scarce ever experienced by any other people.-rights--I say, with these principles and these Mindful of the hands that protected us in our views, we thought it our du y, to build up Ameriyoutb, and submitting to every just regulation for can altars, or constitutions, as nearly as we could, appropriating to them the benefit of our trade- upon the great British model. our wealth was poured in upon them from ten ibousand channels, widening as they flowed, and

Having never sold our birth-right, we conmaking their poor to sing, and industry to smile, sidered ourselves entitled to the privileges of our through every corner of their land. And as often father's house_-"10 enjoy peace, liberty and safety," us dangers threatened, and the voice of the British :o be governed, like our brethren, by our own laws, Israel called our brethren 10 the field, we left them in all matters properly affecting ourselves, and to not alone, but shared their toils and fought by their offer up our own sacrifices at the altus of British side, "till there stood not a man of all their ene. empire; contending tbat a forced devotion is mies before them,"--Nay, they themselves testified idolatry, and that no power on earth has a right on our bebalf, that in all things we not only did our to come in between us and a gracious sovereign, to part, but more than our pari for the common good,

measure forth our loyalty, or to grant our property, and they dismissed us home loaded with silver and without our consent. with gold,: in recompense for our extraordinary

These are the principles we inherited from Bri. services.

ions theniselves. Could we depart from them, we So far you see the parallel holds good. But should be deemed bastards and not sons, aliens and what high altars have we built to alarm our Bri- not brethren. tish Israel; and why have the congregations of our The altars therefore which we have built, are British Israel, and why have the congregations of not* high or rival altars to create jealousy, but our brethren gathered themselves together agai'.st bumble monuments of our union and love, intended us? why do their embattled hosts already cover our to bring millions, yet unborn, from every corner of plains? will they not examine our case, and listen this vast continent, to bend at the great parent to our plea:

altar of British liberty; venerating the country from “The Lord God of Gods he knows,” and the which they sprung, and pouring their gifts into whole surrounding world shell yet know, that what. her lap when their countless thousands shall far ever American altars we have built, far from intend

exceed hers. ing to dishonor, have been raised with an express It was our wish that there should be an eternal view to perpetuate the name and glory of that "witness between our brethren and us,” that if, at sacred altar, and seat of empire and liberty, which any future period, amid the shifting scenes of hu. we left behind us, and wish to remain eternal among man interests and human affections, their children our brethren in the parent land.

should say to our children-"Ye bave no portion"

in the birth-right of Britons, and to seek to push Esteeming our relation to them our greatest them from the common shrine of freedom, when felicity; adoring the Providence that gave us the they come to pay their homage there, they might same progenitors: glorying in this, that when the always have an answer ready—"Behold the pattern new world was to be portioned out among the of the altar which our fathers built.” Bebold your kingdoms of the the most important part of this own religious and civil institutions, and then es. continent fell to the sons of a protestant and free amine the frames of government and systems of nation; desirous of worshipping forever at the same laws raised by our fathers in every part of Ame. altar with them; fond of their manners even to rica! Could these have been such exact copies excess; enthusiasts to that sacred plan of civil and of your own, if they had not inherited the same religious bappiness, for the preservation of which spirit

, and sprung from the same stock, with your. they have sacrificed from age to age, maintaining, selves. and always ready to maintain, at the risque of every thing that is dear to us, the most unshaken

*In this respect, our plea is even stronger than

that of the two tribes and a balf. Por, till an er. fidelity to our common sovereign, as the great planation was given, the height of their altur, like centre of our union, and guardian of our murual ihose of the heathen, who loved to sacrifice on lofty

places, might create, a suspicion of their "apsing l'he parliamentary reimbursements for our exer- * into idolatry; njiher intending to worship Other tions in the late war, similar to what Joshua gave “Gods, or the God of Israel in an unlawful place ibe two tribes and a half on the close of his wars.lu and manner,"-Be. PATRICK.

