the individual sentiments were "that the cause of by absolve ourselves from allegiance to the British Boston was the cause of all; that their destinies crown, and abjure all political connection, contract, were indissolubly connected with those of their association with that nation, who have wantonly eastern fellow.citizens—and that they must either trampled on our right and liberties--and inhumanly submit to all the impositions which an unprinci. shed the innocent blood of American patriots at pled and to them an unrepresented parliament might Lexington. impose-or support their brethren who were doomed

3 Resolved, That we do hereby declare our. to sustain the first shock of that power, which, if suc-selves a free and independent people; are, and of cessful there, would ultimately overwhelm all in the right ought to be, a sovereign and self-governing common calamity. Conformably to these principles, association, under the control of no power other sol. Adam Alexander, through solicitation, issued | than that of our God and the general government an order to each captains's company in the county of the congress: to the maintenance of which inde. of Mecklenburg, (then comprising the present pendence, we solemnly pledge to each other our county of Cabarrus) directing each militia company mutual co-operation, our lives, our fortunes, and to elect two persons, and delegate to them am.

our most sacred honor. ple power to devise ways and means to aid and assist their suffering brethren in Boston, and also ge. 4. Resolved, That, as we now acknowledge the nerally to adopt measures to extricate themselves existence and control of no law or legal officer, ci. from the impending storm, and to secure, unim. vil or military, within this county, we do hereby paired, their inalienable rights, privileges and li. ordain and adopt, as a rule of life, all, each, and berties, from the dominant grasp of British impo- every of our former laws--wherein, nevertheless, sition and tyranny.

the crown of Great Britain never can be consider.

ed as holding rights, privileges, immunities, or aų.. In conforming to said order, on the 19th of May, thority therein. 1775, the said delegation met in Charlotte, vested

5. Resolvod, That it is also further decreed, that with unlimited powers; at which time official

all, each, and every military officer in this county news, by express, arrived of the battle of Lezing is hereby reinstated to his former command and ton on that day of the preceding month. Every authority, he acting conformably to these regula. delegate felt the value and importance of the prize, tions. And that every member present of this de. and tbe awful and solema crisis which had arrived

legation shall benceforth be a civil officer, viz: a -every bosom swelled with indignation at the

justice of the peace, in the character of a 'Cummitmalice, inveteracy, and insatiable revenge develop

tee inan,' to issue process, hear and determine all ed in the late attack at Lexington. The universal

matters of controversy, according to said adopted sentiment was let us not flatter ourselves that

laws, and to preserve peace, and union, and bar. popular harar.gues--or resolves; that popular va.

mony, in said county; and to use every exertion to pour will avert the storm, or vanquish our common

spread the love of country and fire of freedom enemy-let us deliberate-let us calculate the is.

throughout America, until more general and or. sue-the probable result: and then let us act with

ganized government be established in this pro. energy as brethren leagued to preserve our proper.

vince, ty-our lives,--and what is still more endearing, the liberties of America. Adam Alexander was

A number of by laws were also added, merely to then elected chairman, and John M Knitt Alexander, protect the association from confusion, and to re. clerk. After a free and full discussion of the va- gulate their general conduct as citizens. Afier rious objects for which the delegation had been sitting in the court house all night, neither sleepy, convened, it was unanimously ordained

hungry or fatigued, and after discussing every på.

ragraph, they were all passed, sanctioned, and de1. Resolved, that whosoever directly or indi- creed, unanimously, about 2 o'clock, A. M. May cectly abetted, or in any way, form, or manner, 20. In a few days, a deputation of said delegation countenanced the unchartered and dangerous in

convened, when capt. James Jack, of Charlotte, was vasion of our rights, as claimed by Great Britain, deputed as express to the congress at Philadel. is an enemy to this country—to America—and to phia, with a copy of said resolves and proceedings, the inberent and inalienable rights of man.

