La Belle Assemblee; or Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine.

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THIS department of our Work, will exhibit a perspicuous display of such Adrertisements of any length whaterer, as shall be sent to us, on or before the 26th day of every Month, for insertion, on the Terms usually paid to the most respectable Newspapers.--It will be needless to expatiate at rruch length on the advantages this plan will afford, is preference to any other mode whatever of advertising ; as it must be sufficiently obvious to every person, that Adret. tisements thus printed, in a Work of Elegance, will not only be introduced into the most extensire and polished Circles of Society monthlybut will also be bound up, and transmitted in this Work to posterity, as a record of the Commercial and Fashionable Concerns of the present Times,

Advertisements for SERVANTS and Places, HORSES, CARRIAGES, and Articles in general of FASHIONABLE ConsiderATION, as well as for those of LITERATURE, will be seen to the greatest adsantage.


The West End Corner of Chancery. Lane, near Temple.

Bar, London,

BAINBRIDGE, Flageolet-Maker, 35, Holborn-hill,

| near Fetier-lane, informs Ladies and Gentlenied that a Recommend their extensive Stock to Ladies of Fa- Bisok is published, whereby any one that plays the shion and taste, of Muffs, Tippets, and Trimmings; Patent Flageolet may, by a contrivance, play Duetis Black and Coloured Velvets, Figured Velvets, and on iwo, and make a second to some hundreds of tunes, Sarcenets. Spanish, and every other description of fine As it has been insinuated by some that these Flageolets, Ladies Cloth, for Pelices and Mantles.

with Ivory Studs, sold at different Shops, are the same Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats; Plain, Striped, with his Patent ones, the Public may be assured they Workedi, id Fancy Muslin, in both white and coloured;

are not, but are on the same principle as the one he inQueen's Lustres, Imperial Italian, and Opera Nets for

vented nearly six years since, which may easily be as Dresses ; Black Laces; Mecklin, Lisle, Normandy,

certained, as he entered a Gamut for playing it at Sta. and other White Laces; Black and White Veils;

tioners' Hall at that time; but finding from its crossLace and other Cloaks; Plain and Fancy Silk Hand

fingering it was difficult to play in lune, he has since kerchiefs; Elegant Shawls in immense variety ; Rib obtained his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent for a Fla. bons and Broad Silks, such as Sarcenets, Satins, Per

geolet, the fingering of which is regular like the Gefsians, Tiffanies, Crapes, &c.; Ribbons, Hosiery, Gloves,

man Flute, and which any person may instantly blow Fans, Pins, Tapes, Needles, &c. &c.

in lune; the tone, he presumes, the most uncultivated Court and Family Mourning of every Description.

ear will give the preference to. In respect to the CisN. B. Real Manufacturers of Muffs, Tippets and tron introduced on the common Flageoler, Bainbridge Trimmings, which are kept in great variety both for perceiving it confined the tone so much when playing Dress and Undress. The Show Rooms, under the with other instruments that he did not adapt it, but he Direction of Mrs. Thomas, contain that variety of has now improved on it, and by a simple contrivanot Fashionable Dresses, Spencers, Maniles, French Coats | the performers may use their pleasure, either to have a and Millinery, in all fashionable colours, for this present Cistron or not. Any Lady or Gentleman, even net Winter Season, that Ladies having large Commissions knowing Notes, may teach themselves this Ius ruden: may be immédiately suited, all Sizes being kept. by his Instruction-Brok, as every tune is figured. He

Every Article is bought with, and sold for Ready will engage any person shall be taught to play tuta Money only.

[295 the first Lesson, at his Music-Shop as above. E




The attention of Families and the Public is called to the Warehouse, No. 18, lyx-lane, Newgate-market, established for the sole purpose of supplying them with the following Articles, on terms much more advantageous than hitherto offered by any House. The

Goods are warranted of the best quality.

Yellow Soap at 70s. per cwt.; Mottled ditto, at 80s. I per cwt. for any quantity not less than 141b. In smaller quantities, Yellow 8d. ; Motiled 9d. per Ib.;

with an allowance of 1 d. in 71b. Curd or White do. Albion


Finest Sallad Oil, 3s. 98. per Quart.

Fine Durham Mustard 1s. 4d. per lb. such as is usuOF LONDON,

ally sold at 1s. 8d. . INSTITUTED 1805.

Superfine ditto 1s. 6d per lb. for Insurance from Fire, throughout Great Britain and Best Starch 11d. per lb.. Ireland, and in Foreign Countries; for the Insurance Stone and Powder Blue 1s. 100 per lb.' of Lives;—and for the granting of ANNUITIES.

