able to proceed to the re-establishment of tenay; and they were all delivered at Lonpeace, they propose the assembling of a don at the same time, that is to say, on congress, to which they think it may be the 31st of March, by prince Galitzin. proper to admit only the plenipotentiaries

The following counter declaration was of the principal belligerant parties, with those of their allies. If the kings of Eng.

figned at London the 3d of April instant, land and Pruflia adopt this method, her

and was delivered on the same day to majesty the Empress-queen, the empress of

prince Galitzin, envoy extraordinary from Ruffia, the most Christian King, the king

the empress of all the Ruffias, to be transof Sweden, and the king of Poland elector

mitted by him to Paris. of Saxony, propose the city of Augsbourg

Counter Declaration, for the place of the congress, observing, The dispositions of their Britannic and that their majesties point out Augsbourg Pruffian majesties for the re-establishment no otherwise, than as a town within dil of the general tranquility of Europe, having tance of all the parties concerned, which, been feady and fincere, could not have from its fituation, appears to suit with the undergone any alteration through the space convenience of all the states ; and that of time, which has elapsed fince their de. they will not reject the choice of another claration of the 25th of November, 1759. city in Germany, if their Britannic and Their majesties therefore, with satisfacPruffian majefties may deem it more con- tion, accept the offer of the assembling of Venient.

a congress at Augsbourg, contained in the The Emprefs-queen, the empress of Ruf- five declarations made at Paris the 26th of fia, the moft Chriftian King, the king of March latt, and delivered at London the Sweden, and the king of Poland elector of gift of the same month, in the name and Saxony, declare, moreover, that they have on the part of their majefties the Empresschosen the plenipotentiaries, who will be queen, the empress of all the Ruffias, the intrusted with the care of their interests at most Christian King, the king of Sweden, the congress, in hopes that the king of and the king of Poland, elector of Saxony. England, the king of Prussia, and their . The courts of London and Berlin equal. allies, will, on their part, speedily make ly acquiesce in the clause of this declara. choice of their respective ministers, that tion, which relates to the rule that is pro, the negotiation may not be deferred. posed to be laid down, in regard to the ad

The implicity of this declaration, which, mission of the plenipotentiaries, who shall for the general welfare, the courts of Vien- have a right to be received at this congress, na, Petersbourg, France, Stockholm, and for the rest, as their zeal for the adWarsaw, have determined to make to the vancement of the salutary work of a gene. courts of London and Berlin, gives them ral pacification perfectly corresponds with hopes, that their Britannick and Pruffian that which appears to animate the courts majelties will be pleased, by a speedy an- of Vienna, Petersbourg, Versailles, Stock. swer, to make their sentiments known, holm, and Warsaw, their Britannic and upon an object fo effential to the repose Prussian majesties will not delay to name and happiness of Europe.

instantly their plenipotentiaries, being difDone at Paris, the 26th of March, 1961, posed to concur, with one and the fame

by' order, and in the name of her Im- pace, in every thing that may accelerate perial, Royal, and Apoftolic Majesty, the opening of the congress, which has

Count Starhemberg. been offered to them. • N. B. A like declaration with this, in

in the name, and by order, of the King, the name, and on the part of their majer. London, April 3, 1961.

BUTE. ties the empress of all the Russias, the N. B. The same counter declaration as mort Christian King, the king of Sweden, this for the empress of Russia, the most and the king of Poland elector of Saxony, Christian King, the king of Sweden, and has been made and signed on the same day the king of Poland, elector of Saxony, as this; to wit, that of the empress of was made and figned the same day as this: Ruflia, by prince D. P. Galitzin; that of and they were all delivered at the same the most Christian King, by the duc de time to prince Galitzin, to be transmitted Choiseul; that of the king of Sweden, by by him to Paris. baron de Scheffer; and that of the king of W bireball, April 24. His majesty was Poland elector of Saxony, by M. de Fon. pleased this day to name the right hon.


