The Historical Register: Containing an Impartial Relation of All Transactions, Foreign and Domestick. For the Year 1716-1738, 第 9 巻

Sun Fire Office, 1724

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15 ページ - Bounty (that is, the governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy).
47 ページ - What could tempt me," he says, " to step thus out of my way ? Was it ambition and a desire of climbing into a higher station in the Church ? There is not a man in my office farther removed from this than I am. Was money my aim ? I always despised it too much...
191 ページ - King went to the Houfe of Peers with the ufual State and Solemnity, and the Commons being fent for up, and attending, his Majefty was pleafed to give the Royal Aflent to the following publick and private Bills, viz..
52 ページ - Letters of the zoth of April, or that I knew who wrote them ; which I utterly deny that I ever did, or as yet do know. Other Parts of the Charge there are, which are not capable of fuch Difproof, nor indeed require it; there I reft.
49 ページ - ... sentence, to touch a hair of the head, or an atom, in any respect, of the property, of the fame, of the liberty of the poorest or meanest subject that breathes the air of this just and free land. We know, my Lords, that there can be no legal guilt without legal proof, and that the rule which defines the evidence is as much the law of the land as that which creates the crime. It is upon that ground we mean to stand.
40 ページ - It remains to be coniidered in the third Place, whether there was a fupported Correfpondence between the Pretender and his Agents and Mr. Kelly here ? Whether I was at the Head of it, and am juftly to anfwer for it ? Mr Kelly, I hear, hath owned at your Bar, and declared, [See p. 292.] which I alfo declare, I never knew a Line of any Letter he writ to Foreign Parts. ' I meddle not with what concerns him any farther than when it may aifed me.
133 ページ - Prorogation, the King went to the Houfe of Peers with the ufual State and Solemnity, and the Commons being fent for up, and attending...
231 ページ - All which Papers were order'd to lie on the Table, to be perufed by the Members of the Houfe. The moft remarkable of thefe Papers, viz.
49 ページ - I fhall find fome Degree of Mercy. You will not ftrip a Man of his Subftance, and then fend him where he cannot fubfift ; you will not fend him among Strangers, and then hinder others from performing Humanity to him ; you will not give him lefs Time to order his Affairs, and depart the Kingdom, than the Bill hath taken in paffing through both Houfes.
32 ページ - I have been under a very long and close confinement, and have been treated with such severity, and so great indignity, as I believe no prisoner in the Tower, of my age and function and rank, ever was ; by which means, what strength and use of...