A Detachment was sent from the allied were taken. In the mean time, the Russian H army under prince Ferdinand of army was driven back from Gross Becken Brunswick, on the zoth of August to at- to Metliche, and two regiments of their tack Dorften, where the ovens of prince infantry were made prisoners by gen. Soubize's army had been built some time Knobloch, in the pursuit towards the Oder. ago, and succeeded so far as to take the Letters from other parts magnify the adplace. Mr. Vierfet and the first batta. vantage ; notwithstanding which, the Aulion of his regiment were all made priso. ftrian and Russian armies have effected their ners, after a vigorous refiftance. Next junction, and immediately afterwards held day, the light troops of the allies took a council of war, wherein it was resolved 300 waggons, a number of equipages, to attack the king of Prussia in his camp and the patroles of French horse that were of Ober-Arnfdorff : but next day his maalong the Lippe.

jefty ser fire to his camp, and fell back to The inhabitants of Hanover were late- Schweidnitz ; which disconcerted the mealy under great apprehenfions, on ac- sures of his enemies; and part of their count of the march of a large body of forces marched into the camp which the French troops towards Seesen and Grene; Prussians had abandoned. A new plan of but on the 14th of September they were attack was then settled; but it was discon. relieved from their anxiety, by discovering certed like the former, the king having that the corps was destined to cover the taken a new position between Schweidnitz retreat of smaller detachments which had and Zobtenberg, which post is very secure advanced into the country, with a view of by nature, and he has there strongly in. raising contributions and collecting provi- trenched himself. fions. General Luckner, reinforced by Accounts of the latest date from the general Freytag, is advanced to Saltz-Git- commandant of Glogau, say, that on the ter, and Hartz is entirely cleared of the 9th and roth the baggage of the Ruffian French parties.

army had repassed the Oder at Steinau ; Accounts from Pomerania import, that that on the joth marshal Butturlin with a smart skirmith happened there lately be- the gross of the army, had separated from (ween a large detachment of Swedish the Austrians, and began to move towards troops, and some Prussian forces under the Oder; and that general Chernichew, col. Belling, in which the latter had the with a corps under his command, remainadvantage ; but finding himself too weak ed still with general Laudohn. to stand against the whole force of the The Ruffian fleet, which has been be. Swedes, which was coming against him, fieging Colberg ever since the 3d of 'Au. he abandoned Malchin and Treptow, and gust last, had not done any confiderable retired to Calow ; soon after which, an damage to the place from that time to the other large body attempted to dinodge him 6th of September ; on the contrary, the from Brandenbourg, but they were repul- Russians suffered considerably by the bat. fed with great loss; and upon col. Bel- teries raised on shore. General Romanling's being fince reinforced, he has gain- zow had not then made any motion; and ed farther advantages over the Swedes in the duke of Wurtemberg remained un. Pomerania, and obliged them to draw molested in his entrenchments, which are their subsistence from their own country. not much above half a mile from gen. Ro

By advices from Silesia we are informed, manzow's camp. that on the ish of August, forty-three General Tortleben, who was lately a prinsquadrons of Austrians, which had been cipal commander in the Ruffian sevice, is sent by gen. Laudhon to join the Ruffian carried prisoner to Petersburgh, and closearmy were totally defeated by the king of ly confined in the citadel there ; having Pruflia ; and that the cannon and trophies been detected in holding a treacherous which the horse-grenadiers had with them, correspondence with the king of Pruffia.

