WITHERS'S The Nobility and Gentry are most respectfully ac- SICILIAN BLOOM OF YOUTH AND BEAUTY: commodared with the same by A. FALEUR and J Or, linpalpable Vegetable Powder for the Skin, DELAFONS, No. 19, Woburn-place, Russell-square: Is recommended to the Ladies with the utmost degree where every deficiency, even of the gum, is supplied, of confidence, as the most exquisite producten in the in the most secure, pleasant, and agreeable manner.



universe, for beau:ifving the skin, without the posts To this renovation of the mouth succeeds the comfort | bili:y of doing the slightest iniury. T: communicates of mastication, while the voice resumes the charming the most brilliant and natural fairness that can posis powers of tone, and varieties of modulation, and the be conceived, and possesses this pre-eminent excellence, harmony of the features are aguin restored to the grace that it cannot possibly be discovered by the most scru. which nature first gave them.

tinizing observer, but looks like the native bloom of Mr. Falear, periectly acquainted with the prepara-health taken from the neck of youth and beauty, and tion of Mineral Compos lious, from an experience of placed on the skin to which this powder is applied, acfourteen years, has succeeded in making his Teeth so

cording to the directions for use. incorruptible, he will eng ge to replace them, free of Prepared and sold by William Withers (at the only expence, if ever known to wear or change colour. [306 Warehouse for Dr. Noris's Fever Drops), 2:9, Sarand,

near Temple-bar; also sold by Mr. Overton, 47, Ney HUDSON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID. Bond-street; Mr. Tai, 41, Cornhill; Mr. Bory, 14,

Stains of Red Port Wine, Ta, Fruit, Mildew, and Sloane street, Knightsbridge; Messrs. Allens, 71, 0xevery vegetable matter are entirely removed from Tableford streer; and at Mrs. Marriott's, opposite the Old Linen, Leathers, Cottons, Muslins, Lace, and other Rooms, Bath; in Packets at 2. 61. 10s. 6d. and 21 articles of Dress, by Hudson's Chemical Bleaching each acket, and is signed by the Proprietor. $19 Liquid; it also removes the above stains from Ladis' Buff Dresses, without injuring the buff colour, and re. stores all kinds of Linens to their original whiteness when discoloured by bad washing, disuse, or long sea voyages, without ever injuring the texture of the cloth.

Prepared and sold by Hudson and C. her Majesty's] Chynists, 27, Haynarket; sold also by Warren and Co. 41, Cheapsid:; Bacon, 150, Oxford-street; Oxley,

ARTIFICIAL TEETH, 21, Tavistock-street, Covent-Garden; Bolton, front of With enamel skilfully placed, from one to a whole tive Exchange, Cornhill; F. Newberry, and Shaw and set, so as not to be discovered from Natural Tee:h, will Edwards, St. Paul's Church-yard; at Edinburgh, by always retain their natural colour. Comple:e Sets, Baxter and Scott; Liverpool, Edwards and Penny ; placed on reasonable terins. Human Teeth placed to Biriningham, J. Come and Son, Nott, and Lloyd, Stumps, or from one to a whole Set. Mr. PRINCE, Wilks and Grafton ; York, Wolstenholme; and in all Dentist, No.333, Oxford-street, performs every operathe principal towns of the United Kingdom, in bottles, Jtion on the Teeth and Gums, in the safest manner. ,at Ss. each.

(376) PRINCE': PASTE PEARLS for concealing De

cayed Teeth in Front, so as not to be discorered they The Indisputable Superiority of

are decayeri: are recommended to persons residing at a TUE GENUINE CHARCOAL DENTIFRICE, distance from a Dentist, who have the misfortune of

loosing front Teeth, as they may make one themselves; Prepared only by the Proprietors, KERNOT and BLAKE, Chemists, No. 3), St. James's-street, London,

is the greatest convenience to persons who wear the Anti

ficial Teeth, and are in the habit of leaving town, as in over the many spurious kinds in general circulation,

casc of an accident, they will be possessed of a substiis fully established, by the decided preferince which

uute to replace the deficiency, till they can obtain prome those who live made a single trial continue to give

per assistance. Price Half a Guinea per Box, conit; this is daily confirmed by a very rapid and exten

taining ten Pearls; or one containing twenty-five, for sive sale.

