Of the Officers of the Church.
HE officers which Christ hath appointed for the edification of

his church, and the perfecting of the saints, are, fome extraordinary, as apoftles, evangelists, and prophets which are ceased.

Others ordinary and per petual, as pastors, teachers, and other churchgovernors and deacons,

Paflors. THE paftor is an ordinary and perpetual officer in the churche, of of


Then they that gladly received his forbid them not: for of such is the word were bapuz:d : and the same kingdom of God. Compared with day there were added unto them a Matth. xix. 13. Then were there but three thousand fouls, v. 47. brought unto him little children, Praising God, and having favour that he should put his hand on them with all the people ; and the Lord and pray: and the disciples rebuk. added to the church daily such as ed them, v. 24. But Jefus.faidSufshould be faved. Compared with fer little children, and forbid them Aets v. 14. And believers were the not to come unto me; for of such is more added to the Lord, multitudes the kingdom of heaven. Luke xviii. both of men and women, 1 Cor. i. 15. And they brought unto him al2. Varo the church of God which to infants, that he would touch is at Corinth, to them that are fanc them; but when his disciples faw tified in Christ Jefus, called to be it, they rebuked them, v. i 6. But * faints, with all that in every place, Jesus called them unto him, and call upon the name of Jesus Christ said, Suffer litile children to come our Lord, both theirs and our's. urto me, and forbid them not : for Compared with 2-Cor ix. !3. Whiles of such is the kingdom of God. by the experimeni of this miniftra: Jer, iii, 15 And I will give you tion, they glorify God for your pro. pastors according to mine heart, filled inbjeäion unto the gospel of which shall feed you with knowChrist, and for your liberal diftri- ledge and understanding, ver. 16. bution unto them and unto all'men. And it fhall come to pass when ye be A&ts ii. ;9 For the promile is unto multiplied and increased in the land; you, and to your children, and to in those days, faith the Lord, they all that are afar off, even as many fhall say no more, the ark of the coas the Lord our God shall call. i venant of the Lord; neither Mall it Cor. vii. 14. For the unbelieving come to mind, neither shall they rehusband is ianctified by the wife, member it, neither shall they visit and the unbelieving wife is fan&tifi. it, geither shall that be done any eri by the husband, elfe were your more, v, 17. At that time they thall children unclean, but now are they call Jerusalem the throne of the holy. Rom. xi. 10. For if the firit Lord, and all the nations Thall be fruit be boly, the lump is also ho- gathered unto it, to the name of the ly; and if the root be holy, so are Lord, to Jerusalem : neither hall the branches Mark x. 14. But when they walk any more after the ima. Jeius daif it, he was much displeaf- gination of their evil heart. ed, anu faid unto them, Soffer the Pet. y. 2. Feed the flock of listle children to come unto me, and


First, It belongs to his office,

To pray with and for the Hock, as the mouth of the people unto God g, Acts vi. 2, 3, 4. Acts xx. 36. Where preaching and prayer are joined as several parts of the fame office h.' The office of the elder (that is, the paftor) is to pray for the fick, even in private, to which a blessing is especially promiled ; much more therefore ought he to perform this in the public execution of his office, as a part thereof i.

To read the scriptures publicly; for the proof of which,

1. That the priests and Levites, in the Jewish church, were trused with the public reading of the word, is proved k.

2 That God, which is among you, taking among you? Let him call for the the oversight thereof, nou by con elders of the church, and let them Atraint, but willingly; not for fil pray over him, anointing him with thy lucre, but of a ready mind, j. oil in the name of the Lord, v. 15. 3. Neither as being lords over God's and the prayer of faith Mall fave heritage, but being ensamples to the the sick, and the Lord shall raise him flock, ver. 4. And when the chief up; and if he have committed lins, Shepherd Mall appear, ye shall re. they shall be forgiven him. ceive a' crown of glory that fadeth į i Cor. xiv, 15. What is it then? not away. Eph. iv. it. And he I will pray with the spirit, and I will gave some apostles, and some pro- pray with the understanding also ; phets, and some evangelifts, and I will fing with the spirit, and I will some pastors and teachers, v. 12. fing with the understanding also: .v. For the perfecting of the faiors, for 16. Else when thou shalt bless with the work of the ministry, for the the spirit, how shall he that occuedifying of the body of Christ; v. pieth the room of the unlearned, fay 13. Till we all come in the unity Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeof the faith and of the knowledge ing he understandeth not what thou of the Son of God, unto a perfect sayest ? man, unto the measure of the Ita. k Deut. xxxi. 9. and Moses wrote ture of the fulness of Chrift,