Thus far you see the parallel yet holds gond, has been raised, to stay the sword of destruction, and I think cannot be called a perversion of my to examine into the truth of our case, and save the test, if you will allow that the Supreme Power of effusion of kindred blood. I am left to lament that, an empire, whether theocratical, monarchical, or in this sad instance, Jewish tenderness has put howsoever distributed, may be represented under Christian benevolence to shame. the figure of one common allar, at which the just

"Olir brethren, the house of our fathers, even devotion of all the subjects is to be paid.

they have called a multitude against us.

Had an But it is said that we have of late departed from enemy thus reproached 118, then perhaps we might our former line of duty, and refused our liomage

" have borne it. But it was you, men our equals, at the great altar of British empire. And to this our guides, our acquaintance, with whom we took it has been replied, that the very refusal is the "sweet council and walked together into the house strongest evidence of our veneration for the altar " of God” Or had it been for any essential benefit itself. Nay, it is contended by those charged with to the commonwealth at large, we would have laid tbis breach of devotion, that when, in the shape of our hands on our mouths, and bowed obedience unconstitutional exactions, violated rights and with our usual silence. But, for dianity and so. mutilated charters, they were called to worship PREMACY! What are they when set in opposition idols, instead of the true divinity, it was in a to common utility, common justice, and the whole transport of holy jealousy, that they dashed them faith and spirit of the constitution! True dignity to pieces, or whelmed them to the bottom of the is to govern freemen, not slaves, and true supre. Ocean.

macy is to excel in doing good. This is, in brief, the state of the argument on

It is time, and indeed more then time, for å each side. And hence, at this dreadful moment, great and enlightened people to make names bend ancient friends and bretkren stand prepared for to things, and ideal honor 10 practical safety?events of the most tragic nature.

Precedents and indefinite claims are surely things

too nugatory to convulse a mighty empirt. Is Here the weight of my subject almost overoomes there no wisdom, no great and liberal plan of me; but think not that I am going to damp that policy to re unite its members, as the sole bulwark noble ardor which at this instant glows in every f liberty and protestantism, rather than by their bosom present. Nevertbeless, as from an early deadly strife to increase the importance of those acquaintance with many of you, I know that your states that are foes to freedom, truth and humaniny? principles are pure, and your bumanity only equalled To devise such a plan, and to behold British colo. by your transcendent love of your country, I am nies spreading over this immense continent, rejoic. sure you will indulge the passing tear, which aing in the common rights of treemen, and imitating preacher of the gospel of love must now shed over the parent state in every excellence—is more glory the scenes that lie before us--great and deep than to bold lawless dominion over all the natione distress about to pervade every corner of our land! on the face of the earth! millions to be called from the peaceful labors by "the sound of the trumpet, and the alarm of war!

But I will weary you no longer with fruitless Garments rolled in blood,” and even victory itself lamentations concerning things that might be done. only yielding an occasion to weep over friends and the question now is-since they are not done, must relatives slain! These are melancholy prospects.

we tamely surrender any part of our birth-right, or and therefore you will feel with me the difficulties of that great charter of privileges, which we not I now labor under--forsaken by my text, and left to only claim hy inheritance, but by the express terms lament alone that, in the parent land, no Phinehas of our col nization? I say, God forbid! For here, has prevailed; no embassy of great or good men

in particular, I wish to speak so plain that neither

my own principles, nor those of the church to 'It is acknowledged with gratitude that many which I belong, be misunderstood. great and exalted characters have pled the cause of America; and, previous to all coercive measures, Although, in the beginning of this great contest, advised an enquiry or hearing, similar to that for which Phinehas was appointed.

