HISTORY of the Present War.'

THE Belligerant powers are all prepar. Prussians advanced the 14th to the heiglit

I ing to carry on the war this campaign, of Langensaltze, which was occupied by with the utmosft vigour. By accounts from 3000 Saxons. M, de Sporcken occupied Turingia, we learn that his Pruffian Ma- the village on the left Gde of the river Unjesty, at the head of 14 or 15000 men, has frut, with the troops of his first line, and already entered that landgravate, in order drew those of his second line as near as to support the opperations of the allies, possible. The Prussian cavalry got through The same accounts likewise add, that gen. the passage of Merkleben, while their can. Haddick was pursuing that prince with non was battering to town of Langensaltze. a numerous body of troops, and hastening Eight squadrons of M. de Sporcken's first to the relief of the French.

line passed at Thomasbruck, with a brigade By advices from the allied army under of Chasseurs, and a squadron of Luckner's, Prince Ferdinand, and which were received whose whole corps could not pass, the by express, at the earl ot' Holdernesse's of waters continuing out all the day. In the fice, on the second of this month, we are mean time the Pruffian cavalry fell upon informed of the further progress of his Ma. the enemy, who were going out of Lanjesty's arms in Heffe. These advices are gensaltze ; and M. de Sporcken's corps dated from Prince Ferdinand's head quar- did so likewise, upon the troops which cers at Haufen, near Ober Aula, Feb. 21, were coming down the hills to their allic1761 ; and are in substance as follows. tance. M. de Sporcken computes the ene.

“The commandant of Fritzlar, having my's lors that day at 5000 men, at the accepted the conditions offered him, except same time that his own scarcely exceeds those concerning the garrisons of Waldeck 100. Lieut. gen. Hodenberg was woundand Wildungen, which were no longer in. ed and taken prisoner. The Prussians took Ofted on, as the troops in those places were three battalions, and seven pieces of can. not under his command; he marched out non; and M. de Sporcken's troops took in the evening, with his troops, confifting two battalions, and fix pieces of cannon. of seven piquets of the Irith batallions, and on the 17th, major-general Luckner, with 965 men, of the royal grenadiers, besides his corps, composed the van-guard, and 105 wounded or fick. Lord Granby sent marched to Eisenach, which he attacked word the next day, to the commandant of and forced the enemy, who were still there the castle of Gudenburg, that he was ready under the command of the generals Stainto grant the same conditions to him, as M. ville and Solms, to retire to Vacha. About. de Narbonne had obtained; which the com- 40 prisoners were taken there, and two mandant very readily accepted. M. d'Oheim Saxon officers." having learnt the 17th, that M. de Mau. Nothing material occurred after the peou was with his corps at Sachsenberg, above transaction, till the 6th of this put himfelf in motion on the 18th, early month; when a corps of the allies, who had in the morning, to march towards the ene- lately occupied the suburb of Ziegenhayn, my, whose advanced guard he met with began to batter the works of that town; between Sachsenberg, and Neuenkirchen, and they expected a speedy capitulation, It was that instant attacked and routed; Part of the allied army the beginning of M. de Maupeou, lieut. gen. who was there this month, laid siege to Caffel ; and on the in person, was taken, with a lieut. coionel, 7th the French garrison made a rally, in five officers, and 50 soldiers. The enemy which they took poffeffion of the trenches, baving fell back towards Hallenberg, M. and carried off four mortars, nailed up one d'Oheim returned to Franckenberg, to piece of cannon, and destroyed the works give his troops fome rest there, and observe of the grand battery. But Count de la the motions the enemy might make on tbe Lippe, at the head of the Hessian guard, Ade of Marbourg, towards which several and Wangenheim's grenadiers drove them of their regiments had filed off. Major back into the town. On the 16th the gara Scheither attacked, the same day, a detach- rison made another considerable rally, but. ment of the enemy near Padberg, dispersed were repulsed with great loss. The main body it, and took 140 prisoners, amongst whom of the allied army, remained on the zothin, there were four officers. The corps of Atant near Schweinberg. The hereditary