One Guinea, The Proirietors, therefore, take the liberty of re

PRINCE's GRENARD TINCTURE has been commending it to those who have not experienced its

proved the only article yet discovered for fastening efficacy; it is perfectly excmpt from acid, and pos

Teeth that are loose : is recommended to persons wear sesses, in a peculiar degree, the desirable qualities of

ing Artificial Teeth fastened in their Natural, as it will rendering the Teeth beautíully while, and preserving

prevent the Natural from becoming loose, a case which the enmel; in fine, the combined properties of this

I frequently happens -Half-a-Guinea per Boitie. Dentifrice, so essential to the improvement of Teeth,

PRINCE's CHERRY PASTE, for preserving and have procured it the sanction of the hist Nobility in

* whitening the Teein, curing the Scurvy in the Gums, the Kingdoni.

only requires a trial; 2s.6d. per pot. Sold wholesale and retail, with printed Observations on its civemical and anti-eptic properties, by the Pro

1 PRINCE's CHERRY LOTION; its peculiar ere

cellence consists jo sweetening the Breath which may prietor, No. 38, Sr. James's street ; and at every pirin. |

arise from inward complainis, Scorbutic Gums, or De cipal Town throughout the United Kingdom. 1:374

I cayed Teeth, as there are few personis more or less that

are not afflicted with this unleasant sensation : a trial TO CONSUMPTIVE PERSONS,

will vouch its merits. Those who wear Artificial Teel If you or your Physician know any Medicine that ought never to be wil hout it, as it keeps them swedł will cure Consumption, you have 110 occasion to take and clean; 7s.6d, per bottle. any thing else. li you do not, then it becomes a dury! PRINCE'S MUSHROOM for the Tooth-Ach, which to try (OPE's HECTIC PILLS, which always pre I gives immediate relief, and has relieved persons from vent, and, nine vnies in ten, cure Consumption, tven the most excruciating pain, who have not been able to after the most fatal termination could only be ex-sleep for several nights, after taking every resontee ja

vain), and have found an imniediate relief by the MushSold wholesale and retail by G. Walker, No. 106, room: those afflicted with the Tooth Ache ought never Great Portland street. retail, by Ward, No. 324, Hol- to be without it, 2s.6d. burn; Shepherd, Bristol ; Marshall, Northampton ; To be had of the Proprietor, No.333, Oxford-street, and all other Medicine Sellers.

(62 land by appointment, Bacon, 150, Allen, 76, Qxfart

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si reet; Ward, 324, Middle row, Holborn; Butler, 4, | before discovered by himself; therefore, any ar:icles Cheapside; Withers, 229, Strand; Rigge, 65, Cheap of that name, which have not the above signature, are side; Holines and Tutt, Royal Exchange, London; counterfeits, and the circulators impostors. It is neces. Ball, Dame street, Dublin ; Blanchard, York; Ressary to inform Country Venders, that tha Proprietor burn, North-Bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol; does not travel, having venders in principal towns, but Co'lins, Salisbury; Cruitwell, Bath; and most Venders guards against persons that practice travelling with the in Town and Couniry.

spurious Oil, and who has offered it for s le to the All Orders from any part of the Country will be seni principal Venders in town, who, as Gentlemen, have by Coach, by sending the Money in a letter, directed to rejected it, knowing there never was any article of that Mr. Prince, No. 333, Oxford-street, London. [977 name but that prepared by Prince, which they have

vended for several years. The Proprietor thinks it requisite to mention this, for the reputation of shopkeepers who may be unacquainted of there being a counterfeit circulating likewise; informing them, hat they may be supplied with the Russia Oil, at the Proprietor's, No. 583, Oxford-street, or at any Wholesale

Vender's in London, where they will receive liberal FOR THE GROWTH OF HAIR.

allowance; also to be had, wholesale and retail, of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish the Ornament of Mr. Bull, Dame-street, Dublin, appointer Agent for a FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only make a fair Ireland.

