Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln

DIANE Publishing Company, 2009 - 343 ページ
Abraham Lincoln was famously awkward around single women. Before Mary Todd, he was engaged to another woman, but his fiancee called off the marriage. His marriage to Mary was troubled. Meanwhile, throughout his adult life, he enjoyed close relationships with a number of men -- including, disclosed here for the first time, an affair with an army captain when Mrs. Lincoln was away. This extensive study by the late C.A. Tripp, a highly regarded sex researcher, examines not only Lincoln¿s sexuality, but aims to make sense of the whole man. It includes an introduction by Jean Baker, biographer of Mary Todd Lincoln, and an afterword containing reactions by two Lincoln scholars and one clinical psychologist. Illustrations.

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Don't tell Ralph Reed or Jerry Falwell, but the Log Cabin Republicans are on to something big.The secret, according to the late Kinsey Institute sex researcher Tripp, was that Abraham Lincoln was gay ... レビュー全文を読む

The intimate world of Abraham Lincoln

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The late psychologist and sex researcher Tripp (The Homosexual Matrix ) devoted over 20 years to studying Lincoln's private life. In this, his last work, he draws on his skills and the assumptions and ... レビュー全文を読む

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