together with a letter addressed to our three re2. Resolved, That we, the citizens of Mecklenburg presentatives, viz: Richard Caswell, Wm. Hooper, county, do hereby dissolve the political bands which and Joseph Hughes, under express injunction, per. have connected us to the mother country, and here. Isonally, and through the state representation, to

use all possible means to have said proceedings and happiness of all his people, and sensible to the sanctioned and approved by the general congress. representations which have been constantly made On the return of capt. Jack, the delegation learned to him of the steady and unshaken loyalty, and of that their proceedings were individually approved the inviolable fidelity and attachment of his fajlbby the members of congress, but that it was deem. ful subjects in this province to his person and go. ed premature to lay them before the house. A joint vernment, and confiding entirely in their re. letter from said three members of congress was peated assurances to his majesty of their own ut. also received, complimentary of the zeal in the most exertions in co-operation with his arms when. common cause, and recommending perseverance, ever they should be directed to their support: And order, and energy

whereas his majesty, moved by these coosidera. The subsequent harmony, unanimity, and exer.

tions, by every the most tender and paternal feel. tion, in the cause of liberty and independence, ing of concern and regard for the sufferings and evidently resulting from these regulations, and the misery of his faithful people, under the intolerable continued exertion of said delegation, apparently yoke of arbitrary power, which his majesty, with tranquilized this section of the state, and met with indignation, sees imposed by the tyranny of the the concurrence and high approbation of the coun.

rebel congress upon his free-born subjects, hath cil of safety, who held their sessions at Newbern been pleased to send an army to their aid and reand Wilmington, alternately, and who confirmed lief-1 bave, therefore, thought it proper, by this the nomination and acts of the delegation in their proclamation, to inform his majesty's loyal and official capacity.

faithful subjects in this province, of this great

proof and instance of his majesty's gracious atten. From this delegation originated the court of ention to them, and at the same time to advertise quiry of this county, who constituted and held their them that the royal army, under the command of first session in Charlotte; they then held their lieut. gen. earl Cornwallis, is thus far advanced to meetings regularly at Charlotte, at col. James Har.

tbeir support, leaving it to themselves to compute ris's, and at col. Phifer's, alternately, one week at

its power and superiority from the great, signal, each place; It was a civil court founded on milita- and complete victory which it obtained when in ry process. Before this judicature all suspicious force very interior to its present strength, over the persons were made to appear, who were formally rebel army on the 16th of August: And whereas, tried, and banished or continued under guard. I's while his majesty, on the one hand, bolds furth jurisdiction was as unlimited as toryism, and its

grace and mercy to his deluded subjects who shall decrees as final as the confidence and patriotism

immediately, and with good faith, return to their of the county. Several were arrested and brought duty, to which they have been invited, in vain, by before them from Lincoln, Rowan, and the adja

every reason and argument, and by every considecent counties.

ration of interest, of freedom, and happiness, he is [The fóregoing is a true copy of the papers on determined, on the other, to employ, in the most vi. the above subject, left in my hands by John Mat. gorous and effectuul manner, the force of his arms, thew Alexander, deceased. I find it mentioned on and the united strength of his faithful people, to file, that the original book was burned in April, restore and maintain to them that genuine liberty, 1800; tb at a copy of the proceedings was sent to peace, and prosperity, which they formerly enjoyed Hugh Williamsoi, in New Yrk, then writing a in such full security, under the mild government a history of North Carolina, and that a copy was and protection of Great Britain, and to compel the sent to gen. W. R Davie.

disobedient to submission to the laws, and to : 3. M'KNITT.) participation of those blessings of a free constitu.

tion, which, through ignorance, infatuation, deluThe following ROYAL PROCLAMATION was com- sion, blindness, and fraud, they have been hitherto municated at the same time, and is published as a led to resist, notwithstanding his majesty's most curiosity,

gracious and merciful endeavors to reclaim them. NORTH CAROLINA.