(578 trial of the RUSSIA OIL, particularly as the use of Oils are found so necessary to moisten the Hair when dressing, for which purpose the Russia Oil has now | CHEVALIER RUSPINI'S DENTIFRICE AND

TINCTURE. become in use by the Royal Family, and Ladies of the first circle. It is a nourisher and improver to its growth This Tincture, which has for so many years been prevents its falling off, and is so great a preserver and used and sanctioned by the first Nobility and Gentry, strengthener to the Hair, as to prevent its becoming bald will he found most salutary during the present season, or turning grey, to the latest period; also restores the the effects of cold and damp air on the Teeth and Guns Hair on bald places. Several Gentlemen, who have being repelled and counteracted by its balsamic and been bald for years, have declared, after using the astringent qualities. It is of powerful use in dofending Russia Oil regularly for three months, that they be the Nerves connected with the Teeth, which are now came nearly covered with hair. It will serve as a sub- inost liable to be affected, and often with the most exstitute for pomatum. It is recommended to Ladies who I cruciating pain. For violent Tooth-chs, the Chevalier use dressing-irons, as it prevents the ill effects occasioned recommends his Elixir, which will alınost instantaneous. by their heat.

Ily remove that anguish. Price 7s. per Bottle; or one, containing four small, |. The composition and mode of preparing those inat a Guinea.

I valuable Medicines, has never been communicated by To be had of the Proprietor, 333, Oxford street; I the Chevalier to any person whatever. and, by appointment, of Smith, Perfumer to luis Ma- N. B. The Chevailer and Mr. Ruspini (Surgeon jestý, 110, New Bond-street; Hendrie, Perfumer to Dentist to the Prince of Wales), attends at home and her Majesty, Titchborn-street ; Bayley and Blew, Per-Labroad, as usual.

[$85 fumers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, and Duke and Dutchess of York, Cockspur-street; Finch's, 5, Berkley-square; Bacon, 150,

The Estimation in which and Allen, 76, Oxford-street; Ward, 324, Middle MIDDLEWOOD'S ROYAL ABYSSINAN 19w, Holborn; Butler, 4, Cheapside ; Shaw and Ed.

FLOWER SOAP wards, 66, St. Paul's Church-yard; Barclay and Son, Is held by the Royal Family, the Nobility, and FaFleet-market ; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church-yarıl; milies in general, is the best proof that its efficacy in Withers, 229; Strand, near Teinple-bar; Perrin, 23, washing the Hands and face beautifully clean, white, Southampton-street, Covent-Garden ; Rigge, No. 65, and smooth, protecting the Skin from chopping, and Cheapside ; Holmes, Bolton, and Tutt, Royal Ex rendering shaving pleasant to the tenderest Face, has no change, London ; Buil, Dame-street, Duonin. Rae- rival. This celebrated fragrant Soap will also make burn, North-bridge, Edinburgh; Shepherd, Bristol ; hard water soft, milky, and pleasant in using, (cold, Collins, Salisbury ; Cruiwell, Bath; and most princi- water is recommended to shave or wash with.) Price pal Medicine Venders and Perfumers in the kingdoin. (1s, the Square, 10s. the Duzen ; the same in Shaving

N. B. The Russia Oil will restore the loss of Flair|Cakes, 1s. 60.; the same il neat Shaving Box, with on Horses, which often proves a great disfigureinent to Brush, 2s.6d.' those valuable animals.

Also his celebrated COSMETIC POWDER is uniOrders from any part of the Country, sent by remit-versally admired by the Lidies in the circles of elegance, ting the money in a letter, directed so Mr. Prince, to make the Face, Neck, and Aims cool and delicate, 933, Oxforel-5'reet, London.

and ii generally used after washing, or perspiration. Price CAUTION.