Prince having executed the different fer- the roth, and on the 14th, occupied with vices in which he has been employed, has his van-guard, Gieffen, and the country drawn near the army, and sent some part about it, of his corps to Laubach. My Lord Granby, Letters from Peterburgh of the 3d of on the 18th instant, removed his quarters February, say, the courts of London into the neighbourhood of Kirchayn, having and Berlin, had sent a plan of pacification left at Marpurg the regiments that had to the ministry, which had occasioned sevetaken poffeffion of the town. And the ral conferences to be held ; and that M. de corps under general Hardenberg, arrived Fersen, one of the gentlemen of the bedon the 19th at Redechen. Marshal Broglio chamber to the Empress, was dispatched to having been joined by his reinforcements England, by the way of Stettin, Berlin, from the Lower Rhine, moved forward on and Leipfick, !!


I'ETTERS from Conftantinople (by ship the Emerald had lately taken four pri. W the way of Naples) say, the Christians vateers, one of twelve, one of ten, and no longer appear in the streets of that city two of eight guns ; and that his majesty's without danger of being insulted. The ship Levant had taken one of ten guns; Porte has ordered magazines to be formed as also his majesty's ship Echo, one of at Bosnia for fifty thousand men, and they eight guns, and a small pettie augre, with have not disarmed, according to custom, with ten (wivels. the Othman squadron on its return from They write from Cambridge, that on the ifles of the Archipelago. However, Monday last the two gold medals, given they say there are other advices importing, annually by his grace the duke of Newthat the difference between the Porte and castle, chancellor of that university, for the Order of Malta is adjusted.

best classical learning, were adjudged to Mr. Advices from Corfica import, that Pa- Post of Queen's College, and Mr. Madioli's troops have taken the forts of Cen- fon of St. Peter's College, batchelors of turi, Mortella, and Paludella. The last arts. surrendered the 31st of January, and the

MONDAY, March 2. Genoese garrison were made prisoners, Theodore Gardelle, a native of Geneva, just as they were on the point of being an enamel painter, having been taken into fuccoured by a reinforcement of men and custody on suspicion of murdering Mrs. ammunition from on board a galley which Ann King, late of Leicester Square, in the bad weather had detained some weeks whose house he was a lodger, he was this at Bastia. St. Fiorenzo, another fort of day brought before John Fielding, Paul the Genoese, was also ready to capitulate Vaillant, and Theodore Sydenham, Esqrs. the oth of February, so that the Genose at Mr. Fielding's house; when, during an are likely to lose all Corsica.

examination of many hours, the said Gar. FRIDAY, 'Feb. 27.

delle persisted in denying the fact with the The trial of Mr Sutton, for the murder most invincible obftinacy; but Mr. Fieldof Miss Bell, came on this day at half an ing having, prior to the examination, fent hoor after one, which lasted 11 hours and officers, with a carpenter and a bricka half; when he was acquitted. The layer, to the house of the deceased, with jadges on the bench were Mr. Justice Noel orders to examine every part of it in orand Mr. Baron Lloyd. Mr. Gould opened der to find the body; after some time, rethe indi&tment on the part of the crown, ceived a message from them, acquainting and the counsel for the defendant were him that they had found the intrails of a Mr. Norton, serjeant Davy, and Mr.Stowe. body in the bog-house ; which message SATURDAY, Feb. 28.

