children which were read by my reve. If we had an organization in our Church rend friend: to me they seem matter of that could afford an effectual check, we anything rather than mirth.

The most

would appeal to it; but I can find no formidable, the most fearful feature in available combination of agency that we the combination against evangelical can employ for that purpose ; and, in the truth, now to such an extent prevailing absence of some public direct systematic in this city, is, that it is seizing upon effort, in order to repress their notions, I the very springs of life, to infect and poi. have been told they are triumpbing in son them. They are not content to poison Oxford. There is wanted some power that the Thames as it passes London-bridge, shall concentrate the influence of the body, but they go to the very spring and foun- maintaining the truth as it is in Jesus. tain, and endeavour to poison it there. The parochial and other Ministers are These men, too, are persons of consider devoted to their own duties; and it is able ability and learning ; and, on this impossible that they can follow these account, their efforts must

be more

Anglo-Catholics throughout their whole seductive ; because, forgetting or despis tortuous literature. If the work be done ing all those branches of knowledge at all, it must be by champions chosen which men most value ; overlooking all specially for the work, and who will modern literature, and disregarding all devote their energies to it. The Christhat is solid in science or history; they tian community may raise such an infludirect all their interest, and concentrate ence, by means of this Society, as shall all their attention, in what has been for grapple with and master the heresy gotten for ages; and, pouring out their which is daily spreading, and the power stores, drawn from such fields, they pro of which we have so much reason to duce, in the credulous minds of the deplore. By the strength of God this young, the impression of profound learn heresy must be overcome, and expelled ing, iminense research ; and, because they from the land. God is with us, truth is are not answered, they think them unan with us, all Protestant associations are swerable. On this account, it seems to with us, the pulsations of every Christian me necessary that there should be a com heart are with us; and, if we have only bination to meet their influence. They courage and resolution, I believe the are combined, steadfast, energetic, enter pestilence will be swept from the face of prising, and assiduous ; they are ani the country. If I am asked, What are mated, full of hope, the hope to make the means we should take to accomplish us recede more and more from the prin- this ? some of them are most obvious ciples of the Reformation, their avowed and practicable. It is possible for this object being to unprotestantize the Church Socieiy, if adequately sustained by the of England. For this they vilify the public, to have not only a course of lecnames of our Reformers; for this they tures at Oxford, which I rejoice to hear mutilate the doctrines we profess; for is in progress, but to have a sufficient this they dishonour the sacred Scrip- number of accomplished scholars in its tures, by making tradition a parallel employment, whose duty it shall be to authority ; for this they circulate undo what our Anglo-Catholic enemies throughout the whole land their works, have been accomplishing. We should from the smallest tracts and little books have books and tracts written like their for children, to their ponderous tomes :

We should have a literature im. and if we are successfully to meet them, bued with sound Christian principles, we must have a combination of our own. in every city, town, and parish.


VII. THE PRAYER-BOOK AND HOMILY SOCIETY. The Thirtieth Annual Meeting of Prayers, 16 German Selection of Prayers, this Society was held in the Lower and 7 Books of Homilies, had been purRoom, Exeter-Hall, on Thursday, May chased by the sailors ; making an average 5th the Right Hon. Lord Bexley in of more than 100 Prayer-Books sold to the chair.

sailors monthly. 652 books of Select The Rev. F. DOLLMAN proceeded Homilies, and 200 Homily-Tracts, had to read the Report, which commenced been supplied to crews of ships gratuiby noticing the operations of the Society tously. 744 of the ships visited had amongst seamen. During the year 3,000 been spoken to particularly; and, with ships and other vessels had been visited the exception of 498, they had divine or revisited in the London river and service at sea occasionally or regularly. docks. 1,379 Prayer-Books, 84 Family Owing to the financial embarrassments