Having tbus signified to the king's loyal and faitb. By his excellency Jusi-ih Martin, his mujesty's cap. ful subjects the arrival and progress of his majes.

rain general, and givernor in chief of the said pro- ty's army to their aid and support, which they have vince, &c. &c. &c.

so long and eagerly wished for, it becomes my duty

to remind them that the time is now arrived in Whereas the king, ever anxious for the welfare which they are to evince the sincerity of their pro


fessions of loyalty and attachment to his majesty's, they shall choose to enlisi, from a just sense of the person and governinent; they are to consider them- merit and applause that will be due to such as are selves in this hour most seriously and solemnly cal-soonest completed. led upon by every duty of the subject to the sove

Given under my hand, and the great seal of the reign, and by every tie and consideration of family,

said province at head quarters, in liberty, and property, of present and future wel.

Charlottetown, this third day of October fare and interest, with heart and band, to join and

in the year of our Lord one thousand se. unite their strength with that of his majesty's

van hundred and eighty, and in the twenforces, in order to deliver themselves from that in.

tieth year of his majesty's reign. tolerable yoke of slavery and arbitrary power,

JO. MARTIN. (which the tyranny of the rebel congress, lost to

By his excellency's command: every sense of truth and virtue, is evidently aim

Rigdox BRICE, P. Sec'y. ing to rivet upon them, by calling in the aid of

God save the king! the two Roman Catholic powers of France and Spain, whose policy and incessant labor it has been

THE MECKLENBURG RESOLUTIONS. for ages to subvert the civil and religious liber.

FROM THE RALEIGH REGISTER. ties of mankind,) and to restore themselves to that

Declaration of independence. — The following pas state of perfect freedom which is acknowledged ragraph appears in the Esses Register of the 24th throughout the world to be found only in the en. ult. in relation to the declaration of independence vied rights and condition of Britisha subjects: made by the citizens of Mecklenburg county, in

And whereas I have the entire confidence, that it this state, as early as May, 1775, which was origiis the wish, inclination, and ardent desire of bis nally published in this paper on the 30th ofApril, majesty's faithful and loyal subjects in this pro. 1818, and which has been copied into most of the vince, to employ their strength on this great occa. newspapers printed in the United States. sion for the redemption of every thing that can "The Mecklenburg resolutions, as copied from be dear to men, in the way that is likely most effec. the Raleigh Register, have not had universal eredit. tually and certainly to accomplish the great objects It bas been surprising that they had been so long of peace and happiness which they have in view: unknown. Though the publisher says they rest I do hereby exhort and invite allthe young and able upon high authority, the public would be pleased bodied men to testify the reality of their loyalty to know more about them. If they are forgeries, and spirit, by enlisting in the provincial corps, they are highly criminal, and we agree, that "fic. which ar: forthwith to be raised and put under my ions of this kind, five and forty years after the precommand, as bis majesty's governor of the protended fact, ought to be discountenanced by every vince, hereby informing and assuring them that man of honor, and this in particular ought to be they are and will be required to serve only during hunted from the dark cavern from which it origi. the rebellion, and within the provinces of Nortlı valed. The more ingenious the invention, the and South Carolina and Virginia, under officers of more detestable.” We can only say that, from their own recommendation; that each man will re- the specious form in which they appeared, we were ceive the bounty of three guinens at the time of induced to copy them. They bad so many cir. enlisting, and all the pay, clothing, appointments, cumstances that they could easily be exposed, if allowances, and encouragements of soldiers of his fictions; and, being printed in the state in which majesty's arıny; and will be entitled, at the end of the resolutions are said to bave been taken, they the rebellion, when they are to be discharged, to originated where these circumstances might be ex. free grants of land. And I have such full assu- plained. We know not what part the representarance that his majesty's loyal and faithful subjects lives of Norih Carolina took in congress, and how of this province wili so clearly see the propriety for they availed theinselves of the spirit they found and necessity of forming their strength upon this in their constituents. With us, it was no objection plan, which experience bath proved can alose ren that tbey were net published. We knew the state der it useful and effecual, to the speeily suppres of the press at that time, and the general inability sion of the tyranny which has for years past de. to take a fair estimate of local opinions. As some prived them of every blessing, right, and enjoy doubts bave arisen respecting the documents, it is joyment of life, that I am confident wieir bonest of the greatest importance that the documents be zeal will lead them to contend and vie with each examined and traced to their true history. These other in tilliug the respective baitalions in which doubts involve some serious questions. We copied

them from the press, and they have no object in The decluration an. resolutions published, northern policy. They are, if true, favorable to received by Mr. Davidsun fro'n J. M'Knitt, the south, in which they appear. As they re. ther of Mr. Alexander, the writer of the al gard a period of our history in which every thing letter) accompanied with the following ce should be clear and certain, we hope the publisher cate: will assist to more satisfactory knowledge of their "The foregoing is a true copy of the papers true character.”

