No. 14, Tavistock street, Covent-Garden,

Patronised and used by their Royal Highnesses the

Dukes of CLARENCE and KENT, and Gentlemen in JAMES CREIGHTON, most respectfully informs the Navy and Arny, who have found the good effects his Friends and the Public, that he continues 10 aug.

in long voy.ges. ment his Circulating Library, by the daily addition of TROTTER'S ORIENTAL DENTIFRICE, or ASIA. Valuable and Expensive Publications in every class of TIC TOOTH POWDER, has been for twenty years Literature.

recoinmended, a single box, a sufficient quantity to Subscribers 10 his Library may be assured of being ascertain its efficacy and varlues, being acknowledged by liberally supplied with the best Modern Publications, the mest respectable medical authorities, used by many conducive to Information, Amusement, and useful and recommended. The Powder cleanses and beautifies Instruction.

The teeth, sweetens the brenih, posieses no acid that Grateful to a discerning Public, for the Patronage he can corrode the enamel, and puts a beau:iful polish of has hitherto experienced, J. Creighton will persevere in the Teeth - From its astringency it strengthens the the utmost exertions to merit a continuance of fagus, eradicates the scurvy, (which olten proves the

destruction of a whole set of teeth) preserves Sound

teeth from decay. But what has enhanc d it in the Catalogues and Cards of the Terms may be had on

estimation of those who have been in the babit oa application at the Li'rary; where attendance is given using it, is, that it prevents the return of the looth from eight in the morning till eight in the evening. [598 che, wiin which before they had been viulen:ly afflict

ed. Likewise a Tincture which possesses the power of easing the most violent Tooth-ache, and is a wash with


A Caution-Any Asiatic Tooth Powder, without The most important Dom-stic Medicine ever disco. “ M. Trotter," on the stamp, are counterfeita Sold, vered is TURNER'S IMPERIAL LOTION, for the wholesale and retail, at her Warehouse, No. 3, BeauCure of the following Complaints :-Inflamed breasts fort buildings, Strand; and most of the principal Houses of Lying-in Women, sore or ulcerated Nipples, Erup in Town and Country.

(589 tions of every description incident to Children, Opthal

FOR ERUPTIONS ON THE SKIN. mia, or Inflammation in the Eyes, St. Anthony's Fire, the Piles, Chilblains, Scalds and Burns, and every de

PETITS PATES, OR PURIFYINGSWEET CAKES. scription of Infiimmation the human body is liable to; From the prevalence of Diseases of the Skin in Child. mure particularly as an extraordinary Beauiñer of the ren from Inoculation, and other causes, and ibe diffSkin, rendering it clean, smooth, soft, and white, re culty of eradicating them, it has been long wished that moving very expeditiously every sort of Pimple, Erup. an alterative could be devised that should comprise real tion, Sunburn, and defadation whatsoever; it may be benefit in a small compass, and at once be innocent, used without the least restruint, as the Proprietor a - cheap, pleasant, and efiectual practitioner of great sures the Public that it does not contain the smallest experience contrived, many years since, a Medicine of particle of Mercury, and one bottle will be a sufficient this description for his young patients, and gave it a conviction that it is the most valuable Medicine ever form peculiarly adapted to the Palate and Siomach of offered to the Public.

Children. The success of it fully answered his expec. To be hart in London only, at Alan's, 76, Oxford tation in all Eruprions upon the skin, whether arising street, oppusite the Pantheon; at the Parent Medicine from original Impurity of the Blood, or acquired by the Warehouse, 2.3, Pall-Mall; Parker's, 14, South side Vaccine or Variolous Inoculation, Natural Stall Por, of Covent-garden, near the Hummunis > Butler, 4, Measles, or any other cause; and it is now with conti Cheapside; and Bolton, Royal Exchange, in bottles, Idence recommended to the attention of the Public 4s. 6d. or 6s. duty included.

[56% Sold by F. Newbery and Sons, at the only Ware

house for Dr. James's Powder, No. 43, St. Paul's Church-yard, four doors from Cheapside, London, price

2s. a Bux, containing 20 cakes or doses, and Si, the SELECT MEDICINES.

duty-Observe that the words “E Newbery, Sv. 45, St. Paul's," are engraved in the stamp.