of the Society, no new Auxiliaries had great disadvantages and losses were expebeen established last year; and the Com rienced in consequence of not having I'a mittee urged upon the members of exist, capital at command. ing Associations to make prompt and The Rev. DR. MARSH moved, vigorous endeavours to relieve the Soci. “ That this Meeting, viewing with conety from its debt. The Report then cern the attempts made in the present spoke of the important results which had day to repudiate the principles of Profollowed the circulation of the Homilies, testantism, considers that the Prayerand lectures upon them; and of the Book and Homily Society, which brings necessity of keeping up the distribution so prominently forward, in the circulaof Prayer-Books and Homilies, to fortify tion of the formularies of the Church of the humbler members of the Church England, and other publications set forth against the insidious attempts of Roman by authority, the uncompromising prinCatholic Priests and Sisters of Mercy, ciples of our Reformers, has a strong so called, to delude and apostatize them. claim on the affectionate and cordial supFrom the several Associations abroad, port of all who truly love the established various remittances had been received, Church.” He observed, that they had and supplies forwarded. During the been told, in modern times, that there year the Society had added only one to were but few shades of difference between the number of its publications; the Com the Church of England and the Church mittee having received a donation of of Rome. A few shades, indeed! Why, £10, to enable them to publish the they were Alps! If they ascended those Homily on the Nativity in Hebrew; Alps, it would not be to be refreshed, being the second in that tongue. The like Hannibal, when he looked along the former was the Homily on the Reading plains of Italy ; but they would be disof the Scriptures. A lady had also gusted and displeased. They had been placed at the disposal of the Committee called upon to approach the Church of £20, for the distribution of books in Rome, under an assurance that she would Syria, and £5 for the same purpose in approach them. He had no doubt of it; Italy. The Committee had determined but he trusted that they never would to print Dr. Pococke's Arabic version of consent to realize any such union ; that part of the Liturgy, adding the Burial Protestant England would never again Service. A donation of 225 copies of submit to a voluntary humility and worthe Liturgy, in French, had been pre shipping of angels; to the adoration of sented to the Society by the noble Pre the Virgin; to the invocation of saints ; sident. The number of publications to the merit of works ; to the sacrifice of issued by the Society was 11,770 Prayer the mass; to the transubstantiation of Books, and 46,850 Homilies, &c.; mak. the wafer; to the denial of the cup; to ing a total of 412,770, and 2,544,118 the supremacy of the Pope ; to the sole tracts. The Earl of Chichester and Lord power of the Priests ; to extreme uncAshley had become Vice-Presidents of tion; to purgatorial flames ; to seven the Society. In appealing to their friends, sacraments, half an one being denied : to exert themselves to extricate the Soci for to these they must submit, if they ety from debt, the Committee would re would approach the Church of Rome. mind them of various items which have The Rev. H. STOWELL said, For chiefly tended to create that debt. Since any man to sit down gravely, for the 1836, grants of books to various institu purpose of proving that the Church of tions in and near the metropolis had been England was not a Protestant Church, made, to the value of £420 ; gratuitously argued, either that his mind was to seamen, £170; to Ireland, £210; for wholly perverted, that he almost deserved English emigrants at various places, and a place in Bedlam ; or that his judgment for foreign nations, £470 ; to North was so fearfully distorted on this simple America, £164 ; South America, £50 ; truth, that it was impossible to give him Asia, £400 : making nearly the amount credit for integrity of motive. You of the Society's debt. The receipts for might just as well say, that the Rubric the past year were £2,496. 8s. ld. ; the of the Church of England was not scripdisbursements, £2,632. 10s. The en tural, as say, that the Church was not gagements of the Society amounted to a Protestant Church. If not Protestant, £2,219. 7s. 2d., many of them being what was it ? Did our Reformers die overdue, and the whole claimable before as anti-Protestants ? Did our martyrs or at Midsummer next. The value of suffer because they were friends of the the stock of the Society was greater than Church of Rome ? Did they witness an the sum of its debts; and being much unequivocal adherence to the Thirtyin the character of a trading Society, nine Articles, because they foresaw that


