king of Great Britain, neither in his ca. manner as France shall engage on her pacity of king or elector, shall afford any part, not to yield succour of any kind to succour, either in troops, or of any kind the empress queen, nor her allies. whatever, to the king of Prussia; and Both the conditions appear so natural that his Britannic majesty will undertake and equitable in themselves, that his ina. that the Hanoverian, Heffian, Brunf. jesty could not do otherwise than ac.' wickian, and the other auxiliaries in quiesce in them; and he hopes that the alliance with Hanover, mall not join king of Great Britain will be ready to the forces of the king of Prussia, in like adopt them.

Mr. Pitt's Letter, in Answer to the foregoing, 241h July 1761.


...mo ciation of peace between the two crowns; H aving explained myself, in our con. ference yesterday, with respect 10

to which I must add, That it will be concertain engagements of France with Spain,

fidered as an affront to his majesty's digrelative to the disputes of the latter crown

nity, and as a thing incompatible with the with Great-Britain, of which your court

fincerity of the negotiation, to make farnever informed us, but at the very in

ther mention of such a circumstance. stant of making, as she has done, her first

Moreover, it is expected that France propofitions for the separate peace of the

will not, at any time, presume a right of two crowns, and as you have defired,

intermeddling in such disputes between for the sake of greater punctuality, to

Great Britain and Spain. take a note of what passed between us

There considerations, so just and inupon so weighty a subject, I here repeat,

dispensible, have determined his majesty Sir, by his majesty's order, the same de

to order me to return you the memorial claration, word for word, which I made

which occasions this, as wholly inadmir

fible. to you yesterday, and again anticipate you with respect to the most sincere senti

I likewise return you, Sir, as totally 'ments of friendship, and real regard on

inadmiffible, the memorial relative to the

king of Prussia, as implying an attempt the part of his majesty towards the Catho

upon the honour of Great Britain, and lic king, in every particular consistent with ,reason and justice. It is my duty to de

the fidelity with which bis majesty will clare farther to you in plain terms, in the

always fulfil his engagements with his name of his majesty, That he will not all

allies. suffer the disputes with Spain to be blend

I have the honour to be, &c. ed, in any manner whatever, in the nego

Signed, 'Pitt.


CHA P. XXIV. hath been revered at all periods and The Knot that puzzles buman Wisdom,

in all nations, and even held sacred

in the most polished ages of antithe Hand of Fortune fometimes will untie familiar as her Gartır.

quity. The scope of it is to preserve

, the being, and confirm the health of W H EN the doctor made his next our fellow-creatures; of consequence,

Vy appearance in SirLauncelot's to sustain the bleflings of society, and apartment, the knight.addressed him crown life with fruition. The chain these words : “ Sir, the practice racter of a physician, therefore, not of medicine is one of the most ho- only supposes natural fagacity, and -nourable professions exercised among acquired erudition, but it also im. the fons of men; a proiellion which plies every delicacy of sentiment, November, 1761.


4 F

every tenderness of nature, and eve- jedi, who, tho' every other motir ry virtue of humanity. That there should be overlooked, ought to isqualities are centered in you, doctor, tereft himself in my case as a corI would willingly believe: but it mon concern, and concur with a will be sufficient for my purpose, your power towards the punishment that you are poffeffed of common of those who dare commit such outintegrity. To whofe concern I am rages against the liberty of your indebted for your visits, you best country." know : but if you understand the The doctor seemed to be a little art of medicine, you must be sensible disconcerted ; but after some reco!. by this time, that with respect to lection, resumed his air of sufficiency me your prescriptions are altogether and importance, and assured our adunnecessary-come, Sir, you cannot venturer he would do him all the -you don't believe that my intel- service in his power; but, in the lects are disordered. Yet, granting mean time, advised him to take the me to be really under the influence potion he had prescribed. of that deplorable malady, no per- The knight's eyes lightning with .tön has a right to treat me as a lu- indignation,.“ [ am now convinced, natic, or to live out a commission, (cried he) that you are accomplice ia but my nearest kindred. That you the villainy which has been prac. may not plead ignorance of my tiled upon me; that you are a fosname and family, you shall under- did wretch, without principle or feet stand that I am Şir S.auncelot ing, a disgrace to the faculty, and a Greaves, of the county of York, ba- reproach to human nature — yes, ronet; and that my dearest relation firrah, you are the most perfidious is Sir Reginald Meadows, of Cheshire, of all allailins - you are the bireling the eldest son of my mother's sister- minilter of the worst of all villains, 'that gentleman, I am sure, had no who from motives even bafer than concern in feducing me by false pre- malice, envy, and revenge, rob the tences under the clouds of night into innocent of all the comforts of life. she fields, where I was surprised, over- brand them with the imputation of powered, and kidnapped by armed madness, the most cruel species of ruffians. Had he really believed tlander, and wantonly protract their me insane, he would have proceeded misery, by leaving them in the mott according to the diciares of honour, shocking confinement, a prey to rehumanity, and the laws of his count- tections infinitely more bitter than try. Situated as I am, I have a death-but I will be calm-do me right, by making application to the justice at your peril. I demand the Jord chancellor, tu be tried by a protection of the legislature-if I am jury of honest men.-But of that refused,-- remember, a day of reckright, I cannot avail myself, while I oning will come-you and the reft remain at the mercy of a brutal of the miscreants who have combimiscreant, in whole house I am in- ned againit me, muft, in order to closed, unless you contribute your cloak your treachery, have recourse aslistance. Your affiftance, there. to murder; an expedient which I fore, I demand, as you are a gen- believe you very capable of embractleman, a christian, and a fellow-lib. ing, or a man of my rank and cha