1s. or 25. 6d. the Packets ; sold by Perfuiners and Me. The high reputation PRINCE's RUSSIA Oil has ap- dicine Venders in every Town in the Kingdom. proved above all other Preparations for preserving the To guard against Counterfeits, be careful to ask for Hair, has induced a mean person to impose on the pub- “ Middlewood's Royal Soap, or Cosmetic Powder,” and lic a counterfeit, by the assurance of asserting himself, observe his name, on the oui-side wrappor. to be the real Proprietor; and, in order to deceive, has Orders transmitted 10 J. W. Middlewood (the Presi mirated the Russian Eagle in the show-bills and prietor), High-street, Whitechapel, London, Perfumer wrappes that inclose the bottles. The Proprietor cau- and Abyssinian Flower Soap-maker to the Princess of ions against this imposition, by assuring that none are Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, and the Duke genuine but what have a label on the outside of each of Cumberland, will be immediately forwarded to any sotile, signed in red ink “ Mochrikufsky and Prince's part of the world : also his Agents, viz. Messrs. Henrie purchasers ought to observe this signature, as that and Sons, Thomas and Co. Bowneys, Burgess, Sowere annot be imitated withuul subjecting the parties to for- by, and Jones, wholesale Perfumers; Messrs. Longman, jery.-Mr. Prince, original Proprietor of the Russia Hurst, Rees, and Co.; Mr. Levenhorp, and all the Men Di, offers five hundred pounds if it can be proved there licine Warehouses, are appointed to supply their Corver was an article for the growih of hair of that name, i respondents.

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ESSENTIAL SALT OF LEMONS, 1 AROMATIC SPIRIT of* VINEGAR, (the OriFor taking Iron Moulds, Ink, Souts, Red Wine, and.ginal Invention of Mr. Henry, and brought by his

other Stains, out of Linen, Muslin, Lace, &c. and i ucessive improvement to the highest perfection,) is for inuny other Uses, as a Substitute for Lemons Pre arer! and sold by THOMAS and WILLIAM Price One Shilling the box.

HENRY, Chemists, Manchester.

This agreeable perfumed Liquor which is composer! Having received numerous complaints that Compo- lof highly concentraied Vinegat, joiced with the most si ions suld under the title of Salt of Lemons are not pleasant Aromatics and efficacious Antiseptics, may be only ineffectual, but that they burn and destroy the

stroy the kept unimpaired in any Clinate, and for any period of Tinen, I think it necessary to inform the Public, that time. Its pungent Odour renders it extremely grateful my true essential Salt of Lemons is only to be had, and salutari in Head-Ache, Fainings, and in all places wholesale and retail, at my shop in Cockspur-street, lof Public Řesort, (as Theatres, Courts of Justice, &c.) and that none is to be depended upon as mine but what as it counteracts the bad effects of heated and foul air, has my signature on the bottom of each box, and on

"and is the best Antidote against tlte infection of all - the outside of the wrapper.


Contagious Diseases. NB. The Salt of Lemons is particularly useful tol

As there are various spurious isħitations, under the Ladies in washing their hands, as it instantly takes out

same and similar names, some of which are injuriously the stains of fruit, coloured gloves, &c. and is much represented as i

much represented as improvements, the Publie are requested more agreeable to use than lemon iisclf.

to observe, that the names of THOMAS and WIE At the same place inay be had, Bayley's Scowering LIAM HENRY, Manchester, are engraved on each Drops, for taking Grease out of Silk, Stuff, Woilen

stam, to counterfeit which is a capital felony. Cluih, &c.

