Geschichte der Statistik: Ein quellenmässiges Handbuch für den akademischen Gebrauch wie für den Selbstunterricht, 第 1 巻

Books on Demand, 1884 - 376 ページ

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182 ページ - I take to do this, is not yet very usual ; for instead of using only comparative and superlative Words, and intellectual Arguments, I have taken the Course (as a Specimen of the Political Arithmetick I have long aimed at) to express myself in Terms of Number, Weight, or Measure ; to use only Arguments of Sense, and to consider only such Causes, as have visible Foundations in Nature...
287 ページ - ... same; and that the produce of this island might be increased every twenty-five years by a quantity equal to what it at present produces. The most enthusiastic speculator cannot suppose a greater increase than this. In a few centuries it would make every acre of land in the island like a garden.
25 ページ - ... pascuorum, quot molendina, quot piscinae ; quantum est additum vel ablatum ; quantum valebat totum simul, et quantum modo ; quantum ibi quisque liber homo vel sochemannus habuit vel habet. Hoc totum tripliciter, scilicet tempore regis Aedwardi et quando rex Willelmus dedit, et quomodo sit modo ; et si potest plus haberi quam habeatur.
295 ページ - This branch of statistical knowledge has, of late years, been attended to in some countries," and we may promise ourselves a clearer insight into the internal structure of human society from the progress of these inquiries. But the science may be said yet to be in its infancy, and many of the objects, on which it would be desirable to have information, have been either omitted or not stated with sufficient accuracy.
289 ページ - The first of these propositions I considered as proved the moment the American increase was related, and the second proposition as soon as it was enunciated. The chief object of my work was to inquire what effects these laws, which I considered as established in the first six pages, had produced and were likely to produce on society ; a subject not very readily exhausted.
182 ページ - For instead of using only comparative and superlative words, and intellectual arguments, I have taken the course (as a specimen of the Political Arithmetick I have long aimed at) to express myself in terms of number, weight or measure; to use only arguments of sense; and to consider only such causes as have visible foundations in nature, leaving those that depend on the mutable minds, opinions, appetites and passions of particular men to the consideration of others.
288 ページ - If this supposition be applied to the whole earth, and if it be allowed that the subsistence for man which the earth affords might be increased every twenty-five years by a quantity equal to what it at present produces, this will be supposing a rate of increase much greater than we can imagine that any possible exertions of mankind could make it.
343 ページ - Cette constance avec laquelle les mêmes crimes se reproduisent annuellement dans le même ordre et attirent les mêmes peines dans les mêmes proportions, est un des faits les plus curieux que nous apprennent les statistiques des tribunaux ; je me suis particulièrement attaché à la mettre en évidence dans mes différents écrits...
313 ページ - On prend sur les registres des naissances et des morts , un grand nombre d'enfans que l'on suit pendant le Cours de leur vie , en déterminant combien il en reste à la fin de chaque année de. leur âge; et l'on inscrit ce nombre vis-à-vis de chaque année finissante.
288 ページ - It has been said that I have written a quarto volume to prove that population increases in a geometrical, and food in an arithmetical ratio ; but this is no,t quite true.