(563 KERNOT and BLAKE, Chemists, No. 33, St James's-street, London, take ihe liberty of submitting

FOR THE LADIES. to the notice of the Nobility, Geníry, and Families

TREASURES OF THE TOILETTE. leaving town, the following choice and useful MEDI

Beauty restored and preserved to the last stage of life CINES, prepared and sold by them, viz --Turkey by Venus's Vegetable Bloom and Powders, whuse usRhub rb and Jamaica Ginger, in the forın of Pills, for equaled qualities for whitening and beautifying the complaints of th: bowels, indigestion, &c.-Concen-Skin, stands unrivaled, is sold only by W. Devinet, trated Essence of Jamaica Ginger, for the gout, spasms, No.55, Fleet-street, London, with directions. He bess indigestion, &c.--Consentrated Essence of Yellow Bark, leave to recommend to their particular potice his vois. universally esteemed as the best corroborant after long tile fragrant Lavender Water, as superior to all others fevers, and very beneficial in all nervous complaints.

a new discovery of his own. Likewise his extracto Chalybeate Aperient, or true Cheltenham Salts, pre-Violets and Roses, and the following improved Pere pared from the Chemical analysis of Dr. Fothergill.

fumes of his Manufactory :-Egyptian Mignonese, Prepared Charcoal, a most efficacious and agreeable an. Polmyrene Violet, Almond, Ceylon Bandana, Vegetze ticeptic, for cleansing, whitening, and preserving the ble, lialian, Palm, and Windsor Soaps, Milk of Almon Teeth and Gums. Aromatic Spirits of Vinegar, for and Roses, antique Oils of Carpations, Jassmine asi Headaches, &c.—Cordial Essence, or Tincture of Roses, Violet, Orris, Mignonette Powders, and Heer Turkey Rhubarb.-Pommade Divine.- Ipecacuanha Water of a superior quality ; Fine Rouge, Carmine Lozenges, for Coughs, Cold, Asthinas, Hooping Cough, and Powders, for the Complection; Improved Ha, in all cases attended with a difficulty of expectoralion, Tooth, and Nail Brushes with silver wire; Shel), Ivor, and every other denomination of Lozenges and Tablets and Horn Combs; all sorts of Hair work and Jewellers of an improved kind.

(596 made, altered, and repaired.




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and Co. 229, Strand, near Temple.bar; Mr. Willis, 6, New-street, Covent-garden ; Mr. Wurd, 324, near Middle row Holborn; Mr. Crisp, corner of Springgardens; Keith and Co. 30, Haymarket; Mr Holmes and Miss Randell, (late Tuti), Royal Exchange, Lone don Mr. Bull, 79, Daine street, Dublin; Mr. Cogh

lan, 32, Grand Parade, Cork; Mr. Reaburn, Norih TO THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY.

Bridge, Edinburgh ; Collins, Salisbury; Mr. Shephard, PRINCE': PASTE PEARI.S for concealing De- Bristol ; Mr. Blanchard, York; Mr. Crust well, Mr. cayed Teeth in Fruni, so as not to be discovered they Myler, and Mrs. Keene, Bath; Mr. Billings, Printer, are decayed: is particularly recommended to persons and Mr. Danson, 40, Church-street, Liverpool; Mr. residing at a distance from a Dentist, who have the Harris, Printer, Gloucester ; Mrs. Jones, Oxford; Mr. misfortune of loosing a front Tooth, as they may, by Hudson, Cambridge; Mrs. Gregory, Brighton, Ms. the use of the Paste Pearls, substitute a front rooch Burges, Ramsgate; Mr. Seldon, 51, Cheltenham; and themselves in a few minutes, by following the inclosed of most Venders in Town and Country. directions. They have been found of infinite service by persons wearing artificial teeth, who are in the habit of by Coach, by sending

the Money in a letter, directed 10

Orders from any part of the Country will be sent travelling, as in case of any accident they are possessed Mr Prince, No. 333, Oxford-street

. Venders wishing of a substitute to supply the deficiency till the assistance to vend the above articles, by sending their orders of a dentist can be procured. Hali-a-guinea per box, to the Proprietor, as above, or to any wholesale vender courainining six paste pearls, or a box containing fifteen they deal with in London, will be supplied, and receive at one Guinea.

liberal allowance.