those Articles could be made, by sophism really got back to the dark ages : and, and wilful perversion, equivocal in their indeed, it would have been quite as well, meaning? How absurd for any man to perhaps, if such persons had been born sit down and endeavour to reconcile the in those ages; for it was clear, that they Protestant Church of England with the were not fitted to enjoy the light of the Popish Church of Rome; to try to prove glorious Reformation in the nineteenth that a man may plant one foot within century. It was because there was nothe pale of the Reformed Church, and thing but Protestantism in the Prayer. the other in that of the unscriptural Book, and in the Thirty-nine Articles, Church, and believe that he was standing and because the Homilies set forth the on the same ground; that he may take pure doctrines of the Reformation, that with the one hand the mother of harlots, this Society ought to receive the support and with the other that chaste and un- of all those who desired to have no peace spotted spouse of Christ Jesus, the with Rome, and who would wish to Church of England! The individual check the spread of those antiquated who sat down to make such an attempt noveltics set forth by the friends of must have been dreaming, amongst the Rome concealed within the pale of the gloom of the University, that he had Church of England.


VIII. THE LONDON CITY MISSION. THE Annual Meeting of this institu. sons have joined Christian churches ; tion was held at Exeter-Hall, on Thurs and of seven other persons who are in day, May 5th. J. B. Plumptre, Esq., health, he has a good hope, that they M. P., who had been announced to take have passed from death unto life, as he the chair, was prevented, in consequence has also of the individual in affliction. of having to accompany a deputation of The Report then stated exactly how his constituents, with other Members of the matter stood as to the suppression of Parliament, to Sir Robert Peel, at twelve the London taverns, (two or three of the o'clock. In Mr. Plumptre's note, read proprietors having set the Magistrates at to the Meeting, he expressed his warmest defiance,) and expressed the determina. attachment to the Mission, enclosed a tion of the Committee not to let the donation of £5, and kindly offered to matter rest where it does. It then take the chair, if life were spared him, alluded to the appointment of a Mis

a future occasion. In his place, sionary to visit the Royal Free Hospital Edward North Buxton, Esq., was called in Hatton-Garden, and also a Mission. to the chair.

ary to the Jews, and gave an interesting The Rev. ROBERT AINSLIE read account of some of his interviews with the Report. It commenced by referring to his Jewish brethren. the fact, that, after seven years' trial of The number of Missionaries reported the principles, plans, and agency of the in May, 1841, was 52; it is now 61, Mission, it was found in every way to

being an increase of 9; and there are 6 be an institution adapted to the exigen. fresh applications before the Committee cies of the population. After stating that for Missionaries. Not only unbroken the condition of many neighbourhoods peace, but a delightful and Christian was deplorable, it gave the statistics of harmony, has continued to prevail in the one district in Westminster. There are Committee-room and among the Mis120 houses in the district, inhabited by sionaries, comprehending, as the Mission 708 families, all of whom are visited by does, Ministers and members of the a Missionary. In these 120 houses established Churches of England and there are 174 rooms occupied by females of Scotland, Congregationalists, Baptists, devoted to public vice ; 290 rooms are Wesleyans, the Secession Church of occupied by beggars; and 190 rooms Scotland, and the Countess of Huntingare inhabited by hucksters. On this don's Connexion. district, during the year, the Missionary The Report then narrated some aw. made 6,554 visits and calls ; gave away fully affecting scenes witnessed by the 5,390 religious tracts, and 11 copies of Missionaries during the year, and prothe Scriptures; he induced 19 persons ceeded to state some facts of those to attend public worship, and 58 chil persons who had been living in public dren to attend schools; he held 108 immorality, but who were now reformed. meetings for reading the Scriptures, and Altogether, in the different districts prayer; he has been the instrument of 8 during the year, no less than 277 pera persons being outwardly reformed; I sons had become reformed characters, backslider has been reclaimed ; 2 per. and 68 backsliders had been restored.

