Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education

The Committee, 1869

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xxiv ページ - One of the Narratives next in order after monosyllables in an elementary reading book used in the school.
xlviii ページ - Grants are issued to each elementary school only once per annum. The year for this purpose is reckoned as ending with the last day (inclusive) of the month preceding that fixed for the inspector's annual visit.
xcii ページ - PRESENT : The QUEEN'S most Excellent Majesty in Council. Her Majesty in Council was this day pleased...
lxiv ページ - The Department is not a party to the engagement and confines itself to ascertaining, on the admission of the pupil-teacher and at the end of each year of the service — (a.) Whether the prescribed examination is passed before the inspector. (6.) Whether the prescribed certificates are produced from the managers and teachers.
lxxiv ページ - ... 48. Teachers attending the examination may at their option take the papers of the first or second year's students (Article 102).
lxviii ページ - Article 91, may serve as assistants in schools in place of pupil-teachers, without being required to be annually examined. 80. Such assistants cease to fulfil the conditions of Article 32 (c), if at any time the inspector reports them to be inefficient teachers, or if they fail to produce from the managers, and from the principal teacher, of their school, the same certificates of conduct, attention to duty...
lxi ページ - Be of the same sex as the principal teacher of the school, or department of a school, in which they are employed ; but in mixed schools, or departments of schools, under a master and mistress, female pupil-teachers may receive instruction out of...
lxiii ページ - ... in the second, and an additional pound in each succeeding year of the engagement, but never exceeding £6 in the whole ; such payment to be recoverable as...
lxxvi ページ - Department, as occasion requires, may cancel or modify articles of the Code, or may establish new articles, but may not take any action thereon until the same shall have been submitted to Parliament, and shall have lain on the table of both Houses for at least one calendar month.
l ページ - Collections in churches or chapels in the same parish, or within the distance of four miles from the school; (c.) Materials, at the price allowed for them by the contractor, or at which sold off; (d.) Sites given without valuable consideration (the value to be certified by two professional surveyors); (e.) Cartage (the value to be certified by the parochial surveyor of roads).