What is here we thought it not our duty to be forward in widen. lamented, and will be long lamented, is that this ing the breach, or spreading discontent; although it council could not take place. If brethren could be our fervent desire to heal the wounds of the pub. come together in such a temper as this, the issue could not fail to be for their mutual glory and lic, and to shew by our temper that we seek not to mutual happiness.

distress, but to give the parent state an opportunity

of saving themselves and saving us before it be too pressures and sufferings come, when the weight lale, nevertheless, as we know that our civil and of power grows intolerable, a people will fly to the religious rights are linked together in one indissolu. constitution for shelter; and, if able, will resume ble bond, ve neither have, nor seek to bave, any that power which they never surrendered, except interest separate from that of our country, nor can so far as it might be exercised for the common we advise a desertion of its cause. Religion and safety. Pulpit-casuistry is too feeble to direct or liberty must Aourish or fall together in America. controul bere. God, in his own government of the We pray that both may be perpetual.

world, never violates freedom; and his scriptures

themselves would be disregarded, or considered as A continued submission to violence is no tenet of our church. When her brightest luminaries, perverted, if brought to belie bis voice, speak

ing in the hearts of men. near a century past, were called to propagate the court doctrine of a dispensing power, above law The application of these principles, my brethren, did they ireacherously cry—“Peace peace,” when is now easy and must be left to your own conscithere was no peace? Did they not magnanimously ences and feelings. You are now engaged in one set their foot upon the line of the constitution, of the grandest struggles, to which freemen can and tell majesty to i's face that "they could not be called. You are contending for what you cenbetray the public liberty," and that the monarch's ceive to be your constitutional rights, and for a only safety corbisted “in governing according to final settlement of the terms upon which this the laws? Did not their example, and consequent country may be perpetually united to the parent sufferings, kindle a flame that illuminated the land, state. and introduced that noble system of public and

Look back, therefore, with reverence look back, personal liberiy, secured by the revolu'ion? Since

to the times of ancient virtue and renown. Look that period, have not tlie avowed principles of our

back to the mighty purposes, which your fathers greatest divines been against raising the church

had in view, when they traversed a vast ocean, above the state; jealous of the national rights, and planted this land. Recall to your minds their resolute for the protestant succession, favorable

labors, their toils, their perseverance, and let & to the reforn.ed religion, and desirous to maintain

divine spirit animate you in all your actions, the frith of toleration. If escepions have happen. ed, !et no society of Christians stand auswerable Look forward also to distant posterity. Figure for ihe deviations, or corruptions, of individuals. to yourselves millions and millions to spring from

your loins, who may be born freemen or slaves, as The doctrine of absolute non resistance has been

Heaven shall now approve or reject our councils. fully exploded among every virtuous people. The think that on you it may depend, whether this free-born soul revolts against it, and must have been long debased, and have drark in the last dregs of cor. Adorned with a virtuous and enlightened people,

great country, in ages hence, shall be filled and ruption, before ii can brook the idea “hat a whole enjoying liberty and all its concomitant blessings, people injured nay, 'in no case,' recognise their

together with the religion of Jesus, as it flows trampled majesty.” But to draw the line, and say uncorrupted from bis holy oracles, or covered where submission ends and resistance begins, is with a race of men more contemptible than the not the province of the ministers of Christ, who

savages that roam the wilderness, because they has given no rule in this matter, but left it to the

once knew the things which belong to their bappifeelings and consciences of the injured. Por, when

ness and peace, but suffered them to be hid from *The author, in a ser mon first published twenty their eyes. years ago, on 1. Pet. i. 17, delivered his entienis fully on this point in the following words, viz. - And while you thus look back to the past, and "It wouid be absurd to argue as some have done, forward to the future, fail not, I beseech you, to that the Apostle here meant to enjoin a continued look up to "he God of Gods-the rock of your the fear of God, those very principles, from which salvation. As the clay in the potter's hands,” 50 we trace the divine original of juist government, are the nations of the earth in the hands of him, will lead us, by all probable means, to resist every attempt to enslave the free.born soul, and oppose inculcated in general terms. For a people may the righteous will of God by defeating the happi. sometimes imagine grievances they do not feels resource, and none but the majority of a whole peo. where they really are, unless their minds bave ple, tan determine in what cases it is necessary

. Weene gradually prepared for slavery by absurd In the scriptures, therefore, obedience is righủy tenets."