. . : .". [387 The AROMATIC SPIRIT of VIXEGAR, price

2s. 9d. (Stamp included) is sold wholesale and retail, FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS. | by Bayley and Blew, 5, Cockspur-street, (the ony THE ESSENCE of PEARL and PEARL DEN. Agents in London authorised by the Proprietors ;) TIFRICE, invented by the late Jacob Hemet, Dentist

et Dentist where may be had, Sponge Boxes of Gold, Silver, to Her Majesty and the Prince of Wales, are greatly Cornelian, Crystal, &c. Also HENRY's CALCINED superior butli in elegance and efficacy to any thing

MAGNESIA, in bottles at s. 6d. and farger with hitherto made use of; they will effectually preserve the glass Scopper, at 4s. each; their names being on the Teeth in a sound state even to old age; will render them white and beautiful wi hout the least impairing the Enamel, fasten such as are loose, keep such as are IMPROVEMENT OF THE FEMALE COUNTE. already decayed from becoining 'worse, prevent the

NANCE. Tooth-Ach, perfectly cure the Scurvy in the Gums, A. PEARS having appropriated a considerable por. and make thein grow firm and close to the Teeth. Ther!

tion of his time to the improvement of the Female likuwise render the breath delicately sweet, and remedy I Complexion. can with confidence recommend the folalihoDisorders that are the Consequence of Scorbutic | following Artictus as the very best Companions to the Gums and bad Teeth.

Toilette, without exception : In order to prevent the Impositions daily practised PEARS's LIQUID BLOUM of ROSES gives a most by persons counterfeiting the above mentioned long delightful tinge to the Female Countenance, and to such established Medicines, the following words are (by per la degree of perfection, that it may with propriety be mission) engraved in the stamp, “J. Hemet, Bayley said that Art was never so successfully employed 16 and Blew, Cockspur-street," and none are genuine but more w! at have those words engraved in the stamp, and also Boirle

improving the Charms of Nature. Price 35. 6d. per a label with the words “ Bayley and Blew, Cockspur-L. PEARS's WHITE IMPERIAL POWDER is an street, London,” pasted on the back of each bottle and

Jadınirable Companion to the above, being the most

dinir box.

simple and effective Cosmetic in fashionable use. It is The Essence and Dentifrice are sold wholesale and

d produced from Vegetables only, and gives to the Skin a retail by Bayley and Blew, i, Cockspur-street, Price teli

e delicacy strictly consonant to true Beauty, nor can the 25. 9d. each, stamps included, and retail by T. Scarman, (late Partner and Successor to Mr. Hemet,) George-lofii on the Countenance: Price'2s. 6d. and 55. per

"most circumspective observer perceive the application street, Ilanover Square, London.

Box. N. B. The Essence is particularly reccommended to

1 PEARS's NEW LIQUID PINK DYE, for colourl'arents and persons who have the care of Children as the

ling Silk Stockings, Gloves, Ribbons, &c. in a more greatest preservative of young and tender Teeth. [388

bright and transparent style than can be given by any PREPARED CHARCOAL.

other prepara:ion. . Price Is. 6d. and 3s. per B. ttle.

PEARS'S PINK SAUCERS, an entirely new laE. LARDNER, sole Proprietor of the GENUINE vention... PREPARED CHARCOAL, which for the last three Sold wholesale and retail by A. Pears, at his Rouge years has given such great satisfaction as a TOOTH and Carmine Manufactors, No. 55, Wells-street, OsPOWDER, bega to caution tlie Public against the very ford-street; and by Mr. Rigse, Perfumer, Cheapnumerous limitations that are daily offered for sale side, ,

(S70 Mr. L. flatters himself that the superiority of his Preparation is too well established to require any comments in an Advertisement ; he begs therefore only to Te have to apologize for the non-insertion of many add, that every Box sold by his appointment is signed advertisements in the present Number. They were on the label “ Edmd. Lardner,” in his own hand writ-received in time enough to be printed in the Adrertisement ing ; as is also his CONCENTRATED SOLUTION sheet, which must always be prut to press three days before of CHARCOAL, recommended to be used with the the end of every Month. We request therefore thet all Powder, instead of water alone.- None others are ge- Adrertisements intended for insertion may be sent in future nine.-- Albany, Piccadilly.

(397) on or before the 26th day of every Month."

London : Printeil by and for J. Bell, Southampton-street, Strand. March 1, 1807.

also a

Or, Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine.


