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For JULY, 1807.



very low, and made to sit close tu the form.

Waved sleeves, easily full, formed of alternale No.1..Her Royal HIGHNESS THE PRINCESS

stripes of crape and pink salin. Hair, bound in OF WALES IN HER COURT Dress, AS WORN

smooth bands, confined on the forehead, and ON THE BIRTH-Day.

ornamented behind with wreaths of wild roses. This dress, for taste and magnificence, stood

Earrings and necklace of pearls. Shoes, pink unrivalled amidst the splendour and elegance

satin, trimmed with silver. White kid gloves, displayed on the Birth-Day of our justly revered

rucked. Sovereign; and we consider ourselves fortunate in having it in our power to procure a represen. tation of it for our fair correspondents.

GENERAL OBSERVATIONS The body and ground of the drapery was formed

ON THE of a rich silver and lilac tissue; with a most superb border, composed of eineralds, topazes,

FASHIONS FOR THE SEASON, and amethysts, to represent the vine-leaf and l with a complete List of Ladies in their Court grapes. The train and petticoat of silver tissue;

Dresses, as worn on the Birth-Day. bordered all round like the drapery; and each terminated with a most brilliant silver fringe of a strikingly novel formation. Rich silver laurel and

As there is little alteration in the general arrow on the left side, to loop up the train.

style of personal decoration since our last comHead-drese of diamonds and amethysts, tastefully

munication, and as our elegant and extensive disposed; with high plume of ostrich feathers.

collection of Court Dresses will occupy much Neck-dress, the winged ruff, à la Mary Queen of

space, and we doubt not, prove highly acceptable Scots; sleeve ornaments to correspond. Amethyst

to our readers, we shall simply notice a few para necklace and earrings, with Maltese cross; dia

ticular articles, which strike us as most novel and mond armlets and bracelets. White satin shoes,

graceful, and hasten to give our delineations of with rich silver roselles. French kid gloves, above

Court splendour. the elbow. Fan of Imperial crape, studded with

The most distinguishable stvle of hat, is a comamethysts and topazes.

plete gipsy, with the lowest possible crown; and No.2.-PARISIAN FASHIONS, TAKEN FROM A

some of our elegant females wear an entire round

flat chip, tied across the crown with a culoured GROUP OF CONVERSATION FIGURES AT THE

parent-net handkerchief, embroidered in a border FRESCATI, IN PARIS.

of natural flowers. The small French bonnet, LADIES Dress.--A white Italian crape robe, and cottage puke, are also in general request. over a white satin slip, ornamented round the The former are composed of coloured figured bottom and drapery with a border of shells, ll sarsnet; the latter of muslın, or leno, lined with painted to nature, Plain scolloped bosom cutcoloured Persian; and each are usually worn with No, XVIII. Vol. II.