the above subject, left in the bands of Jo For the satisfaction of the respectable editor of M'Knitt Alexander, deceased. I find it mention the Essex Register, we are desirous of giving bim, on file, that the original book was burned, Apr and others, who may have doubts as to the correct. 1800; that a copy of the proceedings was sent ness of these documents, all the information in our Hugh Williamson, in New York, then writing the power; and we feel confident, after we shall have history of North Carolina, and that a copy was done so, no longer doubt will remain as to the truth sent to gen. W. R. Davie. and reality of the proceedings in question.

"J. M'KNITT.” It appears, this Mecklenburg declaration of in

And the papers, thus certified, were sent to us dependence had, during last winter, been the sub. for publication, by the senator who had collected ject of conversation at Washington, amongst mem- the information. We trust, therefore, that the bers of congress; and that, in order to put the mat. most sceptical will no longer entertain a doubt of ter out of dispute, one of our senators, and the the authenticity of this declaration of indepen. representative from the Mecklenburg district, in dence of Mecklenburg county. If further evi. congress, wrote to gentlemen in that part of the dence of these facts were wanting, it is believed, country, most likely to give it, for satisfactory in the testimony of one the most respectable inhabiformation in relation to this matter.

tants of this city, who was present when the de. Our senator received the following answer to the claration was resolved upon might, be added. letter which he wrote on this occasion: "Alexandriana, Mecklenburg county, N. C.

Revolutionary Document. February 7, 1819. We have recently procured a copy of the instru. "GTR--Your application to gen. Joseph Grabam, ment by which GAGE, in 1776, proclaimed a par. of Lincoln county for information respecting the de. don to all Americans who should "lay down their claration of independence by the county of Meck arms and return to their duty," with the exception lenburg, previous to the declaration by the United of SAMUEL ADAMS and JOHN HANCOCK. We States, induced him to forward your letter to me for find by the introduction, that it was published by the like purpose, with a request to furnish you. the Whigs, from the British original. It is in the from my father's old papers, every thing on thar band bill form, and we believe has never before apsubject that could be found; but, previous to the peared in a news-paper.- Ed. Boston Patriot. reception of your letter, William Davidson had

CAMBRIDGE, June 14, 1775. addressed my brotber on the same subject, The following is a copy of an infumour thing handand he has furnished all that could be found ed about here yesterday, and now-reprinted to amongst my father's Papers on that subject. But, on satisfy the curiosity of the public. As it is replete looking again, I found an old proclamation,t which with consummate impudence, the most abomin. I herein enclose to you—if it should be of any able lies, and stuffed with daring expressions of service, you can use it.

tyranny, as well as rebellion against the estab“Nearly all my father's papers were burned in lished constitutional authority of tbe AMERI. the spring of 1800; which destroyed the papers CAN STATES, no one will hesitate in pronoua. now wanting, as I believe he acted as secretary to cing it to be the genuine production of that the the committee that declared independence for perfidious, petty tyrant, Thomas Gage. this county in 1775.

BY ITS EICELLENCY THE HON. THOMAS GAGE, ESQ. “I am, sir, with respect and esteem, your, &c.

Governor and commandler in chief in and over his md. “WM B. ALEXANDER.

jesty's Province of Massachusetts-Bay, and vice"Hon. NATHANIEL Macox."

admiral of the same. Mr. Davidson is the representative in congress

A PROCLAMATION. from that district. This was the proclamation of George 3d. pub

WAEREAS the infatuated multitudes, who have lished with the declaration.

long suffered themselves to be conducted by cer.