racter cannot be much longer con- the advertisement Mould produce an cealed- Tremble, caitif, at the effect upon another person, who was thoughts of my release in the mean no other than the hackney coachtime, begone, left my just relent- man who drove our hero to the place ment impel me to dash out your of his imprisonment. This fellow brains upon that marble-away.--" had been enjoined secrecy, and in

The honest doctor was not so deed bribed to hold his tongue, by firmly persuaded of his parient's lu- a considerable gratification, which, nacy as to reject bis advice, which it was supposed, would have been he made what haste he could to fol- effectual, as the man was a master. low, when an unexpected accident coachman in good cir umstances, intervened. That this inay be pro- and well known to the keeper of perly introduced, we must return to the mad house, by whom he had the knight's brace of trusty friends, been employed on foriner occacaptain Crowe and lawyer Clarke, lions of the same nature. Perhaps whom we left in forrowful delibera. his fidelity to his employer, reintion upon the face of their patron. forced by the hope of many future Clarke's genius being rather more jobbs of that kind, might have been fruitful in resources, than that of the proof against the offer of fifty pounds; seaman, he suggested an advertise. but double that sum was a temptament, which was was accordingly in- tion he could not resist. He no serted in the daily papers; import- sooner read the intimation in the ing, that, “ whereas a gentleman of Daily Advertiser, over his morning's considerable rank and fortune had pot at an alehouse, than he entered suddenly disappeared on such a into consultation with his own night from his house, near Golden- thoughis, and having no reason to Square, in consequence of a letter doubt that this was the very fare he delivered to him by a porter; and had conveyed, he resolved to earn there is great reason to believe some the reward, and abstain from all violence hath been offered to his fuch adventures in time coming. He life : any person capable of giving had the precaution, however, to such information as may tend to take an attorney along with him to clear up this dark transaction, Mall, Mr. Clarke, who entered into a conby applying to Mr. Thomas Clarke, ditional bond; and, with the affiftattorney, at his lodgings in Upper ance of his uncle deposited the moBrook-ftreet, receive proper securi- ney, to be forthcoming when the ty for the reward of one hundred conditions should be fulhlled. There guineas, to be paid to him upon his previous measures being taken, the making the discovery required.” coachman declared what he knew,

The porter who delivered the let-, and discovered the house in which ter appeared accordingly; but could Sir Launcelot had been iinmured. give no other information, except He moreover accompanied our two that it was put into his band with a adherents to a judge's chamber, Tilling, by a man muffled up in a where he made oath to the truth of great coat, who stopped him for the his information; and a warrant was purpose, in his passing through immediately granted to fearch the Queen-ftreet. It was necessary that house of Bernard Shackle, and fet

4 F 2


at liberty Sir Launcelot Greaves, in the world in the hold of any man if there found."

