Auriol. [Followed by] The old London merchant [and] A night's adventure in Rome. [retaining the publisher's boards].


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19 ページ - I am too weak to stir," groaned Auriol. "You have delayed it too long." "Oh, Heavens! we shall both perish," shrieked Darcy, vainly endeavouring to raise his palsied arm, — "perish with the blissful shore in view." And he sank backwards, and would have fallen to the ground if he had not caught at the terrestrial sphere for support. "Help me — help me!" he screamed, fixing a glance of unutterable anguish on his relative. "It is worth the struggle,
12 ページ - Vol., 8vo, price 12s. cloth. Marlowe. With a Memoir and Notes by the Rev. ALEXANDER DYCE ; and Portrait and Vignette. In One VoL, 8vo, price 12s.
45 ページ - I have nuffin' more to do vith it.' In course the dog is delivered up to us." " The law seems made for dog-fanciers," remarked the Tinker. " Wot d'ye think o' this ?
11 ページ - Kirke White. Illustrated by BIRKET FOSTER. Southey's Joan of Arc, and Minor Poems. Herbert. With Life and Notes by the Rev. RA WILLMOTT. Longfellow's Complete Poetical Works. With Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo. Burns
7 ページ - Volumes : — Vol. I. Spy — Pilot — Homeward Bound — Eve Effingham. ,, 2. Pioneers — Mohicans — Prairie — Pathfinder. „ 3. Red Rover — Two Admirals — Miles Wallingford — Afloat and Ashore. ,, 4. Borderers — Wyandotte — Mark's Reef — Satanstoe. ,, 5. Lionel Lincoln — Oak Openings — Ned Myers — Precaution. „ 6. Deerslayer — Headsman — Waterwitch — Heidenmauer. ,, 7- Bravo — Sea Lions — Jack Tier — Mercedes.
37 ページ - ... a faded black silk neckcloth, tied in a great bow, and a pair of ancient Wellingtons ascending half-way up his legs, which looked disproportionately thin when compared with the upper part of his square, robustious, and somewhat pursy frame. His face was broad, jolly, and good-humoured, with a bottle-shaped nose, fleshy lips, and light gray-eyes, glistening with cunning and roguery.
38 ページ - A beautiful black and tan spaniel, of Charles the Second's breed, popped its short snubby nose and long silken ears out of each coat-pocket. A pug was thrust into his breast, and he carried an exquisite Blenheim under either arm. At his feet...
43 ページ - She vos in great trouble, and a friend o' mine calls to say she can have the dog agin, but she must pay eight pound for it. She thinks this dear, and a friend o' her own adwises her to wait, sayin' better terms will be offered ; so I sends vord by my friend that if she don't come down at once the poor animal's throat will be cut that werry night.
205 ページ - ... of the glorious fane of Saint Peter at Rome — reared its venerable tower (not dome) and lofty spire to the sky; next to St. Paul's came the reverend abbey of Westminster, taken before it had been disfigured by the towers added by Wren ; and next to the abbey opened the long and raftered vista of its magnificent neighbouring hall. Several plans and prospects of the Tower of London, as it appeared at different epochs, occupied a corner to themselves : then came a long array of taverns from the...
211 ページ - Tom's, or the bason of soup at Birch's wound him up for the day. His attire was as formal as his manners, being a slight modification of the prevalent costume of some thirty years ago. He had consented, not without extreme reluctance, to clothe his nether limbs in the unmentionable garment of recent introduction ; but he resolutely adhered to the pigtail. There is something, by-the-by, in a pigtail, to which old gentlemen cling in spite of all remonstrance, with lover-like pertinacity. Only hint...