The Missionaries on the Lambeth of the danger lest our union should be Marsh, Broadwall, Field-lane, and attended with the concession of some Holywell-mount districts, had each vital principle. He that unites with us formed a school for the ragged and may miss uniformity; but, if he be neglected children found in the streets. really united with us in the great object The Missionaries in the last-named dis of the salvation of sinners by the free trict had brought no less than 345 preaching of the doctrine of justification children under instruction during the by faith in a crucified Redeemer, I say year, closed 17 houses devoted to public boldly, that that man can sacrifice no vice, introduced 4 females to asylums ; vital principle. And, therefore, I feel and I house, the worst upon the district, it a privilege to advocate the cause of the which was a den of thieves, is now con London City Mission ; especially as I verted into a place of prayer, and is share it with comparatively few of the used as the infant-school. 'Altogether, Ministers of that Church to which it is 2,516 children had been sent to various my honour to belong. But I do not schools during the year. 22,037 visits believe that this will last long : at no have been made to the sick and dying; distant period, we shall have the whole and 1,087 have died upon the districts nation with us: we shall no longer be during the year. Of 253 of these, the the minority; a Clergyman will not be Missionaries had, in the judgment of frowned upon for standing upon our charity, a good hope of their unfeigned platform ; and so many will press forSOTTOW for sin, and of their faith in ward, that the humble individual who Christ; and out of the 1,087 persons now addresses you will ask in vain for a who died, 490 were visited exclusively, Resolution. I call your Society great in their afflicted and dying hours, by the even now. It has been said to be in its Missionaries of this institution. 303,616 infant state. Be it so: one of the most religious tracts had been given away. beautiful productions of ancient art was 6,577 meetings had been held for prayer

the infant Hercules. I see it (if it be in and expounding the Scriptures. 1,066 its cradle) using its infant hands already, copies of the Scriptures had been distri- to strangle the kindred snakes of bigotry buted, and 1,536 persons induced to and priestcraft; and shall I not see it go attend public worship. During the year forth against the many-headed monster the total number of visits and calls of superstition, and strike head after amounted to 289,924. Details were head from the hydra to the ground, and, given of some of the results of them ; anon, divert the stream of Christian chaand the Report stated, that, besides the rity into the proper channel, until it has 253 hopeful cases in death, there are actually cleansed the Augean stable of 80 other instances of the power of reli. this vast metropolis of its uncleanness, gion on those who were in affliction, and its filth, and its impurity ? I knew, have recovered, and are now living con- when I stood before this Society on a sistently with the Gospel : and there are previous occasion, that there was some 215 instances of persons who have been

sacrifice to be made ; I was not ignorant met with in health, during the past year, that whispers would be circulated, all of whom are giving evidence of the throwing suspicion upon my churchmanpower of divine truth upon their con ship. No ; but I should despise mysciences and their hearts; and 81 of self,-10; but I should fear for the them have publicly given themselves up Church of which I am a Minister,—no ; to God, by becoming members and com but I could not bear the daily selfmunicants of the church of Christ. examination in the evening, if any such

The funds last year reached £4,831, motives as these could hold me back being an increase of £934 over the pre from duty. I do not believe, that all ceding year. This year they have you do will keep one member away from reached £5,534, being an increase over the Church of England ; because none last year of £712. "The increase has whom you visit would have joined her, been devoted to new Missionaries, and if you had not gone. But suppose it the balance in hand is not enough for otherwise ; suppose it said, “ This City the current month's expenditure; and Mission does a vast deal of good : it has for the support of about 22 of the 61 converted the profligate ; reclaimed the Missionaries, (or for about £1,500 a wretched fernale ; brought home the year,) the Committee are dependent on backslider ; made people think about occasional contributions.

