This evening an apothecary in White- cited his resentment; and several boys chapel had one of his eyes put out on having laughed at him, and called him by Torver-Hill, while the fire-works were that title, on Friday last, as he was at playing off, by a stick of one of the sky- work, it provoked uim to such a degree rockets falling upon him ; at the same that he threw a brick, which missed the time, another sell upon an apprentice of person he intended it for, but ftruck the a jeweller in Threadneedle-street, and said Wright on the back part of the head,. fractured his skull in such a manner that of which he expired. it is thought he will not recover.

TUESDAY, June 9.
FRIDAY, June 5.

This day orders were given out for the At a court of Common Council held Board of Works to get every thing in reathis day at Guild Hall, London, it was diners against the 6th of October next fur resolved, that the place of City-remem- the Coronation. brancer Mould not be sold, but at the next D r. Frewin, who died lately, has be. meeting it should be disposed of by elec- queathed all his books to the Radcliffian tion, to be held during the pleasure of Library at Oxford ; fixty pounds per an. the court; and, in confideration of the num to be equally divided among the four same not being purchased, it was agreed students annually elected from Westminthat the person who should be elected fter school to Christ Church, Oxon; five thereto, should not have or be entitled hundred pounds to the said college of to receive any of the ancient fees, gratui- Christ Church ; his house in Oxford to ties, or perquisites hitherto enjoyed by the the profeffor of phyfick for the time be. former remembrancers, except the use of ing, after the demise of James Gilpin, the chamber at Guild-Hall, his bills for Esq; one of his executors; his houfe at business done, and the fees of 6s. 8d. per Bath to Dr, Halley; many confiderable diem during the fitting of parliament. legacies to his relations and particular Peter Roberts, Esq; was then chosen friends, and one hundred pounds to each Remembrancer.

of his god-children, This right two accidents happened in

WEDNESDAY, June 10, St. Nicholas chapel in Westminster-Abbey, The agent to the captors of Senegal whilf the corpse of Lady Elizabeth Piercy finished paying the prize-money at the was interving;, a man who had climbed Senegal Coffee-house, when the mare of up to see it, fell on the rails of an old each captain of the men of war amounted monument, and the iron spikes ran thro' to 10711. 8. 6d. lieutenants 131l. 11s. both his thighs : also a fione fell from a 6d. warrant officers gol. petty officers stone screen on which some people had 171. 145. 6d. common men and land. got, and fractured the full of one of the forces 41. each. persons who attended the proceffion, A few days ago as some men avere SATURDAY, June 6.

ploughing in a field near Welden in NorThe transit of Venus was this day ob- thamton dhire, the ground being very wet, served by many curious gentlemen, with Mrunk in under the plough, upwards of suitable apparatusses, and by comparing three feet ; upon examining they found notes, it appears, that it differed very little an arch made with oak, in which was from Dr. Halley's computation; since it a cast iron pot wherein were upwards of appears from the observations, that at 200 Jacobus's and a quantity of other an. two places, viz. one at the east, the other tient pieces in gold cin. at the west of London, the time of the ab

FRIDAY, June 12. solute emersion was at one of them thirty A lettter we received from Durham, five minutes three seconds after eight, and dated June 5, with the following particu· he other thirty-five minutes seven seconds lars : .... “This morning we had the most after eight.

terrible tempelt within a quarter of mile of This day was committed to Newgate this city, ever known in these parts. What at Bristol, Thomas Short, charged op the is very remarkable, the effects of it were Corner's inquisition with the willul confined to one wood: it has levelled most murder of John Wright, the younger, of of the trees to the ground, stripped many of that city ... The deformity of the said the oaks, and totally destroyed one of the Short's perfon having drawn on him the pleasantest foot-walks in this neighbourpick.name of My Lord, it had often ex. hood. It came in a current of air from


the neighbouring hills, and venced its fury Letters from Sherborne in Dorfetshire, on this wood, which is supposed to be the dated the gth instant, give an account, first place where it met with any refftance; that a confiderable shock of an eartha it then spent itself upon the river, which quake was felt there on that day. Sevewas observed by many spectators to be ral people were moved from their fears, violently agitated."

&c. It extended for some miles round. At MONDAY, June 19.