For APRIL 1, 1807, and to be continued Monthly. N.B. Advertisements for Servants wanting Places, or for Servants wanted, will be most properly sent for Insertion in this work, before the 25th day of every Month, as they will meet with the most general notice during the whole of the succeeding Nonth. TO THE LADIES.

22, New Bond-street. THOMAS and Co. respectfully inform the Nobility

STAYS A-LA-DIANA. and Ladies of Taste and Fashion, that they have, The Rank which English Ladies hold, requires they (through the medium of Mrs. Thomas), introduced should neglect no honourable means of dis incrion, no into their Show Rooins a great variety of elegant and becoming Ornament in the Costume. useful articles, in Mantles, Pelice Coats, Morning,! Mrs. PEARCE, Stay-Merchant, from Paris, patros Dinner, and Evening Dresses, with every description of nized by the first Nobility, and highly recommended to elegant and fashionable Millinery for the present and growing Children and Ladies of Taste, as the best preSpring Season, suitably adapted for Routs, Balls, the server and restorer of the natural shape and beauty of Opera, &c, most of which will be found to excel, in the figure, point of taste and elegance, the collection found in any 1 Mrs. Pearce's Stays consist of fifteen Patterns, adanted other house in London. Amongst which is, the Mush- to every age and size. -Mrs. P. for invention and ex. room Mantle, highly deserving of notice. The whole tensive practice in her Profession, is allowed to excel of the above are kept in all sizes ; so that Ladies, or in the Fashionable Article of comfortable easy Stavs. Gentlemen having Ladies commissions, may be imme.

[433 diately accommodated. A great variety of new and prime Straw Hats and Bonnets, of their own manu- By His MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. facture. T. and Co, take this opportunity of recom- THE ANATOMICAL LONG STAYS, INVENTED BY MRS. mending every article generally kept by Haberdashers;

LLOYD GIBBON, large and elegant assortment of Shawls, with cheap Who is possessed of the exclusive Privilege of Sale. and elegant Fancy Muslins; but in the present in

The fictious, and supposed safe appellation of " Paa stance, particularly their Hosiery, Dress Gloves, and elegant and cheap Dress Fans.

tent, often borrowed, had induced many to embrace, N. B. Thomas and Co. have consigned to them, from for a time, Articles appreciated far inferior; and the - the first Manufacturers in the kingdom, upwards of deception had a quicker run upon innocent Agents in 500 dozen of superfine and prime Ladies Silk and I the Country. But there too, Ladies versed in the com

es than parison of Corsces, and the thorough utility of this inCotton Hose, which they sell in no less quantities than par three pair of each sort. but at such urices as will vield vention, have well paused, in the hurry of the million. to the purchaser an advantage of from one to two shil. at the starts of failacious imitation. lings on each pair. This latter article will be found

The Invaders of the Royal Grant, being emboldened

hitherto by forbearance of Law, the loss to Ladies, un• highly deserving the attention of Ladies who purchase the best Hosiery-193, Fleet-street, West corner of

facquainted, has been precisely that of the invention

itself; as exterior marks of Likeness can never com. Chancery-lane, London.

Any article of Hosiery, if not approved of, will pensare for the defect of construction, and the want of (within three days after each purchase) be taken back,

korban the true principle; even every variation frustra ing the and the money returned, if required, if not rendered

dered intention and effect.

The Royal Grant, solely to Mrs. Lloyd Gibbon, afo ursaleable.

fords this security, viz, that “ No one, either directly

or indirectly, do make use of, or put in practice, ine THE STOCK OF EWBANK AND COMPANY

said invention, or any part of the same; or in anywise SELLING OFF.

counterfeit, imitate, or resemble the same, &c.”