While the everlasting JEHOVAR!-he lif eth un, anii he you profess yourselves contending for li. casteth down- He resisteth the proud and givethberty, let it be with the temper and dignity of free. grace to the humble-He will keep the feet of his men, undsunted and firm, but witbout wrath or saints.--the wicked shall be silent in darkness, and vengeance, so far as 'grace may be obtained to by strength shall no man prevail.

assist the weakness of nature. Consider it as a

happy circumstance, if such a struggle must have The bright prospects of the gospel; a thorough happened, that God hath been pleased to postpone veneration of the Saviour of the world; a conscien- it to a period, when our country is adorned with tious obedience to bis divines laws; faith in his men of enlightened zeal, when the arts and sciences promises, and the stedfast hope of immortal life are planted among us to secure a succession of through him, these only can support a man in all such men; when our morals are not far tainted by times of adversity as well as prosperity. You might luxury, profusion or dissipation; when the princi. more easily "strike fire out of ice,” than stability ples that withstood oppression, in the brighest or magnanimity out of crimes. But the good man, era of the English history, are ours as it were by he who is at peace with the God of all peace, will pecular inheritance; and when we stand upon our know no fear but that of offending him, whose hand own ground, with all that is dear around us, animat. can cover the righteous "so that he needs not fear ing us to every patriotic exertion. Under such “ the arrow that fleeth by day, nor the destruction circumstances and upon such principles, what " that wasteth at noon-day; for a thousand shall wonders, what achievements of true glory, have "fall beside him, and ten thousand at his right noi been performed? 6 hand, but it shall not come nigh to him; for he For my part, I have long been possessed with a 6 shall give bis angels charge over him to keep strong and even enthusiastic persuasion that Heaven as him in all his ways."

bas.great and gracious purposes towards this conOn the omnipotent God, therefore, through his tinent, which no human power or human device blessed Son, let your strong confidence be placed;

shall be able finally to frustrate. Illiberal or misbut do not vainly expect that every day will be to

taken plans of policy may distress us for a while,

and perhaps sorely check our growth; but if we you a day of prosperity or triumph. The ways of

maintain our own virtue; if we cultivate the spirit Providence lie through mazes, too intricate for buman penetration. Mercies may often be held

of liberty among our children; if we guard against forth to us in the shape of sufferings; and the

the snares of luxury, venality and corruption, the vicissitudes of our fortune, in building up the Ame.

GENIUS of AMERICA will still rise triumphant, and rican fabric of happiness and glory, may be various

that with a power at last too mighty for opposition. and chequered.

This country will be free--ay, for ages to come, a

chosen seat of freedom, arts, and heavenly knowledge; But let not this discourage you. Yea, rather which are now either drooping or dead in most let it animate you with a holy fervor-a divine countries of the old world. enthusiasm-ever persuading yourselves tbat the

To conclude, since the strength of all public cause of virtue and freedom is the cause of God

bodies, under God, consists in their union, bear upon earth; and that the whole theatre of human nature does not exhibit a more august spectacle

with each other's infirmities, and even varities of than a number of freemen, in dependence upon the tempers of men are cast in various moulds.

sentiments, in things not essential to the main point. Heaven, mutually binding themselves to encounter some are quick and feelingly alive in all their every difficulty and danger in support of their na. tive and constitutional rights, and for transmitting

mental operations, especially those which relate them holy and unviolated to their posterity.

to their country's weal, and are therefore ready to

burst forth into flame upon every alarm. Others It was this principle that inspired the heroes agaiö, with intentions alike pure, and a clear un. of ancient times; that raised their names to the quenchable love of their country, too stedfast to summit of renown, and filled all succeeding ages be damped by the mists of prejudice, or worked with their unspotted praise. It is this principle up into conflagration by the rude blasts of passion, too that must animate your conduct, if you wish think it their duty to weigh consequences, and to your names to reach future generations, conspicuous deliberate fully upon ite probable means of obtain. in the roll of glory; and so far as this principle ing public ends. Both those kinds of men should leads you, be prepared to follow-whether to life bear with each other; for both are friends to their or to death.