Genuine Spermiceti Oil 7s. per Gallon, warranted

to burn well. Common Lamp Oil 3s. 4d. per Gallon. CAPITAL-ONE MILLION


The arrangements adopted by this Establishment, will be found to be highly worthy of public attention. TALLOW CANDLES WITH WAXED WICKS.

Among other advantages, it will appear, by the Company's Proposals,

The Candle and Soap Company continue to sell for That no charge is made for Policies or Indorse-Ready Muney, at their Warehouse, No. 182, Fleelments;

street, two doors from Fetter-lane, the above kind of That a large and unprecedented Commission is Candles, as well as common Candles, Soap, and Sperallowed on Life Insurance; maceti Oil, warranted genuine

[236 That Life Insurances are not attended with admis

sion fees, nor with any responsibility, on the
part of the person insuring, to make good the This Day was published, by B. CROSBY and Co.

losses of others;
And, that a considerable deduction is made on the

Stationers'-Court, Paternoster-low, London. Premiums of Fire Insurances OUT OF LONDON,

1. THE MONK OF DISSENTIS. A Romance, in whether effected at the Company's principal,

par 3 vols. from the German of Augustus Lafontaine, by Office, or with any of its Country Residents.

J. Powell, 12s.

2. HUMAN BEINGS. A Novel, in 3 vols by F. Attendance, daily, at the Company's house in 'Change

Lathom, Esq. of Norwich; Author of the Mysterious Alley, Cornhill, from sine to four.

Freeboter, &c. &c. 19s, 6d.

3. SANS SOUCI PARK; or, the Melange, 3 vols. By Order of the Board of Directors, 285] WARNER PHIPPS, Secretary. I by Maria Tharmott, 13s. 6d.

In the Press.

Ellen, Heiress of the Castle, 3 vols. by Mrs. PilJust published at W. Hodsoll's Music Warehouse,

kington. : No. 45, High-Holborn,

| Benevolent Monk, in 3 vols. by the Author of the The Favourite Overture and Act Symphonies to

White Knight. Adrian and Orrilla; composed by W. Russell. Price The Soldier's Family, 4 vols. by the Author of the 2s. each.

Family in Switzerland.

[297 The Overture and Act Symphonies to Coriolanus; composed by W. Ware. Price 2s. each.

And this week will be published, the popular Overture to the favourite Pantomime of Harlequin and Mu

This day is published, elegantly printed in a small ther Goose; composed by W. Ware. Price 2s. Also | Octavo, and hot pressed, Price 2s. 6d. Part II. of the the favourite Songs and Pass Seuls in ditto. Price 1s.

| new Monthly Publication, entitled each, And speedily will be published, the much ad. mired Overture and Act Symphonies to Macbeth, by

CLASSIC TALES, the same Author. Price 2s. each.

A work in which it is intended to embody every Tale that has appeared, distinguished either for the brilliancy

of its wit, the richness of its humour, or the d-licacy of WANTS A SITUATION,

its pathos. Each Part is adorned with a Narrative Prints A Young Woman of respectable connections, as that for this month, which is very finely engraved by Companion to a Lady ; is of a cheerful disposition and Anker Smith, A. R. represents the Club of Choice has no objection to Needle-Work. Salary no object. Spirits, after an original painting from the masterly Lelters addressed, post paid, to A. B. at Mr. Tryes, pencil of David Wilkie, Esq. Critical Essays on the Linen Draper, Sun-street, Bishopsgate, will be duly | Merits of the Authors are added. This Work may be attended to.

(289) had of all the Booksellers in town and country. 1287

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STATE OF THE NEGOTIATION. of the French Revolution, and is required as supple.

mental to the preceding work. The characters of every This day was published, price 2s.6d. a New EDITION,

I principal actor is drawn in a concise and masterly man. being the Sixth, of the celebrated Pamphlet, oi

ner, and the incident, the subject of the engraving THE STATE OF THE NEGOTIATION. under the Portrair, whicn is selected as that which gives

a discriminative colour to the life of the individual, is To which is added a copious SUPPLEMENTARY

related with brevity, accuracy, ang fidelity. REVIEW. and Exposition of the direct Falsehoods and Each number will contain three portraits with chare. disingenuous Suppressions of the French Official Do

teristic vigneties, beautifully executed, ar: the His. cuments; with an APPENDIX on the Present State of

torical Descriptions elegantly printed in a grand folio the NATION.