(594 PRINCE'S CHERRY LOTION for refreshing the mouth, and immediately sweetening the breath; most persons more or less being subject to this unpleasant

It is, likewise, the only article discovered for fastening teeth, though ever so loose, and is of great

IMPROVED MINERAL TEETH. value to persons wearing artificial teeth fastened to their natural, as it prevents the human teeth becoming loose; Mr. FALEUR, of Woburn place, impressed with a case which too frequently happens. Those who wear the liveliest sense of gratitude for the countenance and artificial leeth ouglit not to be wi:hout it, as it keeps support he has already experienced in his profession, them sweet and clean; also preserves and whitens the feels it his duty to caution the Public (but more partiteeth; is warranted innocent. A single trial will conocularly those Ladies and Gentlemen who have honoured vince those who have never used it, that the Cherry him with their notice and commands) against the inLotion is the best Lotion for cleansing all foulness from vidious attacks of a man who, actuated by malice and the inouth, and what is now seen on the toilet of every disappointment, is indefatigable in his efforts 10 injure person of fashion. Ten shillings and sixpence a bottle, him in the public estimation. The ungenerous calumny or a dozen for 51. duty included.

has been given in various publications, but so cautiously PRINCE'S CHERRY PASTE, for cleansing, pre nal of justice.

worded that Mr. Faleur cannot drag him before a tribu. serving, and whitening the teeth, curing the scurvy in the gums, making the gums and lips of a healthy red, Mr. Faleur disdains to follow this envious disapis pleasant to the palate, and warranted innocent. The pointed man in the low and scurrilou, language he has Cherry paste is highls esteemed by the nobility. Thuse thought proper to adopt. His aims and wishes are to who once use it will never make use of any tooth powder, reconimend himself to a generous public, by his efforts they being generally of a sandy nature, and by constant to please, and to become useful to those who may have using, destroy the enamel of the teeth, and renders them occasion for the exercise of his talent; and so far has more harm than beneht: The Cherry Paste, 2s.6d. per he succeeded as to be enabled now to announce, that pot, or one dozen at 11. 45. duly included.

several of his much respected patrons and friends, who

have felt indignant at the ungenerous attempts of this PRINCE's MUSHROOM gives immediate relief to envious calumniator, have voluntarily come forward the Tooth-Ach, and has relieved persons who, for and generously desired that they may be refered to as several nights, could not sleep for pain ; after trying vouchers for Mr. Faleur's capability in his art. in vain, several articles, found imniediate relief by the use of the Mushroom. . Persons subject to the Tooth

Mr. Faleur has now to produce a specimen of this Ache ought never to be without it. Mr. P.during his Advertising Artist'; skill. -Nine Artificial Teeth, which

a Gentleman), who ranks high in the S'ate, was good practice, has ofien found, that those who have been in the habits of using tinctures for the Tooth-ach,. have enough to bring him from the same generous motives, been the means of destroying their whole set of teeth, with perimission to use his name, and for which he was occasioned by the strong acids which they generally con

impudently charged the monstrous sum of sixty tain. Mushroom 25. Od. each, or one dozen at il. 4s. guineas. duty included.

Mr. Faleur begs leave to add, that in consequence of Each article is signed “ Prince" on the outside, and neral Teeth so incorruptible, that he engages to replace

various experiments, he bas suceeeded in making Mi. may be bad of the Proprietor, No.333, Oxford street, them, free of expence, if they are ever known to wear and by appointment, Messrs Harding and Howell, late for change colour. Their effect will prove so ben ficial Dyke and Scribe, 89, Pull-Mall; Mr. Butler,,4, Cheap- as to answer every purpose of mastication; and, at the side, corner of Paternoster-row ; Mr. Rigge, 65, Cheap. same time, the appearance so natwal, as to impose on side, and at his Warehouse, 52, Park-street, Grosvenor the most critical obseryer.

[585 square ; Barclay and Son, 95, Fleet-market : Bacon and Co. Oxford-street, opposite New Bond-street ;

Mrs. Allen,76, Oxfordsireet, opposite the l'antheon; Withers


CAUTION.--The efficacy of the Russia Oil lia, of late been complained of, occasioned by unprincipied persons circulating counterfeits, which is imposed on different shopkeepers in town and country by impostors, who travel about, asserting themselves ibe Proprietor. Puto chasers of the Russia Oil, are particularly recommended

to observe, that none can be genuine but those that have FOR THE GROWTH OF HAIR.

a label affixed on the outside of each bottle, with the original Proprietors names," Mochrikufsky and Prince,

which signiture in future, as a further security, will, Ladies and Gentlemen who wish the Ornament of a instead of being signed with red ink, be signed in gold FINE HEAD of HAIR, need only make a fair trial of link. To counterfeit it is felony. Shopkeepers wishing the RUSSIA OIL, particularly as it is found necessary to be supplied with the genuine Russia Oil, by applya to moisten the Hair when dressing; it is used by the ling to the Proprietor, A. Prince, 333, Oxford-street; Royal Family, and Ladies of the first circle. It is a at any wholesale perfumers or medicine venders whora nourisher and improver to its growth, prevenis its falling they deal with in London, will receive liberal allow off, and is so great a preserver and strengthener to the Hair, as to prevent it becoming bald or turning grey, 10 the latest period; also restores Hair on balų places, which inclose the counterfeits, are exactly imitated

