Gratifying as these totals were, yet, if ing the past year considerable prosperity the statistics of each metropolitan divi- had attended the Sunday-schools consion were examined, the disproportion nected with many of the stations. Durbetween the efforts of the churches and ing the past summer five preaching-tents the exigencies of the people was most had been used. About one hundred and affecting and admonitory. The census fifty open-air services had been held in of 1841 gave the population of the various places in the suburban parts of metropolis as 1,870,727 persons, which the metropolis. Two courses of lectures showed that, after all the progress the had been delivered at Bishopsgate and Society had made, yet there remained Barbican chapels, which had been at1,583,000 at this moment untouched by tended by several hundreds of young the offorts of its benevolent agents. In men, principally belonging to those classes making that statement, however, the whose improvement was specially conCommittee had not forgotten that there templated by those services. For sevewere kindred Societies, and other bodies ral years past the Society had extended of Christians, happily engaged in the tent and out-of-door preaching services same work, and were employing other to the rural parts of the metropolitan instruments and agencies to raise the counties; and last year they were held moral character of our fellow-citizens. in Middlesex, Surrey, and Herts. The The prayer-meetings and cottage-lectures Report concluded by an urgent appeal had been greatly honoured of God. Dur. for increased financial support.

V. THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. The Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting of Auxiliaries, still took the lead : 35,436 the subscribers and friends of this insti. copies had been printed during the past tution was held in the Great Room, year, and 27,000 were now in the press. Exeter-Hall, on Wednesday, May 4th: The Hungarian Association had issued the Right Hon. Lord Bexley in the 11,864 copies, making for five years a chair,

total of 54,500. Since the commenceThe REV. A. BRANDRAM read the ment of the operations of the Society in Report, which he informed the Meeting Belgium in 1835, there had been issued would be much shorter than Annual 97,332 volumes; and during the past Reports usually were ; an announcement year 9,750 ; but, owing to the violent which elicited a significant response of opposition to the agency in that country, applause from the assembly. The Com- there had been a decrease in the distrimittee commenced by expressing their bution. The Netherlands Bible Society deep sense of thankfulness to God for had issued 12,080 copies last year. the marked success which still continued From St. Petersburgh, 11,754 copies to attend the operations of the Society. were issued; making, since the comThe issues for the year had amounted mencement in 1828, 81,208 : the Society to more than 800,000 copies of the sacred there had been furnished during the Scriptures. In France, the Agent of the year with 1,495 copies, in English, GerSociety continued his labours with un man, and Hebrew. Another edition of tiring zeal, and most pleasing results : 25,000 of the Finnish version were in 146,050 copies of the Scriptures had the press. The Finnish Bible Society issued from the press during the year; had distributed 278,000 copies ; the 95,194 had been put in circulation by Swedish, 14,905. The Central Prussian Colporteurs, 84 of whom were, more or Bible Society had issued since its establess, employed by the Society. The total lishment 1,776,400 copies. From Spain distribution since 1820 was 1,692,659, and Portugal there was little or no of which 961,504 had passed through encouraging intelligence. At Athens the hands of the Society's Agent during the work of disseminating the Scriptures nine years. The French Bible Society was proceeding favourably : 5,627 copies had issued, in the course of the year,

had been issued. A translation of the 60,272 copies of the Scriptures; and Old Testament into the Persian lantheir total issues amounted to 458,070. guage was about to be printed. In From the depôt at Frankfort, 42,914 British India the number of copies of had been issued. The German Bible the Scriptures, in whole or in part, Society continued to prosecute their printed in the course of last year was work, with more or less zeal, annually larger than had been printed in all distributing about 100,000 copies. The the thirty years preceding; and to that Prussian Bible Society, with its numerous might be added many thousands of

last year.

copies printed by other Societies. The boxes being taken down, were eager to Calcutta Association issued during the purchase ; and most of the payments past year 36,378 copies, making a total were made in sheep and goats. A grant of 359,305. At Madras 25,072 were of English Bibles and Testaments, and distributed last year. Two Reports some in the language of the natives, had from Bombay, received since the last been made in Fernando Po, and to the Anniversary, speak favourably of the station of the Church Missionary Society operations there. Under the present cir in Abyssinia. The persecution of the cumstances of China, of course, little of Christians in Madagascar was still as an encouraging nature could be expected, severe as ever ; but, amidst all their a check being put upon the direct sufferings, the converts maintained the introduction of the Scriptures amongst faith, cherishing the sacred volume as the Chinese; but 500 copies of the New the source of their consolation. Some Testament, in their language, had been of them had desired a fresh supply, their forwarded for the purpose of being in old ones being worn out. A successor trusted to benevolent and pious indi to Mr. Wheeler, the deceased Agent of viduals who might accompany the war. the Society in the West Indies, had been like expedition to their shores. From found, in Mr. James M Murray, many Singapore 3,445 volumes, in various lan years Agent to the Mico Charity; and guages, were issued during the year. At he had gone out with a large supply of Sydney, Van-Diemen's Land, &c., the Bibles and Testaments. The Society work of Bible circulation, under the there had received 7,350 copies during superintendence of local Associations, the year, and remitted £916. Novawas proceeding with success. In the Scotia and New Brunswick had been islands of the Pacific the desire to pos visited by an Agent. From Toronto sess copies of the word of God was £300 had been received ; and 9,522 universal ; and the supplies sent out had copies of the Scriptures had been issued been received with joy and thankfulness :

