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143 ページ - NP Modern Marine Engineering, applied to Paddle and Screw Propulsion. Consisting of 36 colored plates, 259 practical woodcut illustrations, and 403 pages of descriptive matter. The whole being an exposition of the present practice of James Watt & Co.
137 ページ - Schools, in w.hich the Definitions and Rules of Geometry are familiarly explained; the Practical Problems are arranged from the most simple to the more complex, and in their description technicalities are avoided as much as possible. With illustrations for drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevations of Railways and Machinery; an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows.
136 ページ - GILLMORE [Gen. QA) Treatise on Limes. Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars. Papers on Practical Engineering, U. S. Engineer Department, No. 9, containing Reports of numerous Experiments conducted in New York City during the years 1858 to 1861, inclusive. With numerous illustra* tions.
133 ページ - CE Lowell Hydraulic Experiments. Being a selection from experiments on Hydraulic Motors, on the Flow of Water over Weirs, in open Canals of uniform rectangular section, and through submerged Orifices and diverging Tubes. Made at Lowell, Mass.
143 ページ - The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government survey, with a general view of the Geology of the United States, Essays on the Coal Formation and its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain.
142 ページ - OUTLINES OF PROXIMATE ORGANIC ANALYSIS for the Identification, Separation, and Quantitative Determination of the more commonly occurring Organic Compounds.
136 ページ - With 77 lithographed plates, i vol. folio, cloth. ... 12 oo KING (WH) Lessons and Practical Notes on Steam, the Steam Engine, Propellers, etc., etc., for Young Marine Engineers, Students, and others. By the late WH King, US Navy. Revised by Chief Engineer JW King, US Navy. Twelfth edition, enlarged. 8vo, cloth 2 oo MINIFIE (Wm.) Mechanical Drawing. A Text-Book of Geometrical Drawing for the use of Mechanic* £. VAN NOSTBAND'S PUBLICATIONS.
140 ページ - The THEORY of STRAINS in GIRDERS and similar Structures, with Observations on the application of Theory to Practice, and Tables of the Strength and other Properties of Materials.
138 ページ - A Practical Treatise on the Examination of Milk and its Derivatives, Cream, Butter and Cheese.
137 ページ - WARD, JH Steam for the Million. A Popular Treatise on Steam, and its application to the Useful Arts, especially to Navigation. 8vo, cloth $1 . 00 WARING, GE, Jr.