Popular Tales of the West Highlands, 第 1 巻

Edmonston and Douglas, 1860

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The stories were good, and some were new to me; but there were a great many variations on the tale of the giant/monster/creature whose soul was kept in a succession of animals within each other, and ... レビュー全文を読む


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71 ページ - There is no knowing," said the herd, " but that's easier to say than to do." And at each other went the men. There was the shaking of blades ! At length and at last it seemed as if the giant would get the victory over the herd. Then he called on his dog, and with one spring the black dog caught the giant by the neck, and swiftly the herd struck off his head. He went home very tired this night, but it's a wonder if the king's cattle had not milk. The whole family was delighted that they had got such...
190 ページ - am going to seek my fortune; they were going to kill me for Christmas, and I thought I had better run away." "It is better for me," said the bull, "to go with thee, for they were going to do the very same with me." "I am willing," said the White Pet; "the larger the party the better the fun." They went forward till they fell in with a dog. "All hail! White Pet,
70 ページ - I say not that," says the herd; "there is no knowing, but that may be easier to say than to do." He drew the great clean-sweeping sword, and he neared the giant. The herd drew back his sword, and the head was off the giant in a twinkling. He leaped on the black horse, and he went to look for the giant's house. In went the herd, and that's the place where there was money in plenty, and dresses of each kind in the wardrobe with gold and silver, and each thing finer than the other. At the mouth of night...
190 ページ - I am willing," said the White Pet; "the larger the party the better the fun." They went forward till they fell in with a dog. "All hail! White Pet," said the dog. "All hail! thou dog.
74 ページ - Bheist stirred in the midst of the loch, and the hero slunk away as he did on yesterday, but it was not long after this when the man of the black horse came, with another dress on. No matter, she knew that it was the very same lad. 'It is I am pleased to see thee,' said she. 'I am in hopes thou wilt handle thy great sword today as thou didst yesterday. Come up and take breath.
35 ページ - Come with me,' says the shoemaker, 'I am well acquainted with the servants at the castle, and thou shalt get a sight of the king's son and all the company.' And when the gentles saw the pretty woman that was here they took her to the wedding-room, and they filled for her a glass of wine. When she was going to drink what is in it, a flame went up out of the glass, and a golden pigeon and a silver pigeon sprung out of it.
28 ページ - Thou art being punished, king's son." " I am that," says the king's son. " Come over," says she, " and lay down thy weariness." " I will do that," says he, " there is but death awaiting me, at any rate." He sat down near her. He was so tired that he fell asleep beside her. When he awoke, the giant's daughter was not to be seen, but the byre was so well cleaned that a golden apple would run from end to end of it. In conies the giant, and he said, " Thou hast cleaned the byre, king's son 1" "I have...