The Association had ordered 5,000 copies had been forwarded to 1,300 in the same period. At MonRorotonga, and 3,000 to that island treal the total number issued was 55,478 ; where the lamented Williams laboured and a Bill had been passed by the so long. From South Africa the intelli- Legislature to admit the printed Scripgence was of the most gratifying kind. tures free of duty. 1,000 copies in the The Bechuana version of the New Tes- language of Greenland had been fortament, printed under the superintend. warded. The American Bible Society ence of Mr. Moffatt, had arrived ; and had received subscriptions to the amount was received with so much delight, that of 118,860 dollars, and issued 150,202 it may be said to have made the solitary copies during the past year.

With places glad, and the wilderness to blos reference to the domestic proceedings of som as the rose. The people surrounded the Society, the Report stated that the waggons, and, immediately on the

£ $.

d. The total amount received during the year, applicable to the

general objects of the Society, including subscriptions,
donations, legacies, dividends on stock, and contributions
of Auxiliary Societies, is

44,045 11 5 Compared with last year, showing an increase of

1,300 17 0 Amount received from sales of Bibles and Testaments

50,204 14 10 Total amount received from all sources is

95,095 48 The issues of the Society have been

Copies. From the Depository at home

584,544 From the Depôts abroad


815,551 Total issues of Bibles and Testaments since the commencement of the Society

14,038,934 The total number of Associations and Lord be magnified, who hath pleasure in Branch Societies, in connexion with the the prosperity of his servants. parent institution, was 2,828 ; and 100 The Bishop of CHESTER wished new ones were established last year. The that the Report could have been accomReport concluded by asking, after these panied by that which was read thirtystatements, whether the Committee were eight years ago. He said, it was only by not justified in calling upon their friends contrasting things as they were then with to join them in exclaiming, “Let the the results of the operations of the Bible

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their array.

Society, that they could form a just view of copies having been circulated throughof what this country and the world owes out the world, 800,000 being issued durto its exertions. He added,-For ano ing the last year, when we hear of 7,000 ther reason, too, I should be glad if we kindred Societies, when every sun lights could take this survey of the Society's up some memorial of our triumphs, and operations : I think it would go far to every moon repeats the history of our rekindle the ardour of some, which, I success, this is not the period, of all grieve to say, has been sadly chilled in others, when we are to be dismayed and this country. I think it would not tremble for this Society ; this is not the only encourage us to further exer. period when we are to doubt of its suctions, but also tend to mollify the feel cess, to relinquish its banners, or despair ings of those who are extreme to mark of its final triumphs. There have been what they think amiss in the constitution days, when the great, the learned, and or measures of this Society. I would the wise, set themselves in array against go back to the time when the demand this Society, as yet unconfirmed in its of this country for printing the Scrip- strength, and untried in the exertion of tures was satisfied by 20,000 or 30,000 co its latent energies. But, if assailants pies in a year; when men would have not wanting, neither were there been startled at the thought of 800,000 wanting champions in our cause; and copies being required by this Society; those who then conducted the Society, when throughout the Roman Catholic some of whom still continue among us, population of Ireland, the Scriptures though others have been removed to their were an unknown book; when, with re reward, went forth to the battle, not gard to the principality of Wales, it was trusting to human armour, not arrayed in hopeless to procure a single copy; when the panoply of mortal arms, but they you might go over the greater part of the sought and they found their victorious continent of Europe, and scarcely find a weapons in the armoury of God. They copy of the Scriptures to be procured, even went forth to the battle, not regarding at the largest price ; when there were but those who differed from them in this thirty-seven translations of the Scriptures country as enemies : those were not the into foreign languages, and most of those enemies against whom they marshalled chiefly confined to the knowledge of the