The advantages of this invention, requiring no parade, Fine LINEN DRAPERY, Muslins of all descrip: I must here be abreviated. From childhood to full tions, great Bargains in Cambric Muslins, elegant

youth, &c. the Female Body is preserved vigorous and Foreign Damask Table Linen of every size, imported flexible. Any tendency to deformity is removed, and prior to the last heavy duties, Holland and other Sheet many eminent Gentlemen of the Faculty have expressed ing; Irish Linens, warranted of the best fabrics; their full approbation of its powerful aid, in the relaFrench Cambrics; beautiful Brussels Net V ells, and live exigencies of Nature. On principles strictly Ananumerous other articles.

tomical, its properties support and actuate the frame The whole of this large, valuable, and modern

oder with perfect ease. Custom and apparent symmetries STOCK, consisting entirely of Prime Goods, in the

may still lower and enslave taste, but not in the lacing, highest repute, intended for the supply of families of gores, and eyelets of this invention. In fine, on the the first distinction, must positively be Sold Oi, without basis of nature, its elegance and utility correspond. reserve, by the month of June, at very reduced and

N. B, Ladies visiting London will find great advan. uncoinmon low prices.

tage in consulting Mrs. Lloyd Gibbon, No. 7, SackNo. 118, Bund-street, four doors above Grosvenor

ville-street, in any instance of occasion for this Article street.

1438 of Dress, &c.

Mrs. Lloyd Gibbon liaving read other Advertisements WANTS A SITUATION,

tending to depreciate her inimitable Patent Stays, A young Person of respectable connections, as Atmerely makes this observation, that she challenges the tendant on a Lady, is of an active disposition, per | whole world as to the elegance of the invention, as fectly understands Dress making, and should be happy well as pleasantness in every respect to the wearer. in making herself useful to her employer.

Their position is easily discovered, as the word PaLetlers addressed to B.C. No. 33, Aldersgate street, tent Stays is a nonentity,--no Patent can exist, with. will be duly attended to.

[413 out its being by the King's Royal Letters Palent. [43] Nuo; l'el.ll.


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February, 1807. :"i


Her Majesty's Staymaker, Mrs. HARMAN, of T. BOWMAN'S PATENT FULL-DRESS HEAD-IN

-DRLSS HEAD-No. 18, New Bond-street, London; and No. 6, WestDRESSES,

Trate-building, Bath, is the Inventress of the so inoch · Have every year since October 21, 1800, (the date admired LONG ELASTIC COTTON STAY, which of his Patent), been improving in merit and reputation; obviates every objection complained of, in Patent Stars, they are fac sunilies of the growing Hair, as cut by for its ease, elegance, and healthful tendency, Fashionable Hair-Dressers, and fully merit the motto The great nuinber of Ladies of High Rank and adoped with the Patent, of

Fasbjon who honour Mrs. HARMAN with weaning . CORRECT IMITATIONS OF NATURE; her Stays, is the most convincing proof of their pleaPrice 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, and 30 Guineas.-Undress, I

santness and utility; and the great number of Medical 4, 5, and 6 Guineas.Toeques and Tresses as usual.-

? Gentlemen who recommend its adoption in their own Gentlemens' Patent Perukes, perfectly unique, 4, 5,

families, is a pleasing testimony of its combining health and 6 Guineas.-Dress and Military Queues.-Hair

with beauty.

Those Ladies who live at a distance from London or Cutiing at home, 2s.6d.; abroad 55.-Dressing same price.- Desaizes Comts, Hair Brushes, and Oils; fine

Bath, applying by letter (post paid) will be informed of Rouge, &c.

the proper method to send their measure for Stays to ; N, B. T. Bowman never dresses up his Head-Dresses

Mrs. Harman.

. (509 in his windows for show, as the common shops do. Such Goods as he has for sale (and he has the largest and most valuable Assortment) are mostly counterparts of Orders.I AN ENTIRE NEW FASHIONABLE CORSETT kept in drawers, uncut, until suld. Since Christmas, On a very different construction, and far superior to 1802, be has made no Head dress or Peruque for less any that has ever yet been introduced, invented and than four Guineas, nor does be make any Article in made only by Misses Linckmyers, No. 12, Frith-street, Hair under One Guinea; yet, from their great supe-Soho-square, Dress and Corsett Makers to her Grace riority, they are much more economical than common the Duchiess of Roxborough Articles.