Charles Wyndham earl of Egremont; the city of Augsbourg. right hon, David lord viscount Stormont, His most Christian Majesty has made his majesty's envoy extraordinary to the choice of the count of Choiseul, at present king and republic of Poland ; and the hon. his ambassador at the court of Vienna, to lieutenant-general Sir Joseph Yorke, knight be his minister plenipotentiary at the said of the Bath, his majesty's minister pleni congress. potentiary to their bigh mightinesses the The king of Prussia has named baron ftates general of the United Provinces; his Plotho, at present his minister at the diet ministers plenipotentiary at the congress at Ratisbon, and M. Haefer, his ministers which is soon to be opened at the Imperial plenipotentiary at the said.congress.


SUNDAY, March 29.

being on a cruize to the southward in SepTHE following thips, under the com- tember last,' received information of seven

1 mand of the hon. Augustus Keppel, sail of vessels that were at an anchor at failed this day from Portsmouth on a fe- the Granades, laden with provifions, &c. 'cret expedition, having on board a great for Martinique, to which place he imme. number of land-forces:

diately proceeded; and, after silencing Sandwich, of go guns, capt. Richard their batteries, cut out the vessels; amongst Norbury; Valiant, 74, hon. commodore which was his majesty's Noop the Virgin, Keppel, capt. Adam Dungan; Superb, 74, taken by the enemy in April last. The capt. Joshua Rowley ; Dragon, 74, capt. Temple, in this attempt, had two men Arch. Clevland; Temeraire, 74, capt Mat- killed and ten wounded ; amongst the la:thew Barton ; Torbay, 74, capt. William ter was lieut. Vincent, who had the mir. Brett; Swiftsure, 68, Sir Tho. Stanhope, fortune to lose his leg, but is in a fair way second in command; Effex, 64, capt. Alex. of doing well, The Griffin, who had an Schomberg; Hampton court, 66, capt. equal share in this undertaking, (more forCarr Scroope; Achilles, 60, hon. Sa. Bar- tunate than the Temple) had not a man rington ; Alcide, 64, capt. Thomas Han- hurt. These thips, in their return from kerson ; Prince of Orange, 60, capt. Sa- the Granades to Antigua, fell in with and muel Wallis; the frigates Launceston, took 13 others bound to Martinique, laden Southampton, Flamborough, Aldborough, with provisions, &c. When I was lying Lynn, and Adventure ; the Noops Escorte, in St. John's road, I having received inAlderney, and Fly; the Firedrake and In- formation that a number of the enemy's fernal bombs; the Vesuvius and Etna small privateers greatly infested the island fireships; two cutters, and one challe of Guadalupe, I fitted out a schooner, and marée.

sent her on a cruize round Guadalupe, in The land-forces employed on this service quest of these privateers, where the was so are the regiments of Loudon, Pulteney, lucky to fall in with and take two of Beauclerc, Panmure, Rufane, Colville, them." Gray, Stewart, Scotch Fufileers, fix com

THURSDAY, April 2. panies of Morgan's light infantry, fix com- Rear-admiral Holmes, in a letter, dated panies of Crawford's light infantry, three Dec. 31, 1760, from Port-Royal harbour, companies of the train of artillery. The Jamaica, says, “ Since the taking of the marines of the several ships under the French frigates in October last, the squa. command of lieut. col. Mc. Kenzie. dron have brought in here, or destroyed, WEDNESDAY, April 1.

about eight of the enemy's privateers. A letter from Sir James Douglas (com. The most remarkable of these little affairs mander in chief of his majesty's ships, &c. were the two last, brought in here the at the Leeward 10ands) to Mr. Clevland, other day, and taken by the boats of the confirms the account, given in a former Trent and Boreas, commanded by the first Magazine, of capt. O'Brien's success at the lieutenants of their respective ships, Meff.