One thing for her lei me add, that, without order, directed to such, as thou in tby sovereign good. and just subordination, there can be no union in ness shall be pleased to render effectual for the public bodies. However much you may be equals salvation of a great enpire, and re-uniting all its on other occasions, yet all this must cease in an members in one sacred bond of harmony and pub. united and associated capacity; and every individual lic happiness! Grant this, oh father, for thy son is bound to keep the place and duty assigned him, Jesus Christ's sake; to whom, with thee and the by ties far more powerful over a man of virtue and holy Spirit, one God, be glory, honor and power honor, than all the other ties which human policy now and forever! AMEN. can contrive. It had been better never to have lifted a voice in your country's ciuse, than to

ANNAPOLI8, 1775. betray it by want of union; or to leave worthy men,

In provincial convention, August 7, 1775, the followwho have embarked their all for the common good,

ing memorial of JANES CHRISTIE, jun. of Baltimore to suffer, or stand unassisted.

town, merchant, was read

To the honorable the delegates of the freemen of Lastly, by every method in your power, and in the province of Maryland, in convention now asevery possible case, support the laws of your coun. sembled. try. In a contest for liberty, think what a crime The memorial of James Christie, jun. of Baltimore it would be, to suff r one freeman to be insulted,

countyor wantonly injured in his liberty, so far as by your

SERWETK-That your memorialist did, on the means it may be prevented.

220 day of February last, write the letter, a copy Thus animated and thus aeting-We may then of which is hereunto annexed, to his friend and 8IxG with the prophet

cousin-german, lieutenant colonel Christie, in the

island of Antigua: That, at the time of writing “Fear not, o land! be glad and rejoice, for the the said letter, your memorialist unfortunately “ Lord will do great things. Be not afraid, ye could not approve of the measures then pursued “ beasts of the field, for the pastures of the wilder, in this province, as a petition from the hon. con.

ness do spring—The tree beareih lier fruit--the tinental congress was then lying at the foot of the * fig-tree and the vine yield their fruit."

throne of Great Britain, the result of wbich was Thus animated and thus acting--we may like. not at that time known in America. wise prar with the prophet-

That the said letter, having been intercepted by “O Lord be gracious unto us--we have waited means, to yo'ir memorialist altogether unknown, " for thee. Be thou our arm every morning, our was, on the 13th of July instant, laid before the “ salvation also in time of trouble. Some trust in committee of Baltimore county, who came to such “chariots and some in borses, but we will remem. resolutions on the same as will appear to this con" ber the name of the Lord our God-0 thou hope vention, by a copy of the proceedings bereunto of Israel, the Saviour thereof in time of need annesed: That, in pursuance of the said resolu. " thou art in the midst of us and we are called by tions, your memorialiat has already suffered a pain. "thy name—LEAVE US not. Give us one heart and ful imprisonment, and hath paid to the guard ap

one way, that we may fear thee forever, for the pointed by the committee, the sum of thirty-one “good of ourselves and our children after us

pounds, seventeen shillings and six pence current

-We " looked for peace but no good came; and for a

money, as will appear by the receipt for the same, o time of health, but bebold we are in trouble-Yet

ready to be produced. “ will we trust in the Lord forever; for in the Lord That, by a subsequent resolution of the said com, “Jehovah je everlasting sirength-He will yet bind mittee on the 24th instant, the said guard was “ up the broken hearted, and comfort those that discharged, on the application of your memorialist “mourn"-even so, oh! our God, do thou comfort for that purpose, upon your memorialist's giving and relieve them, that so the bones which thou an obligation, with five securities, not to depart hast broken may yet rejoice. Inspire us with a the province without leave of the said committee high and commanding sense of the value of our or this convention. And your memorialist preconstitutional rights: may a spirit of wisdom and sumes, with all deference, to say, that the letter virtue be poured downoupon us all; and may our in question, the contents of which has excited so representatives, those who are delegated to devise much uneasiness in the minds of the good people and appointed to execute public' measures, be of this province, could not be productive of ang

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