The above Corsetts have been admired and approved 'T. B. will be at home every day himself, from Ten by Ladies of the first distinction, who had honoured to Four o'clock, for the spring quarter.

them with their patronage, on account of their most · No. 102, New Bond-street, aboye Brook-street. [444 peculiar advantage to the shape, without the smalles

inconvenience. THE HIGHLAND) MANTLE,

N. B. Dresses of every descripsion made with taste Particularly recommended to Ladies of Fashion, by and elegance on the niost reasonable terms. Miss BLACKLIN, No. 14, Blenheimn-street, Bond- Wanted, One or Two young Persons for Improsestreet; the pattern of which is entirely her own inven- ment.

(404 tion, consequently cannot be had at any other house in town. Miss B. has, as usual, a great variety of Coloured and

RECORDS OF FASHION. White Dresses, for twenty-five shillings each, calculated for morning, evening, dinner, or balls. Elegant Dresses Mrs. FISKE has the honour to announce to these with Lace, for two guineas and a half each, equal to Lallies who have already conferred on her their distinthose purchased elsewhere for five guineas. [425 guished protection, and the Circles of F


neral, the Second Number of her RECORDS of IRISH LINENS ONLY.

FASHION, patronised by their Royal Highnesses the The Irish Linen Factors, of Belfast, beg leave to is

Princess Elizabeth and Duchess of York, with Ladies

of the first rank and distinction, is this day introduced, form the Public, by the large Flect, just arrived, ther

and may be had at her Rooms, No. 81, New Bond have received an exten ive assortment of IRISH LINENS, and SHEETINGS of every description,

street; and of many of the first Booksellers in London

and the Country : and will possess such grace and prowhich they continue to sell as usual, by the single

Spricty of invention in Dress, such elegance and core piece, at the wholesale Irish price. As this Coinpany

rectness of graphic illustration, and liveliness and inwas formed for supplying the community with Linens

terest, as have not often appeared ; and will, it is hoped, bleached on the grass, wilhout chemical acids, they wish!

conduce in no small degree to the perfection of to caution the Public against puffing individuals, styling

her art. themselves Irish Linen Companies, without dégal authority. Their only Warehouse in London, is No. 50.1 Mrs. Fiske takes this opportunity of offeriag to the Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, exactly oppesite the Ladies in general, her much approvod, new ROYAL

E. BURCH VEST COAT and HESSIAN VEST, solely inserted

iu Agent to the Company, by herself; also her NATURAL STAYS, for health, 'N B. Orders executed with punctuality clegance, anıl ease, on the same plan so much approved

and recommended by the first Pliysicians in London "Unaf

Ladies who are in want of this useful article, and deAVIS AUX DAMES. ***

sirous of health and natural elegance, would find it L'art elegant et plaisant de peindre sur le Verre est worthy their attention to inspect them, and be cut amene au plus haut degre de perfection par Mr. Amani; vinced of their utility before they give their orders. le brillant et le transparent des Couleurs, surpasse de Mrs. F. is daily introducing new things for Spring, beaucoup tout ce qui a paru "en ce genre. Mr. A.se with a very extensive and elegant arrangement of Mit propose de donner des instructions aux Dames qui de- livery, Diesses, Pelisses, Mantles, &c. &c, and every Sirent acquerir cette Science taut a la monde, d'un article of Ladies Apparel, in a superior eleganistile maviere qui est entierement nouvelle, est qui lui est Orders for the East and West Iudies punctustir es. Particuliere. Les Dames peuvent voir des ccnntillons,ecuted. Country Milliners served on the shortest 00 en envovant leur Addresse (port payé);oà, Bell's ice, on liberal termis. Her Winter Stock will be c Weekly Messenger Office, Southampton-street, Strand. posed of, at very reduced prices, on Tuesday and we

N. B. Les Couleurs preparées pour l'usage immanesd y, the 6th and 7th inst.-81, New Bond strert. diat.

[42 Auri! 1, 1807.

British Museum.

w 'Atent to the Company.


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