Granades, with fome additional particu. Millar and Stuart, in Cumberland harbour, - lars : “ Capt. O'Brien in the Temple, there not being water to carry any of the (having the Griffin under bis command) Chips up to them, viz. the Vainqueur of 19



guns, 16 swivels, and 90 men; and Mac- for shoplifting, had received sentence of kau, a small vefsel of fix swivels, and 15 death, she was asked by the court if the men."

had any thing to say in stay of execution FRIDAY, April 3.

of her judgment,' the declared herself The right hon, James Grenville, Esq; pregnant ; but a jury of matrons being cofferer of his majesty's houshold, was impannelled, they gave their verdict, that sworn of his majesty's most hon. privy she was with child, but not with quick council, and took his place.

child; on which, the being referred to her They write from Paris, that M. Vaniere, judgment, was so affected, that the fell one of their most celebrated writers, in his back at her whole length as if thot, and it Discours sur l'. Education, lately published, wa's some time before the recovered. She advertises a secret, which all the literati is respited during his majesty's pleasure. will unquestionably be on his back to get

SUNDAY, April 5. from him: it is the art of studying ten journeyman Moemaker at Plymouth hours at a stretch without eating or drink- having found his wife in too great famiing, and, after such a long application, to liarity with another man, at a publick go out of the study ferene and lively as at houfe there, took out his knife, and ran it coming in, “ Never, says he, have I en into the fellow's groin, who died of the joyed a better state of health than since the wound in less than an hour after, leaving a use of my fecret : it is fimple, natural, and wife and four children, and the big with a of no cost." An invaluable discovery in fifth. The shoemaker was secured, . deed!

They write from Calais, that a fea. SATURDAY, April 4.

monster lately ran on thore between that The sheriffs of the city of London cast place and Boulogne, 48 feet in length, and up the nu'mbers on the poll in the council. 12 in thickness. When its mouth is open, chamber at Guildhall; and declared Sir the distance between the lower and upper Robert Ladbroke, Sir Richard Glyn, Wil jaw is five feet. One of it's teeth weighed liam Beckford, Efq; and the hon. Thomas 17 ounces. It has no resemblance of a Harley, Esq; duly elected members to re. whale. present the city of London in the ensuing

WEDNESDAY, April 8. parliament. After which each of the His royal highness the duke of York members returned thanks to their consti was sworn in at the board of admiralty Cuents in an elegant speech.

rear-admiral of the blue. This morning at eight o'clock Theodore This day Dr. Squire kifled his majesty's Gardelle, convicted for the murder of the hand, on being appointed to the fee of St. late Mrs. King, of Leicester-Fields, being David's. in the chapel of Newgate, after prayers, , THURSDAY, April 9. made an ample confeflion of his guilt, and At the last allizes at Kingston in Surry the shocking manner of perpetrating it: a very odd trial came on, viz. Mary Davis he seemed very penitent and resigned ; but was indicted for murdering her male infant; was somewhat affected at the thoughts of by cutting its throat, and throwing it into being hanged in chain's. About nine he the Thames at Billingsgate. There was was carried in a care through Fleet-street no evidence against her but her own conand the Strand to Leicester-square, oppo. fellion, which was very positive and cir. fite the house where he committed the mur cumstantial; but, after ftrict examination, der : there it stopt for two or three mis it appeared, that the poor creature was nutes, and the prisoner just looked up at disordered in her fenses; and that, fo far the building; after which he was carried from murdering her child, the never had to the gallows erected in the Haymarket, one. She was acquitted. when he helped to fix the knot, and drew

FRIDAY, April 1o. it tight : then the ordinary prayed with Admiralty-Office. Capt. Pownoll, of his him for 'near an hour, during which he majesty's frigate the Favourite, hath taken, trembled greatly. About ten he was and sent into Gibraltar, a French privateer, turned off ; and when dead was carried in of 12 guns and 84 men. a coach and hung in chains on Finchley- Capt. Brogrove, of his majesty's Noop Common.

Albany, bas brought to Spithead a French When Cecilly Vere, who was convicted frigate, called the Pheasant, of 16 carriage at the same fcilions as the above Gardelle, guns and 125 men, commanded by Mr.