size. The price, to the first two hundred sub cribtts, Printed for John Stockdale, Piccadilly; and to be will be 7s. 6d. each nnmber, and fine impressions wil had of all Booksellers in Town and Country.

he warranted to them; afterwards the price will be Ironsideratly advanced. The future numbers will be published in monthly succession, for the following six

months: afterwards the work will be cont nuei in more FINE ARTS.

frequent deliveries, viz every forinight, or probably

every week, until the whole shall be completed. The Following BOOKS are published by Mr. Belu,

4. MUSEUM OF FRENCH MONUMENTS, or an Gallery of Fine Arts, Southampton-street, Strand,

Historical and Chronological Descriprion of the Me.

numents in the Museum at the Petits Augustus, at 1. The first and only complete Edi'ion published Paris. Translated from the French of A. LENOIR, in English of VIVANT DENON'S TRAVELS IN by J. GRIFFITHS, Esq. Containing Thirty-eight UPPER AND LOWER EGYPT, including his last Copper-plate Prints, finely etcbed by PERCIER. Price Additions and Emendations, together with additional Tone Guinea and a halfCharts of Upper and Lower Egypt, furnished by General 5. The first Volume of a MANUAL OF THE Dugua; with his large ATLAS complete, from the FRENCH MUSEUM, containing an Analytical and original French Copper plates, consisting of One Critical Description of Poussin's Pictures in the Gala Hundred and Forty-one Copper-plate Prints, with a llery of the Louvre at Paris, with Twenty Copperl'ortrait of the Author, after an Etching by himself, plate Prints, representing in Sketch the Outline of all auch now copied correctiy after a process of printing tlie Pictures of Poussin. To be continued in monthly from stone, without engraving or etching. The Work Volumes, at Five Shilling each is printed handsumely in two Royal Quarto Volumes,

:16. THE LIFE AND WORKS OF DOMENI. the Price of which, together with the Atlas complete

CHINO, containing Sixty Copper-plate Prints, handas above, is Fifteen Guineas.

somely printed in Royal Quarto, being Outline 2. HISTORICAL PICTURES, representing the Sketches of Eigh:y different Subjects from his Paintmost remarkable events which have occurred during the ings. Price One Pound Sixteen Shilings. French Revolution ; with an Historical Account of these Tridsactions, now first translated from the French of M. CHAMPORT - The first Number is now ready for delivery to the Subscribers, containing Two

EAST-INDIA REGISTER. Folio Prints, the first representing a View of the Assembly of the Notables held at Versailles Feb. 22, Illustrated with a coloured! Map of Hindostan, pointing 1737; the second Print represents the Bed of Justice

out the late divison of territory. held at Versailles Aug. 6, 1787 - This Work describes historically the progress of the Revolution in France, This Day is published, Price 5s.6d, sewed. By per. with peculiar interest and fidelity; the characteristic mission of the Honourable East-India Company, Engravings are executed withi admirable spirit and illusfration. The Work will be completed in Eighty THE EAST-INDIA DIRECTORY FOR 1SC7. Numbers, in a grand folio size. Each Number will Correctel to the 15th December 1806; containing contain Two Historical Prints, fine Impressions from

Tints, nine impressions From complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Milithe original French Copper-plates, designed and en-tarvand Marine, at the different Presidencies in the mraved by the most eminent Artists in France; to- East Indies; with Indexes to the same, and Lists ef gether with an Historical Discourse, elucidating the Casualties during the last Year. Together with Lists Various subjects. The Price, to the first Two Hund of the Europeans, Mariners, &c. not in the Service of red Subscribers, will be Seven Shillings and Sixpence the East-lodia Company; and Merchant Vessels emeach Number, and fine limpressions will be warranted ploved in the Country 'Trade. Compiled from the to them: afterwards, the Price will be considerably official returns received at the East-India House. Be advanced.