their souls. But, alas ! you must not The Rev. Dr. Byrth, Rector of join it, for not one of these has ever Wallasey, moved a vote of thanks to the found his way to an Episcopal Church ; office-bearers, and said, We have heard they do not reverence Bishops ; they

care nothing about you in your white character. But I think a preceding surplice; they do not mind about or. speaker called it the Oxford heresy. I ders." Well, I should say, will they go take shame to myself, that it did arise in to heaven ? Should we have gone to Oxford. I should have thought there them, if these Missionaries had not ? had been there some iron heel, to tramAnd I will not listen to objections about ple it to death as soon as it crept forth. irregularity, and sacerdotal order, and And yet it ought not to be called the vested spiritual right, until my questions Oxford heresy. Not the most learned, are answered, and my argument over. distinguished, prudent, not even the mathrown. Dr. Byrth, after a few other jority in number, as we showed them at remarks, said,-My next axiom is one the last contest, have embraced it : they sadly forgotten ; and it would make one have but a small portion of the real ashamed of many an elaborate treatise, learning, and sound logic, and deep written to prove some church-order to piety, of that my alma mater. They be true, when, perhaps, we should in pretend to great learning : other men are vain look for the rudiments correctly learned, as well as they. Long before drawn of any church-order in the pages they dared to stamp their novelties with of infallible truth. It is, that there is what they call the seal of antiquity, but one Priest in the Christian church; there were at least a few of us who had and He is the High Priest, Christ given days and nights to the Greek Jesus. No right that ever man could and the Latin fathers. “Are they Heexercise is invaded when they who have brews ? So are we.” Do they delight received no official or sacerdotal appoint- in the depths of a remote antiquity ? ment go and call their fellow-sinners to We have been there before them. But look to Him who died for them. But suppose they go forth, or suppose they to my last axiom : it is this : The work send me forth ; I meet your Missionary of the conversion of a sinner is the work in his labour, and I say to him, “ My of the Holy Ghost, and his work alone. friend, you are quite out of your proNow, he that could hear that Report vince; you are invading mine. I have read, and then go away doubting if been a Priest for many years ; I received your Missionaries have been the instru- degrees from the most learned University ments of converting sinners to God, is in Europe ; I have actually the authority a man with whom I should think it of several Bishops, one after another : hopeless to reason, though he possessed do give place.” The humble man would all the learning of the schools, and all give way, no doubt. I go, then : and the ingenuity of concentrated scepticism. what do they tell me to proclaim ? A But permit me here to advert to that self-justifying system ; a catalogue of heresy which has been referred to, and penances and macerations; that the sin. which I count infinitely more danger. ner is to repent himself into a good man. ous than Popery ; I mean, that which I suppose I might talk long enough to little is called Puseyism, but which really purpose to those of whom we have heard ought to be called Newmanism, because to-day about the apostolical succession, embodying (for he is public property) and the untainted character of my priest. the insincere, the ungenerous, the mis- hood; and I might have gone through representing spirit of that unhappy man. all the mummery (for it is nothing else) I believe the cloud is passing away. I that leads to despair and death, but has think a reaction is taking place; I think not-what the simple doctrine of your they are getting weary of their trammels. Missionaries has the life-giving energy Asceticism may live in the desert; but in from above accompanying it. the world it must soon die, or change its


The Forty-third Anniversary of this Australia, Van-Diemen's Land, Newinstitution was held at Exeter-Hall, on Zealand, the South Sea Islands, Western Friday evening, May 6th. The chair Africa, South Africa, Spanish America, was taken by the Earl of Chichester. West Indies, British North America,

The Report was read by MR. JONES, North-west America, Greenland, Labrathe Travelling and Corresponding Secre- dor, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, tary. It briefly noticed the operations of Portugal and Portuguese Islands, Italy, the Society, and its Auxiliaries in China, Germany, Hungary, Lower Saxony, Java, Burmah, Assam, India, Ceylon, Wirtemberg, Denmark, Sweden, Po

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