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T ETTERS from Constantinople of being heard at a distance. They rowed Is the ist of August, import, that Mr, in that manner till they were within muf. Rexin, minister from Prussia, after the ket Mot of the privavateer ; and, being festival of Bairam, had his second audience haled, they made no answer ; but in a of the Grand Vizir ; when the treaty of few minutes boarded him on both fides, amity and commerce between the Sultan and took poffeffion of him without the and the king of Prussia was ratified and lors of a man, and only two were woundexchanged ; and at the same time Mr. ed. Mr. M' Bride shot the Lieutenant Rexin assumed the character of envoy ex. of the privateer through the head with traordinary from his Prussian majesty, and a musket, as he was pointing a gun into in chat quality delivered his credentials and the boat; and one common man was kilthe presents from his royal master, which led, and five wounded. This was done were reckoned very curious and valu- within half gun-shot of a fort on the east able.

lide of the harbour, but the fort did not They write from Genoa, that the Cor. 'fire at them; and when the prisoners were ficans have published a manifesto, addref- fecured, they cut the cables, and failed out sed to all the powers of Europe, setting of the road." forth, that they will shed the last drop In a storm of hail, which happen'd laft of their blood, rather than submit to the Sunday at Enfield Marth; some of the Genose; to whose yoke, if they thould stones, or rather pieces of ice, measured be reduced to the last extremity, they will five inches round, which tore down prefer that of any other power, who will branches of trees, and did infinite dacontinue to them their fortunes and pri. mage all around. The storm was atvileges.

tended with violent claps of thunder, feFRIDAY, Aug. 28.

veral birds were killed ; yet the whole St. James's. His majefty in council did not last above three minutes, was this day pleased to order, that

THURSDAY, Sept. 3 the parliament, which fands pro- Amiralty-Office. Capt. Napier, of his rogued to Thursday the 3d of Septem- majesty's frigate the Cygnet, brought into ber next, should be further prorogued to Gibraltar-bay on the 25th of July last, a Thursday the 8th day of October follow- French privateer, of 18 carriage guns, and ing... And that the convocations of Can- 135 men, which he, took off Cape de terbury and York, which stand prorogued Gatte: and about the same time, the to Friday the 4th of September next, Favourite foop, commanded by Capt. should be further prorogued to Friday the Pownoll, sent in a small privateer floop, gth day of October following.

which he took about twenty leagues westTUESDAY, Sept. 1.

ward of Cadiz. A letter was received from Sir Piercy His majesty's Chip Aquilon, commanded Brett by Mr. Cleveland, dated Aug. 25th, by capt. Chaloner Ogle, has also taken off 3761, with the following particulars : .... Cape Machicaco, the Aurora privateer be" Mr. Mc-Bride being off Dunkirk with longing to Rochelle, of 10 guns, and 75 the Grace armed cutier on Saturday morn- men , ing, and observing that the two prames

FRIDAY, Sept. 4. were gone into the harbour, and only four Admiraky Office. Lieut. Barkley, com. fiat-bottom'd boats and a dogger privateer manding the Fly armed cutter, on the in the road, he immediately left his station fourteenth of last month being off the to join the Maidstone, and proposed cut- Texel, he took the Hazard privateer of ting out the privateer that night, if capt. Dunkirk, carrying fix swivel guns and 15 Digges would let him have four boats men, which had been out three weeks, but manned and armed ; which he very rea. had taken nothing. On the 29th he drove dily complied with, knowing his abilities on shore, and destroyed the Maria The. and resolution. The boats left the ships. resa privateer, of fix swivel guns and 17 at ten o'clock at night ; and when they men, which left Dunkirk four days before, came near the road, they laid all their oars and had not taken any prize. across, except two in each boat, which A letter from capt. Faulkner, of his ma. they muffed with baize, to prevent their jesty's Mip Bellona, to capt, Cleveland,