John Mathison and Alexander Way Mason, of ihe 3. PORTRAITS AND HISTORICAL DESCRIP- Secretary's Office, East-India House. TIONS' of the principal Persons engaged in the Prefixed are, lhe Company's Establishment at Home, FRENCH REVOLUTION, with Vignette Prints, including an Account of the East India College, with a representing, in a striking and picturesque manner, List of the Students there, and an Account of the the principal Events which distinguished each person's Preparatory School patronized by the Company. ReCharacter. To be completed in Thirty Numbers. The gulations respecting Military and Marine Ohcers refirst Number is now ready for delivery, containing the ring, and Furlough. Regulations for the Admission Portraits of Jean Sylvain Bailly, Gilbert Mothier La of Pensioners on the Military Fund. Regulations as to Fayette, and Camille Desmoulins, together with the the Age of Writers, and Cadets. Regulations as to appropriate Vignette Prints. The Price, to the first Cadets for Woolwich and Marlow; with Lists of those Two Hundred Subscribers, will be Seven Shillings and Cadets, and other useful information. Sixpence each Number, and fine Impressions will be London : Printed by Cox, Son, and Baylis, No 75, warranted to them; afterwards the price will be con-Great-Queen-street, Loncoln's-Inn-Fields: and Sold by siderably advanced.

Black, Parry, and Kingsbury, Leadenhall-street, and This Work will be eininently illustrative of the event J. Hatchard, No. 190, Picadilly..


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FRENCH, &c. TAUGHT. This day are published, elegantly and uniformly printed A native of France, of long and respectable practice in Octavo,

in Town, wishes, in consequence of a recent death in Cicero's Epistles to Atticus, translated originally by his school connections, to engage those vacant hours in Gu hrie, with Notes, Historical, Critical, and Explana. another genteel Seminary, or in Families The Adtory : a new Edition, revised, corrected, and amended, vertiser likewise professes Italian, the Classics, Geograby J. Jones, Esq. 3 Vols. 11. 1s. boards.

I phy, the use of the Globes, &c.Country attendance Cicero's Familiar Letters to his Frier ds, with Re-(within twelve miles of town) will not be objected to. marks, by Melmoth, 3 Vols. 11. 1s. boards.

Letters directed to R.S. No. 159, Strand, will be duly Cicero's Observations by Guthris, corrected and im answered. proved, 2 Vols 18s. boards. Cicero's Life, by Dr. Middleton, 3 Vols. 11. 4s.

WITHERS'S Cicero on Oratóry, 2 Vols. his Essays on Old Age SICILIAN BLOOM OF YOUTH AND BEAUTY: and Friendship, Offices, and his Treatise on Morals, are now in the press; and assisted by the patronage of the

Or, Impalpable Vegetable Powder for the Skin, Public, the Booksellers hope in a short period to be Is recommended to the Ladies with the utmost degree enabled to present to the English Reader the remaining of confidence, as the most exquisite production in the works of theim nortal Roman Orator; printed in a style universe, for beautifying the skin, without the pressiof uniformi elegance with the 11 volumes above specified. bility of doing the slightest injury. It communicate;

London : Printed for Lackington, Allen, and Co.; the most brilliant and natural fairness that can possibly Cadell and Davies ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme; be conceived, and possesses this pre-eminent excellence, W.J.and J. Richardson ; J. Walker; Vernor, Hood, that it cannot possibly be discovered by the inost scruand Sharpe; Otridge and Son; Cuthell and Martin; tinizing observer, but looks like the native bloom of Ogilvy and Son; J. Nunn; Darton and Harvey ; R health taken from the neck of youth and beauty, and Lea, J. Murray, J. Booker, J. Asperne, and Black, I placed on the skin to which this powder is applied, ac. Parry, and Kingsbury.

[283cording to the directions for use.

Prepared and sold by William Williers (at the only This Day was published,

Warehouse for Dr. Norris's Fever Drops), 229, Strand, In Seven large Vols. 8vo, with a Life of the Author, a near Temple-bar; also sold by Mr. Overton, 47, New

Dictionary of the Terms used in Natural History, and Bond-street; Mr. Tait, 41, Cornhill; Mr. Bury, 14,

appropriate Copper-plates, price 41. 4s. in boards, Sloane-Street, Knightsbridge; Messrs. Allens, 76, Os. DR. TURTON'S TRANSLATION OF SIR CHA.

ford-street; and at Mrs. Marriott's, opposite the Old LINNE'S SYSTEMA NATURÆ,

Rooms, Bath; in Packets at 2s. 6d. Tus. 6d. and 2!s.

each packet, and is signed by the Proprietor. [291 In which is incorporated, besides the general groundwork of Gmelin, Willdenow, &c, such new materials, corrections, and improvements, as occur in the Lin

TO THE LADIES. nzan, and o'her Transactions, as well as in the works of the Naruralists of the present period.

A Soft, Clear, and Delicate Skia. The much-adLondon; Printed for Lackington, Allen, and Co. mired !!