this law, and delivered it unto the 8 Acts vi 2 Then the twelve cal. priests the fons of Levi which bare led the multitude of the disciples un the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to them, and said, It is not reason and unto all the elders of Israel, v. that we should leave the word of 10. and Mofes commanded them, God, and ferve tables, v. 3. Where. saying, At the end of every leven fore brethren, look ye out among years, is the folemnity of the year you seven men of honest report, full of release, in the feast of tabernaof the Holy Ghost, and wisdom, cles, ver. 1. When all Ifrael is come whom we may appoint over this to appear before the Lord thy God, business, ver. 4. But we will give in the place which he shall coole; ourselves continually to prayer and thou thalt read this law before all to the ministry of the word. Ads Israel in their hearing, Neh. vi. 1. XX. 36. and when he had thus fpe and all the people gathered them. ken, he kneeled down and prayed selves, together as one man, into the with them all.

street that was before the water. James v. 14. Is any man fick gate, and they spake unto Ezra the

K k 3: ich?

2. That the ministers of the gospel have as ample a charge and commillion to dispente the word, as well as other ordinances, as the priests ard Levites had under the law, proved, Ifa Ixvi. 21. Mat. xxiii

. 34. where our Saviour intitleth the officers of the new testament, whom he will send forih, by the names of the teachers of the old l.

Which propositions prove, that therefore the duty being of a moral pature) it followeth by just confequence, that the public reading of the fcriptures belongeth to the pastor's office.

To feed the flock, by preaching of the word, according to which he is to teach, convince, reprove, exhort, and comfort m.

To catechise, which is a plain laying down the first priociples of the oracles of God n, or of the doctrine of Christ, and is a part of preaching

To dispense other divine mysteries o.
To admioister the facrament p.,


fcribe, to bring the book of the law tion in righteousness: 0.17. That of Moses, which the Lord had com. the man of God may be perfect, manded to Israel. v. 2. and Ezra thronghly furnished upto all good the priest brought the law before the works. Tit. i. 9. Holding fast the congregation, both of men and wo faithful words as 'he hath been men, and all that would hear with trught, that he may be able by understanding, upon the first day found do&rine, both to exhort and of the seventh month. v. 3. and he to convioce the gainsayers. read therein, v. 13. and on the se m Heb. v. 10. For when for the cond day were gathered together time ye ought to be teachers, ge the chief of the fathers of all the have nced that one teach you again, people, the priests and the Letites, which, be the first principles of the unto Ezra the scribe, even to un oracles of God, and are become such derstand the words of the law. as have need of milk, and out of

Iffa. Ixvi. 21. and I will also take Arong meat. of them for priests, and for Levites, o i Cor. iv. 1. Let a man fo acfaith the Lord. Matth. xxiii. 34, count of us as of the ministers of Wherefore behold, I fend unto you Christ, and the stewards of the myfprophets, and wise men, and scribes, teries of God. v. 2. Moreover, it is and some of them ye shall kill and required in stewards, that a man be crucify, and some of them shall ye found faithful, scourge in your fynagogues, and P Mat. xxviii. 19. Go ye there. perfecute them from city to city. fore and teach all nations, baptiz

m 2 Tim. iii. 2. a bishop then ing them in the name of the Father, must be blameless, the husband of and of the Son and of the Holy one wise, vigilant, sober, of good Ghost. v. 20. Teaching them to behaviour, given to hospitality, apt observe all things whatsoever I have to teach. 2 Tim iii. 16 All scrip- commanded you; and lo, I am with ture is given by inspiration of God, you alway, even unto the end of and is profitable for doctrine, for the world, amen. Mark xvi. 15. Soproof, for correction, for indruc. and he said unto them, Go ye into


To bless the people from God. Numb. vi. 23, 24, 25, 26. compared with Rev. xiv. 5. (where the fame blessings, and persons from whom they come, are expressly mentioned g.) Ifa. Ixvi. 21. where, under the names of priests and Levites to be continued under the gospel, are meant evangelical pastors, who therefore are by office to bless the peopler. To take care of the poorf.