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dated Aug. 21. in Lisbon river, runs thus : county of Buckingham, having been re...“ On the 14th inftant, at three P.M. quested by Richard Loundes, Esq; one of saw three fail in the S. W. quarter, Cape the knights of the thire, on behalf of the Finisterre bearing N. E. I half E. diftant lace manufacturers, to present to the king ten leagues ; we immediately gave chace,' a pair of fine ruffles made by Meffrs. Miland, by their crowding from us, foon sur ward and comp. at Newport-Pagnel in pected them to be enemies. At five A. M. the said county ; his majesty after looking we got almost up with the chace, and at them, and asking many queftions confound them to be a large Tip and two cerning this branch of trade, was most frigates. At fix the Brilliant began to graciously pleased to express himself ; that engage with one of the frigates ; soon af- the inclination of his own heart naturally ter with the other also. Half an hour af- led him to set a high value upon every enter fix we began to engage the large thip deavour to improve any Englith manufacas near as poflible. At four minutes after ture, and whatever had such a recommen7 the large ship struck, which proved to be dation, would be preferr'd by him to works Le Courageux of 74 guns, commanded by possibly of higher persection, made in any M, Dugue L'Ambert, and had on board other country of 700 men from St. Domingo. The Bril

SATURDAY, Sept. 5. liant continued to engage the two frigates. St. Janei's. The following is the list of At half past seven the French frigates bore the establishment made by his majesty for away, and neither of our ships were in a the houfhold of the Queen. condition to pursue them. We loft in the Vice-chamberlain, Lord Cantalupe. action 6 men, and had 28 wounded. The Mistress of the Robes, Duchess of Ancaster. enemy had 240 Nain, and i10 wounded.

Ladies of the Bed-chamber, We sent our first lieutenant, Mr. Male, Duchess of Hamilton, with other officers, and 150 men, to take Countess of Effingham, poffefsion of the prize, and received 224 Countess of Northumberland, prisoners on board. The Brilliant sent Countess of Egremont, so men, and received 100 prisoners on Vicountess Weymouth, on board ; she had five men killed and Vicounters Bolinbroke. fixteen wounded ; among the Nain is the

Maids of Honour, mafter."

Miss Bishop, Miss Keck, Some private letters, say, that the car. Miss Wrottelley, Mifs Meddows, go of the Courageux is valued at 320,000l, Miss Beauclerk, Miss Tryon. first coft; and she had besides many ran

Bed-chamber Women, somers on board.

Mrs. Dashwood, Mrs. Brudenel, When the French prisoners were landed Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. Boughton, at Lisbon out of the Bellona man of war, Mrs. Herbert, Mrs. Bloodworth. they applied to the French consul for re- Sempftress and Laundress, Mrs. Chetwynd. lief, without effect; but the Gentlemen of Gentlemen Uthers of the Privy-chamber, the English Factory, moved with compas. Sir James Calder, Mr. Stanhope, Mr. Boyle, fion at such a scene of distress, gene- Gentlemen Uthers Daily Waiters, rously raised by subscription 230l. sterling Mr. Allen, Mr.Jenkinson, Mr. Molyneux, . for their relief. A noble inftance of En- Gentlemen Vihers Quarterly Waiters, glith generosity!

: Cap. Robinson, Mr. Hubert, Mr. Causaid, The master of the White Hart Inn at Physicians, Dr. Letherland, Dr. Akenfide. Redburn, Hertfordshire, returning from Physician to the Houshold, Dr. Pringle. fhooting, put his gun (which was charged Surgeon, Mr. Pennell Hawkins. with partridge (hot) upon the bacon-rack, Surg. to the Houshold, Mr. Tho. Gataker, when two of the marquis of Granby's Apothecary, . . . . . Brande. royal forresters came into the house; one Apoth, to the Houshold, Mr.Jn. Devaynes, of them took down the piece, and with

Pages of the Back Stairs, out examining whether it was charged or Mr. John Nicolai, Mr..... White, not, presented and fired it off at his com- Mr. Rich. Chapman, Mr. Fran. Weybrow. rade, by which means his face was man

Pages of the Presence, gled almost beyond description, for both Mr. Valacin, Mr. Sutherland. his eyes were fhot out, his nose entirely Necessary woman to the Private Apartments, Laken off, and his cheeks torn to pieces.

Mrs. Moore. The eard Temple, lord lieutenant of the Necessary woman to the publicApartments,

Mrs. Coggshead.

half an hour past ten o'clock last night, the Treasurer, Andrew Stone, Esq;

guns at the Park and the Tower were fired Secretary, David Groem, Esq;

again, on the joining of his majesty's and Comptroller, Hon Sewallis Shirley. the princess's hands. Sollicitor General, Mr. De Gray.