Allen and Co. mired ITALIAN LILY PASTE, so universally made Temple of the Muses, Finsburr-square.

use of for washing the Face, Neck, and Bands, in Copa Of whom may be bad, published this day, price 2s. J sequence of its peculiarinnocence and sovereign efficacy.

A CATALOGUE of an extensive Collection oil in rendering the skin soft, clear, smooth, and delicate; Books in every deparunent of Literature and Science, as also for gradually freeing it from those disagreeable which are seliing at very low prices, for ready money. imperfections incident to inany complexions, and for

130s effectually preventing cold Winds from chapping, and

the Sun from tanning it It is peculiar to the Lily MR. EDWARD ORME, OF BOND-STREET,

Paste to dissolve perfectly transparent on the Skin, and, Is preparing an Essay on Transparencies, which pro

upon the application of water, form a rich Cream of mises to be a curious and highly interesting Book." In Lilies, which is used instead of Soaps, &c. for washing

the Skin, (as Soaps, it is well known, cannot be made our next number we shall give a specimen of his new style of Transparency, and an outline of the Work.

without a Caustic Alkaline Salt, the irritating property

of which when applied to the Skin, must have a powerPATRICK'S NEW PATENT LAMPS,

ful lepdency to open and enlarge its pures, the frequent :

repetition of which must in process of time greatly im. With Spiral Burners, and Conical or Globular Glasses, I pair the beauty of its feature.) This evil is effectually Warranted not to overfow.

remedied in the use of the Lily Paste, which is not only These Lamps having neither Rack, Wire, Spring, or more easy and pleasant in its operation, but washes Chain Wick-holders, cannot be out of repair; and, the skin much cleaner. An agreeable sofiness immewiih the above glasses, cause no shade, and give a more diately succeeds its use; the skin is also sweercned and general light.

refreshed, whilst the whole complexien assumes an ON TRIAL, they will be found to surpass every enlivened appearance. other Lamp, and are admirably adapted to light elegant Sold only by Bayley, and Blew, Cockspur-sireet, Cut Glass Lustres, Grecian Plates, Egyptian Figures, Perfumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Sideboards, Billiard Tables, Counting-houses, Ware. Princess of Wales, and Duke and Duchess of York: house, Shops, die

Gattie, Perfumer, New Bond-street; Hooper, Jewel. AFTER TRIAL, in proof of their superiority, any|ler, &c. 39, Cheapside; Mr. Spence, Edinburgh Gentleman shall be at liberty, within three days, 10 Mr. Remnant, boukseller, Hamburgh; and by Thorn exchange the same for other goods, should they notland Co. Perfumers and Ornamental Hair Manuficturers be found to excel, in every part, any other Lamp in No. 45, Oxford-street, tear Berners street; in blue general use.

glass jars, 5s. each. A jar will last washing with twice To be had only at my Lamp Manufactory and Oil a day three months. Warehouses, No. 94, Newgate-street, London, I N. B. It can be had no where but at the above houses. 304) JOAN PATRICK.





sary to inform Country Venders, that the Proprietor does not travel, having venders in principal towns, but guards against persons that practice travelling with this spurious Oil, and who has offered it for s le to the principal Venders in town, who, as Gentlemen, have rejected it, knowing there never was any article of that

name but that prepared by, Prince, which they have FOR THE GROWTH OF HAIK.

vended for several years. The Proprietor thinks it re

quisite to mention this, for the reputation of shopLadies and Gentlemen who wish the Ornment of keepers who may be unacquainted of there being a a FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only make a fair counterfeit circulating likewise ; informing them, that trial of the RUSSIA OIL, particularly as the use of they may be supplied with the Russia Oil, at the Pro(ils are found so necessary to moisten the Hair when prietor's, No. 385, Oxford-street, or at any Wholesale dressing, for which purpose the Russia Oil has now | Vender's in London, where they will receive liberal become in use by the Royal Family, and Ladies of the allowance; also to be had, wholesale and retail, of first circle. It is a nourisher and improver to its growth Mr. Bull, Dame-street, Dublin, appointed Agent for prevents its falling off, and is so great a preserver and Ireland. strengihener to the Hair, as to prevent its becoming bald or rurning grey, to the latest period; also restores the Hair on bald places. Several Gentlemen, who have

By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. been buld for years, hive declared, after using the Russia Oil regularly for three months, that they be ROCHE'S ROYAL HERBAL EMBROCATION, came nearly covered with hair. It will serve as a substitute for pomatum. It is recommended to Ladies whol An Effectual Cure for the Hooping Cough, without use dressing-irons, as it prevents the ill effects occasioned