And all the world and preach the gospel the kings of the earth. Ifa. vi, 21. unto every creature. 1. 16. He that and I will also take of them for believeth and is baptized shall be priests, and for Levites, faith the faved, but he that believeth not shall Lord. be damned. Cor. xi. 23. For I F Deut. X. 8. at that time the have received of the Lord that which Lord separated the tribe of Levi, to also I delivered unto you, That the bear the ark of the covenant of the Lord Jesus, the same night in which Lord, to stand before the Lord, to he was betrayed, took bread. v.24. minister unto him, and to bless in and when he had given thanks, he his name unto this day. 2 Cor. xiii. brake it, and said, Take, eat; this 14. The grace of the Lord Jesus is my body, which is broken for you; Christ, and the love of God, and the this do in remembrance of me. v. communion of the holy Ghost, be 25. after the fame manner also he with you all, amen. Eph. i. 2. took the cup, when he had supped, Grace be to you, and peace from saying, This cup is the new testa. God our Father, and from the Lord ment in my blood, this do ye, as Jesus Christ. oft as ye drink it, in remembrance | Acts xi. 30. Which also they of me. Compared with 1 Cor. x. 26. did, and sent it to the elders by the The cup of blesfing which we bless, hands of Barnabas and Saul. Acts is it not the communion of the blood iv. 34. Neither was there any among of Chrif? the bread which we break, you that lacked, for as many as were is it not the communion of the body poffesfors of lands or houses, fold of Christ ?

them, and brought the price of the 9 Num vi. 23. Speak unto Aaron things that were sold, ... 35. and and unto his fons, saying, On this laid them down at the apostle's feet,

Thall bless the children of it and dillribution was made unto everael, saying unto them, v. 24. The ry man according as he had need. Lord bless thee, and keep thee. V. v. 36. And Joses, who by the apof. 25. The Lord make his face to shine tles was firnamed Barnabas (which

v. 26. The Lord lift is, being interpreted, the son of up his .countenance upon thee, and consolation) a Levite, and of the give thee peace. Compared with country of Cyprus. v.37. Having Rev. i. 4. John, to the seven church- land, fold it, and brought the moes which are in Alia, Grace be un ney and laid it at the apostles feet. to you, and peace from him which Acts vi. 2. Then the twelve called is, and which was, and which is the multitude of the disciples unto to come, and from the seven spirits them, and said, It is not reason that which are before his throne.

we should leave the word of God, and from Jesus Christ who is the and serve tables. Wherefore faithful witness, and the first begot. brethren, look you out among you ten of the dead, and the prince of seven men of hopelt report, full of

K Ķ 4


wise ye

upon thee.

v. 5.

V. 3

And he hath allo a ruling power over the Aock as a pastort.

Teacher or Doctor:


HE Scripture doth hold out the name and title of teacher, as

well as ot the pastor v. Who is al'o a minister of the word as well as the pastor, and hath power of adminiftration of the facraments.

The Lord having given different giłts, and divers exercises according to these gifts, in the ministry of the word w; though these different gifts may meet in, and accordingly be exercised by, one and the

fame the holy Ghost and wisdom, whom to all the Aock over the which the ye may appoint-over this business. holy Gholt hath made you overseers, V.4 But we will give ourselves cun to feed the church of God, which tinually on prayer, and to the mini- he 'hath purchased with his own Ary of the word. i Cor. xvi. 1. Now blood. Theff. v. 12. and we beconcerning the collection for the feech you, brethren, to know them saints, as I have given order 10 the which labour among you, and are churches' of Galatia, even fo do ye. over you in the Lord, and admov. 2. Upon the first day of the week, bilh you Heb. xiii. 7. Remember let every one of you lay by him in them which have the rule over you, fore as God hath prospered him, who have spoken unto you the word that there be no gathering when I of God: whose faith follow, consicome. V. 3. And when I come, dețing the end of their conversatiwhomsoever ye Thall approve by on.

p. 17 Obey them that have your letiers, them will I send to the rule over you, and submit yourbring your liberality to Jerusalem. felves, for they watch for your souls, v. 4. and if it be meet that I go

al as they that must give acconnt: that fo, they shall go with me, Gal. ii: they may do it with joy and not 9 and when James, Cephas, and with grief, for that is unprofitable John, who seemed to be pillars. per: for you. ceived the grace that was given un. vi Cor. xii. 28. And God hath to me, they gave to me and Barna- set some in the church, first aporbas the right hands of fellowship, tles, secondarily prophets, thirdly that we should go unto the heathen, teachers, after that miracles, then and they unto the circumcifion, v. gifts of healings, helps, govern10. Only they would ihat we should ments, diversities of tongues. Eph. remember the poor, the same which iv. 11. and he gave some apostles, I also was forward to do.

and fome prophets, and some evanri Tim. v. 17. Let the elders gelists, and some pafiors and teach. that rule well be counted worthy of ers. double honour, especially they who w Rom. xii, 6. Having then gifts Jabour in the word and doctrine. differing according to the grace Aets xx 17. and from Miletus he that is given to us, whether prosent to Ephesus, and called the el. phecy, let us prophesy according to ders of the churo. v. 28. Take the proportion of faith ; v.7 Or heed therefore unto yourselves, and ministry, let us wait on our minis.


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