The Sporting review, ed. by 'Craven'., 第 39 巻

John William Carleton


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429 ページ - Where, as to shame the temples deck'd By skill of earthly architect, Nature herself, it seem'd, would raise A Minster to her Maker's praise ! Not for a meaner use ascend Her columns, or her arches bend; Nor of a theme less solemn tells That mighty surge that ebbs and swells, And still, between each awful pause, From the high vault an answer draws, In varied tone prolong'd and high, That mocks the organ's melody.
334 ページ - How long didst thou think that his silence was slumber ? When the wind waved his garment, how oft didst thou start ? How many long days and long weeks didst...
79 ページ - I do not like thee, Dr Fell. The reason why I cannot tell, But this I know, I know full well, I do not like thee, Dr Fell.
224 ページ - Mine honest friend," replied Diana, "do not, if you will be guided by my advice, bait your hook with too much humility; for, ten to one, it will not catch a single compliment. You know I belong to the unpopular family of Tell-truths, and would not flatter Apollo for his lyre.
334 ページ - For, faithful in death, his mute favourite attended, The much-loved remains of her master defended, And chased the hill-fox and the raven away.
322 ページ - For time is like a fashionable host That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand, And, with his arms outstretch'd, as he would fly, Grasps in the comer: welcome ever smiles, And farewell goes out sighing.
152 ページ - Philip" of Tennyson, as regarded the coltish chronicle, and one of our pleasantest paddock walks some twelve years ago with him, was to see Lanercost in his stall, and then on to the Muley Moloch mare, and divers others which gambolled about with foals and yearlings beneath the York walls. His room was characteristic. A large-sized Lanercost, painted by Herring Senior, stood over the fire, and Chorister, St. Giles, Lottery, and others, all bits of his favourite blood, kept it in countenance. Orvile's...
256 ページ - The next day, while fishing near the spot named by our four-pound friend, I hooked his veritable fish with the gut and two flies attached. He was a fine trout, and fought well, in defiance of his harness. I took him to the hotel, together with some larger than himself, and in the evening...
331 ページ - Woodgate, finding oat where they had been removed to, in the absence of Wallace, repossessed himself of them, upon which Wallace brought his action ; and the defence was that Woodgate had a right to retain the horses until the keep was paid for, he having a lien by agreement. There is another phase of the law of warranty. We give it, with the two subjoined paragraphs also, nearly just as we find it : — " As to resale by a purchaser with a warranty, where a purchaser, relying upon his warranty,...
127 ページ - Then why recommend to fish up ? He sets up his hobby-horse in one page for the purpose of knocking it down in another. Here is a further extract from p. 112 : " The advantage of having a number of flies is entirely lost by casting straight up, as they all come down in a line, and it is only the trout in that line that can see them ; whereas, if thrown partly across, they all comedown in different lines, and the trout in all these lines can see them.