being delivered in the presence of the priSir James Douglas, commander in chief soner, soon occasioned his making a con. of his Majesty's Tips and vessels in the fefsion of the horrid crime, viz. That on Leeward Itlands, informs the lords of the Thursday the 19th of February laft, about Admiralty, by letter dated in Carline bay, seven in the morning, he, Gardelle, having the 13th of Dec, lalt, that his Majesty's sent Mrs. King's maid on a message, and


her her mistress not being up, he agreed to An act to amend an act passed in the wait in the front parlour till the servant's 18th year of king George the second, conreturn, in order to answer the fireer-door ; cerning the qualification of justices of the that Mrs. King lodged upon the same peace. floor, and in the maid's absence was get- An act to extend the provisions relating ting up, and spoke to the prisoner; where to the holding of courts martial, and to the upon he rushed into the room and at- punishment of offences committed in the tempted to force the deceased ; that me Eaft Indies, ftruck bim, whereupon he gave her a vio- An act for enlightening the streets withlent blow which stunned her by falling a- in the city of Exeter and the suburbs gainst the bed-poft; that seeing her thus in- thereof, jured, he took a knife out of his pocket and And to twelve road bills, and twenty. cut her throat, then locked up the room, three private acts. and the same day artfully discharged the After which his majesty was pleased to maid of the deceased without a discovery, make a most gracious (peech, which is inby which he got portefion of the whole ferted in page 156 of this Magazine, houfe; he then diffected the body and di- Wbireball. The king has been pleased vided it into many parts; that he flung to grant unto the right hon. James earl the intrails down the necessary, together of Kildare, and his heirs male, the diga with the knife with which he committed nities of a marquis and earl, by the name, the murder : that he then made a fire in stile, and title of marquis of Kildare, and the garret, and there burnt the head and earl of Ophaly, in the kingdom of Ireland. most of her bones to ashes, and concealed

WEDNESDAY, March 4. the fiefh at the top of the house between The judges waited on his majefty at St. the tiles and the roof, all which were found. James's, with their address of thanks

In the course of the examination it ap for his majesty's molt gracious speech peared that he had robbed Mrs. King of a to both houses of parliament, and were gold watch, two diamond rings, and about molt graciously received ten guineas in money, which he having The following little anecdote is affirmed lodged in the hands of honest persons, they to be undoubtedly true. A few days ago, produced them as evidence against him.... his majesty was informed, that a poor woHe is in the cells of Newgate, chained man big with child, had longed to kiss his down to the floor, and one of the turn. hand ; upon which his majesty ordered keys fits up with him every night to pre- one of the pages to admit her into the vent his destroying himself.

garden at eight the next morning, the TUESDAY, March 3.

time of his going out to take the air ; · His Majesty went this day, in the usual when Me had the honour and pleasure of ftate to the house of peers, and gave the satisfying her longing by killing his hand. royal afsent to

The following accident happened lately "An act for the better securing and en- at Mr. Smith's, a peruke-maker in Line couraging the trade of his majesty's fugar coln ; the apprentice, a boy about fourcolonies in America.

teen years of age, and a servant girl about An act to discontinue, for a limitted the same age, being at play together, the time, the duties payable on tallow import boy took up a gun which food charged in ed from Ireland, to hog's lard and grease.. the room, and said he would fhoot her ;

An act to enable his Majesty to make the said he could not, as there was nothing leases and copies of offices, lands, and he. in the gun; on which the boy pulled the redicaments, parcel of his dutchy of Corn. trigger to affright her, and the gun went wall, or annexed to the fame.

off and shot her dead on the spot. As An act to indemnify perfons, who have the muzzle of the gun was close to her omitted to qualify themselves for offices head, a child which she had on her knees and employments, and to indemnify jur. fortunately received no hurt.. tives of the peace, deputy lieutenants, offi. ' THURSDAY, March g. cers of the militia, and others who have Lord Romney was elected president of omitted to register or to deliver in their the society for the encouragement of arts, qualifications within the time limited by manufactures, and commerce, and the duke law, and for giving further time for those of Richmond, Sir George Saville, William puiposes.