· All the royal family, together with his Attorney General, Mr. Hussey.

royal highness the duke of Cumberland, Master of the Horse, Earl of Harcourt. and princess Amelia, were present at the Equerries, Lieut. Col. Montgomery, nuptials. Their majesties, after the cere

Capt. Harcourt, Mr. John Scutz. mony, sat on one fide of the altar, on two Pages of Hon. Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Byne. ftate chairs under a canopy ; her royal A Clerk of the Stables; a Bottle-man; Five highness the princess dowager of Wales

Coachmen; Eight Footmen; and Three fat facing them, in a chair of state, on the for the Master of the Horse ; Two other fide ; and all the rest of the royal faGrooms; Four Chairmen; Five Poftil. mily on stools, and the quality on benches, lions; Five Helpers.

which confifted of all the foreign ministers, TUESDAY, September 8. including monf. Buffy; all the peers and St. James's. Her moft serene highness peeresses of the kingdom, together with the princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg, the bishops, except the right hon, and right having embarked on board his majesty's rev. che bishop of Hereford, who had sprainyacht at Stade, the 22d past, and fell down ed his ancle. After the ceremony there was the Elbe to Cuxhaven, failed from thence a public drawing room, but no persons the 28th, and arrived in the port of Har- presented. wich, on Sunday evening laft, the 6th (See the Order of tbeProceffion, p.487,488.) instant. Her highness continued that St. James's. This day M. de Mello, ennight, and dined yesterday, on board : voy extraordinary from the king of Portu. after which, the set out for Harwich, and gal, had a private audience of his majesty, lay last night at the earl of Abercorn's to notify the birth of a prince of Beyra, house at Witham, in Effex; from whence of whom the princess of Brafils was her highness set out this morning at eight, brought-to-bed the 19th of August, and arrived at a quarter paft three, at his

THURSDAY, Sept. 10. majesty's palace of St. James, where she · Upwards of 1000l. worth of French alighted at the garden-gate, and was re. Gilks were seized on board a Dutch fhip in ceived by the king and all the Royal Fa. the river, and deposited in his majesty's mily. At nine this evening the marriage warehouses. ceremony between his majesty and her • MONDAY, Sept. 14. most ferene highness, was folemnied This day the lord mayor, aldermen, and by the lord archbishop of Canterbury in common council, presented their addresses the royal chapel there.

to the king and queen, on their majesties Her serene highness the princess of nuptials. Mecklenburgh was accompanied in the As did the univerfity of Cambridge, on coach from Witham by their graces the the same occafion. dutchesses of Ancaster and Hamilton, and · For wbicb Addresses, see p. 483, 484,485. in her way stayed near an hour at a gen

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 16. tleman's house at Rumford, where the This day the university of Oxford prewas pleased to indulge the fpe&tators with sented their addresses to the king and queen, the fight of her person from a window ; on their majesties nuptials, and were moft after which her highness went into his ma- graciously receiv’d. [See p. 483,484,485. jesty's body coach, and proceeded to St.

SATURDAY, Sept. 19. James's, keeping the road to London as Thomas Daniels was condemned at far as Mile-End, where the guards turned the Old Bailey for the murder of his wife, off over Bethnal-green, through Hackney- by throwing her out of a two pair of stairs turn-pike, and so on to Old street, and the window, in a court in Alderfgate-street; city road, through Hyde park, by way of and was to have been executed on MonGrosvenor-gate, and down Constitution day the 21st, but the court thinking it bill to St. James's-park....Her highness's would be extremely indecent for an exearrival at the palace was immediately cution immediately to precede the great proclaimed by the firing of the guns in St. folemnity of the coronation, his execution James's park, which were immediately was ordered to be on Friday, Oct. the 2d. followed by those of the Tower; and at Four rich full suits of brocade, entirely

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