Shaftsbury it was more violent. Major Rooke and Capt. Barton, who

FRIDAY, June 19. brought over the express relative to the Admiralty-Office. Captain King, of his surrender of Belleifle, waited on his Ma- majesty's thip the Argo, has taken the jefty at St. James's, and were most gra- Marechal Duc de Biron snow, a French ciously received.'

privateer of 15 guns, fix pounders (pierced The citadel of Belleise beat a parley on for 20) 12 swivels, and 109 men. The the morning of the 7th inft, and the terms said privateer failed from Dunkirk the 7th of capitulation were agreed upon in the of January last, on a cruise to the wenta afternoon; when Beauclerk's grenadiers ward, and her cruise being expired, was took poffeffion of the place.

returning to Dunkirk, having on board a In a letter from Belleise we are told of great number of ransomers. the following wonderful escapes, viz. that

MONDAY, June 22. the morning of May 13, as Lieut. White, The East-India company have received of the marines, was lying in his tent in a letters from their president and council in cot, a shell fell near him and burst, which Bengal, under date of the 12th of Novemoverturned him and wrapt him all up in ber last, which give an account of a revothe tent; but he was not hurt, tho' his lution in the government of that country; coat was blown to pieces. A little after, the late Subah or Nabob Jaffeir Ally another shell fell into a ferjeant's tent, Cawn, being for his cruelties, weak conwhere were three men, three women, duct, and male-administration in general, and a child or two, which blew the tent deposed, and his son-in-law, Mir Maho

ding to matters, but not a person mud Cossum Ally Cawn, appointed in his was hurt : one woman, who was big room. This great event has been prinwith child, stept over the sell while the cipally brought about by the address and fuze was burning; this is affirmed by good management of president Van Sittart; many of good credit.

and as the great people, as well as the inWEDNESDAY, June 17.

habitants of that country in general, have · The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Com- most heartily and readily concurred theremons, waited on his Majesty with their in, there has not been a droup of blood address on the reduction of Belleille. Thed. The new Nabob has not only con

The Lord Mayor reported to the court, firmed all the company's former privithat he had waited on the Duke of York, leges, but also granted many valuable new and acquainted him with the resolutions ones, with the addition of a considerable of a late court to present his Royal High. sum of money. ness with the freedom of the city; where.

TUESDAY, June 23. upon it was moved, that as soon as the The first stone of the first pier of Black. gold box is finished, which was ordered for Friars bridge, was laid by Sir Robert Ladthat purpose, the Lord' Mayor, attended broke, attended by many gentlemen. At by five Aldermen and twelve Commoners, the same time, a medal of the king, let inshould present the copy of the freedom of to black marble, was laid by defire of Sir London to his Royal Highness.

Francis Golling.
THURSDAY, June 18.

WEDNESDAY, June 24. Capt. Rooke and Capt, Barton, who Mr. Boreel, ambassador extraordinary brought over the news of the surrender from the States General, arrived with his of Belleille, are ordered by his Majesty lady and family at his house in Privy-Garsool. 'out of the treasury.

den. A scheme for taking Belleise was laid A remarkable cause was tried last week before the miniftry in the last war, by a in the Sheriffs Court in Guildhall, on an merchant of the city of London, who, in action brought against a wrrier, for stophis memorial, points out the great con- ping a goose which was sent to a gentlefequence the place would be of, to the man laft Christmas, because the gentle. Englit.

and bed


man did not pay the porter a shilling for taken by the English. These letters came his trouble of carrying it to the gentle- last post from Copenhagen, by a hip are man's house. It appearing to the Jury rived where from Tranquebar, which calthat the porter had charged as much more led at the Cape. as he ought to do, and that the carrier By advices from Georgia, in Southhad no right to stop the goose for the por- Carolina, we learn, that about roo Creeks, terage, the jury brought in a verdict for and Chicasahs, had been there lately, all che plaintiff of three shillings damage, and professing a good disposition: that on the cofts of suit.

28th of March, 39 more Creeks were at This day the price of porter was raised Savannah : that, upon the whole, things to three-pence half-penny; a pot but great wore a better face in that nation than disturbances having arisen thereupon, the they did a month before. It is said, that publicans have thought proper to reduce it a considerable number of Norken Indians to the old price of three-pence again. are marching in large parties, to act

against the Cherokees. THURSDAY, June 25. A committee of merchants waited on

BIRT X s. the earl of Halifax, to return thanks for his lorddhip's unwearied attention to, and THE Sultaness at Constantinople, of a most satisfactory dispatch of business, du princes ring the time of his presiding at the board

The Lady of Char. Northey, Esq; of a son. of trade; which his lordóhip received in

The Lady of ..... Pleydell, Esq; of a the most obliging manner, and affured the

daughter. committee, that, in every station of life, he should esteem it the highest honour to

AS A Jewels in Agate's pallage, Houndsbe deemed a friend to the commercial in

ditch, of two boys and two-girls. terests of his country, This day several publicans in Westmin

DE A T K s. fter were carried before a magistrate, and fined gs. each for raising the price of beer, THE Rt. Hon. Earl Shelburn. contrary to an act paded in the reign of The Rt. Hon. Lord Edgcumbe. king William III. which fixed it at 3d. Rt. Hon. Lady Mary Montague. per quart.