Fitz-Herbert, Esq; and Rich Long, addio
Ronal vice-prelidents,


FRIDAY, March 6.

tions at Hexham, and was big with child. Admirals-office. Lieut. Robert Brice, who was shot through the belly as the was Sommands his majesty's foop the Swallow, standing at a window. Many of the wound. has taken, after a chase of 26 hours, and ed made thift to crawl home, and died brought into Plymouth sound, the Sultan immediately after ; others drop dead going know privateer of Bayonne, mounting 10 to their habitations. Letters from Hexguns, and 73 men.

ham dated the soth, give an account that At the aflizes held at Oxford, Charles the rioters were quelled without doing any Harris, otherwise Dumas, otherwise Dar. more mischief, kin, otherwise Hamilton, was tried for

TUESDAY, March 10. robbing Mr. Gammon on the bigh-way, Sir Edward Hawke has sent a letter to the 26th of August last, and being found Mr. Clevland, dated on board the Royal guilty, received sentence accordingly. This George in Quiberon-Bay, Feb, 28th, to the is the same person that was tried at the last following effect : « On the 2d of Feb, arfummer aflizes at Salisbury for robbing rived here the Mars and Orford from a lord Percival.

cruize, On the gth of Jan. they took a brig, SATURDAY, March 7.

called L'Union de Cap, bound, with wine, A clerk to one of the judges, lately oil, flour, cheese, &c. from Rochelle to made off with 700l. of his master's money: Cape Francois. On the 13th, they took he was closely examined by the mayor of two of the French 'king's frigates, L'AneHarwich, as is the custom in time of war, mione, and Sardoine, armed for war by, the concerning his bufiness in Holland, for which merchants, carrying each 14 guns, and place he was going to embark; to whom 130 men. They failed from Rochefort ke faid, that he was an attorney in Chan the day before they were taken, and were cery-lane, and was going thither to exe bound to the coast of Guinea. On the cute fome deeds of importance, after which 27th, they retook the New Bofphorus he went on board a cutter, the paquet be snow, bound to Naples with pilchards, ing gone, and failed dire&tly. He recei. and then to Smyrna with broad cloath and ved 400 l. of the money at the bank the pepper. She had been taken ten days fame day he went off, and went directly before, by à privateer of Dunkirk. They to Harwich in a four-wheel chaise with are all safe here, and the frigates prime kvo poftillions.

failers. MONDAY, March 9.

« On the 16th of Feb. the Swallow noop The deputy lieutenants met this day at took off Oteron, a letter of marque Noor Hexham, in Northumberland, in order to from Martinico, with a cargo of cocoa, receive the lists of personsliable to serve in elephants teeth, coffee, and caffia.” abe militia; when between 6 and 7coo per Admiralty-office, Marcb 10. Capt. Ogle, sons affembled in a riotous mander, armed of his majesty's ship Aquilon, took, on the with clubs pointed with iron, to prevent 4th, the Zephire, a tip of 12 guns and the lifts being delivered in, and to hinder 114 men, belonging to Bayonne,, 140 the militia laws from being pur in execu- leagues to the westward of Ufhant, and tion, threatning to murder the magistrates; has brought her to Spithead. Upon which the Yorkshire militia were' Capt. Nightingale, of his majesty's thip erder'd under arms in the market-place, Vengeance, has taken a French privateer the riot act was read, and every perfua- snow called L'Auguste, of 12 guns, with five method made use of to quell the riot- 67 men, and has brought her into Plye ers, bet to no purpose ; on the contrary, mouth. they proceeded to such extremities that M. Boscowick, a member of the Royal the militia were ordered to fire on them. Society, who is lately set out for some of In consequence of which, ninety persons' the eastern parts of Turkey, has prepar. Here killed and wounded. Among the ed a mathematical instrument to discover former one Mrs. Carter, a poor widow, the true cranfit of the planet Venus under who had eight children, and was big with the face of the Sun the 6th of June next, another, going into the market to look for which is likely to prove efficacious for the her son, was not dead; and her son was longitude at sea. Thot through the thigh, and it is thought . WEDNESDAY, March 11. cannot long furvive her. Another woman A dvice came to Portsmouth, that his ma.. vrlo came from Newcastle to see her rela- jesty's fhip Veital, Capt. Hood, fell in with


two French Tips richly laden, said to be earl of Shaftesbury, all the lords and worth upwards of 20,000l. both which others present were thereupon sworn of Thips he took, and carried them fafe into his majesty's most hon. privy council, Leghorn.