No; the enemies they curious : and in this way would I meet fought were ignorance, and vice, and the objections which we sometimes hear iniquity, under whatever shape, in whatagainst the constitution and plans of this ever land; whether under the smiling Society. I would, in this respect, take aspect of an over-elaborate civilization, an example from the great Athenian or the more obtrusive and disgusting commander, who, when assailed by ca. vices of heathenish atrocities. These lumny, replied to his accusers in one were the enemies whom they pursued ; word, which brought to the knowledge and they went forth to the contest in the of the assembly the recollection of his spirit that animated every heart in that victory; and that word was “ Marathon." selected band of three hundred, who, on His enemies calumniated him, but his a memorable occasion, in a state of weafriends deigned only to repeat “ Mara riness and hunger, came to Jordan's thon ! ” So when we are told of our bank, faint, yet pursuing. The time of indiscriminate associations with others, faintness is, I trust, past ; but the time and of our imperfect constitution, let us of pursuing remains. So long as there answer, that we have 137 translations of are territories to be explored, so long as the Scriptures ; that we have circulated sin and vice are to be subdued, so long 14,000,000 of copies of the word of the pursuit must be continued and wax God; and have more than 7,000 kindred hotter from day to day:

We know that or affiliated institutions.

it is destined, that the sacred volume LORD GLENELG, referring to the which we circulate shall one day be the past history of the Society, said,—There law of the habitable globe. We know that have, indeed, been days of darkness ; but all the events and circumstances of this surely, if, in the time of the infancy of state of things are forming, and collecting, this Society, when its powers were yet and concentrating together, to one great immature and unknown, we were not object--the establishment of one magni. induced to abandon its cause, the present ficent dominion, under that great Poten. is not the period we should choose for tate to whom the eternal promise has been relinquishing our support. Now, when, given, “ I will give thee the Heathen for in every part of the habitable globe, its thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts labours are extended and its success is of the earth for thy possession.” At recognised, when we hear of 14,000,000 what period that glorious consummation

may arrive, it is not for us to say. This the globe, in the justling and hurrying rests in the mind and will of Him with together of great events, in the varying whom “a thousand years are as one positions and diversifying phases of the day:" although in the present aspect of great states of this world ; in all these things, one might perceive somewhat of things we see some preparation for that approximation to that grand consumma great period. tion in the general movements throughout

VI. THE BRITISH REFORMATION SOCIETY. The Annual Meeting of this Society tism, the purification of the soul by fire vas held on Thursday, May 5th, at the suggesting the idea of a Romish pur. Hanover-square Rooms : Mr. Finch in gatory, the propriety and usefulness of the chair. The Rev. Denis Brownie hav. prayers for the dead, the superstitious veing opened the Meeting with prayer, neration for the sign of the cross, the tombs

The CHAIRMAN said, that in his opi- of martyrs, invocation and patronage of nion, the Tractarians and the Roman Ca- saints, with the whole system of mockery tholics stood precisely on the same ground; and fanaticism, were all to be found in the and they would both seduce us from the works of the Fathers, and more or less true rule of faith. So long as we looked sanctioned and set forth by Chrysostom to the Bible as the sole rule of faith, in himself. He also alluded to the Arian humble dependence on the teaching of heresy that distracted the church, and the Holy Spirit, we were safe ; but if we the lamentable account given by that once took the traditions of men, and the writer of the moral degradation of the fallible interpretation of men, mixing the people. If such, then, was the state of one with the word of God, and substi. religion in the Nicene age, was it to be tuting the other for the teaching of the wondered that the Tractarians, who were Holy Spirit, we should be on the high always referring to this as the purest age road to defection and apostasy. The of the church, should have introduced so Tractarians, with the Roman Catholics, many errors into their writings ? But would alike persuade us to take tradition to what a state would England be reduced and the interpretation of the Fathers, as if she adopted their standard ! She part of the rule of faith. They did not would at once embrace three-fourths of deny that the Scriptures contained all the Romish system, and be in the fair that was essential to salvation ; but they way of adopting the remainder. He was held that private judgment, without the persuaded the Tractarian controversy apostolic tradition, was liable to lead us would lead to very beneficial results : if astray. They also referred us for the it did no more, it would, at least, sweep standard of church excellence to the away that blind veneration which was very same period to which the Church of entertained by too many for the fourth Rome was so constantly recurring the and fifth centuries, unveiling the vices, Nicene age, the fourth and fifth centuries the heresy, the divisions, the fanaticism, of the Christian era. It was, therefore, the superstition, and false doctrine that most important that the vices, errors, su prevailed at that period, and leading men perstitions, and fanaticism of that age to look more entirely to the Bible and should be exposed, and that it should be the teaching of the Holy Spirit. It shown by reference to the best historical would also stimulate them to be more writers and the works of the Fathers grateful, and to estimate more highly the themselves, that the church then needed truly divine work of the Reformation. reformation as much as in the sixteenth DR. STOREY read the Report, which century. He was prepared to show from stated the names of the numerous places the writings of one of the most learned of which, during last year, had been visited the Fathers, a writer of the highest emi. by deputations from the Society; and nence, and often appealed to both by the announced the determination of the Tractarians and the Roman Catholics, Committee, not merely to engage clerical -he meant Chrysostom,—that the great Missionaries, to conduct discussions in errors of Popery existed even in that the large towns where Popery was makearly age. The Chairman then pro- ing the greatest strides, but also to raise ceeded to read at considerable length ex a fund for the gratuitous or cheap cirtracts from the homilies of Chrysostom, culation of tracts, to neutralize the obproving that baptismal regeneration, thé noxious publications of the Roman Caefficacy of penances, alms, fasting, &c., tholic Institute ; and also to establish a in atoning for sins committed after bap course of leetures, to be given in the

