the amputation out, regardless of reproach.” of an arm, rather than have dese We leave those concerned to ima. crated thy day; but, having agreed gine the overwhelming rebuke which to merge our individual opinions such an apology, if presented, must and scruples in the combined wis. draw down from the great Lord of dom and conscience of the Com- the Sabbath. That practice which pany, we were obliged to submit to will not bear the light of truth now, the majority. The whole plan was cannot stand the scrutiny of the framed according to Act of Parlia- holy God then. The distinctions ment; and, in carrying it out, we between right and wrong, truth and were favoured with the patronage of error, sophistry and argument, conmany who were accounted wise and sistency and inconsistency, are espious. Though we furnished the sential and eternal; and God can capital, others did the work; and as neither confound them, nor allow for the Sunday profits, they were so us to confound them with impunity. small, that, after appropriating them The Judge of all the earth will do for a short time to charitable pur right. He has not abrogated the poses, we suffered them to mingle in Sabbath-law; and woe to us, if, by the common stock. The conve word or deed, we bring it into con nience we provided was for others, tempt. There are limits beyond not ourselves ; nothing but neces which He will not permit pride and sity ever induced us to travel on profligacy to proceed, however they thy day; and as for the thoughtless may be backed by genius, wealth, crowd who did it from choice, we power, and public opinion. Those pitied them, and promoted Town who profane the Sabbath, whether Missions, and

tract-distribution, personally, or by proxy, whether that they might see the error of singly or in a confederated charac

ter, make God their enemy; and * Some of the preceding remarks appeared in a Memorial which the Wesleyan Ministers in

they can expect nothing else but Manchester addressed to the Directors of the

that he will curse their blessings, Leeds Railway last year, and which was prepared

and make their Sabbath-gains a by the writer at the request of his brethren. consuining rust to the treasures

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