Dr. Joseph Walker, Principal of New FRIDAY, June 26.

Inn Hall, Oxford. We have the following account from

Rev. Mr. Greenwood, Vicar of HighamBath, dated June 18th. On Sunday last


Lady of. William Melmoth, Esq; of the most barbarous murder that has been heard of for many years, was committed

Great Ealing.

Mr. Coles at Kingston, near Taunton, between Hilperton and Trowbridge, on the body of one Mary Allan, by several

worth 30,000. .,

Mrs. Norton, at Athy, in Irel. aged 109. men, who are yet unknown. It is thought they wanted to be rude with her, and her

David Montelieu, Baron of St. Hipolit, refusing to consent, provoked them to be

The Lady of Alex. Thiftlehuayte, Esq; guilty of this horrid crime. A large

Dan Burr, Esq; at Hatcham House,

Surry. quantity of blood was (pilt on the place where she was found, and a stick of an

Mirs Eliz. Bland, daughter of Sir J.

Bland, of Kippax, Yorkshire. amazing fize was taken out of her body, on its being opened by order of the coro.

Mark Pringle, of Creighton, Erq;

Rev. Mr. Laws, in St. Martin's Church. ner.

Joseph Brice, Erq; for the murder of
Richard Jasper, Esq; in May last, at a

The Lady of Stephen Kennel, Erq; of tavern at Charing Cross, was tried this

Croydon. day at the Old Bailey, and found guilty

Digby Dent, Esq; in Dover street. of manslaughter.

James Lyon, Esq. at Prompton.

Duke of Montmorency, in France. SATURDAY, June 27.

Lady of Sir Rowland Stanley, of HooLetters from the Cape, dated the gth of ton, Bart, February, mention, that Pondicheriy was


Rev. Mr. Robinson, Rector of Norton, John Whitefoord, of York,, to miss Kent.

Cartwright, of Offington. ,
Rev. Mr. Midgeley, at Coxwold,

John Ray, of Wenston, Hampshire,

The Hon. Henry Greenville, Erq; am. aged 110. Hon. Hen. Finch, brother to the Earl of

ser to the farl of baslador extraordinary to the Ottoman Wiochelsea.

Porte. Dr. Nesbitt, senior Fellow of the College

Earl of Nottingham, ambaffador-ex: of physicians.

fraordinary, and plenipotentiary to the Baron de Walenaer, at the Hague. .

republic of Venice. Mr. Edw. Wilks, merchant at Boston in

Major Park Pepper, lieut. col. New England, aged 109.

Major general Craufurd, governor of · Sir Hen. Ibbetfon, of Leeds, Bart.

Belleise. Countess of Coningsby.

Earl of Bute, sanger of Richmond

Rt. Hon. Lady Mansfield.
Rt. Hon. Lady Piercy, eldest daughter

Thomas Wroughton, Efq; consul geof the Earl of Northumberland.

neral of all Rullia. Dr. Frewin at Oxford.

Nicholas Fenwicke, Esq; conful at

Elineur. Mr. James Stachby, at Wednesbury,

Sidney Meadows, Esq; deputy ranger Staffordshire, aged 109.

of Richmond Park. . Rt. Hon. dowag. Marg. of Rockingham.

Sir Henry Frankland, Bart. consul geRev. Mr. Letsom, Rector of Halford, Oxfordshire.

neral at Lisbon. Mrs. Celia Sims, aged 107.

Major Wiliam Brown, lieut. col. · John Aynesley, Esq; at Threepwood,

Henry Frankland, Bart. consul general Durham.

at Lilbon.

Ifaac Jamineau, Esq; consul general MARRIAGES.

at Naples.

Stanhope Alpinwall, Esq; conful Berney Brograve, Esq; to miss Hawker, general at Algiers. of Baddow, Essex.

Joseph Popham, Esq; consul general William Maude, Esq; to miss Wilson, of Wakefield, Yor: Mire.

Charles Gordon, Efq; consul general Cuthbert Fatkin, aged 76, to Rebecca ar Tunis. Milburn, aged 81, ac Newcastle.

Robert White, Erq; conful general at Rev. Mr. Drake, of Hythe, in Kent, Tripoli. to miss Carolina Brockman.

