Jacqueline of Holland: A Historical Tale

R. Bentley, 1843 - 432 ページ


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141 ページ - ... letters, certifying the above treaty having been made ; but that, in regard to it, she knew not how to advise me, for that she was herself doubtful how to act. She desired me, however, to call an assembly of the principal burghers of Mons, and learn from them what aid and advice they were willing to give me. " ' Upon this, my sweet lord and father, I went on the morrow to the town-house, and remonstrated with them, that it had been at their request and earnest entreaties that you had left me...
317 ページ - De bleu se vestoient les cieux, Et le beau soleil cler luisoit. Violettes croissoient par lieux, Et tout faisoit ses devoirs, tieulx Comme nature le duisoit.
141 ページ - ... hasten to free me from the hands I am now in, I shall never see you more. " ' Alas ! my most dear and redoubted father, my whole hope is in your power, seeing, my sweet lord and only delight, that all my sufferings arise from my love to you. I, therefore, entreat, in the most humble manner possible, and for the love of God, that you would be pleased to have compassion on me and on my affairs; for you must hasten to succour your most doleful creature, if you do not wish to lose her for ever. I...
279 ページ - And he was cladde in cote and hode of grene. A shefe of peacock arwes bright and kene Under his belt he bare ful thriftily.
421 ページ - Vrank, heading his horse in the direction pointed out by Oost's rapid gesture. She needed no more than his example or his command to rush with him into the open arms of death ; and little less seemed their joint movement now, to the astonished eyes of Philip, Ludwick, and Rudolf, as they breasted the sloping dyke, and appeared to court the watery grave beyond. " Now, now, my sons ! " cried Oost to the four men — and simultaneously with his signal they each struck their weapons deep into the already...
421 ページ - ... without making way for the retreating duke. '' And where is their fierce father ? " said Philip, looking round with an anxious stare. " Here he is, Philip ? " cried Oost, in his loudest and harshest key, and in the low German jargon, the only language he spoke, (though he had picked up a smattering of others,) springing at the same time from the shrubs which skirted the wood and came close to the road.
318 ページ - Ce n'est pas loyaulment party." Ainsy mon cueur se guermentoit De la grant douleur qu'il portoit En ce plaisant lieu solitaire, Où ung doulx ventelet ventoit, Si sery qu'on ne le sentoit, Fors que violette mieulx en flaire.
422 ページ - ... threatened to blow them prostrate on the road. The waves now rushed freely in, and the fierce workmen, self-sacrificed, and in their dreadful task, were mid-deep in the water, mud, and sand which poured down the dyke. " Van Monfoort, seeing Jacqueline's perilous situation, thought only of her, but had neither means of succour, nor a notion how to aid her. Van Diepenholt, with a clearer head, and a mind less absorbed by others' danger, resolved on an effort to escape from his own.
142 ページ - ... here, although he attended me when all the rest deserted me ; and he will tell you more particularly all that has happened than I can do in a letter. I entreat, therefore, that you will be a kind lord to him, and send me your good pleasure and commands, which I will most heartily obey. This is known to the blessed Son of God, whom I pray to grant you a long and happy life, and that I may have the great joy of seeing you soon. " ' Written in the false and traitorous town of Mons, with a doleful...
141 ページ - My very dear and redoubted lord and father, in the most humble of manners in this world, I recommend myself to your kind favour. May it please you to know, my very redoubted lord and father, that I address myself to your glorious power, as the most doleful, most ruined, and most treacherously-deceived woman living ; for, my very dear lord, on Sunday the 13th of this present month of June, the deputies of your town of Mons returned, and brought with them a treaty that had been agreed on between our...