La La Coudraye. She had been three days T his day the right hon, the marquis of from Havre de Grace.

Granby and col. Hotham, who came from This morning, at three, a fire broke out Germany with his lordhip, waited on his at a biscuit-baker's near Brown's Wharf, majesty at St. James's, and were moft East Smithfield; by which twenty-eight graciously receiv'd. houses were consumed, and about twelve

THURIDAY, April 15. others much damaged : most of the inha. By a letter from the East Indies there is bitants, poor working people, lost their advice, that the crew of the Denham Inal, and with difficulty faved their lives, diaman, after having burnt her, retired Several were dangerously hurt by the fall into Fort Marlborough, and defended the ing of a party-wall.

place with great bravery ; but being overA servant-maid, in the parish of Hock- powered by numbers were obliged to furford in Norfolk, having delivered herself of render ; however they were so fortunate a bastard-child, murdered it in a shocking as to have removed great part of her efmanner, and afterwards concealed it be- fects up into the country, and some they tween the bed and the mat. She is com- have sent on board Dutch ships and fent mitted to Norwich-castle, in order for trial to Batavia. at the next affizes.

This day about eleven o'clock in the SATURDAY, April 11.

forenoon, as some people were palling by His majesty's pardon being brought this the gully-hole at the end of Elex-freet day to the New Goal in Southwark, for in the Strand, they heard the groans of a John Blundell, and John Johnson, both human creature in the common fewer ; highwaymen (who had received sentence and, on examination, found a young of death) on condition of their enlifting man there with his throat cut. He was into his majesty's service; Johnson joy foon taken out and carried to a surgeon ; fully accepted the royal mercy; but and, as the wind-pipe was not cut through, Blundell refused it, saying he would ra- it is hoped he will recover. He is an apo ther be hanged than be a soldier. And prentice to a butcher in Clare-market, and upon being afterwards reproved, and ad- was always thought to be a very sober vised to receive so gracious an offer with lad; but of late is said to have been relithanks, he swore he would rather have giously melancholy. He cut his throat at his legs and arms cut off, and hanged af- three in the morning, and then went into terwards than be a soldier.

the sewer. Letters from Lisbon mention, that the

FRIDAY, April 17. king had by an edict confiscated all the 'Admiralty Office. His majesty's nip estates of the Jefuits, in his dominions, Tweed, commanded by capt. Palton, on which are annexed to those of the crowo. the 15th of March being off Cape Finisterre, MONDAY, April 13,

took a French privateer of Bayonne, the A couple who intended to be married, Hardi, of 10 guns, and 125 men, and went to St. George's church, Hanover carried her into Lisbon. She had been square, but the parfon staying a little longer out 18 days, and had not taken any thing. than usual, the woman asked the man what C apt. Kennedy of his majesty's frigate o'clock it was? to which he roughly an- Le Blonde, has carried into the Tagus a fwered, what is that to you? Oh! large French Tip, bound from Bourdeaux said she, is it so ? what will it be by to St. Domingo, which he took the 27th and by ? and immediately left him....At of February of Cape Finisterre, after the door she met the clergyman, and three hours engagement. The enemy told him he need not give himself any mounted eighteen carriage guns, and further trouble, for the would not be had 75 men. married.

SUNDAY, April 17.
WEDNESDAY, April 15.

Advices received from Madrid imAbout five this afternoon died suddenly port, that on the 31st of March last, a in his chair the duke of Argyll, keeper of shock of an earthquake was felt in that the great seal of Scotland, admiral of the city, which lasted violently for two miWeltern Iles, chancellor of the unverfity nutes and a half, shaking the houses so of Aberdeen, &c. He is succeeded in much that the furniture was thrown down; titles and estate by lieut. general John and the inhabitants, expecting their Campbell, now duke of Argyll,

houses to fall, quitted them. A mock



was felt also the same day on the coasts ones damaged; but no other mischief was of France, Holland, Scotland, and Ireland. known to have been done when the packet

This night, a woman was thrown into came away. During the shock the Tagus the canal in St. James's Park, and was in great agitation, by which several drowned. She used to sell nosegays a- vessels were drove one against another, but bout the Park. The coroner's inquest happily received little damage. The inbrougbt in their verdict wilful murder, habitants were greatly alarmed, and many by persons unknown.

of them ran into the fields for safety. MONDAY, April 20.