Town-Hall of Oxford, upon the errors of dour of her ritual. I refer to this, the Romish Church, and the tendencies because I find that Mr. Sibthorp has of Tractarianism. The Hon. and Rev. specially dwelt on it in his pamphlet, as Baptist Noel, and the Rev. R. J. one of those circumstances which bind M'Ghee, were announced among those him to the Roman Catholic communion. who had volunteered as lecturers.

Now we might admit all the beauty and The Rev. MR. MORIARTY, in mov. splendour of her ritual, and forms, and ing the adoption of the Report, said ceremonies ; but the Jews had as splenHe would tell the Meeting an anecdote did a ritual, and yet they crucified the of one of his own flock, who had been Lord of all, and put him to an open born a Papist. A poor Irish peasant shame. It has always struck me, that had received an Irish Testament, and the elaborate decoration of any part of read it privately, but still attended the Christianity indicates that something is mass, always taking care to have it in wrong, hollow, or spurious behind. If his pocket. He heard a Romish Priest one of the busts of Canova, or a statue one day preach from a portion of Scrip- from the chisel of Praxiteles, were ture. And here he must observe, that placed before you, would you think of the activity of the Protestants had now having a tailor or a dress-maker to hide compelled the Priests to preach ; al their beautiful symmetry and proporthough before it was thought enough to tions, by the draperies of modern dress ? say mass. In fact, they used to content Who ever thinks of gilding refined gold, themselves with Latin prayers and Irish painting the rose, or adding fresh percurses, as the saying was; but now the fume to the violet ? Christianity is so Priests were obliged to preach. On the majestic in its own inherent grandeur occasion he alluded to, the text was, and simplicity, that it needs only to be “ Blessed is the womb that bare thee, seen to be beautiful in the eyes of all and the paps that gave thee suck.” So that know and love the truth as it is in far, so good, undoubtedly; but the Jesus Christ : ornament defiles it; decoPriest preached up the Virgin Mary as ration destroys it. These are the efforts the object of faith, and hope, and love, of man to adorn that which receives its and placed her on the throne of Christ, real glory from heaven. The beauty of for the sinner to look to, pray to, and the true church is within : “ The King's depend upon. He went on constantly daughter is all glorious within." The repeating the words, “Blessed is the beauty of Christianity is a moral and womb that bare thee, and the paps that spiritual beauty; as it is written, “ How gave thee suck,” until the poor peasant beautiful upon the mountains are the got perfectly impatient; and, turning up feet of them that bring good tidings ! ” the passage, called out, “Why don't They might be the naked and unsandal. you repeat the rest, Sir, — Yea, rather, ed feet of the Apostles ; but if they blessed are they that hear the word of brought good tidings of great joy, they God, and do it?"" No matter what were beautiful in the estimation of every amount of truth the Church of Rome true and sanctified believer. Another possessed, the poison that was invariably assumption of the Church of Rome is, administered along with it completely that she has built all the magnificent nullified it. The true catholic faith, so cathedrals. Herod raised the most stu. far as she had it, was hid under a heap pendous cathedral the world ever saw, of corruption and rubbish, which kept it and the Jews contributed to its erection ; from the sinner's view. There was food but its porticoes resounded with the cry, among them, but the sinner was com. “ Not this man, but Barabbas ; away pelled to fast upon husks. The princi. with him, away with him! Crucify him, ples of the Reformation had given us crucify him !

And the very steps of light, life, and liberty, made us prosper that gorgeous temple were died with the in this world, and were fitting us for blood of holy martyrs. It is possible to eternity. Never, then, could they aban. raise a stupendous cathedral, and to don that which they felt to be the true make it only a mausoleum for the glory of England. Let them confine the mouldering dead. It is possible to conPope to his own dominions in Italy. struct a gorgeous altar; and yet it may He and all his Popish Priests were in not be a place where the glory burns, truders and usurpers here. He hoped but on which the eye of faith can read, this Society would give them all notice “ Ichabod, the glory is departed." to quit.

The Rev. BAPTIST Noel, in the The Rev. MR. Cumming said, course of his speech, said,Perhaps you Another claim which the Church of were tempted to smile, when you heard Rome sets up is, the beauty and splen- some of the extracts from the books for

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