who would have shewn Sir LaunceFortified with this authority, they lot fafe at his moorings. The knight, engaged a constable with a formi- having made a proper return to this dable poffe, and embarking them sincere manifestation of good will, in coaches, repaired, with all posible desired him to dismiss that worthless expedition, to the house of Mr. fellow, meaning the doctor, who, Shackle, who did not think proper finding hinfelt released, withdrew to dispute their claim, but admit- with fome precipitation. ted them, tho'not without betray- Then our adventurer, attended by ing evident fymptoms of conster- his friends, walked with a deliberate nation. One of the servants direct- pace to the outward gate, which he ing them, by his master's order, to found open, and getting into one Sir Launcelor's apartment, they hur- of the coaches, was entertained by ried up stairs in a body, occasioning t:e way to his own house with a desuch a noise as did not fail to alarm tail of every measure which had the physician, tvho had juit opened been pursued for his release. In the door to retire, when he perceiv. his own parlour he found Mrs. Dol. ed their irruption. Capt. Crowe .ly Cowllip, who had been waiting conjecturing he was guilty, from with great fear and impatience for the confusion that appeared in his the itlue of Mr. Clarke's adventure. countenance, made no scruple of She now fell upon her knees, and seizing him by the collar, as he en.' bathed the knight's hand with tears deavoured to retreat; while the ten- of joy ; while the face of this young der-hearted Tom Clarke, running woman, recalling the idea of her miup to the knight with his eyes brim- stress, roused his heart to strongemofull of joy and affection, forgot tion, and stimulated his mind to the all the forms of distant respect, and immediate atchievement he had althrowing his arms around his neck, ready planned. As for Crabshaw, blubbered in his bosom. . he was not the last to fignify his fa

Our hero did not receive this tistaction at his master's return, Af proof of his attachment unmoved. He ter having kissed the hem of his garstrained him in his embrace, ho- ment, he repaired to the stable, noured him with the title of his de. where he communicated these tid. liverer, and asked him by what mi. ings to his friend Gilbert, whom he racle he had discovered the place of saddied and bridled: the fame office his confinement. The lawyer be- he performed for Bronzomarte: gan to unfold the various steps he then putting on his squire-like athad taken, with equal minuteness tire and accoutrements, he mounted and self-complacency, when Crowe one, and led the other to the knight's dragging the doctor ftill by the door, before which he paraded, otcollar, look liis old friend by the tering from time to time repeated hand, protesting he was never so shouts, to the normall entertainment overjoyed fince he got clear of a of rlie populace, until he received Sallee Rover on the coast of Barba- orders to house his companions, ry; and that two glaffesago he would Thus commanded, he led them bave itarted all the money he had back to their stalls, refumed his li.

very, and rejoined his fellow-ser- Aurelia Darnel. The constable and vants, who were resolved to cele. his pofle were main retained ; and brate the day with banqucts and re- Sir Launcelot Greaves once more joicings.

crofled the threshold of Mr. BerTheir master's heart was not suf- nard Shackle. Nor was the searchficiently at ease to share in their fef- warrant the only implement of juftivity. He held a cousultation with rice with which he had furnished his friends in the parlour, whom he himself for this visit. In going thiacquainted with the reasons he had ther, they agreed upon the method to believe Miss Darnel was con- in which they shouldintroduce themfined in the same house which had felves gradually to Miss Darnel, that been his prison : a circumstance her tender nature might not be too which filled them with equal plea- much shocked by their sudden apsure and astonishment. Dolly, in pearance.. particular, weeping plentifully, con- When they arrived at the house jured him to deliver her dear lady therefore, and produced their credenwithout delay; nothing now remain- tials, in consequence of which, a feed but to concert, the plan for her · male attendant was directed to shew deliverance. As Aurelia had in the lady's apartment, Mrs. Dolly formed Dolly of her connection with first entered the chamber of the acMrs. Kawdle, at whose house the complished Aurelia, who, lif:ing up propofed to lodge, before she was her eyes, screamed aloud, and flew overtaken on the road by her uncle, into the arms of her faithful Cow. this particular was now imparted to Nip. Some minutes elapsed before the council, and struck a light which Dolly could inake shift to exclaim,seemed to point out the direct way “Am coom to live and daai with my to Miss Darnel's enlargement. beloved leady!” “Dear Dolly! (cried . Our hero, accompanied by Mrs. her mistress) I cannot express the Cowlip, and Tom Clarke, set out pleasure I have in seeing you again immediately for the house of Dr. gond heaven! what solitary hours Kawdie,who happened to be abroad; of keen affliction have I passed since but his wife received them with we parted !-but, tell me, how did great courtesy. She was a well- you discover the place of my retreat? bred, fenfible, genteel woman, and has my uncle relented? do I strongly attached to Aurelia by the owe yourcoming to his indulgence?” ties of affe&ion as well as of con- Dolly answered in the negative; sanguinity. She no sooner learned and by degrees gave her to underthe situation of her cousin than she stand that her cousin, Mrs. Kawdle,

expressed the most impatient con- was in the next room; that lady *cern for her being set at liberty; immediately appeared, and a very and assured Sir Launcelot she would tender scene of recognition paffed concur in any scheme he should pro between the two relations. It was pose for that purpose. There was she who, in the course of conversa. no room for hesitation or choice ; tion, perceiving that Aurelia was he attended her immediately to the perfectly composed, declared the judge, who upon proper application happy tidings of the approaching deissued another Search-warrant for liverance. When the other cager

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