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lain well-known incendiaries and traitors, in a fatal, armed persons, 10 the amount of many thousands, progression of crimes, against the constitutional assembled on the 19th of April last, and from authority of the state, have at length proceeded behind walls and lurking holes, attacked a detachto avowed rebellion; and the good effects which ment of the king's troops, who, not expecting su were expected to arise from the patience and consuinmate an act of frenzy, unprepared for venlenity of the king's government, have been often geance and willing to decline it, made use of their fsustráted, and are now rendered hopeless, by the arms only in their own defence. Since that period influence of the same evil counsels; it only re- the rebels, deriving confidence from impunity, have mains for those who are entrusted with supreme added insult to outrage; have repeatedly fired up. rule, as well for the punishment of the guilty, as on the king's ships and subjects, with cannon and the protection of the well affected, to prove they small arms; bave possessed the roads and other do not bear the sword in vain.

communications by which the town of Boston was The infringements which have been committed supplied with provisions; and, with a preposterous upon the most sacred rights of the crown and peo. parade of military arrangemcsit, they affect to bold

the army besieged; while part of their body make ple of Great Britain, are too many to enumerate on one side, and are all too atrocious to be palliated daily and indiscriminate invasions upon private proon the other. All unprejudiced people who have perty, and, with a wantonness of cruelty ever been witnesses of the late transactions, in this incident to lawless tumult, carry depredation and

distress wherever they turn their steps. The ac. and the neighboring provinces, will find, upon a

tions of the 19th of April are of such notoriety, us transient review, marks of premeditation and con. spiracy that would justify the fulness of chastise. must baffle all attempts to contradict them, and

the flames of buildings and other property, from the ment: And even those who are least acquainted

islands and adjacent country, for some weeks past,
with facts, cannot fail to receive a just impression
of their enormity, in proportion as they discover spread a melancholy confirmation of the subsequent

the arts and assiduity by which they have been
falsified or concealed. The authors of the present

In this exigency of complicated calamities. I unnatural revolt, never daring to trust their cause avail myself of the last effort within the bounds of or their actions, to the judgment of an impartial my duty to spare the effusion of blood; to offer, public, or even to the dispassionate reflection of and I do hereby in his majesty's name, offer and their fullowers, have uniformly placed their chief promise his most gracious pardon, to all persons confidence in the suppression of truth: And while who shall forthwith lay down their arms, and reindefatigable and shameless pains have been taken turn to the duties of peaceable subjects, excepting lo obstruct every appeal to the real interest of only from the benefit of such pardon, SAMUEL the people of America, the grossest forgeries, ADAMS and JOHN HANCOCK, whose offences calumnies and absurdnies that ever insulted bu

are of too flagitious a nature to admit of any other man understanding, have been imposed upon their consideration than that of condign punishment. credulity. The press, that distinguished appendage of public liberty, and whien fairly and im And to the end that no person within the limits partially employed, its best support, has been of this proffered mercy may plead ignorance of the invariably prostituted to the most contrary pur. consequences of refusing it, I by these presents poses: the animated language of ancient and viriuo piacluim, not only the persons above-naned and ous times, calculated to vindicate and promote excepted, but also all their adherents, associates the just rights and interests of mankind, have been and abettors, meaning to comprehend in those applied to countenance the most abandoned viola- terms all and every person, and persons of what tion of ihose sacred blessings; and not only from class, denomination or description soever, who the flagitious prints, but from the popular barangues have appeared in arms against the king's governof the times, men have been caught lo depend up- ment, and shall not lay down the same as afore. on activity in treason for the security of their per- mentioned; and likewise all such as shall so take soas and properties; till, to complete the horrid pro- arms after the date hereof, or who shall in any-wise fantation of terms and of ideas, the name of Gov ha- protect or conceal such offenders, or assist them been introduced in the pulpits to excite and justify with noney, provision, caitle, arms, ammunition, devastation and massacre.

Carriages, or any other necessary for subsistence The minds of men having been thus gradually or oflence; or shall bold secret correspondence Freed sor.be worst extremities, i llimber v with their by letter, message, sigual, or other

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