James Millar, Esq; conful at Barcelona. Will. Hen. Lyttelton, Erq; governor Burrington Goldsworthy, Elgi consul of Jamaica, to miss Macartney.

at Cadiz. --. Bilsen, Esq; to Mrs. Eliz. Nutt, a Joseph Jordan, Erq; conful at Core widow lady.

rúnna. Rev. Mr. Jefferys, Rector of St. Ni.

John Sargint, Esq; consul at Zante. cholas Coleabby, to miss Darell, of

Lord Edgecumbe, lieutenant and custos Richmond.

rot. of Cornwall. James Evelyn, Esq; of Godftone, to Earl of Powis, lieutenant and custos Mrs. Fane, fifter of Sir John Cuft, Bart. rot. of Montgomery.

Philip Joddrell, Esq; of Bedford Row, Earl of Plymouth, lieut. of Glamor. to miss Eliz. Gybbon.

William Clayton, Efq; member for Howell Gwynne, Esq; lieut, and custos Marlow in Bucks, to miss Lloyd of rot. of Radnor. Berkeley square.

George Rice, Esq; lieut. of CarmarChampion Dymoke, to miss Homes, then. late of Bombay.

Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart. lieut. of Flina William Harris, Esq; to miss Dymoke, Duke of Queensberry, keeper of his the Champion's fifter.

. majesty's seal of Scotland, in the room Mr. Young of Landogo, near Bristol, of the duke of Argyll, deceased. to Mrs. Williams, a fortune of 10,000l.



Charles Lord Cathcart, constable,

BANKROPTS. governor, and keeper of his majesty's Joseph Hawthorne, late of Manchester, castle of Dunbarton.

Lancashire, dealer and chapman. Tames Hindman minister of the Robert Wise, of Alanby near Whitegospel, his majesty's almoner in Scot

honer in Scot. haven, in Cumberland, merchant. land.

Jonathan Beck, of Totbill Street WestMr. John Miller, advocate, the office minster, baker, of professor of the civil law in the uni- Joseph Grantham of Carnaby Street, versity of Glasgow, in the room of Mr. Westminster, linen-draper. Hercules Lindsay, deceased,

Thomas Holford and John Maydwell of London, dry salters.

John Key, of Priors Marston, in ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

Warwickshire, dealer and chapman.

Gamaliel Walker, of Manchester, LanThe Revd. Mr. Warton, ro elected cashire, chapman. professor of poetry at Oxford.

Samuel Bradley, late of the city of Dr. Squire, bishop of St. David. Worcester, watchmaker and filver-Imith. Dr. Drummond, bishop of St. Asaph. Richard Holdship, late of the city of

George Smalridge, A. M. Rec. Bothall, Worcester, glover. with Rec. Shiprac, Northumberland.

; James Boyes, of Pennington, SouthMr. John Clutton, Rec. Hangleton, ampton, merchant. and Rec. Portslade in Sussex.

James Armstrong, late of Midhurft in Mr. Ed. Howman, Rec, Florden, and Suflex, dealer. Rec. Giffing, Norfolk.

Obed. Porter, of 'Taunton St. James's, Mr. Thomas Hurdis, Vic. Sutton with Somersetfire, ferge-maker. Seaford, and Rec. Bascombe in Suflex.

Ferdinando Southam, of Winslow in Mr. Taylor Rec. Norton in Kent,

Bucks, scrivener. Mr. Warren, Preb, Gloucester, in the John Ulric-Passavant, of Exeter, merroom of Dr. Burton, promoted to Preb. chant. Durham,

Joseph Llewellin and John Harris, of , Mr. William Lloyd, Rec. Lanengan

Bristol, carpenters. in Carnarvon.

Walter Taylor the younger, of South. Mr. JohMoore. Rec. St. Bartholo. ampton, block-maker. mew the Great, Smithfield.

John Knell, late of St. Mary le Bone, Mr. William Dearling, Vic. of Matches,

now of St. George, Bloomsbury, MiddleErrex.

sex, coach, and coach harness maker. Mr. Sam. Worley, Vic. Wolverley,

Thomas Holford, of Dowgate Hill, Worcester.

London, dry-Calter and diniller. Mr. John Gage, Rec. Upper Peverell,

Thomas Holderness, of Cookham in Cornwall.

Berks, barge-master, Mir. Mathew Smith, Rec. Chadwell,

Smith Rec. Chadwell. George Curling, of Ath, Kent, shopEllex,


The Authors of the British Magazine acknowledge the Receipt of many valuable Pieces, both in Prose and Verse, for which they are much obliged 10 their ingenious Correspondents, who may depend on their being inserted as foon as possible.

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