and took their places at the board ac. THURSDAY, March 12,

cordingly. A woman was committed to the New His majesty was then pleased to de Gaol by justice Hammond, for falsly swear- clare the right hon. John earl of Granville, Ing a child to a perfon in the Borough. She lord president of his majesty's most hon. had contrived to make herself look big, till privy council. a neighbour of hers was brought to bed, WEDNESDAY, March 18. who, being in the secret, lent her the The houče is now finished, which was child, and the supposed father was sent for erected at the expence of the society for the to sec his son ; who believing it to be his encouragement of arts, manufactures, and own, made her a handsome present, and commerce, to be set on fire, for experiprovided every thing necessary on such an ment, in order to he extinguished withoccafion; but a few days after going to see out water. The house is situated at the her, found she had absconded ; on which end of Portland-ftreet, Cavendish-square. he made a strict enquiry, and finding her It consists of three stories, and is aqut, took her before the above magistrate. bout fifteen feet square; has a brick SATURDAY, March 14.

wall round the two first stories; is proAdmiralty-office. Capt. Douglas, of his vided with stair-cafes, ceiling, tiling, majesty's ship Unicorn, on the 8th inst. windows, doors, &c. in the same manner met with his majesty's Thip Tweed, and as any other house, but with a larger in ftanding together towards the. Lizard, quantity of wood than ordinary. It is to they took the Marshal Broglio privateer, be set on fire by means of kindled fagof 8 guns, and so men, belonging to gots placed in every room, and, when Brest, but last from Morlaix.

the blaze is at its greatest height, the maMONDAY, March 16.

chines of Mr. Godfrey are to be thrown Captain Rushworth, of his Majesty's in to extinguish it. They congst of small Thip Alarm, arrived in Torbay the 12th barrels, holding about ten or twelve gal. init, with a cutter privateer of eight guns lons of some Auid or chymical prepara. and 68 men, called La Lutine, com- tion ; in the middle of each is a smalt manded by Francois Pestel, which he took chamber, filled, as is supposed, with gunthe preceding day, soon after the came out powder; the explosion of which, and the of Cherbourg.

dispersing the chymical fluid, are to do the We hear from Wiltshire, that on the intended business. It is said this experimarriage of a noble officer in that county, ment has been tried, and found to have his chaplain's first sermon was upon the the desired effect. following text : .... " When a man hath Admiralty-office. Mr. Coxon, consul at taken a wife, he shall not go out to war, Alicant, informs their lordships, that on neither Tall he be charged with any bu- the roth of Feb. his majesty's frigate Fafiness, but he Niall be free at home one vourite, commanded by Capt. Pownall, year, and thall cheer up his wife, which he took a French privateer, called the St. hath taken.” Deut. xxiv. 5.

Joseph and St. Antoine, of 12 guns and This day Thomas Castlebine (otherwise $; men, commanded by Antoine Victoire. Cherry) and Elizabeth his wife, who were

THURSDAY, March 19. sondemned at the last aflizes at Leicester, His majesty went in the usual state to for the murder of Edward Brown, were the house, and gave the royal assent to the executed at Leceister, on a gallows ere&te several bills then ready, among which the ed before the house wherein the murder following are the principal: was committed.

An act to continue the duties for en. TUESDAY, March 17.

couragement of the coinage. St. James's. His majesty having this day An act to enable John earl of Sandwich, thought fit to dissolve the privy-council, Welbore Ellis, and Robert Nugent, Esqrs. and, at the same time, to appoint a new to take in Great Britain the oath of office one, consisting of the same members with as vice-treasurer and receiver-general of the former council, together with Anthony all bis majesty's revenues in Ireland ; and

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