the promenade tippet, of the same materials.-11

BIRTH DAY DRESSES. For a morning, the fugitive coat, of cambric, or muslin, with a deep collar, pointed in front, and i Her MAJESTY -A lilac and silver tissue pet. finished with the acorn tassel, is considered simple i ticoat, trimmed with dra peries of point Brussels and elegant. With these last mentioned articles, | lace, with point lace of the same description, the gipsy hat, of satin straw, with the magic or flowered round the pocket holes; the front of bee-hive crown, is most appropriate and becom the draperies superbly ornamented with large ing; but no fowers can be consistently admitted diamond rosettes, from which were suspended in the morning costuine. The round French diamond bows and tassels. The under drapery robe, the Algerine vest, and the mantle wrap, il fancifully ornamented with diamonds in diagonal are each amidst the last offerings of taste and | stripes. The mantle to correspend with the fashion; and are formed of undrest crape, Angola drapery. silk, or muslin. Dresses and robes are often seen ll Her Royal Highness the Princess of WALES in plain coloured muslins, ornamented with Van- | - The drapery and body of rich silver and lilac dyke lace; and with them is worn the Anne tissue most inagnificently embroidered with emeBullen cap, which is considered the most novel ralds, topaz, and amethyst stones, to form vine and simple article of the kind that has been in leaves and grapes, entwined with wreaths of troduced for a lengih of time. The hear-dress diamonds in stars and shells; at the bottom of continues in the antique and Grecian style; and || the drapery a very rich silver fringe of quite a the hair is parted on the forehead a-la-Cleopatra, || new pattern; the train and petticoat of silver or Madona. The backs of dresses are a little ad. | tissue, with a border all round to correspond with vanced in fashionable circles, since our last in that on the drapery; also a rich silver fringe all formation; and the bosom is usually made to sie | round the train and petticoat, with rich silver close to the form. In full-dress, the sleeve is laurel to loop up the drapery and pocket-holes: shorter than ever ; but in the morning (and fre- || the head-dress of diamonds and ostrich feathers. quently in the evening dress) the long sleeve is! Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS CHARadopted universally. Walking dresses are now | LOTTE of WALES.--A pink and silver slip, with made rather longer than we have witnessed for a beautiful Brussels lace frock to wear over it, some time; so that, in walking, they just offer and a pink and silver girdie. a graceful uccupation for the hand. Trains again! Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS ACCUSTA. form a part of the evening costume, except for -A yellow crape petticoat richly embroidered dancing, when they are invariably made short, | with silver; a sash across with a border of honey. and formed in the Arcadian style. Vandyke suckles, and rich pointed embroidered draperies. and shell-scollop trimmings, in lace or work, or Body and train to correspond. nament almost every article of fashionable attire;! Her Royal Highness PRINCESS ELIZABETHand pointed drapery, tastefully disposed, has en- || A superb dress of apricot and silver tissne. The tirely exploded almost every other. The Flernish right side of the dress a magnificent drapery, spensers, with Aowing scarfs, are now become composed of an Etruscan net of large silver too general to find a place amidst a fashionable beads, tastefully divided at distances by a thick selection. The spenser is, however, so conve- 1 bullion of beads, chains of beads in dead silver nient and generally becoming an article, that we relieved with bright bullinn, elegantly orna. still continue our recommendation of it to those | mented with massy wreaths of laurel in silver females who wish to adopt the intermediate style. | foil, and bouquets of chesnut blossoms, with the Scarfs are less seen this summer than we ever re- 1 kernel bursting from the shell, formed the fort member them; but the Etruscan mantle, and ensemble of this strikingly novel and elegant the order of the gipsy and Spanish cloak, are still | dress, which, for taste and effect, surpassed any conspicuous ansidst the gay and fashionable dress of the kind we have observed. The bottom throng. Flowers, in full dress, are at this time finished with a wreath of laurel in raised foil and the prevailing ornaments, both as decorations for beads. The whole looped up with large silver the head, and trimmings for robes. Wreaths of cords and tassels. Robe of apricot and silver the oak leaf, of the hop blossom, wild roses, tissue, trimmed with broad Vandyke silver fringe, honey-suckle, pea-blossom, horse chesnut, ruck- point lace and diamonds. lily, &c. &c. will be found distinguishable orna Her Royal Highness PRINCESS MARY_Wore ments on the Birth-day.

a magnificent dress of brown crape, embroidered The following correct list of Court Dresses, with silver and pink roses over a petticoat of will at once exhibit the standard for full dress; as royal purple; uval draperies, richly spangled all well as the most prevailing colours for the season. over, and terminated with marking borders of , We give them en train.

dead and bright foil in vandykes, with roses beau. tifully interspersed lightly in the embroidery, || Duchess of Dorset.-A rich embroidered the whole completed with elegant cords and tas i silver crape, ornamented with lilac crape and sels. Robe of brown, purple and silver tissue, || silver tassels; train lilac crape. trimmer with broad vandyke fringe, point lace, Duchess of Leeds.-A brown dress, very and diamonds.