Medicine. by their heat. Price 7s. per Bottle; or one, containing four sma

The unrivalled reputation this Embrocation has at a Guinea. To be bad of the Proprie or, 333, Oxford street ;]

gained, and the Inventor, anxious to secure it genuine and, by appointment, of Smith, Perfuzner to his Ma-to the Public, and prevent the impositions daily pracjesty, 110, New Bond-street; Hendrie, Perfumer to

tised, by unprincipled persons vending spurious coinber Majesty, Titchborn-street: Baylev and Blew. Per positions, has obtained His Majesty's Royal Letters fumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prin- IF

.:. RoH ichnessasine prince and prin Patent, appointing him the sole and exclusive benefic cess of Wales, and Duke and Dutchess of York. Cuck. l of his most invaluable discovery. The Public and Faspur-siteet; Finch's, 5, Berkley-square; Bacon, 150,

milies may therefore be supplied, wholesale and retail, and Allen, 76, Oxford-street; Ward, 224, Middle

at his house, No 19, King-treei, Holborn, and are row, Holborn; Butler, 4, Cheapside ; Shaw and Ed

requested to observe that each Stamp is signed “J. wards, 66, St. Paul's Chu'ch yard; Barclay and Son,

Roche;" and with each bottle is given a full direction, Fleet-market; Dicey and Sution, Bow Church-varil;

at the top of which is His Majesty's Arms. Price Four Withers, 900; Strand, near Tenple-bar; Perrin, 23. I Shillings.--All others are Counterfeits.. (299 Southampton-tree!, Covent Garden; Rigge, No. 65, Cheapside; Holmes, Boltin, and Tutt, Roral Exchunge, London ; Bull, Dime-streer, Dublin ; Rac

GOUT AND RHEUMATISM. buin, North bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol ; Colins, Salisbury ; Cruiwell, Bath; and most princi. pal Medicine Venders and Perfumers in Town and

| To the Public.-For Gout and Rheumatism - From Country.

long success in private practice, and repeated requests N. B. The Russia Oil will restore the loss of Hair of those who have been effectually cured of Gout and on Horses, which often proves a great disfigurement to

Rheumarisin, SCOTT'S Invaluable ELIXIR OF those valuable animals.

HEALTH has at length been introduced to the Public, • Orders froin any part of the Country, sent by remit- the Proprietor being so well assured from experience of ting the money in a letter, directed so Mr. Prince,

lits efficacy, that a trial will be the most lasting recom333, Oxford-sireel, London. .

mendation it can have. It will restore and invigorate

the nervous system of those who may have impaired CAUTION.

Their healılı by excesses of living. Its efficacy has been

proved in chronic and inveterate coughs, asthmas, con The high reputation PRINCE's Russia Oil has ap- sumptions, violent pains in the head, stomach, and proved above all other Preparations for preserving the bowels, in all windy disorders, 'relaxation of the solids, Hair, has induced a mean person to impose on the pub- and every species of Ghout and Rheumatism. lic a counterfeit, by the assurance of asserting himself! This valuable Elixir is sold in bottles, with directions, to be the real Proprietor ; anii, in order to deceive, has at 4s 6d and 9s. erch ('stamp included), wholesale and imitated the Russian Eagle in the show-bills and retail, by Colesworthy and May, Chernists and Drugwrappes that inclose the bottles, The Proprietor cau- gists, No. 144, White Chapel, London. It may be tions against his imposition, by assuring that none are also had genuine of the following Agents, who have genuine but what have a label on the outside of each just received a fresh supply : T. Boulton, Royal Exbotule, signed in reri ink “Mochrikufsky and Prince." charige; E. Newbery, corner of St. Paul's ChurchPurchasers ought to observe this signature, as that yard, Npr. Scott, Chemist, No. 193, opposite St. Clesannot be imitated without subjecting the parties to for- ment's Church, Strand; Mr. Crisp, No. 39, Cockspurgery --Mr. Prince, original Proprietor of the Russia Street, corner of Spring Gardens; Forster and Cressy, Oil, offers five hundred pounds if it can he proved there No. 2, Old Bond-street; Parrett, Chemist, No 18, ever was an article for the growth of hair of that name, Mount-street, Grosvenor-square ; Ward's Medicine before discovered by himself; therefore, any articles Warehouse, No. 374, Holborn; and most other reof that name, which have nui the above signature, are spectable Venders in the kingdom, counterfeits, and the circulators impostors, It is neces- 302]

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