Threading My Way: Twenty-seven Years of Autobiography

G.W. Carleton & Company, 1874 - 332 ページ

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81 ページ - For who maketh thee to differ from another ? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?
213 ページ - A shelter from life-wearing cares is something; but a temple typifies higher things — more than what we shall eat, and what we shall drink, and wherewithal we shall be clothed.
318 ページ - Europe are not without their use to the historian of the human mind. Immovably moored to the same station by the strength of their cables and the weight of their anchors, they enable him to measure the rapidity of the current by which the rest of the world are borne along.
293 ページ - There is a Power by which we are surrounded, like the atmosphere, in which some motionless lyre is suspended, which visits with its breath our silent chords at will.
296 ページ - I will be wise, And just, and free, and mild, if in me lies Such power, for I grow weary to behold The selfish and the strong still tyrannize Without reproach or check.
294 ページ - Power. This Power is God ; and those who have seen God have, in the period of their purer and more perfect nature, been harmonised by their own will to so exquisite [a] consentaneity of power as to give forth divinest melody, when the breath of universal being sweeps over their frame.
23 ページ - OWEN'S praise demands my song, Owen swift, and Owen strong ; Fairest flower of Roderic's stem, Gwyneth's shield, and Britain's gem. He nor heaps his brooded stores, Nor on all profusely pours; Lord of every regal art, Liberal hand, and open heart.
84 ページ - How small of all that human hearts endure, That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.
317 ページ - Out of all the seas: But the black North-easter, Through the snow-storm hurled} Drives our English hearts of oak Seaward round the world. Come, as came our fathers, Heralded by thee, Conquering from the eastward, Lords by land and sea. Come; and strong within us Stir the Vikings' blood; Bracing brain and sinew; Blow, thou wind of God!
170 ページ - My friends, a more important question has never yet been put to the sons of men. Who can answer it? who dare answer it, but with his life in his hand ; a ready and willing victim to truth, and to the emancipation of the world from its long bondage of disunion, error, crime and misery ? Behold that victim ! On this day — in this hour — even now — shall those bonds be burst asunder, never more to reunite while the world shall last.