This day the right rev. Thomas bishop Admiralty-Office. His majesty's ship of Salisbury, kiss'd his majesty's hand on Terpsichore, commanded by Sir Thomas being promoted to the fee of Winchester. Adams, Bart. took on the 8th instant, As did the right rev. Dr. Hay Drumoff Sicily, a small lugfail privateer, called mond, bitop of Asaph, on being promotthe Bienbroynon, and carried her into ed to the fee of Salisbury. Plymouth.

Sir Edward Hawke was unanimously TUESDAY, April 21.

elected an elder brother of the 'TrinityWhiteball. Capt. Ellis of the Escorte, house, in the room of Sir Charles Moland Capt. Rook, aid de camp to major loy deceased. gen. Hodgson, arrived with letters from

SATURDAY, April 25. commodore Keppel and gen. Hodgson, to We learn from Cologn, that two men the right hon, Mr. secretary Pitt, of the are arrived there who say they came from 12th and 13th instant, giving an account, Damascus. The Jesuits of that town have that on the 8th inftant they had attempt- been with them, and talked to them in ed to land part of the troops under gen. Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Chaldeac, Hodgson's command in Lomaria bay; They answered them in all languages. but that it had been thought proper to They say they are come by the order of defist from that attack.

Gazette. heaven, to turn men to repentance. They Admiralty-office. His majesty's Tip the give out that they are 700 years old, and Hero, commanded by capt, William For that the world will infallibly be at an end tescue, and the Venus, commanded by in 1773. The Jesuits have obtained caps. Thomas Harrison, on the 2d. inst. leave to carry them to Rome. Being put in lat. 43. 30. N. and long. 11. 4. W, in irons, they were glad of that opportutook a French East-India mip, called the nity of proving the truth of their mission, Bertin, pierced for 64 guns, mounting by breaking them. They say, 28, and 353 men, 93 of them soldiers, The war will be general in

1765 belonging to the French East-India com- Constantinople destroyed

1766 pany, from Port l'Orient, bound to the The true God acknowledged by all na. of France and Pondicherry, laden with tions

1767 ordnance, and naval stores and merchan. Avaliant man give his testimony to it 1768 dize, and 24000 dollars. She is brought England overflowed

1769 into Plymouth.

An earthquake all over the world 1770 The Venus has also brought into Ply. The fall of the fun, moon, and stars 1771 mouth the Lion privateer of Bayonne, of The globe of the earth burnt

1772 16 carriage guns and 12 swivels, and The universal judgment

1773 85 men, which the took the 6th inst. The French envoy at Cologne has received

His majesty's Mip the Biddeford, com- orders to examine them ftriatly. [We manded by capt. Wm. Howe, has brought shall probably hear farther of this pious into the Downs the Augustine French fraud of the Jesuits, and what ends they cutter privateer, commanded by M. Bart, propose to make it serve,] of 8 carriage and 6 swivel guns, with 61

TUESDAY, April 28. men belonging to Dunkirk.

A letter received from on board the WEDNESDAY, April 22.

Lennox, off Fort St. David's, dated the A mail arrived this day from Lisbon, 26th of May last, runs thus...." The cnly brings advice, that on the zift of last month news I have to tell you, is, that part of our they had there a violent shock of an squadron have blocked up in Pondicherry earthquake, which lasted five minutes, but road, a 36 gun Frigate, two Indiamen, and providentially no lives were loft ; a few two country ships, which we shall attempt old houses were mattered, and some new burning in a few days, fireships being


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