Beware.—The show bills, as also the wrappers Several Genlenen, who have been bald have declared with the Russian Eagle; it is therefore particularly, after using the Russia Oil regularly for three months, became nearly covered with Hair.' It serves as a sub- necessary only to observe, that it is signed as above; as stitute for pomatuin, and is recommended to Ladies any Russia Oil selling without that signature are coun

terf-its, and the circulators impostors. who use dressing irons, as it prevents the ill effects occasioned by their heat. It is of much use to those (For Mr. Prince's other Adrertisement of his 12 Tho wear artificial hair, as it gives it a natural gloss. estimable preperation, see the preceding page of this ComTo comment on the many valuable qualities the penrlium).

(595 Russia Oil possesses is useless; it need only be said, it ought not to be onnitied by those who have the ornament of a fine head of hair, and wish to retain it; also ALLNUTT'S ACIDULATED ROSE LOZENGES, those deficient, who want to profit by its virtues. It is recommended for Children, as it improves the regula AND ALSO HIS ODORANT ROSE LOZENGES, rity of its growih: is warranted innocent.--Price 7s. per Bottle, or one bottle containing four small, at a fragrance, and great efficacy in facilitating expectos

Are recommended for their agreeable flavour, fine Guinea.

ration, relieving Coughs, Colds, Hoarsenesses, and To be had of the Proprietor, 633, Oxford-street; and, preserving and improving the voice, as at once the by appointment, at Mr. Smith's, Perfumer to his Ma- most elegant and efficacious preparation of the Rose, in jesty, 110, New Bond-street; Hendrie, Perfumer to her the form of a Lozenge, that has ever been offered to Majesty, Tischborn street; Bayley and Blew, Perfu- the Public. These Lozenges have been used as an are mers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess ticle of luxury in the first circles of Rank and Fashion, of Wales, and Duke and Duchess of York, Cockspur on account of the delightful fragrance they give the streer; Messrs Harding and Howell (late Dyde and, breath. Medical men have evinced their bigh estimaScribe) 89, Pall. Mall; Rigge, No. 65, Cheapside, and tion of them by using them habitually, to prevent the at his warehouse, 52, Park-street, Grosvenor-square; effects of damp air, and relieve recent colds, &c. &c. Bacon and Co. 150, and Allen, 75, Oxtord-street'; These elegant Lozenges are prepared and sold, whole Butler, No. 4, Cheapside, corner of Paternoster.row; sale and retail (only), by S. Alloutt, Chemist, No. 153, Newbery and Son, 45, St. Paul's Church-yard ; Dicey Strand; and, by his appointment, of Messrs. Bacon and and Sutton, Bow Church-yard; Barclay and Son, 95, Co. No. 150, Oxford-street; Ward, No. 324, HolFleet-inarket; Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's born; Tutt, Royal Exchange; Vade, Cornhill; Crisp, Church-yard; Withers, 229, Strand; Willis, 6, New. Spring Gardens; Hazard and Binns, Bath; and by all street, Covent-garden ; Ward, 324, Holborn; Holmes, respectable Venders in the United Kingdom. The Bolton, and Tutt, Royal Exchange, London; Bull, Acidulated Rose Lozenges are sold in boxes at 2s. 60. Dame-street, Dublin; Coghlan, 32, Grand Parade, cach, or six for 13s. 6d. The Odorant, in Boxes, at Cork; Raeburn, North bridge, Edinburgh; Woolmer, , 2s. for six or 10s. 6d.

(581 Exeter ; Grenville, Plymouih Dock; Shepherd, Bris. tol; Collins, Salisbury ; Cruiwell, Bath; and most principal Medicine Venders and Perfuiners in Town and Country.

Erata.--In Advertisement, Mr. Collicott, last The Proprietor informs his Agents and Venders, that! Month, read Patent Hat Powder, instead of Toothhis signature, in future, instead of being signed in red | Powder. ink, will be signed in gold.

London : Printed by and for John Bell, Proprietor of the Weekly Messenger, Southampton-Street, Strand.

July 1, 1807.

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