| richly embroidered with gold. . Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS Sophia.. Duchess of MON I ROSE.--A yellow crape pete A pea-green petticoat, over which an eleganticoat, with a rich painted Grecian border; train scarf dra pery of the same colour, most magnifi- yellow crape. cently embroidered in silver pines and branches; Duchess of ATHOL.--A white satin petticoat, on the right side a wing of scale embroidery of with a lace drapery of Reine Marguerite Rowers, uncominon richness, and on the left a richly span- | appliqued on white satin; lace train. . gled drapery, most tastefully hung round the Duchess of BUCCIEUGH.-A very rich dress bottom of the petticoat. The robe of green and of brown and silver, superbly embroidered; silver tissue, most elegantly trimmed with silver, 1 brown train, elegantly ornamented with silver ; and looped on the sleeves with silver chains and I heard-dress brown and silver, with a profusion of acorns, Head-dress, an elegant plume of green || diamonds. and white feathers, with a profusion of dia Marchioness Dowager of BATH. A petticoat monds.

of violet crape, embroidered in rich silver Her Royal Highness PRINCESS AMELIA. draperies, with a silver foil border, pocket-holes Petticoat of white crape richly spangled, and richly trimmed, silver cords and tassels; body and border a mosaic pattern. Draperies of purple train to correspond. Albany net with silver acorns; pockets formed Countess of CARDIGAN -A most beautiful with rich sprigs of laurel ; train of handsomely rainbow green crape peuticoat, with rich silver embroidered purple tissue; on the left, a beautiful foil border; the drapery superbly spangled with formed drapery of shell.work, ornamented with rich embroidered border, ornamented with silver Parisian trimming. The whole in appearance mellon beads, and silver cords and tassels; the truly elegant and becoming to her Royal High boily and train to correspond. ness, and we think it une of the handsomest Countess of MALMSBURY (and the two Ladies dresses at Court.

HARRIS, her daughters) each simple elegant Her Royal Highness the Duchess of YORK. dresses of pale green crape, decorated with A white sarsnet petticoat, richly embroidered Il flowers; head-dress to correspond. with an Etruscan border in silver draperies, al Countess of UXBRIDGE.-A sky-blue crape silver tissue drawn ap and ornamented with a | petticoat, richly grounded with Imperial silver wreath of silver hoops, which had a very novel rings, a silver Vandyke border, with stripes of and elegant appearance. Train, silver tissue silver lama, representing wreaths of oak and lilac, trimmed round with the wreaths of hop leaves; tastefully worked on the petticoat; blue crape Brussels lace sleeves, with diamond armlets and body and train. broaches. Head-dress, diamonds and feathers. Countess of GROSYENOR.--A write crape pet

Her Royal Highness PRINCESS SOPHIA of | ticoat grounded with silver Linperial rings, with GLOUCESTER-wore a splendid dress of white and || draperies richly bordered with silver embroidered silver, superbly embroidered, and was much ad. | wheat-e.rs and silver lania; the petticoat emmired for taste and effect, the whole finished broidered in waves, with an elegant foil border, with a massy border at bottom. Her Royal || Vandyke pocket- holes, with silver cords and tasHighness wore a robe of lilac and silver tissue, sels; budy and train to correspond. with rich embroidered sleeves and fronts.

Countess of ST. VINCENT. A white crape Princess CASTELCICALA.-An elegant dress of petticoat, grounded in silver spangles, and richly lavender-coloured crape, fluted in divisions, trim- | embroidered border, pocket-holes trimmed with med with broad black lace, and ornamented with silver, and silver cords and tassels; train to care wreaths of fancy Aowers, same colour as the respond, dress, and bows of ribband; robe of black lace Countess of GALLOWAY.--A white crape pote trimmed all round with flowers.

ticoat, with rich silver foil border, the drapery Duchess of NORTHUMBERLAND.-A white richly einbroidered with Trafalgar net border; crape petticoat, richly spangled in silver, and or body, sleeves, and train, richly ornamented with namented with silver grapes; train to corres- silver embroidered shell-work. • pond.

Countess of OXFORD.-A white satin pettiThe Duchess of RUILAND was elegantly coat, with lace draperies, trimmed with pink, dressed in a beautiful petticoat and train of straw French beads and wreaits of apple blossom; coloured crape, with rich silver vine-leaves, and l train to correspond; head-dress, feathers and ropes of silver arrows.


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